History of Ontario County, New York - 1893

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The book, "History of Ontario County, New York, with Illustrations and Family Sketches of some of the Prominent Men and Families," edited by George S. Conover & compiled by Lewis Cass Aldrich, Syracuse, New York, 1893. It is a HUGH book dealing with the pioneers and residents of Ontario County, New York. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Ontario County residents. It has many illustrations of individuals. There are many biographical memoirs or sketches of individuals and families. The book has approximately 897 pages. The book has a Table of Contents and is Indexed; the Table of Contents is linked but the Index is not linked - you can search the book using the Adobe Reader 'search' function or manually browse to the pages indicated by the Index. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1893 printed book, it would be very expensive.


Many military organizations and communities are discussed in this book. Here is a partial list:

100th NY Volunteer Infantry, 11th NY Artillery, 126th NY Volunteer Infantry, 13th NY Artillery, 148th NY Volunteer Infantry, 154th NY Volunteer Infantry, 15th NY Cavalry, 160th NY Volunteer Infantry, 16th NY Artillery, 179th NY Volunteer Infantry, 188th NY Volunteer Infantry, 18th NY Volunteer Infantry, 194th NY Volunteer Infantry, 1st NY Artillery, 1st Veteran NY Infantry, 24th NY Cavalry, 27th NY Volunteer Infantry, 28th NY Volunteer Infantry, 33rd NY Volunteer Infantry, 38th NY Volunteer Infantry, 4th NY Artillery, 85th NY Volunteer Infantry, 8th NY Cavalry, 9th NY Cavalry, Allegany, Bristol, Burt, Canadice, Canandaigua, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, East Bloomfield, Farmington, First Mounted Rifles, Genesee, Geneva, Gorham, Hineoye, Hopewell, Livingston, Lyons, Manchester, Middletown, Monroe, Naples, Niagra, Nundawao, Ontario County, Orleans, Phelps, Pittstown, Richmond, Seneca, South Bristol, Springwater, Steuben, Victor, Vienna, Watkinstown, West Bloomfield, & West Martinsburg.

There are thousands of individuals discussed in the biographical profiles and family profiles in this book. There are way too many for me to transcribe them all, but here is a list that contains most of the heads of household & their spouses (not all of them, but most of them). Keep in mind that there are thousands of other family & in-law names not transcribed herein:

Benton Abbey, Isaac Abbey, Anna E. Abbot, Arthur Adams, Benjamin F. Adams, Cleora Adams, Deborah Adams, Edwin A. Adams, Gabriel Adams, George H. Adams, Herbert H. Adams, Lewis Adams, Margaret Adams, Mary A. Adams, R. E. Adams, Theodocia Adams, William Adams, W. Lynn Adamy, Stephen H. Ainsworth, Harriet Aldrich, Nathan Aldrich, Alexander Allen, Caroline P. Allen, Clark Allen, Dinah Allen, Ellery Allen, Erastus Allen, Edna Alma, Stephen J. Ambush, Martha Amos, George B. Anderson, James Anderson, Cornelius Andrews, Margaret Andrews, Patience Andrews, William Andrews, Alanson Ansley, Marcus Ansley, Mary Antill, Mary A. Appleton, Richard Appleton, Richard W. Appleton, William Appleton, W. W. Archer, Lovel Arnold, Frederick Ashley, Noah Ashley, William Ashley, Daniel F. Attwood, Joseph Atwater, & Rebecca Avery.

Ira Babb, Charles Babbitt, George Bachman, Orrin S. Bacon, Orrin Stebbins Bacon, Weltha Bacon, Franklin Bailey, Maria Bailey, Margaret Baker, George Baldwin, Jemima Baldwin, Anna Bancroft, Mary Bancroft, Asa Barber, William Barber, Minerva Barden, Jesse Barlow, Fitch Reed Barnard, Ruth Barnard, Albert Barnes, D. Eddy Barnes, Hurdman Barnes, William T. Barnes, William Barnum, William Barron, Joseph A. Bartholomew, Sylvia Bates, Sarah Baxter, William Baxter, Arnold Beach, Levi Beach, Lucinda Beach, Richmond Beach, Albert Beahan, Embery Beal, D. Willard Beam, Delta Beam, Georgia Beam, Smith A. Beam, John E. Bean, Maximillian Beard, Lucretia Bebee, John F. Becker, Marion Becker, Philip Becker, Hannah Bedell, Christopher Bellinger, George Bement, John Bement, D. C. Benham, J. H. Benham, Mary Benham, Sena Benham, Charles Bennett, Emma Bennett, Jane Bennett, Julia H. Bennett, Alonzo Benson, Ichabod Benson, Helen Bentley, Orville Bently, John C. Berry, Joseph Berry, Michael Berry, Paul F. Bill, George Bilsborrow, Sarah Birdsall, Gould Birdseye, Joseph Birdseye, Mina Bissel, Archibald Black, Dexter Black, Hugh Black, James Black, Dwight Blackenstose, Myron Blackmer, Sarah Blackmer, Edward Blackmore, Millard Blaine, Myron De Pue Blaine, Walter Blair, George Blanchard, William Blanchard, Hannah Blatchly, Nancy Blayney, Philenzo Bliss, Harry Bloughton, H. M. Boardman, Betsey Bolton, Charles Booth, George S. Booth, W. C. Booth, Barney Borgman, Daniel R. Bostwick, George Bostwick, Walter Boughton, James Bowdy, Simon K. Bowker, Mary Bowls, Chester Boyce, Amanda Brace, Romeyn Brace, Mary Brandford, Sophia Brass, Andrew Jackson Bray, Elihu Briggs, Enoch Briggs, John C. Briggs, Malvina Briggs, Nancy Briggs, Zachary Briggs, Ellen Bristol, Lany Brizee, Mary Ann Brizee, Cornelia Brizzee, Benjamin Brocklebank, Carrie Brocklebank, Henry Brooks, J. A. Brooks, Andrew Brown, C. P. Brown, Francis L. Brown, Hattie Brown, Levi Aldrich Brown, Nancy Jane Brown, Silas Clark Brown, Candice Brundage, Daniel D. Buck, Martha Buckman, Augustus Buell, Charles Buell, Birdsey H. Burch, J. M. Burgdorf, Silas Burge, Jean LaRue Burnett, Addie Burns, George Burrell, T. J. Burrell, Charles Burtis, Beulah Bush, Osband T. Bush, Peter Bush, Lucy Bushman, Lucina Butler, & W. K. Butler.

William Cain, John Callister, Menzo Calman, Oswald Cammann, Smith Cammet, Jennett Camp, D. Wesley Carlough, John Carmody, C. Adelaide Carpenter, Cynthia Carpenter, Otisca Carpenter, Platt Carpenter, Elizabeth Carrier, Matthew Carson, Billings Case, Jennie Case, Jerome Case, Mark Case, Mary L. Case, Noadiah Case, Orestes Case, Willard Caskey, Thomas Cass, Esther Cassen, William Cassort, Seth Castle, Adelaide Catchpole, George Catchpole, Frank O. Chamberlain, Charles Chapin, Erastus Chapin, George V. Chapin, Harry G. Chapin, Robert S. Chapin, Harriett Chapman, Mary Chapman, Luella Chase, Roscoe Chase, Ruth Chase, William Chase, Julia Chester, Alexander Chew, Elijah Childs, Ann Chipps, Colin Chisolm, Cynthia Chubb, Gillman Church, John Church, Walter Church, Sarah Clapp, C. M. Clark, Clara C. Clark, Eliza Clark, Laura A. Clark, Nelson Clark, Jennie Clarke, Maynard Clement, Sarina Cleveland, Irving Coates, James Cochran, Jennie Cochrane, Adeliza Codding, Eliza Coe, John Coe, Schuyler Coe, William W. Coe, George W. Cole, Mary Cole, Merritt Cole, Olive Cole, Louisa Coleman, Peter Collier, Cholett Collins, George Collins, John Colmey, Nelson Colvert, Permilia Colwell, Mary Con, James L. Cone, Winfield Scott Cone, Mary Conklin, Robert Connolly, George Stillwell Conover, John Conover, A. E. Cooley, Augustine Cooley, H. Seymour Cooley, Lydia Cooley, Orion J. Cooley, Ahio Coolidge, Charles Coolidge, J. P. Coons, Augusta Cooper, E. Darwin Copp, Hannah Cornell, David Cosad, Rachel Cosslett, Elizabeth Cost, Thomas Cost, Elfreda Covert, Almyra Coville, Abagail Cowles, Julia W. Cox, Charles Coykendall, Coe Haynes Coykendall, Charles M. Coyle, Silas Craft, Emma Crandall, Susan Crandall, Lilla Crane, Melinda Crane, Oscar Crane, Joseph Crawford, Mary Crawford, Ira Cribb, A. R. Crittenden, Stalham Crittenden, Lewis Cronk, Tompkins Crooks, Theodore Crosby, Emily Cross, Erastus Crowell, Daniel Crowley, Mary Cudworth, Adaline Culver, Catherine Culver, George Cummings, Anna Curran, & George Curtiss.

Lois Daggett, Embridge Dakin, William Dannahe, Hannah Davenport, James Davidson, Edmund O. Davis, Homer A. Davis, John Davis, Calvin Davison, Elizabeth Davison, Eliphalet Day, Henry N. Day, Oliver Day, Orion Day, Samuel Day, James De Bow, John De Bow, Edwin M. Decker, Dominick Dempsey, Benjamin Depue, J. Depue, Moses Depue, George Deuel, Eugene Dewey, Sarah Dewey, George Deyo, Lydia Dibble, Newton Dibble, Mary Dick, Charles Dickinson, Julia Dickinson, E. O. Dimock, Georgianna Dininny, George Ditmars, Walter Dixon, H. F. Donnelly, Peter Donnelly, Abigail Doolittle, Frank Doolittle, Phoebe Dorland, Erastus Doty, Roseline Doty, Fred D. Douglass, Samuel Douglass, John Dove, Addie B. Drake, James Draper, Mary Drexler, Cornelia Drummond, William Dryer, Anna Dunn, Rebecca Dunnaway, William B. Dunning, Eliza Dunton, & John Dwyer.

Eliza Easter, Rhoda Eaton, Charles Eddy, Caroline Edington, John A. Edmonston, William C. Edmonston, Thomas Elbridge, Isabel Ellas, Clarissa Elliott, Bolivar Ellis, Florence Ellis, James Ellis, Jabez Elton, Mary Elwell, Frank Embry, Sarah Emery, Eliza Ewer, & Emily Ewer.

Helen Farr, Mary Farrell, John Farwell, Martha Faurot, Helen Fay, Mandana Fay, Mary Feeter, Sarah Fenn, Harrison Ferguson, Robert B. Ferguson, Gertrude Finley, Almira Fisher, Charles Fisher, Eliza Fisher, Harlan Fisher, Henry Fisher, Maggie Fitzmorris, Leander Forsyth, Evaline Fort, Hannah Fosdick, Frank Foster, H. Ward Foster, Rose Foster, Reuben Fowler, Herman F. Fox, Joseph Fox, Mary Foy, John Francis, Hannah Francisco, Job Francisco, Edward Frary, John Frazer, Charles Freer, Seward French, George Freshour, John Freshour, Willard Frisbie, & William Frisbie.

Amasa Gage, William H. Gambee, Catherine Gambree, Edwin Gardner, Elisha Gardner, Mercy Gardner, Sunderland Gardner, Peter Garlock, William Garratt, John Gartland, Jr., Jennie Garton, Rebeckah Gaskell, William Gatchel, Curtis Gates, Julia Gates, Ashman Gauss, Electa Gauss, Eunice Gayle, Philotus Gaylord, Thomas Gerow, Eliza Gerrish, Zilpha Gerry, Euphemia Gibson, Henry B. Gibson, John Gibson, Phoebe Gillett, Celestia Gillette, John Gillette, Enos Gillis, Jerome B. Gillis, Hannah Glover, Anna Godfrey, Ida Goff, Minnie Goff, Charles Goodale, Bathsheba Gooding, Chester A. Gooding, Ella Gooding, George Gooding, Elizabeth Goodnow, Mary Goodwin, Russell Goodwin, Hugh Gorman, Sarah Gougherty, Norman Gourlay, Francis Granger, Gideon Granger, John Albert Granger, Julius Granger, Lancelot Granger, Eunice Graves, Isaac Green, Lewis Green, Mary Anna Green, Frank Greene, Henry Greene, Horace Greenleaf, Mary A. Greenow, Thomas Greenow, Caroline Gregg, Harrison Gridley, Ann Grovin, Charles Gunnison, & George Gunnison.

De Witt Haire, Amos Hall, Jeannie Hall, Elmer Halladay, D. W. Hallenbeck, Orlando Hallenbeck, Burton Ham, Anna Hamlin, John Hamlin, Sarah Hamlin, Daniel Harkness, Deroy Harkness, Caroline Harmon, Jennie Harrington, Charles Harris, Emily Harris, John Harris, Lodema Harris, Tryphena Hartwell, Ann Harvey, Gaylord Harvey, Marian Harvie, Eli Haskell, Levi Haskell, A. Chandler Hathaway, Christiana Hathaway, Joseph Hathaway, Ellen Hathway, Thomas Hawkes, Elvira Hawkins, Jeremiah Hawkins, Thomas Hawkins, W. F. Hawkins, Joseph B.Hayes, Elizabeth Hayward, Adelaide Haywood, Huldah Heath, John Heaton, Charles Hemiup, George Hemiup, Charles Herendeen, Nathaniel Herendeen, Oscar Herendeen, Wilkinson Herendeen, Henry Hickox, Betsey Hicks, Charles Hicks, Edwin Hicks, W. Scott Hicks, William Higinbotham, John E. Hildreth, Charles Hill, Jerome Hill, Wallace A. Hill, Martha Hillman, Marcia Hills, Inez Hind, Estelle Hinman, Lavina Hipolite, Minnie Hipple, Adelaaide Hiscox, Charity Hoagland, George Hoefler, Jane Hoeltzel, Frank Hoffman, Jane Hogan, Elizabeth Holcomb, Frank L. Hollingsworth, Edwin Hollister, Eliza Holmes, Horace Holmes, Marcelline Holmes, Catherine Homan, Marietta Hopkins, Sarah Hopkins, Theodora Hopkins, Louis Hoppough, Mary Horner, A. V. Horning, Isaiah Horton, Louise Hosford, Joseph Housel, James M. Houston, Frances E. Howard, Mary Ann Howe, William Howe, Alexander Hamilton Howell, Minnie Howell, Nathaniel Woodhull Howell, Thomas Morris Howell, Joel Howey, Charles Howland, Pardon Howland, Isabelle Hoyt, T. S. Hubbard, Electa Hubbell, Henry C. Hudson, Daniel Hulse, M. Humphrey, Persis Humphrey, W. F. Humphrey, Nathan Hunn, Della Hunt, William H. Hunt, Austin Huntly, Hiram Hutchens, John Hutchens, Mary Hutchins, Jonathan Hutchinson, Joseph Hutchinson, Caleb Hyde, & Martha Hyde.

Belle Ide, Avery Ingraham, Newman Isenhour, & Harriet Ives.

Charlotte Jackman, Phoebe Jackman, Rhoda Jackson, Jennie Jefferson, Charles Jeffrey, Sarah Jerome, Abigail Jessup, Harvey Jewitt, Anna Johnson, C. H. Johnson, Charles Johnson, Eliza Johnson, Frank A. Johnson, George Johnson, Jennie Johnson, John Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Libbie Johnson, Minerva Johnson, Sarah E. Johnson, William Johnson, Irene Joiner, Julia F. Jones, Leonard H. Jones, Mark Jopson, Augusta Joralemon, & Albert Judenvine.

Maurice Keeffe, Rose Keenan, Cynthia Kellogg, Henry Kendall, Abby Kenfield, Oliver Kent, W. Nelson Ketchum, B. W. Keyes, Alsena Kilbourne, A. H. King, Irving King, George W. Kingsbury, Sherman Kingsbury, Wallace Kisor, Maggie Klepfer, B. F. Knapp, Chloe Knapp, Luzetta Knapp, M. A. Knapp, Walter Knapp, Z. Franklin Knapp, Lucy Koon, & Margaret Kurtz.

Alvin La Rue, James La Rue, Edward Lacy, Ira Lacy, Laren Walton Lacy, Hiram Ladd, Peter Lambertson, Ambert Lane, Barent Lansing, Gerrit Lansing, Henry L. Lansing, Matilda Lapage, Charlotte Lapham, David Lapham, Mary Lapham, James Larkins, George Latham, Elvira Lathrop, Aldrich Latting, John Lauder, Elizabeth Leach, Mercy Leach, Roswell Lee, Peter Leighton, Margaret Lennon, Alfred Levet, Augusta Lewis, Helen Lewis, Joseph Lewis, Philena Lewis, Frederick Licht, Rosina Lightfoot, Cyrillo Lincoln, Samuel Lincoln, Celia Liscom, William Llewellyn, Burton Lobdell, Frances Lobdell, George Loomis, Leslie Loomis, Esther Lord, Flora Lord, Mariette Lord, Mary Louise, Adelia Lucas, Keziah Lucas, Caroline Luce, SaproniaLuce, Sarah Lum, & F. H. Lutze.

Alexander Mackey, Ansel Elliott Mackey, Cyrenius Macomber, Polly Mallison, Laura Mallory, Frances Mann, Caroline Mansfield, John Mapes, Myron Mariner, Walter Marks, Cora Marquis, Horatio Marsh, Sarah Mascho, Eleanor Mason, J. Harvey Mason, Mary Mason, Alice M. Mather, Rebecca Mather, Zachariah Mather, Antoinette Maxfield, Lucy Maxwell, Samuel McBlain, Darwin McClure, Alonzo McCredy, John McCrossen, Anna McGowan, Nancy McHarg, James McJannett, John McJannett, Janette McKane, Alexander McKechnie, Frederick McKechnie, James McKechnie, Benjamin McKinney, Marshall McLouth, Ellen McMahon, Annie McMichael, Norton McMillan, Peter McMillan, Elizabeth McNair, Frances McNeal, Francis X. McNulty, James McTeggan, Alfred Mead, Anne E. Mead, James Mead, Ellen Meade, John Mellen, Lydia Mellon, James Menteth, Daniel Merwin, Josephine Mesick, Albert Middaugh, Benjamin Millard, Charles Dudley Miller, Lula Miller, Luman Miller, Nathan J. Milliken, Lucretia Millspaugh, Charles Mitchel, William Monagle, Robert Moody, Daniel Moore, David Moore, Hannah M. Moore, Harriet Moore, Relief Moore, Robert Moore, William S. Moore, Mary Moran, Cornelia Morey, Mary Morford, Mary White Morris, A. B. Morrison, Edward Morse, Edwin M. Mott, Royal Mowry, Phebe Mulock, Dwight Munger, Reuben Munger, Roswell C. Munson, Thaddeus Munson, Johanna Murphy, & Anna Myer.

John W. Nellis, Caroline Nelson, Harriet Nelson, Melvin Nelson, Omri Nelson, George Nethaway, Algernon S. Newman, Mary Newman, Julia Newton, John Nicholas, Edward Nichols, Levi Noble, A. M. Norris, James North, Lyman North, Robinson North, John Norton, Theodore Norton, & Sabina Nudd.

Nathan Oaks, Thaddeus Oaks, B. F. Odell, Nelson Ogden, Patrick O'Leary, Mary O'Mally, Elizabeth Ostrom, Samuel Ottley, Horace Outhouse, & Orrin Outhouse.

William Packard, Harvey Paddleford, Daniel Paddock, Esther Paddock, Olney Padelford, E. Ransom Page, Levi A. Page, Lucy Paige, William Paine, Harriet Pardee, Helen Pardee, Henry Pardee, John Pardee, Myron Park, Caroline Parker, J. W. Parker, Susan Parkhurst, Amelia Parks, G. Herbert Parmelee, William E. Parr, Edwin Parrish, Winfield Scott Parrish, Paulina Parsons, Elizabeth Partridge, Martha Partridge, Wilson Patterson, D. H. Patty, Olive Paul, Victor Pavlak, Chloe Payne, George Payne, George Payne, Ann Pease, Mindwell Pease, Charles Peck, Reynold Peck, Sarah Peck, Thomas W. Peeling, Francis Pennell, Harriet Pennell, Maria Pennell, Sterling Penoyer, Charles Perhamus, Harriett Phelps, Sarah Phelps, Benjamin Phillips, Esther Phillips, George H. Phillips, John Phillips, Lebbeus Phillips, Lovice Phillips, Andrew Pierce, David Pierpont, Andrew Pomeroy, Bertha Pomeroy, Lillian Pond, Anna Post, Emogene Post, Sarah Pound, Adelbert Powell, Shotwell Powell, Thomas Powell, George Power, Richard Powis, Margaret Pratt, Reuben Pratt, Gerrit Preston, William Preston, Juliette Price, George Pritchard, Mary E. Proudfit, Sarah Prouty, Lillie Pulver, Mary Pulver, Caroline Purcell, Alex Purdy, Charles Purdy, & Richard Purdy.

Lucy Quick, & Peter Quick.

Frances Randall, William Randall, James Rankine, Willard Ransom, Oscar Fitzallen Ray, Carrie Redfield, Nathan Redfield, Charles B. Reed, George Reed, Harriet Reed, James Reed, Jane Reed, John Reed, Joseph Reed, Lewis J. Reed, Margery Reed, Mary E. Reed, Mason H. Reed, Rachel Reed, William Reed, E. D. Reese, William Reid, William Reilly, Simeon Remer, Maria Remington, Thaddious Remington, Mary Reynolds, R. T. Reynolds, Duncan Rhind, Clarissa Rice, Frank A. Rice, Charles Richardson, Silas Richardson, Henry Riker, Melville Riker, W. H. Riker, Elizabeth Ringer, Adeline Roat, Charles Robertson, Martha Robertson, Mary C. Robertson, John S. Robinson, Mary S. Robinson, S. P. Robinson, Willis H. Robinson, Isabelle Robson, James Robson, Rachel Robson, William Robson, Nellie Rodgers, Naomi Rogers, Edward Rose, Ezra Rose, Jared Rose, Mary A. Rose, Mary Seldon Rose, Peter Ross, Franklin Rowley, Theodore Rupert, & Rowena Russell.

Charles C. Sackett, Frederick Sackett, John Sadler, William Sadler, William Sale, Joseph Salisbury, Franklin Salmon, Hugh Salter, John Sanborn, Brnette Sanford, Phoebe Sawtelle, Caroline Sawyer, Ellis B. Sayre, Margaret Sayre, Wellington Sayre, Ellen Schellinger, Peter Schlick, Henry Schroder, Franklin Schu, A. P. Schutt, Emma Schutt, Willis Schutt, Helen Scoon, Winfield Scott, Edward Scribner, Isaac Seamans, Amanda Sears, Henry Sears, James Secor, Margaret Sever, Richard Shekell, George Shepperd, Asenath Sherman, Daniel Short, Fayette D. Short, George Sidway, Peter Silvernail, Byron Simmons, Charles Simmons, Elnathan Simmons, Gooding Simmons, Harriet Simmons, Henry C. Simmons, Ralph M. Simmons, Robert Bruce Simmons, William M. Simmons, Maria Simms, Albert Simonds, Huldah Simonds, Cornelia Simons, M. K. Simpson, George Sisco, Emma Skinner, Charles Skuse, Ann Sleght, Kate Sluyter, John Smelzer, A. B. Smith, Abram S. Smith, Amanda M. Smith, Anne E. Smith, Caroline Smith, Edward Smith, Esther T. Smith, Franklin D. Smith, Hattie M. Smith, Horace Smith, Isaac B. Smith, J. Stanley Smith, James Cosslett Smith, Lewis B. Smith, Llewellyn L. Smith, Mack S. Smith, Rufus V. Smith, Solomon E. Smith, Thomas Smith, Youngs W. Smith, Edward Smyth, Eliza Snedeker, Eloise Snyder, John Snyder, Mary Sommers, Samuel Southworth, Caroline E. Spalding, Mary Spalsbury, Willett Spangle, Zachariah Spangle, Marcia Squire, Edwin Stacey, Abigail Stanley, Augusta Stanton, Arze Starr, E. A. Stearns, Nancy Stearns, Eliza Steele, Henry Steele, Hiram Steele, Ann Stevens, Albert Stevenson, N. A. Stewart, John Stillman, Ann Stoughtenburg, Mary Stout, Mary Jane Stoutenburg, Harrison Strong, Catherine Struble, Ocee Stuyvesant, Henry Sutherland, Spencer Sutherland, Thompson Sutherland, Orline Sutton, Hiram Suydam, Anthony Swarthout, Thomas Sweeney, & Stella Symonds.

Robert Taft, Emma Tague, Emma Tague, Hinckley Tay, Ann Taylor, Henry L. Taylor, Henry R. Taylor, John B. Taylor, Martha Taylor, Mary Taylor, Thomas Teece, J. S. Tellier, Susannah Thatcher, C. C. Thayer, Helen Thomas, Samuel B. Thomas, Ann Thompson, Elizabeth Thompson, Jean Thompson, Louisa Thompson, Sarah Thompson, Sarah Thompson, William Thompson, Jr., Ann Thorne, Benjamin Throop, Enos Throop, J. Allen Throop, Albert H. Tibbals, David Tibbals, Noah Tibbals, Isaac Tichenor, Francis J. Tiffany, Susan Tiffany, Christopher Tilden, Oliver S. Titus, Frederick Tobey, Henry Torrey, Catherine Totman, Levi Totman, Martha Totman, Elizabeth Tower, Martha Townsend, Mary Townsend, George Tozier, Emma Traver, Rufus Travis, Adliza Treat, Jeremiah Trickey, Robert D. Trimble, Julia Truesdale, Elizabeth Tucker, Mary Tucker, Andrew Turck, Frederick Turck, William Turck, Catherine Turner, & Anson Tuttle.

James Upton, William W. Upton, Jane Utter, & William Uttley.

John P. Vail, D. J. Van Auken, Horatio Van Auken, Margaret Van Campen, George H. Van Deusen, Fanny Van Dusen, John Van Huben, Eliza Van Orman, John Van Riper, Henry Van Voorhies, Isadore Vanderbilt, Martha Vanderbilt, Frederick Vanderhoof, Jacob Vanderhoof, Jacob Vanderhoof, Levi Vanderhoof, Joseph Vandermark, Lodawick Vandermark, Samuel Ver Planck, Frances Vincent, Robert Vincent, Julia Vinton, Daniel Vorce, Fannie Vorce, Harris Vorce, Catharine Vosburg, & Julia Vosburgh.

Ella Wades, Annie Wainman, D. Byron Waite, William W. Walter, Eldreth Walton, Mary Wardell, William H. Warfield, Zadock Warfield, Harriet Warner, Henry D. Warner, Jesse Warner, Milton Warner, Sarah Warrener, Charles W. Washburn, John W. Washburn, Eleanor Watkins, Thankful Watkins, Grove Watson, Charity Webb, George Webb, Clarissa Webster, Edward B. Webster, Sarah Webster, Fanny Week, William Harris Welch, Mary Welcher, Catherine Wells, Cornelia Wells, Margaret Wells, Betsey Wentworth, Mary West, Edwin Weyburn, Benjamin Wheat, Corydon Wheat, Van Buren Wheat, Mary Whedon, Carrie Wheeler, Celia Wheeler, Emily Wheeler, Hannah Wheeler, John B. Wheeler, Robert H. Wheeler, Sylvester Wheeler, Thaddeus Wheeler, Royal Wheelock, George White, Sarah White, Mary Whitman, Ami Whitney, Cheney Whitney, Minerva Whitney, William Widman, Cyrus Wilbur, Flora Wilcox, William W. Wilcox, Charles Wilder, George Wilder, Julia Wilder, Naomi Wilder, Adeline Willey, George N. Williams, Julia Ann Williams, Rachel Williams, William Williams, Emma Williamson, Clara Wilson, L. Stanley Wilson, Laura M. Wilson, Mary Wilson, Philinda Wilson, Thomas B. Wilson, William Wilson, Amasa Winch, Francis Wisewell, Elizabeth Withington, George Wolston, Mary Wolston, Alice Harmon Wolven, John Wolven, Emily Wolverton, Jonas Wolverton, Sylvia Wood, Benjamin Wooden, Eleanore Wooden, Oliver M. Woodruff, Julia Woodworth, Mary Woolfarger, Franklin Woolston, John A. Woolston, Lena Woolston, Sophia Wormley, Mary Worthington, Habbah S. Wyman, & Emeline Wynkoop.

James C. Young, Samuel D. Young, W. Ambrose Young, & Martha Yury.

Marion Zobrist.

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