Portrait and Biographical Record of Fayette, Pickaway, and Madison Counties, Ohio - 1892

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The book, "Portrait and Biographical Record of Fayette, Pickaway, and Madison Counties, Ohio, Containing Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens, together with Biographies and Portraits of all the Presidents of the United States," published by Chapman Brothers Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois - 1892. This book provides significant genealogical data about a large number of American families who lived in Fayette, Pickaway, and Madison Counties, Ohio at the turn of the century. There are many surnames and allied families mentioned with photographs of many of the individuals. This CD book is fully searchable and linked for ease of use. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1892 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The following individuals are profiled in the book: Please note: These are merely the main individuals profiled, there are thousands of other names (spouses, in-laws, childres, ancestors) mentioned that are not listed here.

Isaac N. Abernethy, Samuel E. Adams, John Quincy Adams, William H. Albaugh, Jr., T. S. Alkire, Charles F. Alkire, Thomas Alkire, A. Scott Alkire, O. A. Allen, James H. Allen, John W. Allen, Isaac Allfree, John T. Anderson, R. Harrison Andrew, John E. Arnold, William Ashbrook, Thomas B. Atkins, & William Atkinson.

J. M. Baer, Jackson Baker, James A. Baker, J. M. Baldwin, Thomas H. Baldwin, George M. Baldwin, Thomas Bales, W. I. Ballinger, Isaac F. Barger, Isaac B. Barnes, Nathaniel S. Barnett, William Bauder, George W. Bauder, James M. Baughn, John Noble Beach, William C. Beach, William E. Beals, Isaac N. Bean, Scott Beatty, I. N. Beatty, James G. Beatty, Martin V. Beavers, Baldwin Becher, John O. Beckett, Alexander C. Bell, Joseph Bell, Andrew S. Bell, Henry L. Bendel, Samuel W. Bennett, David F. Binder, Henry C. Blacker, Jerome P. Blacker, William H. Blain, Joseph H. Blain, George G. Blair, Elam A. Blaugher, Herbert W. Blue, Edward M. Boggess, Lemuel Boggs, Scott C. Boggs, Irwin Boggs, Andrew Robinson Bolin, Perry G. Bostwick, B. H. Bostwick, George W. Botkin, John P. Bowers, S. W. Bowers, Daniel Boyd, Thomas E. Braden, Maurice Bradfield, Quinn Bradley, John M. Bradley, Charles Bradley, Jerry Bradly, Elijah Bragg, James S. Brannen, Ernest C. Breyfogle, Oliver Perry Brinker, William F. Brown, Joseph Brubacher, Marcellus Le Roy Bryan, John T. Burke, Darius J. Burnham, Alva M. Bush, & Charles M. Butt.

John Caldwell, Wayne Caldwell, Julia A. Calhoun, George B. Cannon, John C. Capps, Balden Clifton Carpenter, Burr E. Carpenter, Jacob Carr, Alfred Cartmill, John C. Cartmill, Thomas Cartmill, Andrew Cary, Jeremiah B. Chenoweth, Scott Chenoweth, Elmer Jefferson Chenoweth, Francis M. Chenoweth, John Wesley Chenoweth, Nelson P. Chenoweth, Samuel W. Cissna, C. A. Clark, J. N. Clark, James R. Clark, James M. Clark, Andrew J. Cline, Andrew J. Clingan, Thomas G. Cockerill, Ed E. Cockerill, Enoch F. Coffland, J. B. Collier, Percival S. Collins, Edgar F. Collins, William T. Conklin, Lemuel D. Converse, Henry B. Converse, Julia A. Converse, Isaac Scott Cook, William E. Cook, Hiram Cook, Albert T. Cordray, Daniel A. Counts, Samuel W. Courtright, John Courtright, Oliver P. Crabb, Urban G. Creamer, Andrew R. Creamer, Jane Creighton, Thaddeus E. Cromley, Joash Cromley, Ezakiah J. Crownover, & Eliza M. Cummins.

R. M. Dalbey, C. R. Dalbey, Walter C. Darst, George H. Darst, Harry M. Daugherty, Noah G. Davenport, Samuel G. Davenport, William Davis, Bransom Davis, Wesley Davis, John W. Decker, John M. Deer, Robert H. Deyo, William H. Dial, J. P. A. Dickey, Peter Dorn, Isaac E. Dreisbach, Martin E. Dreisbach, Charles Dresbach, James A. Dresbach, Clifton R. Dresbach, James William Duffee, George W. Duffee, Charles G. Duffy, John G. Dun, Lewis C. Dungan, Nelson J. Dunlap, E. F. Dunn, William R. Duvall, & Benjamin Duvall.

James M. Edwards, James J. Egan, George T. Emerson, John R. Entrekin, & William Erb.

Nelson Famulener, John W. Faringer, John E. Ferrel, George R. Fitzgerald, James M. Flanagan, William Fleming, John Florence, George H. Flowers, Eliab L. Ford, William Foresman, Fred C. Forster, Henry W. Fosnaugh, Charles A. Foster, Daniel B. Foster, Samuel Fralick, John Fry, James Fryback, Portland C. Fullmer, & Labias O. Fults.

Mills Gardner, George W. Gardner, Emanuel Gephart, William D. Gibson, James A. Gibson, William Gill, Philip Glick, Marcellus Gossard, Delos R. Graham, William W. Graham, Alexander Gray, Philemon N. Gray, Charles W. Gray, John W. Green, George Greenfield, Cay R. Greenfield, Pope Gregg, Ace Gregg, Albert J. Grigsby, Allison Grim, Amos J. Groce, John A. Groce, John Groce, Manfred B. Grubbs, Edwin N. Gunsaulus, Charles Warren Guy, & William H. Guy.

Daniel Haas, Horace L. Hadley, James E. Haines, John Milton Haisley, Peter Hall, James Hall, Jeremiah L. Hall, Isaac H. Hambleton, Edgar C. Hamilton, Lyman Hammel, Madison Hammel, Albert Haner, Joseph C. Harper, Benjamin Harrison, Benjamin R. Harrison, Eli Harsh, Francis M. Harvey, Abraham L. Hastings, George R. Haswell, Joshua Hedges, Jacob Hedges, Jane Hedges, Albert J. Heintzelman, S. C. Helmick, Ephraim Henkle, John Henry, Michael Henry, Michael Herbert, Washington T. Hewitt, Joel Hicks, Charles W. Higgins, Martin V. High, Ann Hill, Nelson Hitler, George W. Hitler, Daniel Hitler, George W. Hoffman, Peter Hoffman, James Hartnell Holway, Josiah Hopkins, Levi Hopkins, David Hopkins, Samuel Hoppes, Thomas Horn, Charles W. Horn, Samuel Hornbeck, George Hornbeck, William M. Hott, Thomas J. Houston, Amos J. Howard, Daniel W. Howard, Joseph M. Howell, J. S. Howland, Elkanah Humble, Christopher Humphreys, Austin S. Hutson, & Ezra Hyre.

Richard Iams, John W. Ingrim, William E. Ireland, & George A. Irwin.

Jacob L. Jamison, Abel H. Janes, Morgan J. Jenkins, George F. Jewett, Richard M. Johnson, Edward R. Johnson, Isaac M. Johnson, H. Clay Johnson, Joseph H. Johnson, George McClimans Johnston, John F. Johnston, Toland Jones, Lyman Jones, William H. Jones, John Jones, Isham A. Jones, Heber Jones, Thomas H. Jones, Humphrey Jones, John C. Jones, William H. Jones, James Jones, & William H. Jones, Jr.

Bayard T. Keller, John W. Kellough, John L. Kent, Andrew J. Kepler, Mary M. King, John T. Kirkendall, William H. Kirkendall, John Knight, Wilson Asbury Koontz, & John B. Koontz.

Milton D. Lakin, Augustus P. Lamb, Mack Arthur Lanum, Allen Latham, John B. Lauck, Sherman Leach, William T. Leach, Henry Lease, Hannah E. Leavell, Cornelius G. Leavell, Lewis R. Lesher, Henry S. Lewis, Schuyler Lewis, E. J. Lilly, Henry Lilly, Harvy D. Lombard, Otho W. Loofbourrow, Lemuel H. Loofbourrow, John G. Loofbourrow, J. Wheeler Lowe, John M. Lucas, Henry O. Ludwig, George Ludwig, David S. Ludwig, Daniel Ludwig, Isaac Ludwig, & John A. Lutz.

Joshua Mahan, Lewis C. Mallow, John Mallow, John T. Mantle, John W. Marchant, Jonah Marchant, Harvey D. Marcy, Mathew W. Mark, J. R. Marshall, Joseph S. Martin, Jacob Martin, Theodor Matthaes, George J. May, Henry May, Ira L. May, Allan Campbell McArthur, John McCafferty, Charles Clayton McCafferty, John M. McCafferty, John McCartney, Salem S. McClelland, James H. McClimans, Solomon McClimans, Samuel McClintock, James McCollister, Nelson McCollister, Horace B. McCord, Martin L. McCoy, Adam McCrea, David McCune, Thomas D. McElwain, Eliza M. McGill, Norman McLean, James A. McLean, Oscar McLellan, George J. McMullen, Jacob McNeal, M. M. Meara, Andrew Metzger, George Michael, Christian Michel, M. H. Miesse, Michael C. Millar, Jacob Millar, Isaac D. Millar, Adam Millar, Tecumseh Millar, Joseph P. Miller, Theodore W. Miller, Samuel W. Miller, William Millikan, Robert Millikin, Abijah C. Millikin, John L.Millikin, John L. Miser, Henry Mitchell, Frederick E. Mithoff, David Mock, Eli Mock, Ann Montgomery, Isaac Moore, Catherine A. Moore, Ralph Morden, Edward Maskell Morgan, William L. Morgan, Algernon Sidney Morgridge, Joshua Bailey Morgridge, James M. Morris, John Morris, Josiah Morris, Thomas Jefferson Morris, Henry B. Morris, William H. Morris, Samuel Morris, William E. Morris, John Morris, Charles W. Murphy, Charles H. Murray, & Daniel J. Myers.

Adam Nebbergall, Nehemiah Nedds, John S. Neff, Lewis Neiswander, John M. Nicodemus, Jesse Nigh, John P. Noecker, & Joseph Nothstine.

John W. O'Day, John Quincy Adams Oliver, David M. Osburn, & Samuel M. Owens.

Charles E. Page, Charles A. Palmer, James S. Pancake, John Pancake, Samuel Parker, Robert C. Parker, Thomas F. Parrett, Joseph Marion Parrett, John H. Parrett, George W. Patton, Samuel J. Paullin, Uriah F. Paullin, Thomas K. Perdue, James Perrill, John Perrill, Lewis S. Peters, Charles Phellis, Evan Phillips, George H. Pontius, Sterling W. Price, William H. Proffitt, & C. W. Pursell.

Homer S. Quinn.

Marcus B. Radcliffe, James Rader, Mary A. Rader, James R. Randolph, Joshua T. Rankin, Jeremiah Rea, George V. Reggin, Francis Reichelderfer, George S. Reichelderfer, Andrew Reid, John Reif, Frank Reif, Job R. Renick, Benjamin Franklin Renick, Harness Renick, William Renick, Conrad Richards, John Riddle, Solomon D. Riegel, Samuel C. Roberts, Robert A. Robinson, Joshua C. Robinson, Thomas R. Robison, David E. Robison, Samuel S. Robison, Abraham Rose, George E. Roth, William Roth, Joseph L. Rothrock, William Cromwell Row, George T. Row, Martin Rowe, Levi Rowe, Henry Runkle, & Levi Runkle.

David B. Saint, John Salmon, John Schleyer, Gustavus A. Schleyer, J. F. Schleyer, Jacob H. Schneider, Jacob Howard Schryver, Martin Wesley Schryver, Monroe Scothorn, Lewis Scothorn, Edward W. Scott, George Seall, Chauncy Edward Sears, Silas M. Seeds, Andrew H. Shaeffer, John M. Shaffer, Mary A. Shock, Clement Shockley, Joseph Shoemaker, Walter W. Shoop, Jacob Sifrit, John O. Sifrit, James Silcott, A. E. Silcott, Asa Silver, John A. Simmerman, Martin M. Slaughter, Charles Slyh, Joseph S. Smith, Henry Smith, Palmer Cone Smith, Martin L. Smith, Milan L. Smith, Jerome Smith, Edward S. Smith, J. G. Smith, William P. Smith, Jacob L. Smith, Thomas E. Smith, Joseph P. Smith, George E. Smith, William Snider, Hugh Snider, Dildine Snyder, John Sollars, Charles Sollars, John R. Solt, Paul Solt, A. F. Sourd, Orton A. Sperry, George Spindler, James B. Sprague, Milton C. Sprague, D. H. Squire, Joseph Steele, Thomas Jefferson Stephens, John Stevenson, Charles Steward, Jacob J. Stout, James Straley, Andrew Jackson Stroup, Catherine A. Stump, William Stumpf, Frank L. Stutson, James S. Swearingen, Henry B. Swearingen, Josiah Swearingen, & Van Swearingen.

William Tagg, Isaac Tanner, Warner Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Jacob Taylor, Peter Teegardin, Aaron Teegardin, Abraham Teegardin, Perry C. Thomas, William H. Thomas, William Thomas, David C. Throckmorton, Thomas C. Tipton, John P. Todhunter, Milton J. Tootle, Jesse Tumblison, Nelson J. Turney, William M. Tway, William Henry Tyler.

Daniel Ucker, Thomas Ucker, & Edward Ulm.

Israel Valentine, George W. Valentine, James H. Valentine, Jacob Z. Valentine, Jefferson E. Valentine, Orlando Van Buskirk, G. Meinhard Van Heyde, Seymour R. Van Meter, Andrew J. Van Ness, E. A. Van Riper, David H. Varian, John D. Vause, Channing Vlerebome, & Christian Volka.

David Brandt Wagner, James H. Walker, Arch Walker, James Walker, John Wallace, Samuel M. Wallace, James T. Wallace, John T. Walters, John J. Walters, Samuel Ward, James Ward, Robert P. Ward, Josiah Ward, Sidney J. Ward, John Wardell, Robert S. Waters, Stephen Watson, Abraham Weaver, William Albert Welch, Absalom J. Welch, Elmer W. Welsheimer, Alonzo C. West, Emanuel Westenhaver, Archibald Whitesel, Gardner A. Wilder, Manfred Willard, Samuel O. Wilson, Albert W. Wilson, Henry C. Wilson, John W. Wilson, George W. Wilson, William M. Wilson, John G. Wilson, David K. Wilson, John S. Wilson, Jacob P. Winstead, Gottlieb F. Wittich, William D. Wood, George Wood, Jonah Woods, Wesley Work, Robert Worthington, David I. Worthington, Melancthon Worthington, Thomas S. Worthington, & Henry Wright.

Marcus L. Yates.

James L. Zimmerman, & George Zwicker.

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