Biographical Cyclopedia of Vanderburgh County, Indiana - 1897

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The book, "Biographical Cyclopedia of Vanderburgh County, Indiana; Embracing Biographies of many of the Prominent Men and Families of the County," the Keller Printing & Publishing Company, Evansville, Indiana, 1897. It is a large book profiling many of the citizens in this southwestern county of Indiana. It is filled with genealogical and personal information about various Vanderburgh County residents. It has many illustrations of individuals, and there are many biographical memoirs or sketches of individuals and families. The book has approximately 141 pages and is fully indexed. The CD book is also fully searchable; you can search the book using the Adobe Reader 'search' function. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1897 printed book, it would be very expensive.


This is a list of the individuals mentioned in the book, keep in mind that there are many more mentioned in the various biographical sketches:

C. F. Adae, Otto M. Adae, Daniel Aiken, David A. Aiken, Eliza Ellen Aiken, William M. AkinWilliam M. Akin, Jr., America J. Anderson, Katie Andrews, Joseph Angel, & Matthias Angel.

Henry O. Babcock, Lucy A. Babcock, Charles A. Bacon, Charles P. Bacon, Mayes Bacon, Thomas L. Bacon, Catherine Barthel, Julia Bates, Gottleib William Baumann, Oliver Baumann, Rudolph Baumann, Virginia Baumann, Willie Baumann, John F. Bayard, Samuel Bayard, Louisa C. Behrens, George Beidelman, Leonard Beidelman, Maud Beidelman, Thomas Beidelman, Charles Russel Bement, Henrietta M. Bennett, Alfred Bernardin, Francz Matthias Biedermann, Stephen Biedermann, Gottlieb Bippus, Jacob Bippus, Elizabeth Birdsall, William Blake, William M. Blake, Caroline Blass, Jacob Blass, Julius Blass, Nancy Blincoe, Mary Ann Bobeau, Fred Bockstege, J. W. Boehne, Mary Bohleber, Marion Bonnel, Catherine Bosley, Thomas Bower, William Bower, Elizabeth Bowlin, John Breger, Michael W. Breger, Bernard Brehmer, Charles A. Brehmer, Charles Edward Brehmer, Genevieve Brehmer, Lillian Brehmer, Louis Brehmer, Margaret Brehmer, Mary Gertrude Brehmer, Olivia Brehmer, Charles A. Brehmer, Jr., Mary E, Brigham, Phoebe Brinton, Daniel Brose, L. D. Brose, Dalmar Brownlee, Geneva Brownlee, John Brownlee, Anthony H. Bryan, Edmund Bryan, Mollie Bullett, Ada Bullock, Ann Burrel, James Burrows, Mary Jane Burrows, Charlotte Burtis, Charlotte Burtis, Eleanor C. Burton, Charles H. Butterfield, & Lollie Butts.

Ida N. Carpenter, Charles Carson, Rachel J. Carson, Hamilton S. Casselberry, Isaac Casselberry, Laura Casselberry, Paul Casselberry, Thomas Evans Casselberry, Lee M. Cassidy, William Cassidy, Dora Lee Chambers, Marian Chandler, DeWitt Q. Chappell, Annie Childs, Thomas Childs, Isabella P. Clay, Charles Cook, Frederick Washington Cook, Helen Cook, Henry Edward Cook, David A. Cox, James Cox, Joseph Cox, Joseph B.Cox, Alta Craig, Asaline Crisle, Edith Crisle, Elta Crisle, Eva Crisle, George Crisle, Henry Crisle, John Crisle, Mary Crisle, Michael Crisle, Sarah Crisle, William Crisle, George A. Cunningham, & Joseph Cunningham.

Matthew Dalzell, Lathena Damon, Charles Henry Davies, Fannie Davies, Hugh Gladstone Davies, Thomas Davies, Rebecca Ann Davis, Thomas F. De Bruler, Wilhelmine Dedank, Charles Denby, Graham Fitch Denby, Anna Denison, Frederick Dickman, Joseph Dickman, Carrie Dickmeier, H. T. Dixon, Percy Goodwin Dixon, Emma C. Dorman, Mollie E. Dorsey, William L. Dorsey, James Doyle, Terresa C. Doyle, Rosa Dulty, Mazelle Dunham, Pansy Dunham, William Dunham, William Morrison Dunham, R. K. Dunkerson, & Mamie Dunn.

E. J. Ehrman, Jeanette Ehrman, Eliza Enge, Mary C. English, Catherine Evans, Hannah Evans, Joseph S. Evans, & Kate Evans.

Marinus Fairchild, Sarah Fellows, Elizabeth Fischer, Graham N. Fitch, Martha Fitch, Susan B. Fitzgerrell, Vallie Fitzwilliams, Jacob Folz, Minnie Folz, Peter H. Folz, Alexander H. Foster, Frank Foster, George Foster, John Foster, John H. Foster, Josephine Foster, Mary Foster, Matthews Watson Foster, Joshua Freudenberg, Walter F. Freudenberg, Louis Frey, Philip W. Frey, Gertrude Frisse, Frederick Fritsch, Lorenz Fritsch, Clamar Fulling, Elizabeth Fulling, Albert C. Funkhouser, Albert W. Funkhouser, Arthur F. Funkhouser, Jacob Funkhouser, John Funkhouser, Moses Funkhouser, Paul T. Funkhouser, & _____ Fuquay.

Kate Garvey, Cornelia Imogen Garvin, Ford Garvin, Isaac Casselberry Garvin, Jane Garvin, John Garvin, John Reuben Garvin, Laura Garvin, Louisa Garvin, Morris Garvin, Providence Garvin, Susan S. Garvin, Susan Shaw Garvin, Thomas Edgar Garvin, Thomas Edgar Garvin, Jr., Joseph S. Gibson, Will Gibson, William Gibson, James Gilbert, John Gilbert, William Henry Gilbert, Caroline Gillman, Charles Gillman, Duncan C. Givens, M. C. Givens, James R. Goodwin, William M. Goodwin, Mary Graham, Emma Grant, Drude Gray, Edwin Grote, Emil Grote, Ernest Grote, Fred Grote, Laura Grote, William Grote, & Fred Grote, Jr.

Maria Haas, Susan Hardin, Jane Harrington, Addison J. Harris, Charles B. Harris, Ella E. Haskins, Emma Hastings, Lizzie Hauk, George W. Hayne, Jefferson Hayne, Laura Heberer, Peter Heberer, David Hecht, Simon Hecht, Mary Heilman, Valentine Heilman, William Heilman, David Heimann, Isaac Heimann, Regina Heimann, Katrina M. Heitbrink, Jacob Herman, Louis J. Herman, F. A. Hester, Kenneth Owen Hester, W. A. Hester, Wilma Ogden Hester, Louis Heyns, William Heyns, Louise Hild, Jennie Himeline, Clarence L. Hinkle, Benjamin Hoffman, George Jacob Hoffman, Ida Holliday, John S. Hopkins, Martha Hopkins, John Hoppen, Emma Howel, Lee Howell, Philip Howell, Lee Howell, Jr., Mary E. Howser, Capitola Hudspeth, George Hudspeth, Everett Hurd, Jennie F. A. Hurd, Ira Hurst, Wesley S. Hurst, Katie Hyland, & Wilmer Hyland.

Louis Ichenhauser, Nathan Ichenhauser, Sidney L. Ichenhauser, Silas Ichenhauser, Asa Iglehart, F. G. Iglehart, John Iglehart, Levi Iglehart, James B. Ireland, & William W. Ireland.

Christina F. Jenner, Mary Jenner, G. N. Jerauld, Laura Jerauld, Albert Johann, Amelia Johann, Charles H. Johann, Charles J. Johann, Charles William Johann, Edward W. Johann, Emma Johann, Eva Johann, Lydia Johann, Serle Johann, R. A. John, Samuel A. John, Anne Johnson, E. C. Johnson, Eleanor Johnson, Delia Jurgensmeier, Edward Jurgensmeier, Frank Jurgensmeier, Ida Jurgensmeier, Joseph Jurgensmeier, & Silvester Jurgensmeier.

Carl Kanzler, Christopher Kanzler, Albert F. Karges, Edwin F. Karges, Ferdinand Karges, Will T. Karges, Mary Kazar, Carl P. Keller, Charles Keller, Oscar H. Keller, Rebecca Keller, Jacob Kerth, Katrina Kerth, Louisa Kerth, Thomas Kerth, William G. Kerth, Matilda Klenk, Karl Knortz, Lizzie Koehnen, Edna Koester, Flora Koester, Lottie Koester, Louis Koester, Laura Konaman, Christina Koph, & Mary Kron.

Sallie Lancaster, Alwena Langele, Rosa Langtim, Charles F. H. Laval, Charles J. Laval, John Laval, Jane Leach, Katherine Leddy, Lucinda Lee, Henry T. Legler, Louis H. Legler, August Leich, Charles Leich, Anna Lentzenich, Ernest Lewis, John F. Lewis, S. B. Lewis, Maria Louise Linck, Mary Anna Lindenschmidt, Mary Lockhart, Katherine Loeffler, Hattie Loewenthal, H. M. Logsdon, Samuel Logsdon, Arthur Louden, George Louden, Harry Louden, Mamie Louden, Willie Louden, Duck Lowrance, George W. Lowrance, James W. Lowrance, Thomas Lowry, William Johnson Lowry, & Lena Lubers.

Peter Maier, Casper Marshall, Mary Marshall, Matilda Martin, Henry Mason, James Masson, Laura Mathias, Isabel Matthewson, R. C. Matthewson, Allan J. Mattison, Allen Mattison, Hamilton Allen Mattison, Emma C. Mayes, Matthew Mayes, Eugene F. McBarron, John McBarron, Charles R. McCorkle, Dorcas McCorkle, George A. McCorkle, James S. McCorkle, John D. McCorkle, John S. McCorkle, Josie C. McCorkle, Thomas McCorkle, William McCorkle, Dorcas McIntyre, Martha Miller, Clothilde Mills, Charlotte Morris, Cornelia M. Morris, Charlina Morrison, Mattie L. Mortore, Bertha Mueller, Matie Munger, Elizabeth Murphy, Benjamin Musgrave, Silvester D. Musgrave, Curtis T. Mushlitz, DeEarl Mushlitz, Monroe Mushlitz, William Mushlitz, Carl S. Myerhoff, Charles H. Myerhoff, John H. Myerhoff, & Zulma Lois Myerhoff.

Mildred Neal, Anna Eliza Neale, Joseph Neely, Patsy Neely, Sarah Nettleton, Catherine Neuman, Elizabeth Noble, Dorothea Nohse, John J. Nolan, William J. Nolan, Berthold Nonweiler, Gustave Nonweiler, Philip Nonweiler, & Philip Nonweiler, Jr.

Therese Oberdorfer, Mary Ann O'Daly, S. H. Ogden, Nancy Oliver, James L. Orr, Mattie J. Orr, Samuel Orr, Charles A. Osborn, Emerson M. Osborn, John H. Osborn, John W. Osborn, Lillian Osborn, William Osborn, _____ Ottaway, A. M. Owen, Abraham B. Owen, Abraham M. Owen, Amelia E. Owen, George N. Owen, John E. Owen, & Leartus J. Owen.

Mary Page, John Paine, John G. Paine, James D. Parvin, James McMillan Parvin, Anna Patterson, Chandler H. Peirce, Jacob Peirce, Matt G. Perrin, Thomas W. Perrin, Elizabeth Pfeifer, Frank L. Pierce, Lettice Pierce, Josephine Piper, William Pollard, William S. Pollard, Frank B. Posey, James W. Powell, Thomas E. Powell, Florence Pritchett, Frank Pritchett, Lillie Pritchett, Myrtle Pritchett, Percy Pritchett, Ralph Pritchett, Seth Pritchett, Jacob Puster, & Louis Puster.

Anna Raben, Anton Raben, Matilda Rahm, Andrew Ralston, Andrew G. Ralston, Charles N. Ralston, William Ralston, William G. Ralston, William M. Ralston, Nettie Reavis, William Reavis, Amelia Reichett, Mary A. Reilly, Henry Reis, Peter Reis, Christian Reister, William Reister, Francis Joseph Reitz, John A. Reitz, Louise Reitz, Louisa Renner, Frances Rice, Emmet L. Richardson, Robert Dale Richardson, Louis Rieger, James C. Robb, Mattie Robb, Anna Roberts, Nancy Robinette, Anne Roche, Carrie M. Roesner, Albert C. Rosencranz, C. F. Rosencranz, Gertrude Rosencranz, Olive Rosencranz, Richard Rosencranz, Rosalie Roser, Mary Charlotte Ruby, & Maggie Russell.

James Saum, Joseph C. Saum, Eva Saunders, James D. Saunders, A. Saupert, Emil William Saupert, Agatha Schleicher, Katherine Schlotter, Tillie Schlueter, Henry Schminke, Christina Schmitt, Jacob Schmitt, Michael Schmitt, Michael Schmitt, Jr., George S. Schneider, Jacob Ulrich Schneider, Charles C. Schreeder, Emma M. Schreeder, Frederick Schreeder, Rebecca Schreeder, Walter D. Schreeder, A. H. Schroeder, Anna Schroeder, Charles Schroeder, John Henry Schroeder, Lizzie Schroeder, A. H. Schroeder, Jr., Minnie Schultze, Maria Frances Schwantner, Mena Seeger, Annie Seibert, Alexander Sharra, Fannie Sharra, Jennie Sharra, Carl Sherman, Charles T. Sherman, Harry Sherman, Howard Sherman, William J. Sherman, Charles Sihler, Clamar Sihler, Henrietta Sihler, L. Sihler, Lona Sihler, Louis Sihler, Margaret Sihler, Anna Singer, Margaret Singer, Charlotte Sixt, R. O. Slack, Emma Slocumb, Margaret Smith, David Spear, Herbert Spear, Lewis Spear, Mary Spear, Rene Spear, Robert Spear, Walter Spear, Barbara Spies, Henry Spies, Conrad Stacer, Elizabeth Stacer, F. Stacer, Martha J. Stacer, Lizzie Steinhauser, Delila Stobuck, John Suddarth, Patience Suddarth, Providence Summers, Anna Summerville, Gideon Sutton, & Mattie A. Sutton.

Adah Tardy, Estella Tardy, Frank Tardy, George F. Tardy, Tillie Tardy, Annie Taylor, Edwin Taylor, Hubbard Taylor, Isham Taylor, Kate Taylor, James M. Templeton, Mittie Templeton, Irene Josephine Thomas, Lucy Thomas, Florence Thompson, Charles E. Thorne, Mary I. Thorne, E. M. Tinker, Elbert Moreau Tinker, Milton Z. Tinker, Mary F. Trafton, Margaret Traxell, Naomi Turnock, & Emma Tuxhorn.

Jame Ulm & Mary A. Uthe.

Carl Venemann, Eloise Venemann, George J. Venemann, Helen Venemann, Joseph Venemann, Maud Venemann, & Theodore J. Venemann.

James T. Walker III, Edwin Walker, Henry B. Walker, James T. Walker, Mary Howser Walker, William Walker, James T. Walker, Jr., Gertrude Alma Walsh, Thomas Walsh, Joe V. Walz, Vital Walz, Edith Marie Ward, Florence Ward, James Ward, Julia Ward, Mary Ward, Michael Ward, Michael James Ward, Michael P. Ward, Frederick Wartmann, J. W. Wartmann, Charles L. Wedding, Charles Sterling Wedding, Webster Wedding, Charles S. Weever, George Slocum Weever, John Blanchard Weever, Paul S. Weever, Walter R. Weever, Frank Weikel, George F. Weikel, Peter Weintz, Katherine Weis, Henry J. Weiss, Jacob Weiss, Frederick Weithaup, Katie B. Werry, Peter Werry, Mary Wesson, Mary A. White, Maryetta Wilbur, _____ Wilcox, Aaron B. Wilkinson, Rane Clay Wilkinson, Eliza Willey, Richard T. Williams, Thomas Williams, Amelia Wilson, George Wimberg, Henry Wimberg, Mary L. Winder, Claude Matthews Winfrey, Jordon G. Winfrey, Ada Wolf, George Wolf, Mary E. Wolke, Emma Wollner, Charles S. Woods, Sibbie Woody, & Elizabeth Worth.

Annie Yates.

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