Bradford's History of Plimoth Colony - 1899

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The book, "Bradford's History of Plimoth Plantation - from the Original Manuscript," printed under the direction of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, by order of the General Court, Boston, 1899. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1899 printed book, it would be very expensive.


This is a very scarce and rare book. It is a transcription of the 'History' of Plymouth Plantation from its founding until the year 1647. It takes the form of journals, annals, and letters by the founders of 'Plimoth'. Governor Bradford originally collected the data into a manuscript - and the original manuscript was sent to England early in the history of America. It was returned to Massachusetts in 1897-1898 and this transcription printed by the State Government.

This book has approximately 600 pages and is fully indexed and linked within the Adobe Reader PDF system. There are a number of illustrations: images of the original manuscript and portraits.

Here is a list of the names found in the manuscript:

Abdas, Accord Pond, Acoughcouss, John Alden, Robert Alden, Bartholomew Allerton, Isaac Allerton, John Allerton, Mary Allerton, Remember Allerton, Emanuel Alltham, Richard Andrews, Thomas Andrews, Cape Ann, Lawrence Anthony, Aquidnett Island, Capt. Argoll, Benedict Arnold, Edward Ashley, John Atwood, Monsieur d'Aulney, Marcus Aurelius, Chief Awaswquin, Awashawe, Mr. Babb, Master Baker, Edward Bass, John Beauchamp, Richard Bellingham, Billirike, Billerica, Elen Billington, Francis Billington, John Billington, John Billington Jr., Sir Francis Blackwell, Block Island, Thomas Blossom, Dorothy Bradford, William Bradford, Simon Bradstreet, Thomas Brewer, Jonathan Brewster, Love Brewster, Mary Brewster, William Brewster, Wrestling Brewster, Richard Britteridge, Lord Brook, John Brown, Peter Brown, Henry Browning, William Butten, Sergeant Callicote, John Calvin, Capawack, Cape Cod, Cape Ann, Robert Carter, John Carver, Kathrine Carver, Cawsumsett Neck, the ship Charity, Charles Chauncey, James Chilton, Mary Chilton, Chinnough, Richard Clarke, Rev. Richard Clifton, Cobiseconte, William Coddington, Cohasset, William Collier, Francis Cooke, John Cooke, Lord Cooke, Humility Cooper, Robert Coppin, Corbitant, Thomas Coventry, Rev. Crabe, John Crackston, Thomas Cromwell, Daniel Crose, Mary Cushman, Robert Cushman, Cutshamakin, Damariscove Islands, Lieutenant Davenport, William Davidson, John Davis, Delft-Haven, William Dennison, Captain Dermer, Edward Doty, Thomas Dudley, Richard Dumer, Francis Eaton, Samuel Eaton, Sarah Eaton, Theophilos Eaton, Seaman Ely, John Endicott, Thomas English, Episcopius, Ewangsos, the ship Falcon, Sir George Farrar, Mr. Fells, George Fenwick, Lieutenant Fitcher, Moses Fletcher, Thomas Fletcher, Fogg, the ship Fortune, Edmund Freeman, the ship Friendship, Edward Fuller, Samuel Fuller, John Galopp, Richard Gardenar, Sir Christopher Gardiner, Mr. Gibbs, Rev. Glover, Thomas Goffe, John Goodman, Stephen Goodyeare, Sir Ferdinand Gorges, Robert Gorges, Samuel Gorton, Captain Gosnold, Charles Gott, Thomas Granger, Mr. Graves, William Greene, Thomas Gregson, Sir Fulke Greville, Mr. Griffin, Peter Gudburn, Mr. Hall, Captain Hanson, Timothy Hatherly, William Hawthorne, John Haynes, Thomas Heath, Prince Hendrick, William Hibbins, Francis Higginson, Hobbamok, William Hobson, William Holbeck, Robert Holland, John Hooke, Rev. Thomas Hooker, Constanta Hopkins, Damaris Hopkins, Edward Hopkins, Elizabeth Hopkins, Giles Hopkins, Oceanus Hopkins, Stephen Hopkins, Atherton Houghe, Elizabeth Howland, John Howland, William Hubbard, John Huddleston, Thomas Hudson, John Humfray, Captain Thomas Hunt, Rev. Joseph Hunter, Chief Innemo, Thomas Jackson, the ship James, Sergeant Jeffrey, Rev. Francis Johnson, Jenemo and Wipelock, Captain Jones, Robert Kean, William King, Eliza Knight, John Knight, Myles Knowles, John Langemore, Master Langrume, William Latham, Gov. LaTour, William Laud, Lord Lee, Christopher Levett, Countess of Lincoln, John Ling, Edward Lister, Mr., Ludlow, John Lyford, the ship Lyon, Mr. Maggner, Mr. Mahue, Manoanscussett, Edmond Margeson, Christopher Martin, Peter Martyr, Captain Mason, Captain John Mason, Massasoit, Richard Masterson, Meekesano, Miantonimo, Thomas Millsop, Desire Minter, Mixano, Monhegan, Mononotto, Ellen More, Richard More, Jasper More, Rev. William Morrell, George Morton, Thomas Morton, Thomas Mott, Joseph Mullines, Priscila Mullines, William Mullines, Nacata, Naemschatet, Namasket, Namassakett, Nantasket, Narragansetts, Mr. Nash, Natawanute, Naumkeag, Sir Robert Naunton, Nauset, Nequamkeck, Fria Newbald, John Newcomin, Captain Norton, Rev. John Norton, Increase Nowell, Nyanticks, John Oldham, Oporto, Ossamequine, William Paddy, Pampiamett, the ship Paragon, Ralph Partridge, Passaconaway, Captain Patrick, Patuxet, Arthur Peach, William Peirce, Herbert Pelham, Pemaquid, John Pemberton, William Pennington, Penobscot, Pequots, Mr. Perkins, William Perrin, Pessecuss, Hugh Peters, Edward Pickering, John Pierce, Pinchon, John Pocock, Pokanokets, John Poliander, John Pory, Daniel Poynton, Digerie Preist, Thomas Prince, Salamon Prower, William Quarles, Mr. Radsell, Isaac de Rasieres, Rev, John Rayner, John Revell, Captain Reynolds, Alice Rigdale, John Rigdale, Sergeant Riggs, Rev. John Robinson, Mr. Rogers, Joseph Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Newman Rookes, Samoset, Henry Samson, John Sanders, Sir Edwin Sandys, Sassacus, Lord Say, Scituate, Seneca, Samuel Sharpe, Mr. Sheriver, James Sherley, Shoanan, Mr. Sibsie, Samuel Skelton, Francis Smith, John Smith, Rev. John Smith, Rev. Ralph Smith, Sir Thomas Smith, Sokanoke, Nathaniel Souther, Edward Southworth, Sowams, George Sowie, the ship Sparrow, the ship Speedwell, Squanto, Myles Standish, Rose Standish, Thomas Stanton, Sabin Staresmore, Richard Stinnings, Captain Stone, Elias Story, Israel Stoughton, Thomas Sturgs, the ship Talbut, Tassaquanawite, William Thomas, David Thompson, Edward Thompson, Thomas Thorned, Matthew Thornhill, Joseph Tilden, Ann Tillie, Edward Tillie, Elizabeth Tillie, John Tillie, Thomas Tinker, Arthur Tirrey, Captain Trask, William Trevore, William Trumball, John Turner, Uncas, Uncaway, Sir Harry Vane, Richard Vines, Thomas Ward, Richard Warren, Earl of Warwick, Waughwamino, Weequashcooke, Weesagascussett, Weetowish, Thomas Weld, Francis West, Andrew Weston, Thomas Weston, Rev. John White, Peregrine White, Resolved White, Roger White, Susannah White, William White, the ship White Angel, Roger Wilder, Edward Wilkinson, Thomas Willett, Roger Williams, Thomas Williams, Mr. Wilson, John Wilson, Jacob Wincot, Winnisimmet, Edward Winslow, Elizabeth Winslow, Gilbert Winslow, Josias Winslow, John Winthrop, Captain Wollaston, Sir John Worstenholme, Henry Wraight, Sir George Yeardley, Joseph Yonge, and Ziska.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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