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The book, "Genealogy of the Russell Family of Charlestown," Compiled by Mary Russell & Richard Sullivan. This book was never printed. It is a scan of a typed family document based on a handwritten book written by Mary Russell (died in 1806) with an addition by Richard Sullivan in 1905. Somehow it left the family and may be an original, unique, document. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Russell family members and allied family members. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1905 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The original book was not indexed. This CD version has been indexed. I will list here all individuals found in the book:

Adams, Susan K.; Allen, Eleazer; Armory, Catherine; Armory, Jona Mrs.; Atkins, Dudley; Atkins, Joseph; Atkins, Mary Russell; Baldwin, Katherine Torrey; Barnard, George; Barnard, Sarah; Blake, Charlotte Caldwell; Bradlee, Sarah Fletcher; Brown, Ms.; Browne, Joseph;
Cabot, C. M.; Cabot, Francis Anne; Cabot, James Elliot; Cabot, Sarah Sullivan; Carter, Thomas; Cary, Edward; Cary, James; Cary, Mary; Cary, Samuel; Chambers, Charles Hon.; Chambers, Rebecca; Chester, Eunice; Chester, Leonard; Chester, Mary; Chester, Steven; Cobb, Charles Kane; Cobitt, Reverend; Cochrane, Alexander; Codman, Alfred; Codman, Anna Catherine; Codman, Anna MacAdam; Codman, Cara; Codman, Charles Russell; Codman, Elizabeth; Codman, Frances Anne; Codman, Francis Golden; Codman, Henry; Codman, James MacMaster; Codman, James; Codman, John II; Codman, John, Jr.; Codman, John; Codman, Lucy; Codman, Margaret Russell; Codman, Mary Margaret; Codman, Ogden; Codman, Philip; Codman, Richard; Codman, Robert; Codman, Susan; Codman, William Coombs; Coitmore, Thomas; Collins, Edward; Corbett, Elizabeth (Russell); Cunningham, Francis; Curwin (Hathorne), Abigail; Curwin, George; Curwin, Samuel; Dalton, Henry; Danforth, Daniel; Danforth, Thomas; De Haviland, James; De Haviland, John; De Haviland, Thomas; Degen, Charles F.; Dennie, Charlotte Sullivan; Dennie, Edward Martin; Dennie, Greenleaf Boardman; Dennie, Russell Sullivan; Dudley, Joseph Gov.; Dudley, Mary; Dunlap, Ms.; Dutton, Francis Lowell; Dutton, James Russell; Dutton, John Lowell; Dutton, Warren; Eliot, Lydia; Eliot, Samuel; Elliott, Robert; Foye, Margaret; Gardiner, Henrietta; Gardner, Elizabeth Pickering; Gardner, Francis Lowell; Gardner, George; Gardner, John Lowell; Gardner, Mary Lowell; Gardner, Samuel Pickering; Gardner, Sarah Russell; Gertrude, Anna; Gibbs, Mary; Golden, Mary; Graves, Abram; Graves, Elizabeth; Graves, Feynes; Graves, John; Graves, Joseph; Graves, Katherine; Graves, Nathaniel; Graves, Nowell (Noel?); Graves, Rebecca; Graves, Susana; Graves, Thomas, Jr.; Graves, Thomas; Gray, Horace; Gray, John C.; Green, Thomas; Haines, Mable; Hains, Governor; Hamond, Lawrence Capt.; Hardyman, Gwendoline (Russell); Hearsy, Ezekiel Dr.; Henley, Capt.; Henley, Elizabeth; Henly, Samuel; Hollihoke, Mary; Hooper, Sarah Ellen; Hooper, William; Hunter, William; Hurd, Catherine Codman; Hurd, Elizabeth; Jackson, Anna; Jackson, Patrick T.; Jenner, Thomas Capt.; Johnston, John Jeffrey Rev.; Kaufman, Lavinia Lloyd; Lane, James; Lawrence, Daniel; Lechmere, Mary; Lechmere, Richard; Lowell, Charles Rev.; Lowell, Charles Russell; Lowell, Elizabeth Cutts; Lowell, Francis C.; Lowell, Francis L.; Lowell, James Russell; Lowell, John; Lowell, Keith; Lowell, Mary Traill Spence; Lowell, Mary; Lowell, Rebecca Russell; Lowell, Rebecca; Lowell, Robert Traill Spence; Lowell, Robert; Lowell, Warren Dutton; Lowell, William Keith Spence; Lynde, Helen; Lynde, Mary Elizabeth; Macash, Susan; Mackenzie, Colin Dr.; MacMaster, Anne; McDonald, Frances Anne; Miller, John Capt.; Newell, Andrew; Newell, John; Newell, Joseph; Newell, Mary; Oakes, Brian; Ogden, Sarah; Peabody, Catherine E.; Peabody, William A. Rev.; Pentfield, Rebecca; Perkins, Elizabeth; Perkins, Francis W.; Perkins, Richard Sullivan; Perkins, Stephen George; Perkins, Stephen H.; Perkins, Susan Sullivan; Pitt, Mary; Pitt, Maud; Pitt, Nicholas; Pitt, William; Pollitz, Otto W.; Putnam, Samuel R.; Read, Helen M.; Read, James; Reed, John; Roswell, William; Ruggles, Joseph; Russell, Abigail; Russell, Catherine; Russell, Chambers; Russell, Charles Chambers; Russell, Charles Dr.; Russell, Charles; Russell, Daniel, Jr.; Russell, Daniel; Russell, Edward Lechmere Sir; Russell, Eleazer; Russell, Elise; Russell, Elizabeth (Corbett); Russell, Elizabeth M.; Russell, Elizabeth Vassell; Russell, Elizabeth; Russell, Ellen; Russell, Frank; Russell, George; Russell, Gertrude; Russell, Gwendoline; Russell, James Dutton; Russell, James, Jr.; Russell, James; Russell, John Miller; Russell, John; Russell, Joseph; Russell, Katherine E.; Russell, Katherine; Russell, Lechmere Coor; Russell, Lechmere; Russell, Lucy; Russell, Mabell; Russell, Mable; Russell, Margaret; Russell, Mary; Russell, Maud; Russell, Paul; Russell, Penelope; Russell, Rebecca; Russell, Richard; Russell, Ruth; Russell, Sarah; Russell, Thomas Graves; Russell, Thomas; Russell, Warren; Russells of Strencham; Sargent, Henrietta Grey; Sargent, William; Savage, Faith; Schenck, Jane Rapelye; Searle, George; Sever, Sarah; Sever, William; Sewall Duff, Ms.; Shearman, John; Shepard, Thomas; Spence, Harriet; Spence, Keith; Stevens, Capt.; Sturgis, John Hubbard; Sturgis, Lucy Lyman Paine; Sullivan, Anna Cabot Lowell; Sullivan, Bessie Sweetser; Sullivan, Elizabeth Lowell; Sullivan, Elizabeth; Sullivan, Emily; Sullivan, Francis Blake; Sullivan, Francis William; Sullivan, George Smith Blake; Sullivan, Helen Amory; Sullivan, Helen Lynde; Sullivan, Henry Dorr; Sullivan, James Amory; Sullivan, James Hon.; Sullivan, James; Sullivan, John Langdon, Jr.; Sullivan, John Langdon; Sullivan, Jonathan Amory; Sullivan, Julia Elizabeth; Sullivan, Lynde; Sullivan, Mary Lynde; Sullivan, Mehitable; Sullivan, Richard, Jr.; Sullivan, Richard; Sullivan, Sarah Dorr; Sullivan, Sarah Sever; Sullivan, Sarah; Sullivan, Seth Sweetser; Sullivan, Thomas Russell; Temple, Grenville Sir; Thurston, Arthur Blyford; Tyng, Dudley Atkins; Tyng, Edward; Vassell, Elizabeth; Vassell, Henry; Vassell, John; Wadsworth, Lucy Goodwin; Wainwright, John; Wainwright, Mary; Ward, John Rev.; Warren, John Dr.; Watson, Elizabeth; Watson, George; Wheelwright, Mary; White, Martha; Whiting, Joseph; Whiting, Samuel, Sr.; Whiting, Samuel; Wigglesworth, Reverend; Willis, Daniel; Willis, Mehitable; Winslow, Edward Gov.; Wolcott, Henry; Wolcott, Mary; Woodhouse, Clyth; Woodhouse, Harriet Elizabeth; Wyer, David Capt.

The book has about 52 pages. There are two original drawings of Russell dwellings from early Charlestown days. It contains a number of stories, anecdotes, wills, etc for Russell folks and those of allied families. Please note: This is a scan of the original typed document converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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