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The book, "New Edition of the Records of the Family of Rufus Perkins of Rockingham and Chester, Vt., 1781 to 1803, and his Children Moses, Rufus, Amasa, Betsey and Silas who Settled in Addison, Rutland and Windsor Counties, Vermont, especially his son Rufus Perkins who Settled in East Middlebury, Vermont, and Grandson Rufus Lyman Perkins of East Middlebury and Rutland, Vermont," by Henry E. Perkins, privately printed in Troy, New York, 1916. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1916 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The book has 80 pages including an 8-page fully linked index. This book is FULL of genealogical information about this branch of the Perkins family and allied families. Please see the list of individuals discussed in this book below.

Charles Alchin, Ella Alchin, George Alchin, Thomas Alchin, Flower Alexander, Jewell Alexander, Amy Alger, E. Pauline Andrus, Sabra Arteusia, H. T. Ayer, Josie E. Ayer, David Bagg, Sarah Bailey, Barnes, Abiel Barney, Ida Bartlett, Gladys Barton, Joseph Barton, Capt. William Barton, William Bassett, Albert C. Bates, J. H. Beers, Beinhower, Lucile Belding, Lucy E. Benjamin, Harry Blanchard, Henry Blanchard, Myron Blanchard, James K. Blish, Carrie E. Boardman, Helen Boardman, Norman Boardman, Timothy Boardman, Malvina Borney, Clara Brentano, Alvin Brown, Charles D. Brown, Clarence Brown, Duncan Brown, Harold Brown, Louis Brown, Jessie M. Bugbee, Lucy Bullard, Wilbert Burditt, William F. Burditt, Roxey Burnham, Benjamin Butterfield, Charles Butterfield, Charles W. Butterfield, David Butterfield, Eleazer Butterfield, Esther Butterfield, Col. Franklin G. Butterfield, Hannah Butterfield, James Butterfield, Joel Butterfield, John Butterfield, John L. Butterfield, Jonas Butterfield, Jonathan Butterfield, Joseph Butterfield, Leonard Butterfield, Lois Butterfield, Mary Butterfield, Polly Butterfield, Roxanna Butterfield, Sally Butterfield, Sarah Butterfield, Thomas Butterfield, William Butterfield, Willis Cady, Betty Callicotte, Candish, Clyde Carpenter, Hiram Carpenter, Edla Champlin, James Champlin, John D. Champlin, C. D. Childs, Mary Childs, Munson Childs, Cornelia Clark, Frank Clark, Huldah Clark, Melintha Clark, Samuel Clark, Carlton Clifford, Earl W. Clifford, Florance Clifford, Francis Clifford, Josephine E. Clifford, Marion B. Clifford, Merritt Clifford, Carlos Coburn, Dana Coburn, Della Coburn, Dick Coburn, Duane Coburn, Harriett Coburn, Jessie Coburn, Bell D. Congdon, Bertha L. Congdon, Cornelia Congdon, David Congdon, Dora B. Congdon, Jesse Congdon, Joseph Congdon, Susie Congdon, L. Coolage, Edwin Cooper, Mary E. Cooper, Robert E. Cooper, Viola M. Cooper, Joseph Copper, Rose C. Covington, Zellah Covington, Daboll, Timothy Darlen, Eliza P. Darling, Nathan Darling, Nellie E. Darling, Allen Darrah, Charlotte N. Darrah, Chauncey Darrah, David A. Darrah, Eliza P. Darrah, Frank Darrah, George Darrah, Irene H. Darrah, Jesse Darrah, Jesse B. Darrah, Maria Darrah, Mary A. Darrah, Albert Davis, Eliza Davis, Harriet Davis, Irene Davis, Wayne Davis, Ananias Deathick, Elizabeth Deathick, Hannah Deathick, John Deathick, Mary Deathick, Naomi Deathick, Ruth Deathick, Sarah Deathick, Susannah Deathick, Pierre De Morlaix, Allen Dennis, Alvin A. Dennis, Caroline Dennis, Charles A. Dennis, Edith B. Dennis, Florence E. Dennis, Julius A. Dennis, Julius B. Dennis, Nettie Dennis, Newton J. Dennis, Rufus A. Dennis, Hugh Despensier, Hannah Dettroch, Hannah Dettrock, Dettrook, Arthur J. Douglas, Carrie Douglas, Charles E. Douglas, Edla A. Douglas, Edwin Douglas, Elizabeth P. Douglas, Ella Douglas, Ella A. Douglas, Florence A. Douglas, Francis Douglas, George T. Douglas, Henry Olin Douglas, Hermon A. Douglas, Jennie S. Douglas, Jessie M. Douglas, Julius B. Douglas, Mary Douglas, Olive Douglas, Ralph P. Douglas, Ruth A. Douglas, Helen Duncan, Jane Duncan, Jane S. Duncan, James Dunphey, Clara E. Dunshee, Earle A. Dunshee, Franklin R. Dunshee, Herbert E. Dunshee, Liliah E. Dunshee, Rollin N. Dunshee, Sylvia L. Dunshee, Wendle H. Dunshee, Elizabeth Dutton, Hannah Dutton, John Dutton, Joseph F. Dutton, Mary Dutton, Sarah Dutton, Silas Dutton, Susannah Dutton, Sybil Dutton, Thomas Dutton, Thomas Dutton Jr., Col. James Easton, Grace E. Eaton, Elmer Edson, Myron Edson, Nellie Edson, Willard Edson, Delia Eldridge, William H. Eldridge, Frank Farmer, Jennie Farmer, Frances Field, Jonathan Fish, Inez L. Fisher, John C. Fisher, Louise Fisher, Sarah Fitch, Frank P. Flint, Stella Flint, Beula Foster, Elmer Foster, Georgia Foster, Hora Foster, Lemuel R. Foster, Mary A. Foster, Nellie E. Foster, Wilbur C. Foster, France, Mary Freeman, Harmion Fry, Capt. Elisha Fuller, Eliza Fuller, Nellie E. Garland, Emma H. Gibson, Mary A, Gibson, Nancy Gibson, Timothy O. Gibson, Mary Eloise Giddings, Albert L. Gilbertson, Elmer Gilbertson, Gilbert Gilbertson, Laura B. Gilbertson, Alizina Gilman, Elijah Goodale, Della Goodall, Clyde Goodell, Ernest Goodell, Eva Jennie Goodell, Fred Goodell, Harold Goodell, Ina L. Goodell, Jennie Goodell, Raymond Goodell, Stella Mills Goodell, Altha Goodrich, Grace Goodrich, Fannie Goodwin, Mary Gould, Lillian Graves, Effie Griffith, William Griffith, Prudence M. Guild, Thomas Gusten, Elizabeth P. Hale, Floyd O. Hale, Robert L. Hale, Stella Hancock, Kate Hand, Annie H. Harper, Capt. William Harper, Earl Hatfield, Jay Judson Hatfield, Charles Hayward, Eva Hayward, Henry Hayward, Hanry Hayward Jr., Amos Heald, Daniel Heald, Amos Hermes, William Hern, J. P. Hern, Mary Hill, Lovina J. Hoag, C. T. Holt, Joshua P. Holton Jr., Franklin Horton, Herbert P. Horton, Herman D. Horton, Lester L. Horton, Mary Horton, Miriam Horton, Theron H. Horton, Simon House, Mrs. D. Howard, Lucy Hyde, Nettie Ingalls, Bliss Irwin, Hattie Irwin, Maria Irwin, David Jacobs, Dora B. Johnson, Edwin Johnson, Ernest Johnson, Harry Johnson, Lawrence B. Johnson, Melisa Johnson, Robert Johnson, Sally Kellogg, Cornelia Kennada, Blanche Kenyon, Chester Kingsley, Fannie Kingsley, Harry Kingsley, Henry Kingsley, Lillian Kingsley, Mary Kingsley, Moses Kingsley, Percy Kingsley, Thomas Kingsley, Bessie M. Kinsman, Fannie Kinsman, Frank G. Kinsman, Henry P. Kinsman, Levi Rollin Kinsman, Mabel Lucy Kinsman, Mary A. Kinsman, Mattie Emma Kinsman, Parker Kinsman, Susan E. Kinsman, William Henry Kinsman, Emma Laddbush, Gershom Lane, Nancy Lawrence, Lucinda Lee, Rev. Aaron Leland, Eva Leonard, Harry Oakley Leonard, Jessie Ella Leonard, Leon L. Leonard, Walter K. Leonard, Willard C. Leonard, Lt. Edwin Lewis, Ebenezer Lock, Lockwood, Henry Lord, Huldah Lord, Miriam E. Lord, William Lord, William H. Lord, Elizabeth Lovell, Sarah Lyman, E. J. Lytle, Laura Lytle, Luella M. Lytle, Nellie E. Lytle, Pauline McDaniels, Abbie McIndoe, Clara A. McIndoe, Z. J. McIndoe, Samuel McIntyre, Bertha M. Manney, Mary Ann Marsh, James Martin, Juliette Mead, James Miller, Stella Mills, Betsey Moody, Morgan, Pierre de Morlaix, Marie Murkland, Huldah Murray, Maria Murray, Carrie Muzzey, Charles S. C. Muzzey, George Muzzey, Mrs. F. Tupper Nash, John Nearing, Olive Norton, Joseph Owen, Ruth Owen, Arozina Parker, Bert Parker, Flora Parker, Walter Parker, Chester Parmenter, Tulma Parmenter, Maggie Patna, Aaron Perkins, Abel Perkins, Abigail Perkins, Albert C. Perkins, Alice L. Perkins, Altha Perkins, Altha A. Perkins, Alvin Perkins, Alvin D. Perkins, Amacy Perkins, Amasa Perkins, Amy Perkins, Annie H. Perkins, Arozina Perkins, Arthur Perkins, Arthur A. Perkins, Arthur W. Perkins, Asa Perkins, Austin F. Perkins, Bathsheba Perkins, Bertha L. Perkins, Bessie Perkins, Betsey Perkins, Blair Perkins, Byron Perkins, Candace Perkins, Caroline Perkins, Caroline E. Perkins, Charles Perkins, Charles F. Perkins, Charles N. Perkins, Charles V. Perkins, Clara Perkins, Clara E. Perkins, Clarence O. Perkins, Clarissa Perkins, Clemintine Perkins, Cleon A. Perkins, Clyde Perkins, Craig Perkins, Daisy Perkins, Darius D. Perkins, Dawn E. Perkins, Donald Perkins, Dora Perkins, Dorothy V. B. Perkins, Dudley Perkins, D. W. Perkins, Eaton F. Perkins, Eddice Eliza Perkins, Eddice M. Perkins, Eddie E. Perkins, Edwin Perkins, Edwin C. Perkins, Edwin F. Perkins, Edwin G. Perkins, Effie Arozina Perkins, Elisha Perkins, Elijah Perkins, Eliza Perkins, Eliza P. Perkins, Elizabeth Perkins, Ellen A. Perkins, Ellsworth Perkins, Elvira Perkins, Emilie Perkins, Emilie Munson Perkins, Emma Perkins, Emma Jane Perkins, Erastus Perkins, Ernest D. Perkins, Ernest D. Perkins Jr., Esther Perkins, Etta Perkins, Frank Perkins, Frederick C. Perkins, Gail Giddings Perkins, George Perkins, George E. Perkins, George O. Perkins, Gladys E. Perkins, Gustavus Perkins, Hannah Perkins, Harmon S. Perkins, Harold Perkins, Harriet Perkins, Harry Perkins, Harry Lyman Perkins, Harry S. Perkins, Harvey Perkins, Hattie Perkins, Henrietta Perkins, Henry Perkins, Henry Esban Perkins, Henry Olin Perkins, Herbert Perkins, Herbert M. Perkins, Horace Perkins, Howard E. Perkins, Hurley Perkins, Ida Perkins, Ida M. Perkins, Inez L. Perkins, Irene Perkins, Jabez Perkins, Jacob Perkins, Jacob Perkins Jr., James Perkins, Lt. James Perkins, James T. Perkins, Jarle Perkins, Jeanette Perkins, Jennie Perkins, Jennie S. Perkins, John Perkins, John F. Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Joseph A. H. Perkins, Josie E. Perkins, Judith Perkins, Judson Perkins, Judson Perkins Jr., Judson W. Perkins, Katherine Lucy Perkins, LaFayette Perkins, Laura E. Perkins, Leonie Esban Perkins, Locke McIndoe Perkins, Lock McIndoe Perkins Jr., Lorenzo C. Perkins, Louise Perkins, Louise Childs Perkins, Lucile Perkins, Lucy Ann Perkins, Lucy A. E. Perkins, Lydia Perkins, Maggie Perkins, Margaret Eloise Perkins, Maria Perkins, Marie M. S. Perkins, Mariette Perkins, Marion F. Perkins, Marsh Olin Perkins, Marsh Olin Perkins II, Martha Iola Perkins, Mary Perkins, Mary Ann Perkins, Mary E. Perkins, Matthew Perkins, Minnie Perkins, Moses Perkins, Moses Perkins II, Moses J. Perkins, Nellie Perkins, Noah Perkins, Noah Perkins II, Norman Perkins, Olive Perkins, Oliver Perkins, Oscar W. Perkins, Park V. Perkins, Paul Perkins, Pauline E. Perkins, Peter Perkins, Phineas Perkins, Polly Perkins, Prudence Perkins, Ray Perkins, Ray C. Perkins, Remember Perkins, Rest Perkins, Rest W. Perkins, Robert Perkins, Rose C. Perkins, Roxanna Perkins, Roxey Perkins, Rufus Perkins, Rufus Perkins Jr., Rufus J. Perkins, Rufus L. Perkins, Rufus Lyman Perkins, Ruth A. Perkins, Samuel Perkins, Sarah Perkins, Servillian Perkins, Silas Perkins, Capt. Solomon Perkins, Sophronia Perkins, Stella C. Perkins, Stephen Perkins, Susan E. Perkins, Susannah Perkins, Susannah D. Perkins, Sylvia Perkins, Sylvia B. Perkins, Sylvia T. Perkins, Theresa C. E. Perkins, Thomas Perkins, Vera Perkins, Vivian Perkins, Walter Perkins, Walter B. Perkins, Wilbur Perkins, William Perkins, William A. Perkins, Wyatt Perkins, Henry Pierrekin, Albert Pike, Arozina Pike, Arthur Pike, Betsey Pike, Charles H. Pike, Chester Pike, Clarissa Pike, Dana Pike, Eddie Pike, Eddie Pike II, Edwin Pike, Edwin M. Pike, Elizabeth Pike, Emma Pike, Erastus Pike, Erastus E. Pike, Ethel Pike, Frank Pike, Gertie Pike, Grace Pike, Harriet Pike, Harry Pike, Henry Pike, Huldah Pike, Kate Pike, Lewis Pike, Lizzie Pike, Lucinda Pike, Lee Pike, Lucy Ann Pike, Lurah Pike, Lyman Pike, Mahlon Pike, Maud Pike, Milford L. Pike, Nellie E. Pike, Rena Pike, Rose Pike, Silas Pike, Stephen M. Pike, Sue Pike, Susan Pike, Susan E. Pike, Wentworth Pike, William D. Pike, William Dana Pike, William G. Pike, William H. Pike, Hattie Pittney, Vermont Pownal, Hannah Pratt, Alice E. Pray, James Preston, E. C. Puffer, Martha Iola Puffer, Ruphus Purkens, Ruphus Purkins, Waitstill Ranney, Lucy Rannie, Mary Reed, Guy Reynolds, J. B. Reynolds, Paul Reynolds, Clarissa Rice, Jesse Richardson, Thomas Riggs, Ruth Roberts, Thomas Robey, Damaris Robinson, Vermont Rockingham, Capt. Eli Root, John Roundy Jr., Charles W. Saeger, Edith Saeger, Grace Saeger, Ida M. Saeger, Mabel Saeger, Capt. Joseph Safford, Edith Sawyer, H. D. Sawyer, Mary J. Sawyer, Stafford Sawyer, Delia Scheible, Searles, Edward Severance, E. Kirby Severance, Ellen A. Severance, Clara Sherman, Floyd W. Sherman, Julius Sherman, Noah Sherman, Ruth Sherman, Sarah Sherman, Sylvia Sherman, Daniel Sherwin, Mary Shoals, William Simonds, Marietta Simons, Augusta Smith, Doris J. Smith, Etta Smith, Fred R. Smith, Harmon S. Smith, Harold Fred Smith, Harvey Clyde Smith, Howard H. Smith, Isabel M. Smith, John D. Smith, Kenneth H. Smith, Margurite E. Smith, Olive Smith, Raymond A. Smith, Roswell Smith, Rutherford W. Smith, Sherman M. Smith, Steel Smith, Elizabeth Sparks, Donald Spoffard, Hugh Spoffard, Hyron B. Spoffard, Mary Stafford, Miles Standish, Rev. David Stearns, Elliott N. Stearns, Simon Stearns, Sarah Stewart, John Stone, Samuel M. Stone, Samuel N. Stone, Samuel N. Stone Jr., Capt. John Strong, Clare E. C. Struck, Lionel C. Struck, Lionel H. Struck, Mary L. W. Struck, Colchester Record Taintor, Agnes Taylor, Stephen Taylor, Elwin Tenney, Emerson Tenney, Emily Tenney, Lena Tenney, Mayno Tenney, Myron Tenney, Myron Tenney Jr., Romaine Tenney, Rosa Tenney, Ruth Tenney, John Tillotson, Ship Tim, Sarah Treadwell, Sarah Townsend, Mary P. Tuft, Absalom Tupper, Almon P. Tupper, Ann Tupper, Archelaus Tupper, Benjamin Tupper, Charles Tupper, Darius Tupper, Elain Tupper, Elakim Tupper, Elam Tupper, Elisha Tupper, Emmaline Tupper, Harriet Tupper, Huldah Tupper, Jerusha Tupper, Joanna Tupper, Laura Tupper, Lydia Tupper, Marcia Tupper, Maria Tupper, Mary Tupper, Mercy Tupper, Mitty Tupper, Norman Tupper, Ruth Tupper, Sally Tupper, Sarah L. Tupper, Submit Tupper, Sylvia Tupper, Capt. Thomas Tupper, Thomas Tupper, Zuriel Tupper, Harry D. Turner, Marie M. S. Turner, Alice Tuttle, Charles E. Tuttle, Rest Tuttle, Venora R. Tuttle, Ellen Tyrrell, Eloise Tyrrell, Emerson Tyrrell, Fred T. Tyrrell, May Tyrrell, A. B. Valentine, May Valentine, Park Valentine, S. A. Van Wagoner, Eloise A. Varney, Lora A. Varney, Lorenzo A. Varney, Sarah Vickery, Col. Ebenezer Wallbridge, J. R. Warden, Edia Warden, Julia Warner, Jehiel Webb, Sylvia Webb, Nathaniel Weston, Edith Whitcom, Philip Whitcom, Lucy Whitcomb, Elisha White, Jotham White, Alice Whittier, Florence Wilcox, H. G. Wilcox, Nettie E. Wilkinson, Huldah Williams, Otheniel Williams, Rest Williams, Samuel Williams, Mariah Wilmoth, Mary Wood, Alvin W. Woodward, Georgia Woodward, Gladys M. Woodward, Myrtle V. Woodward, Raymond Woodward, and Col. Isaac Wyman.

In addition to the genealogical data for individual families there are also a number of transcriptions of wills, deeds, and other official documents relating to the primary Perkins. Note: This is a digital copy of this hard to find book on CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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