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The book, “Donald Robertson and his wife Rachel Rogers of King and Queen County, Virginia; Their Ancestry and Posterity; also a Brief Account of the Ancestry of Commodore Richard Taylor of Orange County, Virginia, and his Naval History During the War of the American Revolution,” by William Kyle Anderson, Detroit, Michigan, 1900. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Robertson, Rogers, Tyler, and allied family members. Please see the list of individuals below for the surnames covered in this book. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1900 printed book, it would be very expensive.

This CD version of the book has a fully linked index for ease of use. I will list here the individuals found in the book:

J. T. Akin, Ada Semple Ames, Edgar Ames, Edgar Ames Jr., Henry Semple Ames, Lucy Virginia Semple Ames, Mary Semple Ames, Catherine Clarke Anderson, Cornelia Cook Anderson, James Anderson, James B. Anderson, John Anderson, Martha Bransford Anderson, Mary Ann Anderson, Mary Ann Martin Robertson Anderson, Matilda Robertson Anderson, Sallie Quicksall Anderson, Susan Harris Anderson, Thomas Sidney Anderson, William Kyle Anderson, Mary Jacob Nash Averill, Rebecca Averill, & Thomas P. Averill.

John Baird, Mary Eugenie Robertson Baird, Philip Barbour, Horace Magruder Barrett, Roberta Wickliffe Woolley Barrett, Thomas Vertner Barrett, Fannie Barbour Bate, James Smalley Bate, Lucy Bate, Lucy Throckmorton Bate, Nell Semple Moss Bate, Richard A. Bate, Richard Alexander Bate, Susan Eliza Robertson Bate, Susan L. Bond Bate, Virginius Alexander Bate, Nicholas Battaille, John Baylor, Ada Hulbert Beardsley, Charles Shepard Beardsley, Ellen Jane Garner Beardsley, Hulbert Ten-Eyck Bearsley, Marion Semple Beardsley, Ruth Hulbert Beardsley, Ten-Eyck Remoen Beardsley, James Thomas Bills, Susan Ada January Bills, Mary Bird, Otway Bird, Parmenas Bird, Philip Bird, William Bird, Adaline Matilda Semple Bradford, Antrim Bradford, Antrim Campbell Bradford, Donald Bradford, Esther Fox Bradford, Eugene Bradford, Grace Hostral Bradford, Harry Donald Bradford, John Bradford, John S. Bradford, Lucy Semple Bradford, Mary Crutcher Bradford, Oscar Bradford, Robert Semple Bradford, Russell Crawford Bradford, Sidney Lorenz Bradford, Susan Amanda Bradford, Vitula Donovan Bradford, William Bradford, William Eugene Bradford, Kate Jabob Tyler Brooks, Mary Tyler Brooks, Niell Brooks, Niell Brooks Jr., Virginia Field Brooks, Carrie Rice Brown, Evans Brown, Frances Ellen Maxey Brown, Ford Brown, Gabrielle Brown, Perry Maxey Brown, Sewell L. Brown, Annie Byrne Buckner, Curran Pope Buckner, Isaac Coleman Buckner, John S. Buckner, Mary Brent Buckner, Mattie Elizabeth Buckner, Mattie Owsley Hopper Buckner, Susan Maria Stewart Buckner, Elizabeth H. Taylor Buford, Francis Otway Byrd, Mary Byrd, William Byrd (3), Agnes Mabel Byrne, Albert Thomas Byrne, Alice Louise Byrne, Amelia Eliza Byrne, Belle Eliza Byrne, Caroline Sarah Gregory Byrne, Catharine Garnett Byrne, Catharine Spalding Byrne, Charles Edmond Robertson Byrne, Charles Reuben Byrne, Charles Robertson Byrne, Corinne Agnes Byrne, Corinne Cecelia Teal Byrne, Eleanor King Byrne, Eliza Matilda Robertson Byrne, Frances Laura Byrne, Grace Gertrude Byrne, Henrietta Catharine Byrne, Ida Virginia Byrne, James Edward Byrne (2), James Webster Byrne, Jane Elizabeth Byrne, John Richard Edward Byrne, Lucy Hill Byrne, Lucy Jacob Byrne, Mary Josephine Byrne, Mary Matilda Byrne, Mary Throckmorton Byrne, Matilda Robertson Byrne, Richard Taylor Byrne, Robert Joseph Byrne, Samuel Harold Byrne, Sarah Caroline Byrne, Sara Eliza Byrne, Thomas Henry Byrne, Thomas King Byrne, Thomas King Byrne Jr., Walter Francis Byrne & William Albion Byrne.

Isaac Caldwell, Jennie Robertson Jacob Caldwell, Henrietta Catharine Carroll, Jane Elizabeth Byrne Carroll, Jane Gregory Carroll, Michael Carroll, Michael Stanley Carroll, Richard Patrick Carroll, Sarah Anna Carroll, Alice Thornton Catlett, John Catlett (2), Margaret Catlett, Eliza Baylor Semple Cheatham, William H. Cheatham, Colby Chew, Thomas Chew, C. Jefferson Clark, Evelyn Clark, George Rogers Clark, Lena Jacob Clark, Marguerite Clark, Susie Clark, William Clark, Frederick W. Clarke, Grace Cook Clarke, Henry Watts Clarke, Lucy Bate Clarke, Richard Bate Clarke, William H. Clarke, Charles Donald Clay, Charles Donald Clay Jr., Eliza Ingels Clay, George Hudson Clay, Henry Clay, James Brown Clay, James Brown Clay Jr., John Cathcart Johnson Clay, Lucretia Hart Clay, Lucy Jacob Clay, Maria Hensley Pepper Clay, Nathaniel Hart Clay, Susan Jacob Clay, Susan Maria Jacob Clay, Susanne Jacob Clay, Thomas Jacob Clay, Hollis E. Cobb, S. Charlotte Robertson Cobb, Francis Conway, Sarah Taliaferro Conway, Henry Semple Cushman, Mary Semple Ames Cushman, Robert Allerton Cushman & Weyman Crow Cushman.

Edwina Jacob Dalliba, Evelyn Jacob Hill Dalliba, William S. Dalliba, William Swift Dalliba, Catharine Davis, James Davis, Ada Eliza Kuykendall Dilworth, Ada Mary Kate Dilworth, Andrew George William Dilworth, Andrew L. Dilworth, Anson Mortimer Dilworth, Calpernia Jane Dilworth, Catharine Byrne Kuykendall Dilworth, George Anson Dilworth, George Blackstone Dilworth, Mary Magnum Dilworth, William Anson Dilworth, Gov. Dinwiddie, Robert Dorsey, Mildred Ann Williams Dorsey, Benjamin Franklin Drane, Fannie Barbour Bate Drane, Lottie Alexander Drane, Richard Bate Drane, Theodore Robertson Drane & Theodore T. Drane.

Rachel Eastham, Catharine Garnett Byrne Eidelbach, Charles Eidelbach & Charles Henry Eidelbach.

Hannah Fishback, Aaron Fontaine, Ann Overton Fontaine, Peter Fontaine, John Fouchee, Lucy Robertson Fouchee & Mattie Fouchee.

E. P. Gaines, Curtis M. Garner, Ellen Jane Garner, Francis Semple Garner, Lucy Ann Garner, Sarah Eliza Garner, Walker Semple Garner, Jonathan Gibson, Margaret Catlett Gibson, Rachel Gibson, Anna Raphael Green, Donald Robertson Green (2), Duff Green, Eleanor Green, Ena Lorilla Green, Genevieve Green, Henry Lewis Green, Ida Duty Green, Imogene Eleanor Green, Louis Robinson Green, Lucile Marie Green, Lucy Bird Semple Green, Lucy Lee Green, Margaret E. Browning Green, Mary Frances Green, Mary Josephine Armstrong Green, Mary Luella Green, Oscar Semple Green, Roberta Browning Green, Sallie Bedinger Morgan Green, William Green (2), William Duff Green, William Semple Green, Zoe Josephine Green, Zoe Lucy Green, A. G. Grinnan, Amelia Eliza Byrne Grover, Dora Cecelia Grover, Patrick De Witt Grover, Patrick N. Grover, Ann Clark Gwathmey & Owen Gwathmey.

Ann Overton Jacob Hardin, Evelyn Jacob Hardin, John Jacob Hardin, Lemuel S. Hardin, Elizabeth Beatty Wilmans Harris, Jennie Harris, Robert Dorsey Harris, Walter Mays Harris, Edgar Hill, Edgar Hill Jr., Evelyn Jacob Hill, Mary Tyler Hill, Matilda Pope Jacob Hill, Ada Mizner Hurlbut Hinkel, Hulbert Hinkel, John Hinkel, Lewis Cassell Hinkel, Milton Hulbert Hinkel, Hattie May Robertson Holland, Hattie Robertson Holland, Ida Virginia Byrne Holland, Lorinne Cecelia Holland, Moultrie Holland, William Holland, William Murry Holland, Charles Horton, Mary Luella Green Horton, William Green Horton, Clarence S. Houghton, Edwina Houghton, Evelyn Clare Houghton, Susie Clark Houghton, Lucy Bird Semple Howard, Ada Mizner Hulbert, Ellen Garner Hulbert, Ellen Jane Garner Hulbert, Henry P. Hulbert & Marcia Semple Hulbert.

Sarah Iverson.

Addie Martin Jacob, Ann Overton Jacob, Ann Overton Fontaine Jacob, Bessie Chappelle Jacob, Brent Kirk Jacob, Charles Donald Jacob, Charles Donald Jacob Jr., Charles Pope Jacob, Donald Robertson Jacob (2), Edith Bullitt Jacob, Edwina Jacob, Elizabeth McDowell Benton Jacob, Eliza Catharine Jacob, Etta Pope Jacob, Evelyn Johnson Jacob, Harry Clay Jacob, Henrietta Pope Jacob, Henrietta Wilson Pope Jacob, Isaac Robertson Jacob, James Baird Jacob, Jennie Robertson Jacob, John I. Jacob (2), John I. Jacob Jr., Kate Baird Jacob, Laura Wilson Jacob, Lena Jacob, Lizzie Wintersmith Jacob, Louise Benton Jacob, Louise Williams Jacob, Lucy Anderson Jacob, Lucy Donald Jacob, Lucy Donald Robertson Jacob, Lucy Robertson Jacob, Maria Brook Hall Jacob, Martha Baird Jacob, Mary Jacob, Mary Hall Mulholland Jacob, Mary Pope Jacob, Matilda Pope Jacob, Matilda Prather Jacob, Nannie Lancaster Jacob, Richard Taylor Jacob (2), Richard Taylor Jacob Jr., Sarah Benton Jacob, Susan Jacob, Susan Maria Jacob, Thomas Prather Jacob, Thomas Prather Jacob Jr., William Jay Jacob, William Pope Jacob, William Rinaldo Jacob, Bradford January, Charles January, Frances Harriet January, James Russell January, John Houston January, J. Orville January, Lela Davis January, Lucy Ellen January, Robert Andrew January, Sarah Eliza Garner January, Susan Ada January, Claudius Marcellus Johnson, Darwin Ward Johnson, Darwin Ward Johnson Jr., Eliza Emmons Wade Johnson, Florence Clarke Johnson, Jennie Coleman Johnson, Kate Jacob Johnson, Louise Burge Johnson, Louise Katherine Johnson, Lucy Anderson Jacob Johnson, Martha Burge Johnson, Robert A. Johnson, Robert Jacob Johnson, Thomas Coleman Johnson, Thomas Jacob Johnson, Eliza Catherine Jacob Jones, Elizabeth Dunbar Lockwood Jones, James S. Jones, Lucy Robertson Wilmans Jones, Mary Bishop Jones, Rees Lockwood Jones, Samuel Howell Jones, Samuel Howell Jones Jr. & Susan Dorsey Jones.

Ada Eliza Kuykendall, Albert Sidney Kuykendall, Annette Sileta Kuykendall, Catharine Byrne Kuykendall, Catharine Spalding Byrne Kuykendall, Charles William Kuykendall, Mamie Kerr Kuykendall, Mary Alice Kuykendall, Thomas Richard Kuykendall, William Judge Kuykendall & William Kuykendall Jr.

Elizabeth Lee, Hancock Lee, Sarah Allerton Lee, Corinne Estelle Leslie, James P. Leslie, James P. Leslie Jr., Lucetta A. Maxey Leslie, Lucy E. Leslie, Marguerite Leslie, Throckmorton Maxey Leslie, William L. Leslie, Elizabeth McGrath Lewis, Ada Lindsay, Elizabeth Swan Semple Lindsay, Henry Semple Lindsay, Hetty Louisiana Semple Lindsay, Marion Semple Lindsay, Paul Lindsay, Swan Lindsay, William Lindsay, Henrietta C. Byrne Lowe & Henry Lowe.

Isabella MacDonald, Ambrose Madison, Frances Taylor Madison, James Madison, Albert H. Maxey, Alfred G. Maxey, Alfred H. Maxey, Clarence Alvin Maxey, Edward Maxey, Edward Garner Maxey, Fannie Maxey, Flavia Maxey, Frances Ellen Maxey, Frances H. January Maxey, Frances Semple Garner Maxey, Henry Maxey, James Semple Maxey, John Benton Maxey, John Leak Maxey, John Walker Maxey, Leslie Maxey (2), Lucetta A. Maxey, Lucy Ann Garner Maxey, Maggie A. Broyles Maxey, Maggie Rice Maxey, Mary Jane Maxey, Nellie May Maxey, Radford Maxey, Rice Maxey, Ruby Lee Maxey, Samuel Bell Maxey, Susan Shanks Maxey, Henrietta Maxwell, Patrick Maxwell, William Maxwell, Adria Maude Semple Moale, Edward Moale, Edward Semple Moale, Annie Atchison Moore, Carrie Elliott Moore, Carrie Eulas Moore, Charles Wickliffe Moore, John Moore, Lucy Robertson Semple Moore, Mattie Lucy Moore, Minnie Swan Moore, Robertson Swan Moore, Samuel J. Moore, Carrie Elliott Moore Morris, Harry Moss Morris, Minnie Moore Morris, M. L. Morris, Paul Robertson Morris, Ada Mary Semple Moss, Harry Semple Moss, Mary Semple Moss, Nathaniel P. Moss, Nell Semple Moss, Ada Semple Mulliken, Lansing Semple Mulliken & Napoleon Mulliken.

Boyle Nash, George P. Nash, George P. Nash Jr., John Tyler Nash, Lewis Nash, Margaret Nash, Mary Gay Nash, Mary Jacob Nash, Mary Jacob Tyler Nash, Maurice B. Nash, Maurice B. Nash Jr., Sue Gardner Nash, Thomas Lawrence Nash (2) & Tyler Nash.

Malcolm Ogilvie.

George R. Parham, Lucy Lee Green Parham, Catharine Pendleton, Edmund Pendleton, Henry Pendleton, Isabella Hart Pendleton, Philip Pendleton, William Pendleton, Ida Robertson Phillips, Joseph W. Phillips, Alfred Thruston Pope, Alfred Thruston Pope Jr., Curran Pope (2), Mary Tyler Pope, Matilda Prather Jacob Pope & Pendleton Pope.

Sarah Quicksall.

Frank Corwin Radcliffe, Lucille Geneva Radcliffe, Ramona Radcliffe, Willette Radcliffe, Zoe Lucy Green Radcliffe, Carrie Morris Ray, Lula Ray, Mary Rennick Ray, Minnie Swan Moore Ray, Robert M. Ray, A. E. Richards, Jessie Richards, John Tyler Richards, Matilda Tyler Richards, Alexander Robertson, Benjamin Lawrence Robertson, Catharine Robertson, Catharine Ann Clarke Robertson, Charles Robertson (4), Charles Donald Robertson, Donald Robertson, Elizabeth Robertson, Eliza Matilda Robertson, Fanny Lee Robertson, E. Fowler Robertson, Frances Robertson, Hattie May Robertson, Isaac Robertson (2), Ida Robertson, Isabella MacDonald Robertson, James Bate Robertson, Katherine H. Robertson, Lillie Bethel Robertson, Lucy Robertson, Lucy Donald Robertson, Lucy Jacob Robertson, Margaret Robertson (2), Martha Boothby Robertson, Mary Ann Robertson, Mary Ann Martin Robertson, Mary Ellen Robertson, Mary Eugenie Robertson, Matilda Taylor Robertson, Matilda Taylor Wilmans Robertson, Mehetabel B. Robertson, Rara King Robertson, Richard Taylor Robertson (3), Richard Webster Robertson, Sarah C. Goss Robertson, S. Charlotte Robertson, Stedman Robertson, Susan E. Robertson, Susan Eliza Robertson, Susan L. B. Bate Robertson, Susan Louisa Robertson, Ann Rogers, Bird Rogers, Edmund Rogers, George Rogers, Giles Rogers (2), Giles Rogers Jr., John Rogers (2), John Rogers Jr., Lucy Rogers, Mary Rogers, Mildred Rogers, Parmenas Rogers, Peter Rogers, Rachel Eastham Rogers, Rachel Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Albert Glover Ronald, Edward Richards Ronald, George Webb Ronald, Jessie Richards Ronald, Mary Tyler Ronald & William Rowley.

Ashley D. Scott, Ashley David Scott, Edgar Ames Scott, Isabel Semple Scott, Julia Ellen Semple Scott, Mary Semple Scott, Semple Stillman Scott, Ada Semple, Adaline Matilda Semple, Ada Mary Semple, Adria Maude Semple, Charles Donald Semple, Charles Donald Semple Jr., Eliza Baylor Semple, Elizabeth Swan Semple, Eliza Brandenburg Semple, Ellen Duff Green Semple, Eugene Semple, Eugene Lownsdale Semple, Frances Semple, Frances Ann Cooper Semple, Henrietta Louisiana Semple, Isaac Robertson Semple, Isaac Robertson Semple Jr., James Semple (3), John Semple, John Walker Semple (3), John Walker Semple Jr., Julia Ellen Semple, Lucy Bird Semple, Lucy Robertson Semple, Lucy Robertson Moore Semple, Lucy Virginia Semple, Mary Benicia Semple, Mary Ethel Semple, Mary Stevenson Mizner Semple, Robert Baylor Semple Ruth A. Lownsdale Semple, Sallie Parish Semple, Solomon Brandenburg Semple, Zoe Agnes Semple, James Truman Shaw, Virginia Woodson Venable Shaw, Annie Hardin Sherman, Elizabeth Sherman, Evelyn Jacob Hardin Sherman, Frederick S. Sherman, Spotswood, Charles Wilmans Sprigg, Edward Wilmans Sprigg, Elizabeth Sprigg, Ignatius Sprigg, Lewis Maynard Sprigg, Lucy Robertson Sprigg, Mary Mildred Sprigg, Matilda Robertson Sprigg, Susan Robertson Wilmans Sprigg, William Donald Sprigg, Catharine Ann C. Robertson Stewart, Isaac Stewart, Susan Maria Stewart, Sarah Strother & Sarah Stubbs.

John Taliaferro, Ann Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, Catharine Taylor, Catharine Davis Taylor, Charles Taylor, Charles Thomas Taylor, Colby Taylor, Edmund Taylor (2), Elizabeth Taylor (2), Erasmus Taylor (2), Frances Taylor (2), Francis Taylor, George Taylor, George Taylor Jr., George Conway Taylor, Hancock Taylor, Hannah Taylor, James Taylor (5), Jane Taylor, John Taylor (3), Jonathan Taylor, Joseph P. Taylor, Lucinda Taylor, Lucy Taylor, Martha Taylor, Martha Thompson Taylor, Mary Taylor, Mary Gregory Taylor, Matilda Taylor, Matilda R. Byrne Taylor, Mildred Taylor, Rachel Gibson Taylor, Reuben Taylor, Richard Taylor(4), Roger Taylor, Sallie Taylor, Sarah Taylor, Sara Taliaferro Conway Taylor, Sidney Albert Taylor, Tabitha Taylor, Thompson Taylor, William Taylor (2), William Rowley Taylor, Zachery Taylor (3), Coleman Buckner Tharp, Joseph Edward Tharp, Mary Brent Buckner Tharp, Mary Josephine Tharp, Martha Thompson, Roger Thompson, William Thompson, Francis Thornton, Fannie Allen Turman, Hosea B. Turman, Hosea Vivian Turman, Joseph Benton Turman, Louis Francis Turman, Mary Benicia Semple Turman, Oscar Bartlett Turman, Rita Benicia Turman, Robert Semple Turman, Ada Semple Ames Turner, Allyn Henry Turner, Belle Eliza Byrne Turner, Edgar Ames Turner, Henry S. Turner, Joseph A. Turner, Julia Marian Turner, Ann Tyler, Ann Overton Tyler, Charles R. Tyler, Donald Robertson Tyler, Donald Robertson Watkins Tyler, Edmund Alexander Tyler, Edward Tyler, Edward C. Tyler, Edward C. Tyler Jr., Etta Johnson Tyler, Fannie Beazley Tyler, John Jacob Tyler, John W. Tyler, Kate Jacob Tyler, Levi Tyler, Lillie Stucky Tyler, Mary Jacob Tyler (2), Mary Jacob Nash Tyler, Mary E. Williams Tyler, Mary Crutchfield Tyler, Matilda Tyler, Matilda Robertson Tyler, Mattie Richards Tyler, Nanette Watkins Tyler, Robert Tyler (2) & Virginia Watkins Tyler.

Fanny Underhill, Mary Ann Anderson Underhill, Sidney Anderson Underhill, William A. Underhill, John Cox Underwood & Joseph Rogers Underwood.

Elizabeth Tompkins Venable, James Anderson Venable, Mary Ann Venable, Matilda Tyler Venable, Sallie Q. Anderson Venable, Thomas Samuel Venable, Virginia Woodson Venable, Leonard Von Dohlen, Leonard Byrne Von Dohlen & Lucy Hill Byrne Von Dohlen.

Elizabeth Walker, Lucy Gertrude Walker, Lucy Jacob Byrne Walker, Mary Eliza Walker, Samuel Pinckney Walker, Samuel Pinckney Walker Jr., Thomas Alfred Walker, Ed Watkins, Fannie Robertson Webster, Fannie T. Webster, Felicia Webster, Felix Webster, James Webster, Lawrence F. Webster, Lucy Robertson Webster, Mattie Fouchee Webster, John McFarland Williams, John McFarland Williams Jr., Martha B. Anderson Williams, Ann E. Brandenburg Wilmans, Charles Hermann Wilmans, Edward Beatty Wilmans, Elizabeth Beatty Wilmans, Ella O. Daswell Wilmans, James Edward Wilmans, James Smith Wilmans, Lucy Robertson Wilmans, Matilda T. Robertson Wilmans, Mildred Ann Wilmans, Richard Taylor Wilmans, Robert Dorsey Wilmans, Susan Robertson Wilmans, Daniel Vertner Woolley, Douglas Vertner Woolley, E. McDowell Benton Jacob Woolley, Leila McDowell Woolley, Mary Preston Woolley, Preston Woolley, Richard J. Woolley, Roberta Wickliffe Woolley, Sallie Howard Benton Woolley, & Thomas Benton Woolley.

The book has 263 pages of genealogical information plus a fully linked 26-page index. There are a number of illustrations of members of this family and some of their homes. It contains a number of stories, anecdotes, wills, etc for Robertson folks and those of allied families. Please note: This is a scan of the original typed document converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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