Annals of Philadelphia & Pennsylvania - 1850

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The book, "Annals of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania in the Olden Time; being a Collection of Memoirs, Anecdotes, and Incidents of the City and its Inhabitants, and of the Earliest Settlements of the Inland Part of Pennsylvania, etc. (in Two Volumes)," by John F. Watson, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1850. It is a HUGH book dealing with the pioneers, residents, and history of the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Pennsylvania residents. It has many illustrations of individuals, places, and things. There are many biographical references to individuals and families. The book has approximately 1,199 pages. The book is fully indexed, but the Index is not linked - you can search the book using the Adobe Reader 'search' function or manually browse to the pages indicated by the Index. The Table of Contents is linked. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1850 printed book, it would be very expensive.


This is a list of the individuals discussed in the book, I did not capture all individuals, but the following represents many of them:

Benjamin Abbott, Benjamin Acrod, John Adams, Sea-Mercy Adams, Evert Aldrets, William Alibone, Jennings Allen, Nathaniel Allen, Priscilla Allen, William Allen, Matthew Allin, Francis Allison, Peter Alricks, Wessell Alricks, Nieu Amstel, Elbert Anderson, Hendrich Anderson, Johan Anderson, John Anderson, Joran Anderson, Lacy Anderson, Justa Andrason, Jedediah Andrews, Gunla Andries, Lace Andries, Peter Andries, Edmund Andros, John Ange, James Annesley, Robert Appleton, Leonard Aret, Lenart Arets, John Arkraman, Thomas Armatt, Anthony Armbruster, Eleanor Arme, Richard Armitt, James Armstrong, John Armstrong, Charles Ashcom, John Ashmead, Joseph Ashton, Will Asley, W. A.Attwood, William Attwood, Laetitia Aubrey, John Austin, & _____ Axe.

Peter Bacom, Henry Badcock, Patrick Baird, Peter Baker, Andrew Ball, William Ball, Jacob Balls, Anders Bankson, Andreas Bankson, Jacob Bankson, Alexander Barclay, Peter Bard, Christopher Barnes, Henry Barnes, John Barnes, James Barron, John Barron, Nicholas Bartlet, William Barton, John Bartram*, William Bartram, William Bate, Jacob Bay, James Bayard, John Baylie, Job Beake, William Beake, Joseph Beakes, William Beaks, Paul Beck, Gunning Bedford, _____ Beissel, James Bell, Robert Bell, Samuel Bell, Anthony Benezet, Anders Bengtsson, Bengt Bengtsson, Aaron Bennett, George Bensell, John Berckley, Andries Bertelf, John Amundson Besh, John Bethell, Catherine Bevan, Timothy Bevan, _____ Beveridge, Charles Biddle, Clement Biddle, Edward Biddle, James Biddle, John Biddle, William Biles, Edward Billing, Christopher Billop, Xtopher Billop, James Bingham, William Bingham, Andrew Binkson, Eric Biork, Thomas Birch, William Bissell, William Blackfan, George Blackmore, Randal Blackshire, John Blackwell, Jane Blanchard, _____ Bliss, John Blumstone, _____ Boehm, Andries Boen, _____ Boggs, Peter Bohler, N. B. Boileau, Cornelius Bom, Samuel Bonas, Anders Bond, Phineas Bond, Thomas Bond, Anders Bonde, Johan Bonde, Sven Bonde, Anne Bonny, E. H, Bonsall, Peter Boss, Richard Boverington, Bathsheba Bowers, John Bowling, Henry Bowman, Thomas Bowman, Alexander Boyd, Hans P. Boyer, John Boyer, Daniel Boyle, Z. Boyleston, William Bradford*, Andrew Bradford, Anne Bradford, Thomas Bradford, John Bradley, Margaret Bradshaw, John Brant, Joseph Breintnal, David Breintnall, Daniel Brenson, Mary Brett, John Brickell, Isaac Brickshaw, Edward Bridges, G. Bridport, David Brientnall, Charles Brigham, John Bristow, W. L. Britton, Mary Broadway, John Broders, William Broders, Boyer Brooks, Francis Brooks, Henry Brooks, William Broomfield, Andrew Brown, Billy Brown, John Brown, P. A. Brown, Parrock Brown, Peter Brown, William Brown, George Browne, Lt. Bruluman*, William Buchanan, Robert Buck, Abraham Buckley, Anthony M. Buckley, Samuel Buckley, John Budd, Richard Buffington, John Bull, Judith Buller, Joseph Bullock, Edward Burd, James Burd, _____ Bure, Thomas Burrel, Nathaniel Burt, _____ Bush, William Butler*, Pierce Butler, Zebulon Butler, John Bye, Thomas Bye, John Byle, Thomas Byle, William Byles, & Edward Byllinge.

Capt. Cadwallader, Isabella Cairnie, Charles Calaghan, _____ Caldcleugh, Thomas Caldwalader, Luke Cale, Turner Camac, John Campanius, George Campbell, Canaswetigo, Thomas Canby, Dorothy Canterill, Richard Canterill, Eliza Canton, Edmund Cantwell, Edward Cantwell, Peter Care, Mathew Carey, Abraham Carlisle, Christopher Carnan, Laurentius Carolus, Samuel Carpenter*, Joshua Carpenter, Smith Carpenter, Robert Carr, Caspar Carsten, Edward Carter, William Carter, John Cartlidge, William Castell, Cayenquiloqudar, John Chaloner, Benjamin Chambers, Stephen Chambers, Samuel Chanceller, William Chancellor, J. A. Chapman, Robert Charles, Peter Chartier, Benjamin Cheaney, Catharine Cheeseman, Isaac Choat, A. Chovet, John Church, Rhoda Church, John Churchman, Charles Cist, Jan Claassen, Jan Claasson, Thomas Clarke, William Clarke, Christian Classon, Jacob Classon, Adam Clawse, Ann Clay, Deborah Clayploe, _____ Claypole*, George Claypole,D. C. Claypole, George Claypole, James Claypole, Joe Claypoole, John Claypoole, William Clayton, _____ Clemson, John Clews, Samuel Cliff, Betty Clifften, John Clifton, Christian Closses, Christian Closson, Daniel Clymer, George Clymer, J. Coals, Bulah Coates, Daniel Coates, John Coates, Samuel Coates, Thomas Coates, George Coats, William Cobb, William Coblett, Robert Cochran, Eric Cock, Erick Cock, Gabriel Cock, Johan Cock, Lacy Cock, Lasse Cock, Lassey Cock, Laurens Cock, Mans Cock, Mouns Cock, Mounts Cock, Otto Ernst Cock, Peter Cock, Hugh Codderey, William Coddington, Joseph Coebarn, Charles Coil, Thomas Colborne, Jacob Coleman, Nathaniel Coleman, Rebecca Coleman, Edward Collins, Benjamin Colson, Anthony Colve, _____ Comly, Dennis Conrad, Redmond Conyingham, David H. Conyngham, Arthur Cook, John Cook, Amnakey Coolin, Daniel Cooper, J. Cooper, Paerde Cooper, William Cooper, John Copson, Erick Cornelissen, Jan Cornelissen, Andrew Cornish, Barnard Coster, Lawrence Cott, James Cotties, Matthew Coulthurst, Joseph Cowperthwaite, Lasse Cox, Tench Cox, Trent Cox, Isaac Coxe, J. Coxe, John Coxe, Claes Cram, Joseph Crellius, J. E. Cresson, Solomon Cresson, William Croasdale, George Croghan, J. Cropp, Richard Crosby, Thomas Cross, Thomas Crosse, Robert Crozier, Joseph Crukshank, Edward Cutbush, & Anthony Cuthbert.

Otto Dahlbo, Peter Dahlbo, Lacy Dalbo, Lasse Dalbo, Pelle Dalbo, Peter Dalbo, Lace Dalboo, Peter Dalbow, Colebrooke Dale, George Dallas, John Dalley, Gifford Dally, Jorst Daniels, _____ Danielson, Joseph Davenport, Hugh Davey, Tristram Davies, Rebecca Davis, Richard Davis, Hugh Davy, John Dawson, John Day, George de Benneville, John de Braine, Johannes de Haes, Charles de la Noe, James de la Plaine, Lucy de Normondie, Peterson de Vries, Peter Deal, Sharp Delaney, Lawrence Deniedy, Nathan Denison, Michael Dennison, Thomas Denny, _____ Derring, Will Dervall, Diahausa, Molly Dick, Jonathan Dickinson*, Hannah Dickinson, Mary Dickinson, Sally Norris Dickinson, Peter Dicks, James N. Dickson, William Dillwyn, James Dinnew, Anders Diricksson, Olle Diricksson, Thomas Dixey, _____ Dixon, Thomas Dobson, Thomas Docherty, Abigail Dodson, Samuel Dodson, William Dolby, James Dough, David Dove*, David I. Dove, R. J. Dove, John Downey, W. Drake, Edmund Draufton, Robert Drawton, Edward Drinker*, Henry Drystreet, _____ du Simitiere, Abraham Dubois, Leah Dubois, Jacob Duche*, Anthony Duche, Christopher Duck, Richard Ducket, Edward Duffield*, T. W. Duffield, Benjamin Duffill, John Dunlap, P. S. Duponceau, _____ Dusimitiere*, _____ Duval, Mary Dyer, & Robert Dyer.

B. Eastburn, Josey Eastburn, Susan Eckard, John Eckley, Sarah Eckley, Morgan Edwards*, Edward Eglinton, _____ Ekhorn, John Elder, Mary Eldrington, Jeremiah Elfreth, Andrew Ellicott,Patty Ellis, Robert Ellis, Mary Elton, E. S. Ely, George Emlen, Joseph Emlen, Philip England, Harmon Ennis, Matts Erickson, Peter Erickson, Eric Ericsson, Goran Ericsson, Matts Ericsson, Robert Erwin, George Esterly, Cadwallader Evans, Evan Evans, John Evans, Owen Evans, Peter Evans, Robert Evans, Thomas Evans, William Evans, John Evet, Robert Ewer, & Benjamin Eyre.

Jacobus Fabritius, W. M. Fahnestock, T. Fairlamb, Robert Fairman, Thomas Fairman, Daniel Falkener, Jasper Farman, Daniel Faulkner, Joseph Fell, Frederick Fende, Magdalene Fende, Robert Fenton, Mary Feree, Philip Feree, Samuel Finley, Capt. Finney, John Finny, Sally Fishbourn, William Fishbourne, Coleman Fisher, Jonathan Fisher, Joshua Fisher, Mier Fisher, Myers Fisher, Samuel R. Fisher, Sarah Fisher, William L. Fisher, Casper Fisk, John Fitch*, Anne Fitch, Augustus Fitch, Chloe Fitch, John B. Fitch, Joseph Fitch, Lucy Fitch, Luther Fitch, Sarah Fitch, Shaler Fitch, James Fitzpatrick, George Fitzwater, Thomas Fitzwater, Benjamin Fletcher, Henry Flower, Richard Flowers, Francis Forest, Thomas Forster, John Foster, _____ Fothergill, Edward Foulke, Jesse Foulke, Samuel Foulke, Bobby Fox, George Fox, James Fox, Joseph Fox, Justice Fox, _____ Fraily, Henry Fraley,I. Frampton, Betty Francis, John Francis, Molly Francis, Tench Francis, Tench Francis, Jr., Benjamin Franklin*, Roswell Franklin, William Franklin, David Franks, Oele Fransen, _____ Fransson, Betsey Frantham, _____ Frazier, Thomas Freame, Anders Frende, Nils Frende, P. Freno, Richard Friends, Joseph Fry, Selom Fry, W. Fryhoffer, Alexander Fullerton, Robert Fulton, & Henry Funk.

Joseph Galloway*, Michael Gambler, Cornet Gardiner, Elizabeth Gardiner, _____ Garrigues, Charles Garrison, Joshua Garsed, Eric Gastenberg, Nils Gastenberg, Nicholas Gaulau, Gelelemend, Andrew Geyer, Hugh Gibson, Nicholas Gieger, Humphrey Gilbert, Abner Gilbert, Benjamin Gilbert, Elizabeth Gilbert, Jesse Gilbert, Joseph Gilbert, Rebecca Gilbert, Sarah Gilbert, Thomas Gilbert, Giles Gillingham, John Gillingham, Yeamans Gillingham, _____ Gilpin, Elizabeth Glann, _____ Glovinger, William Goa, William Goddard, Myles Godforth, Thomas Godfrey*, Frances Godfrey, Joseph Godfrey, Philip Godfrey, Thomas Godfrey, Jr.*, George Goldsmith, Swen Gonderson, Benjamin Goodman, John Goodson, Samuel Goodyn, Charles Gookin, Eric Goranson, John Gorgas, Joseph Gorgas, Bartholomew Gosnold,Brita Gostafson, Gostaf Gostafson, Hans Gostafson, Jon Gostafson, Jons Gostafson, Mans Gostafson, NilsGostafson, Thomas Gostafson, Nancy Gouge, Robert Grace, P. Graeme, Thomas Graeme, C. Graff, Jacob Graff, _____ Grantum, Thomas Graves, Ebenezer Gray, John Gray, Margaret Gray, Thomas Gray, Betty Grayden, Jeany Greame, Gyles Green, Joseph Green, Andrew Grescome, Hannah Griffeths*, Hugh Griffiths, Thomas Griffiths, Andrew Grissman, _____ Growden, Grace Growden, J. Growden, John Grub, Emanuel Grubb, Henry B. Grubb, Robert Guard, George Guest, Francis Gurney, Nils Gustafson, & Morris Gwin.

William Haigne, William Haignes, Catharine Haines, Reuben Haines, John Haley, David Hall, _____ Hallton, James Hamilton*, Alexander Hamilton, Andrew Hamilton, Hans Hamilton, James Hamilton, William Hamilton, Mary Hana, Godfrey Hancock, Joseph Handley, H. A. Harry Hanse, Elizabeth Hard, Nathaniel Harden, Abraham Hardiman, John Harding, Peggy Harding, Peter Harewaggen, Joseph Harmer, Samuel Harold, Nathan Harper, Andrew Harriger, Esther Harris, Mary Harris, Henry Harrison, James Harrison, John Hart, Jonathan Hart, Roger Hartley, Jurian Hartsfelder, Jurian Hartsvelder, S. Harvey, Samuel Harvey, Thomas Harwood, C. Hasel, Abraham Hasevoet, Maria Hazard, Samuel Hazard, George Heap, Peter Hearlis, Andrew Heath, Charles Heath, Samuel Hedge, M. Hellier, Aoke Helm, Israel Helm, Henry Helmuth, William Hendel, Garret Henderich, Albert Hendricks, John Hendricks, Sarah Hendricks, Yeshro Hendrickson, Lewis Hennepin, Betsey Henry, William Henry, Ephraim Herman, Reiner Hermans, Samuel Herset, John Hesselius, Jacob Heston, Joice Heth, William Hews, George Heyl, P. Heylin, Nancy Hickman, Hannah Hill, John Hill, Richard Hill, William Hill, Michael Hillegas, Anthony Jacob Hinkle, Jelmer Hinlopen, Hans Hoffman, William Hoge, Adam Hogermoed, Levi Hollingsworth, Matts Hollsten, Thomas Campanius Holm, Thomas Holme, Tryall Holme, Thomas Holmes, Mathias Holstein, Matts Holstein, Anders Homans, Andries Homman, Anders Hommau, John Hood, Johnny Hood, Thomas Hood, Robert Hooper, Orlan Hoops, Thomas Hopkins, Francis Hopkinson, Anders Hoppman, Frederick Hoppman, Johan Hoppman, Nicholas Hoppman, Abraham Horn, Edward Horne, William Hovey, Peter Howard, Edward Howel, William Howel, Arthur Howell, William Howell, Christopher Huber, Henry Hudson*, William Hudson*, Daniel Hudson, Samuel Hudson, William Hudson, John Hughs, Lars Hulling, Isabel Hume, Ashton Humphreys, John Humphreys, William Humphreys, Benjamin Humphries, Thomas Hunder, Sally Hunlock, Isaac Hunt*, Edward Hunt,Leigh Hunt, Martha Hunt, Peter Hunt, Samuel Huntingdon, John Huston, Robert Hutchinson, John S. Hutton*, & John Hutton.

Andries Inckhooren, Jared Ingersoll, John Inglis, Andries Inkhorn, Stephen Inman, Hans Inrgrx, Nathaniel Irwin, Jacob Isaacs op den Graff, Jacob Isaacs, Michael Isbern, _____ Iwarsson, & Michel Izard.

Paul Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Edward James, James James, Philip James, Sarah James, Thomas James, Thomas C. James, Walter James, Thomas Jamieson, David Jamison, Charles Jansen, Dirk Jansen, Harman Jansen, John Paul Jaquet, John Jay, Thomas Jeacock, Samuel Jefferies, Samuel Jeffrey, Peter Jegou, Thomas Jenks, Fanny Jeykell, Joseph Jeykell, Peter Jocum, Didrich Johansson, Lars Johansson, Simon Johansson, Andrew Johnson, Anthony Johnson, Claus Johnson, Dirk Johnson, Ephraim Johnson, Guy Johnson, Harmen Johnson, John Johnson, Justus Johnson, Lars Johnson, Reiner Johnson, Swan Johnson, Edward Jones, Francis Jones, Griffith Jones, Henry Jones, Isaac C. Jones, J. Jones, John Jones, Jonathan Jones, O. Jones, Owen Jones, Robert Jones, Christiern Joransson, Hans Joransson, Joran Joransson, Staphan Joransson, Michill Jud, Carell Junsen, & Brita Justice.

Benjamin Keach, Elias Keach, Hans Juriansen Kean, Jonas J. Kean, John Kearsley, John Kearsley, Jr., Jonas Keen, Mauns Keen, William Keift, Samuel Keimer*, Edward Keimer, S. Keimer, George Keith, George Keith, Patrick Kelly, John Kelpius, _____ Kempe, Jonathan Kempster, _____ Kenmarsh, Thomas Kerby, John Key*, Abraham Keyser, Jacob Keyser, Samuel Keyser, W. Kid, John Kidd, Hans Juriansen Kien, Jonas J. Kien, James Kilbourne, James Kilner, Anders Kindricksson, David Kindricksson, Jacob Kindricksson, Johan Kindricksson, _____ Kinneer, Ebenezer Kinnersley, Thomas Kinnett, Elizabeth Kinsey, John Kinsey, Joseph Kirkbride, Mahlon Kirkbridge, B. Kite, James Kite, Anthony Klincken, Arents Klincken, Joseph Knight, George Knorr, _____ Knutsson, _____ Konigh, _____ Kuckow, Christopher Kuhn, Tennis Kundert, Barnard Kuster, Johannes Kuster, Hans Kyn, Jonas Kyn, & Matts Kyn.

Joseph Lacock, Neales Laerson, Neeles Laerson, John Lancaster, Jeremiah Langhorne, Lapowinso,Linford Lardner, Joseph Large, Hendrich Larsson, Lars Larsson, Betsey Laurence, Thomas Laurence, Jans Laurens, Lawelochweland, Jacob Lawerswyler, John Lawrence, Kitty Lawrence, Molly Lawrence, T. Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Jr., L. Lawrenson, Benjamin Lay*, _____ Le Mayeur, Abram le Tort, James le Tort, M. Leader, Charles Lee, George Lee, Daniel Leeds, Isaac Lefevre, Benjamin Lehman, Christopher Lehman, Thomas Leiper, Lenni Lenape, Maj. Lennox, Jan Lensen, Lesbeconk, E. Leslie, Widgart Levering, Wishert Levering, Moses Levy, Samson Levy, David Lewis, Henry Lewis, Elijah Lincoln, Mary Lindlay, William Linyard, Thomas Livesy, John Livezey, Thomas Livezey, David Lloyd*, Thomas Lloyd*, Mordecai Lloyd, Thomas Lloyd, Christopher Lobb, _____ Lock, Iven Locke, Deborah Logan*, James Logan*, William Logan*, Albanus Logan, Sarah Logan, Swen Lom, Anthony Nealson Long, Bill Long, Anders Perrson Longacre, Anders Perrson Longaker, John Longhurst, Bartholomew Longstreth, Daniel Longstreth, Jonathan Longstreth, Archibald Loudon, Francis Lovelace, Edmund Lovett, _____ Lowber, Hugh Lowden, James Lownes, George Lowther, B. Loxley, Benjamin Loxley, Lucas Lucas, Robert Lucas, Hans Lucasson, Lucas Lucasson,
Peter Lucasson, Jan Lucken, _____ Luckenbach, Christopher Ludwick*, John Lukens, Thomass Lurtin, Thomas Lutherland, & James Lyle.

Alexander Mack, Alexander Mack, Jr., John Macomb, John Macpherson, John Maddock, Samuel Magaw, Thomas Makin, John Maland, James Pellar Malcom*, Malebore, Malibore, N. Marcer, Joseph Margarge, William Markam, William Markham, C. Markle, Fanny Marks, Joseph Marks, N. Marks, Joseph Marsh, Benjamin Marshal, Benjamin Marshall, Christopher Marshall, Marten Martensson, Mats Martensson, Marten Martensson, Jr., John Martin, Prosper Martin, Maskecasho, Johan Masson, Peter Masson, Thomas Masters, William Masters, Conrad Mathias, Timothy Matlack, John Matson, John Mattson, Margaret Mattson, Neeles Mattson, Nils Mattson, _____ Maulmsby, Cornelius Jacob May, Robert McAfee, Archibald M'Call, George M'Call, Lydia M'Call, Molly M'Call, Nelly M'Call, Peggy M'Call, Samuel M'Call, Samson M'Call, Jr., Archibald McCall, George McCall, Lydia McCall, Molly McCall, Nelly McCall, Peggy McCall, Samuel McCall, Samson McCall, Jr., Florence McCartey, William McClay, Blair McClenachan, _____ McClure, Mary McDowell, Elizabeth McGawley, Allen McLane, Blair M'Clenahan, Blair McClenahan,William McMullin, Robert McPhee, _____ Mease, Nicholas Meers, _____ Menzies, David Meredith, Reese Meredith, Sarah Meredith, D. Merrot, Davenport Merrot, Kornelis Jacobus Mey, _____ Meyer, Elizabeth M'Gawley,Elizabeth McGawley, Nehemiah Michel, S. Mickle, John Mifflin, Thomas Mifflin, M. O. Mike, Ann Miller, Jacob Miller, Angela Millet, Margaret Millet, Robert Milligam, Hannah Milner, David M'Ilvaine, William M'Ilvaine, Charles Miner, David McIlvaine, William McIlvaine, _____ Mink, Peter Minuets, Richard Mitchel, John Mitchell, Hugh Mitcheltrees, Joseph M'Kean, Thomas M'Kean, Allen M'Lane, Joseph McKean, Thomas McKean, Allen McLane, Ellen Moale, William Mode, Flans Modens, Flans Moens, Eric Molica, John Moll, Erick Molloker, John Monteur, Rowland Monteur, Col. Montgomery, Andrew Montour, Catrine Montour, John Moon, John Moore, Mary Moore, Nicholas Moore, B. R. Morgan, John Morgan, Morten Morrenson, A. Morris, A. J. Morris, Anthony Morris, Deborah Morris, Elizabeth Morris, Governeur Morris, John Morris, Luke Morris, Robert Hunter Morris, Samuel B. Morris, Thomas Morris, Morten Mortense, William Morton, Adam Mott, Joseph Moylan, H. M. Muhlenburg, Erick Mulleker, George Muller, John Murgatroyd, Peter Murphy, Lindley Murray*, Robert Murray, Humphrey Murrey, John Nancarro, Thomas Nassitur, Thomas Natt, James A. Neal, Anthony Nealson, Nedowaway, Ann Nedrow, William Neil, John Nelson, Jonas Nelson, Miche Nelson, Alexander Nesbitt, Nesonhaikin, Neutonies, Morgan Neville, _____ Nice, Edward Nicholls, Catherine Nicholous, Edward Nicholous, Joseph Nicholous, Barbara Niebuhr, Anders Nilsson, Jonas Nilsson, Miche Nilsson, Richard Nixon, Abel Noble, Richard Noble, Isaac Norris*, J. P. Norris, Mary Norris, Richard Norton, & Nutimus.

Hans Oelsen, Daniel Offley, Daniel Offly, James Ogilbee, Ojuncho, Thomas Oldman, Evan Oliver, _____ Olsson, Abram op de Graeff, Derick op de Graeff, Abraham op den Graff, Dirk op den Graff, Dirk Isaacs op den Graff, Herman op den Graff, Herman Isaacs op den Graff, John Ord, William Orian, William Orion, Betty Oswald, Molly Oswald, Peggy Oswald, Henry Ote, B. Otis, John Otter, Jonathan Otter, Griffith Owen, Owen Owens, & William Oxley.

Peter Packonet, Anthony Palmer, Peter Palsson, Philip Pancake, _____ Papegoia, John Parham, _____ Parker, P. Parmiter, Isaac Parrish, John Parsons, Thomas Pascall, John Pass, Francis Daniel Pastorius*, Daniel Pastorius, Sarah Patterson, Jeremiah Paul, Robert Paul, Bengt Paulsson, Gostaf Paulsson, Olle Paulsson, William Pawlet, Jesse Pawling, Henry Paxson, Thomas Paxson, _____ Paxton, C. W. Peale, Eleanor Pearson, James Pearson, Bryan Peart, Elizabeth Peart, Thomas Peart, Rodger Peddrick, Roger Peddrik, John Peers, Daniel Pegg, Elias Pegg, Nathan Pegg, Sarah Pegg, Lars Pehrsson, Olle Pehrsson, James Pellar, James Pemberton*, Israel Pemberton, Phineas Pemberton, John Penn, Letitia Penn, Richard Penn, William Penn, William Penn, Jr., Edward Pennington, Isaac Pennington, Lewis Pennock, Nathaniel Pennock, _____ Pennyfaither, _____ Perot, Elliston Perot, R. Peters, Reiner Peters, Richard Peters, Hanse Peterson, Kinder Peterson, Moens Peterson, Brita Petersson, Carl Petersson, Hans Petersson, Lars Petersson, Paul Petersson, Peter Petersson, Rainer Petersson, John Pettikoffer, Daniel Pettit, Daniel Pettitoe, Francis Phillips, Jonas Phillips, Thomas Phillips, John Phipps, _____ Pickering, Charles Pickering, Joseph Pidgeon, Joseph Pilmore, R. L. Pitman, Edward Pleadwell, Alderman W. Plumstead, Betty Plumstead, Clement Plumstead, W. Plumstead, William Plumstead, Anna S. Poole, Nathaniel Poole, William Poole, C. F. Port, James Porteus, C. F. Post, Frederick Post, Isaac Potts, John Potts, Joseph Potts, Thomas Potts, Olle Poulson, Zachariah Poulson, Samuel Powel, David Powell, Samuel Powell, George Pownall, Henry Pratt, Amos Preston, Henry Preston, Margaret Preston, Rachel Preston, Samuel Preston, Benjamin Price, Elizabeth Price, J. Price, John Price, Rees Price, Reese Price, Joseph Priestley, M. Pring, John Printz, _____ Pritchett, Robert Proud*, Richard Pruce, Thomas Pryor, Walter Pumphray, _____ Purdie, Caleb Pusey, Caleb Pussey, & Peter Putco.

Col. Quarry, Charles Quinan, & Josiah Quinby.

Sarah Radcliff, Daniel Radley, Joseph Rakestraw, William Rakestraw, Joseph Ralph, Adam Ramage, Anders Rambo, Andreas Rambo, Bridget Rambo, Gunner Rambo, Gunner Rambo, Johan Rambo, John Rambo, Jonas Rambo, Peter Rambo, Marmaduke Randell, Peyton Randolph, Roderick Random, _____ Ranstead, Sarah Rapaelje, Matts Rapott, Nils Rapott, Francis Rawle, William Rawle, Woolley Rawson, Abbe Raynal, C. Read, James Read, _____ Redheifer, John Redman, Thomas Redman, Charles Reed, George Reed, James Reed, Joseph Reed, Mary Reed, Olle Reese, Michael Reiss, Robert Reman, Henry Remson, Gobart Renckes, Olle Resse, Thomas Revell, Henry Reynolds, Israel Reynolds, John Rhea, Samuel Rhoades, John Richards, Joseph Richards, Samuel Richards, Frank Richardson*, Jeany Richardson, Richard Richardson, Samuel Richardson, John Richsrdson, Rinowehan, _____ Rintzink, Phoebe Riter, David Rittenhouse, Garret Rittenhouse, Martin Rittenhouse, George Roach, Daniel Roberdeau, Lucy Roberts, Owen Roberts, Thomas Roberts, Andrew Robeson, Jonathan Robeson, Peter Robeson, Andrew Robinson, Matthew Robinson, Patrick Robinson, George Rock, John Rogers, Thomas Rogers, _____ Ronaldson, John Ross, Thomas Ross, Michael Royll, James Rumsey, William Rush*, John Rush, Sarah Rush, Thomas Rutter, & Nicholas Ryland.

William Salloway, Bank Salung, Christian Samuels, James Sanderlaine, James Sanderlin, James Sanderling, Ralph Sandiford, Ralph Sandiford, Joseph Sansom, William Sansom, John Sargent, Sassoonar, James Saunderling, John Savage, Samuel Savage, William Savery, _____ Savoy, Benjamin Say, Thomas Scattergood, John Schackerly, _____ Schlatter, Michael Schlatter, Jan Schoeven, _____ Schrage, Benjamin Schumacher, Jacob Schumacher, Sven Schute, Cobe Scout, James Scout, Jacobus Scouter, John C. Sculer, Nicholas Scull, Secaming, Secane, Lawrence Seckel, Abram Secler, John Seelig, Joan Sellers, Anders Seneca, Broor Seneca, Sven Sener, Jonathan Sergeant, _____ Servor, John Shackerly, Shakhoppah, Shakkoppoh, John Shallcross, Thomas Sharp, John Sharpless, Peter Shaver, Johan Jacob Sheetz, Shekallamy, William Sheridan, Grace Sherwood, Robert Shettle, John Shewbart, Shicallemy, Thomas Shield, Edward Shippen*, Ann Shippen, Edward Shippen, Joseph Shippen, William Shippen, Edward Shippey, Peter Shoemaker, Samuel M. Shoemaker, Sarah Shoemaker, Jan Shoetan, _____ Shronk, Swen Shute, Lawrence Sickle, _____ Sigourney, John Silans, John Simcocks, John Simcoe, John Simes, Walter Simons, Gen. Simpson, Buckridge Sims, Joseph Sims, Dirk Sipman, S. Sitgreaves, Samuel Sitgreaves, Esther Skinner, _____ Skrika, Hendrich Slobey, Olle Slobey, Daniel Smith, George Smith, James C. Smith, John Smith, Mary Smith, Matthew Smith, Richard Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, William Orian Smith, Hance Snider, John Snowden, Jacob Snyder, John Sober, Peter Soccom, William Sock, Andrew Souplis, William Southbe, Christopher Sower, C. Sower, Jr., Elizabeth Sowles, Hannah Speakman, Thomas Speed, Daniel Spehagel, Nathan Spencer, _____ Sprogel, John Henry Sprogel, Thomas Spry, Peter Spycker, Hector St. John, John Stacey, John Stacey, Moens Staecket, Moens Staeckt, Mouns Staeke, Michael Staiger, Peter Stake, Chierstin Stalcop, Johan Stalcop, Peter Stalcop, Nathan Stanbury, _____ Stansberry, Nathan Stansbury, _____ Stark, Mauns Stawkett, Alexander Steadman, Charles Steadman, Adam Stedham, Asmund Stedham, Benjamin Stedham, Lucas Stedham, Lyloff Stedham, James Steel, Thomas Steel, James Steiper, Henry Stevens, Isaac Still, Oluff Stilla, Johan Stille, Oluff Stille, John Stiller, Johan Stillman, Jonas Stillman, Peter Stillman, John Stinton, John Stiver, Sarah Stiver, C. M. Stokes, James Stokes, Thomas Storey*, Enoch Story, Charles Stow, Arthur Strangeways, George Strauss, John Streeper, Jan Strepers, William Streygert, Gilbert Stuart, David Styer,John Summers, Gunner Svensson, Johan Svensson, Andrew Swanson, Johan Swanson, Peter Swanson, Swan Swanson, Wollis Swanson, Oele Swen, Andrew Swenson, Oele Swenson, Swen Swenson, Wollis Swenson, John Swift, Mammy Swivel, Lang Syne, John Syng, & Philip Syng.

_____ Talley, Tamanend, Tanawa, Tangoras, Taquatarensaly, Tarrecka, _____Tatnal, _____ Tay, C. Taylor, Jacob Taylor, William Taylor, Tedeuscung, Henry Tedway, Tedyuscung, Teedyuskung, Peter Teetee, Tehahook, Jacob Tellner, Gilbert Tennent, William Tennent, Tenoughan, John Test, Thomas Thackara, William Tharpe, Christan Thomas, Gabriel Thomas, Adam Thompson, Charles Thompson, John Thompson, John Thompson, Richard Thompson, Charles Thompson,*, _____ Thorsson, John Tibby, William Tidmarsh, Edward Tilghman, Ann Till, Hannah Till, John Till, William Till, B. C. Timmins, Tiscoquam, Reiner Tissen, M. Titleser, John Todd, George W. Toland, William Tom, Francis Torres, Hendrich Tossa, Johan Tossa, Lars Tossa, Matts Tossa, Grace Townsend, Israel Townsend, Richard Townsend, William Trampton, _____ Tredyffin, William Trent, Thomas Tresse, James Trimble, James Trotter, _____ Troutman, Richard Tucker, Abraham Tunes, Herman Turner, Joseph Turner, Robert Turner, Reiner Tysen, George Tyson, Job R. Tyson, & Jonathan Tyson.

Frederic Uber, John W. Uberfeld, Matthias Underhille, John Unslett, & William Useling.

Isaac Jacobs van Bebber, Rip Van Dam, Cornelius van der Weer, Jacob van der Weer, William van der Weer, Jacob Vandeveer, Jacobus Vandewalle, Ann Vanlear, Benjamin Vanleer, John Vannost, James Varee, George Vaux, Robert Vaux, Peter Veltsheerden, Robert Venable, Thomas Venable, Frederick Vende, Robert Veree, & Henry Voight.

Henry Waddy, Robert Wade, _____ Wager, P. Waglam, John Walker, Rachel Walker, Richard Wall, Andrew Wallace*, John Wallace, William Wallace, Philip Wallis, Jesper Wallraven, Jonas Wallraven, Nicholas Waln, Nicholas Waln, Isaac Wampole, Henry Ward, John Warder, Lydia Warder, Virgil Warder, William Waring, George Warner, John Warner, William Warner, Robert Warren, George Washington, Robert Watkins, C. C. Watson, Charles Watson, John Watson, Luke Watson, Thomas Watson, John Watts, Wawarrin, C. P. Wayne, Michael Weaders, Pelatiah Webster, Elijah Weed, Conrad Weiser, Michael Welfare*, George Wells, John Wells, William Welsh, Abram Wentz, John Wesley, Benjamin West*, Charles West, Francis West, William West, George Weymouth, Joseph Wharton, Walter Wharton, Anders Wheeler, Gilbert Wheeler, John Wheeler, Job R. Whitall, Francis White, John White, John M. White, Sophia White, Thomas White, George Whitfield*, Richard Whitpain, Robert Whitpan, Sarah Whitpan, F. Whitwell, Billy Wigglesworth, Anders Wihler, John Wilcocks, Alexander Wilcox, B. Wilcox, John Wilcox, Anthony Wilkinson, William Will, Dunck Williams, Martha Williams, Thomas Williams, _____ Willing, Charles Willing, Dolly Willing, Nancy Willing, Thomas Willing, Hugh Wilson , James Wilson, Phebe Winecoop, Thomas Winn, C. J. Wister, Daniel Wister, John Wister, Christian Witmeck, Christian Witmeek, Christopher Witt, Paul Wolf, Paul Wolff, Isaac Wood, Joseph Wood, Samuel Wood, Thomas Wood, William Wood, William Woodmancy, Sally Woodrop, _____ Woolcomber, Edmond Wooley, George Wools, Richard Worrell, William Worrell, Susanna Wright*, John Wright, Susan Wright, Susanna Wright, Thomas Wright, William Wright, Jacob S. Wunder, Thomas Wynn, & Thomas Wynne.

Martin Yager, Joseph Yard, William Yardley, Eli Yarnall, Jasper Yates, James Yeates, Peter Yoakum, Peter Yocum, Peter Peterson Yocum, Peter Yokeham, James Young, Benjamin Ytowne, & M. Yzard.

Loyd Zachary, Isaac Zane, J. P. Zenger, Nicholas Ludewig Zindzendorf*, & Benigna Zindzendorf.

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