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The book, "History of the Welles Family in England and Normandy, With the Derivation from their Progenitors of some of the Descendants in the United States," by Albert Welles, New York, 1876. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Welles/Wells family members and allied family members. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1876 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The original book was indexed and the CD version is fully indexed with hyperlinks. I will list here all individuals found in the book:

Benjamin T. Aldrich, Hannah A. W. Alison, Mary S. Apgar, Harriet M. Arnold, Jane E. Barrows, Edward W. Bell, Mary E. Bell, Jane M. Bixby, Charles E. Bliss, Delia A. Bradner, James Buckingham, Adelia S. Buel, Harriet W. Butler, Mary A. Calhoun, Robert de Candos, Sarah Canfield, Frances E. Castle, Mary W. Catlin, John D. Champlin, Jane P. W. Chase, Sarah Churchill, Julia Ann Cox, Lucy W. Curtis, Jane H. A. Davis, Gaufridus d'Everez, Henrietta A. Dimon, Louisa C. Donelly, Catherine Doty, Helen Douglass, Marilla Dustin, Edward Dymoke, Elizabeth Dymoke, Robert Dymoke (2), Thomas Dymoke, Phoebe A. W. Fairfield, Ethan Flagg, Mary Flint, William Leonard Force, Laura C. Forman, Harriet W. Frink, Mary T. Gibb, Elizur S. Goodrich, Francis N. Gove, Eliza W. Gridley, Henry R. Gridley, Henry H. Hale, Elizabeth Hardenburgh, Emeline W. Harris, Elvey W. Hart, Amos Hawley, Charles W. Hayes, Robert Hayes, Frances J. Helfrich, Mary A. C. Hendrick, John W. Hollenback, George Hollister, William W. Hollister, Mary W. Huckins, Arthur Hunnewell, Francis W. Hunnewell, Hollis Hunnewell, Isabella P. Hunnewell, Walter Hunnewell, Sarah Hunt, Charles A. Jamieson, Mary E. W. Jerome, Almira Jewett, Lucretia W. Judd, Mary Ann Kelsey, Abigail Kennicott, David W. Kilbourne, Nancy G. Kinney, Charlotte M. Kip, Mary A. W. Knapp, Levi Knowlton, Mary J. Leonard, Emeline W. Linsley, Eliza Ann Little, George E. Long, Mary Taylor Loverling, Francis T. Loveland, Hannah W. Loveland, Nancy G. Matthews, William H. Mayo, Katherine A. McMurdy, Eliza J. Miller, Rebecca Mitchell, Anna Monell, Gurdon Montague, Mary W. Munn, Julia W. Olmsted, Lemuel W. Patterson, Abigail C. Parsons, Abigail S. Paige, Charles Penfield, Martha E. W. Penfield, Edward H. Perkins, Elizabeth S. Perkins, George W. Perkins, Jane Poor, Maria L. Potter, Howard L. Prince, Mary W. Pumpelly, Raphael Pumpelly, Ruth Quilhot, Jane W. Raymond, Radulphus de Reyleigh, Emily E. Roberts, Harriet E. W. Roberts, Isabella S. A. Roberts, Lydia M. Roberts, Mary M. Roome, Benjamin Root, Charles Root, George W. Root, Harriet A. Royce, Lois W. Ruliffson, Georgiana W. Sargent, Hannah W. Sargent, Henry W. Sargent, Turner Sargent, Winthrop Sargent, Delia J. Shephard, Marilla W. Shipman, Charles H. W. Sibley, George E. Sibley, Richard Sibley, Hannah G. Smith, Orrilla W. Smith, Henry Y. Stanley, Maria P. Stanley, Timothy Stanley, Jane A. Stebbins, Frances S. Stoddard, Sarah Stoddard, Susan C. Sturgis, Alfred J. Swan, Hannah J. Taylor, Jared W. Tuttle, Nancy P. Turner, Hubert de Valibus, Maud de Vallibus, Ranulph de Vallibus, Robert de Vallibus, Oliver de Vallibus, William de Vallibus (2), Harold de Vaux, John de Vaux, Oliver de Vaux, Robert de Vaux, William de Vaux, Olive M. W. Wallace, William de Wallys, Mary A. Warner, Elizabeth J. Way, Adam de Welles (2), Galfridus de Welles, Galfrides de Welles, Henry de Welles, Hugo de Welles, Isabella de Welles, Joanna de Welles, Jocelyn de Welles (2), John de Welles (2), Johies de Welles, Leo de Welles, Lionel de Welles, Nicholas de Welles, Robert de Welles (2), Ricardus de Welles, Salvini de Welles, Simon de Welles, Thomas de Welles, Walter de Welles, William de Welles (2), William Lord Welles, John de Wellesley, William de Wellesley, Abigail Welles, Andrew J. Welles, Arnold Welles, Arnold T. Welles, Arthur F. T. Welles, Asa H. Welles, Asa R. Welles, Alanson P. Welles, Albert Welles, Alfred L. Welles, Alsop Welles, Alexander Willard Welles, Austin Welles, Benjamin Welles, Benjamin S. Welles, Benjamin P. Welles, Benjamin P. Welles, Benjamin G. Welles, Benjamin T. Welles, Benjamin W. Welles, C. J. Stuart Welles, Charles Welles (2), Charles B. Welles, Charles H. Welles (2), Charles P. Welles, Cicily Welles, Daniel Welles, Daniel Welles Jr., Daniel H. Welles, Daniel L. Welles, Daniel W. Welles, David A. Welles, David P. Welles, Dennis Welles, Dymoke Welles, Edmund Welles, Edward Welles, Edward L. Welles, Edward Lionel Welles, Edward P. Welles, Edwin Welles, Emily H. Welles, Ephriam T. Welles, Francis H. Welles, Franklin J. Welles, George Welles, George Frederick Welles, George H. Welles, George S. Welles, George W. Welles, Georgianna Welles, Gideon Welles (2), Guy Welles, Harrison Welles, Henry Welles (2), Henry H. Welles, Henry S. Welles, Henry T. Welles, Herbert G. Welles, Herman B. Welles, Horace Welles, Horace U. Welles, Hugh Welles, Isaac Welles, James B. Welles, James C. Welles, James G. Welles, James M. Welles, Jerome Welles, John Welles (3), John C. Welles, John Howell Welles, Joseph Welles, Joshua Welles, Lansing S. Welles, Leonard R. Welles (2), Levi Welles (2), Levi S. Welles, Lloyd W. Welles, Lucius Welles, Lyman Welles, Lyman P. Welles, Mary E. Welles, Mathias H. Welles, Martin P. Welles, Matthew O. Welles, Milo B. Welles, Milton Welles, Moses Welles, Moses A. Welles, Myra A Welles, Myron Welles, Nathan Welles, Nathaniel Welles, Noah Welles, Noah H. Welles, Oliver Welles, Raymond M. Welles, Richard Welles (3), Rimnah Welles, Robert Welles (2), Robert W. Welles, Roger Welles, Rollin Welles, Romanta Welles, Rufus P. Welles, Samuel Welles (5), Samuel H. M. Welles, Seth Welles, Simeon Welles, Stephen Welles (2), T. Clayton Welles, Thaddeus Welles, Thomas Welles (4), Thomas Waterhouse Welles, Wait Welles, Walter Welles, Willard Wells, William Welles (5), William B. Welles, William P. Welles, William S. Welles, William Sewall Welles, William T. Welles, Charles C. Wells, Charles K. Wells, Charles L. Wells, Daniel E. Wells, Daniel F. Wells, Daniel M. S. Wells, Ebenezer Wells, Ebenezer T. Wells, Edward Wells, Edward S. Welles, Edward W. Wells, Edwin Wells, Edwin F. Wells, Ephraim B. Wells, Eugene Wells, Eugene F. Wells, Francis G. Wells, Franklin Wells, Franklin J. Wells, George Wells, George A. Wells, George F. Wells, George H. Wells, George L. Wells, George W. Wells, Harlow W. Wells, Harold Wells, Henry B. Wells, Henry M. Wells, Henry W. Wells, Herbert H. Wells, Herman Wells, Hezekiah G. Wells, Horatio H. Wells, James E. Wells, James Lee Wells, James N. Wells, James S. Wells, John Wells, John D. Wells, John Gaylord Wells, John H. Wells, John Howard Wells, John L. Wells, Justus P. Wells, Lemuel T. Wells, Marcus B. Wells, Oliver J. Wells, Ovid Philo Wells, Russell Wells, Ruth Wells (2), Samuel Wells, Simeon Wells, Umstead Wells, William Wells, William B. Wells, William H. Wells, Sarah Welch, Adelia H. West, Harrison T. Welton, Charles A. W. Willard, Frances G. W. Willard, George Willard, Robert S. Williams, Sophia Willis, Christopher Willoughby, Robert Willoughby, Juliette W. Wolcott.

The book has about 307 pages. There are two pages of written Welles/Wells genealogical notes from a previous owner. It has massive amounts of data about Welles, Wells, and allied families. Please note: This is a scan of the original hard to find book, converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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