New York State Calendar of Wills - 1896

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"Calendar of Wills on File and Recorded in the Offices of the Clerk of the Court of Appeals, of the County Clerk at Albany [New York] and of the Secretary of State 1626 - 1836," compiled by Berthold Fernow, New York, 1896. It is a large book with a short description of the wills filed in the clerk’s office in Albany for the State of New York, from all counties, between 1626 – 1836. The book has approximately 657 pages, including a 169-page index of names. The book was published by the Colonial Dames of the State of New York in a limited edition of 500 copies; this is a scan of copy number 34. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1896 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The following are the people who filed wills in New York that are described in the book. Please keep in mind that these are the testators only – there are literally thousands of other names of beneficiaries, witnesses, etc., within the will descriptions.

David Abeel, John Abeel, Stoffel Jansen Abeel, Isaac Abrahams, David Ackerman, Nicholas Ackerman, Anthony Ackley, James Adams, Annegen Jans Adriaensen, Jores Adriance, Joost Adrians, Abraham Adriansen, Rutt Aertsen, Claudius Aigron, Elisha Akin, Richard Albertson, John Albin, Peter Aldrich, Alexander Alexander, James Alexander, David Algeo, Asa Allen, William Allen, James Allison, John Allison, Joseph Allison, Richard Allison, Thomas Allison, James Alworth, William Alworth, John Amory, Louis Antoine, Henry Apple, Joseph Applegate, George Archer, Jacob Arden, James Arden, Francis Armstrong, Henry Arnold, Peter Arnout, Dudley Ashe, Jonathan Austen, William Axtell, & Enos Ayres.

Christian Backer, Jan Harmensen Backer, Jabez Bacon, James Bain, James Ball, John Ball, Samuel Ball, Jonathan Baly, Adrian Bancker, Evert Bancker, John Bangs, Nathaniel Banker, James Banks, John Barberie, Andrew Barclay, John Barclay, Margaret Barclay, John Bard, Jeroon Barheyt, John Barker, William Barker, John Barkley, Ebenezer Barlow, John Barnes, William Barnes, Joshua Barnum, Thomas Barret, Jacobus Bartholff, Joseph Barton, Jan Bartram, Frederich Baseler, David Bassett, Stephen Bayard, Joseph Bayles, Nathaniel Bayles, Richard Bayles, William Beadell, William Bearman, Arthur Beatty, Charles Beatty, Francis Beatty, Robert Beatty, Samuel Bebee, Caleb Beck, John Beck, Margaret Beck, Jan Becker, Jochim Wesselsen Becker, David Bedell, Martion Beebe, Geertruyd Beeckman, Jacob Beeckman, Johannis Beeckman, Gerrard W. Beekman, Henry Beekman, Johannes Beekman, Johannis Beekman, John Beekman, Jonhannis Beekman, Thomas Beekman, William Beekman, Oliver Beers, Silas Belden, Thomas Belknap, Deliverance Bell, Frederick Bellinger, Jonathan Benjamin, Richard Bennett, Robert Bennett, Johannes Benson, Frederik Berewout, Benigna Sibylla Berkenmeyer, William Christoph Berkenmeyer, Adam Brower Berkhoven, William Betts, Abraham Bevier, Jacobus Bevier, Samuel Bevier, Arry Bice, May Bickley, John Bird, Thomas Bishop, William Bitcher, Adam Bityer, Thomas Blain, Frances Blair, Mattheus Blanchan, Francis Blanchard, John Blanchard, Jacob Blattner, Jacobus Blaufeldt, David Blauvelt, Isaac Blauvelt, Jacob Blauvelt, Petrus Blauvelt, Garret Blawfelt, Joseph Blawfelt, Abraham Blawvelt, Anthony Bleecker, John R. Bleecker, Rutger Bleecker, Sybrant Bleecker, James Bloodgood, Phemmetie Bloom, Cornelius Maase Bloomendal, Abraham Bockee, Johannis Bockhout, Cornelius Bogard, Anneke Jans Bogardus, Cornelius Bogardus, Evert Bogardus, Peter Bogardus, Petrus Bogardus, Marten Bogart, Elijah Bond, Benjamin Booth, Charles Booth, Gerrit Borchard, William Borden, William Boreman, Jan Borghart, William Borland, Jean Louis Bornicard, Tryntie Bos, Johannis Bosh, Jacob Bouquet, Jan Evertsen Bout, Robert Boyd, Christian Bradner, Mary Bradstreet, Albert Bradt, Matthew Brakin, Johannis Brandow, Adolph Bras, Thomas Brasier, Arent Brat, Dirck Brat, Johannes Arentsen Brat, Dirck Bratt, Catherine Brett, Rumbout Brett, Elias Brevoort, Edward Brewster, John Brewster, Henry Brickman, Francis Bridon, Anthony Bries, Thomas Briggs, Jacob Brinck, Jacob Brinckerhoff, John Brinckerhoff, John A. Brinckerhoff, Stephen Brinckerhoff, Cornelius L. Brink, Johannis Brinkerhoff, Daniel Broadhead, Mary Brockholst, Charles Brodhead, Wessel Brodhead, Catharine Bromley, John I. Bronck, Pieter Bronck, Jan Bronk, Jonathan Brooks, Cornelius Brower, Hendrick Brower, Nicholas Brower, Thomas Brower, William Brower, Benjamin Brown, Duncan Brown, James Browne, William Brownejohn, John Brownson, Robert Bruce, Hermanus Brughman, Benjamin Brundage, Joseph Brush, Cornelius Bruyn, Jacobus Bruyn, Severyn Bruyn, William Buchannan, Jonathan Buck, John Budd, Nicholas Budd, William Bull, Jeremiah Burges, David Burhans, Helena Burhans, Wilhelmus Burhans, Mary Burnside, Benjamin Burroughs, Stephen Burtis, Aaron Bussing, James Butler, Thomas Butler, Walter Butler, Samuel Butt, William Byfield, & Anthony Byvanck.

DeborahCadmus, Thomas Cadwalader, Michiel Calier, Nabby Callaghan, Dugald Cameron, Angelica Campbell, Archibald Campbell, Archibald Campbell, Archibald Campbell, Daniel Campbell, Duncan Campbell, Hugh Campbell, John Campbell, John Campbell, John Campbell, Lauchlen Campbell, Pryse Campbell, Samuel Campbell, Jean Bertram Canhepe, Jane Cantine, John Carle, John Carman, Silas Carman, John Carnsey, Benjamin Carpenter, John Carpenter, John I. Carpenter, Joseph Carpenter, Nehemiah Carpenter, Samuel Carpenter, Solomon Carpenter, Weight Carpintar, George Carr, Thomas Carrick, Robert Carskadan, Theunis Carstensen, James Carter, Daniel Case, Jan Caspersen, Isaac Casperson, John Caswall, Jan Celes, John Chambers, James H. Chancellor, Samuel Chapman, Thomas Childs, Henry Christ, Stephanus Christ, George Chrystie, Edward Churchill, Philipp Cinceboe, Andrew Cinney, Frederick Claessen, Lowrens Claessen, Abigail Clark, Eaphraim Clark, Erastus Clark, Lewis Clark, George Clarke, Jonathan Clarke, Elizabeth Clarkson, Johannes Clements, Johannis Clen, Robert Clinch, Alexander Clinton, Gerardus Cloet, Johannes Cloet, David Close, Johannes Clute, Jacob Clyne, Jeanne Coatet, Catharine Margaret Cock, William Cockroft, Daniel Coe, John Coe, Samuel Coe, John Coe, Samuel Staats Coejmans, Catriena Coeymans, Samuel Coeymans, Alexander Colden, Cadwallader Colden, Hendrick Cole, Henry Cole, Myndert Cole, Curtis Coleman, George Coleman, Jonathan Coleman, Adam Collins, Margaret Collins, John Colon, John Comins, John Concklin, Mathias Concklin, Frederick Conderman, Kasparus Conklin, Joshua Conkling, Daniel Conner, Casparus Conyn, Casper Leendertsen Conyn, Peter Conyn, John Cook, Samuel Cooke, Cornelius Cool, Daniel Cooley, Jonathan Cooley, Nathan Cooley, Samuel Cooper, William Cooper, Jacob Copeland, John Corbett, William Corbin, Gillam Cornel, Maerten Cornelissen, John Cornell, Richard Cornell, Samuel Cornell, Jeanne Cortel, Jeanne Cortet, John Cory, Jonathan Cory, Henry Cosby, William Cosby, Cornelius Cosine, Deborah Cosine, Jean Cottin, James Courlay, John Couszens, Ebenezer Cox, John Crabtree, John Crace, Joseph Crane, James Crawford, John Crawford, Samuel Crawford, Jannetie Cregier, Martin Cregier, Stephen Crego, Cornelius Crispel, Anthony Crispell, Henry Crist, George Crochan, Sarah Crocker, Floris Willemsen Crom, Tuenes Crom, Charles Crooke, Charles Crooke, John Crooke, Catrina Jansen Croon, Nicholas Cruger, Yeantea Crum, Eldert Gerbertsen Cruyff, John Cullen, John Cure, Benajah Curtice, Mary Curtice, Pierre Cuyalau, Abraham Cuyler, Cornelius Cuyler, Hendrick Cuyler, Richard Cuyler, Cornelius Cuyper, Glass Jansen Cuyper, Johannis Cuyper, Tunis Cuyper, & William Cypher.

Joseph Dainty, Richard Dalton, Jan Jansen Damen, John Dampier, Thomas Davenport, Alexander Davidson, Ann Davis, Frederick Davis, Isaac Davis, John Davis, Joseph Davis, Mathew Davis, Martha De Bonrepos, John Hendrick De Bruyn, Jellis de Carmo, Isaack De Foreest, Helena De Key, Hellegonda De Key, Theunis De Key, Arrie De Laenge, Abraham De Lameter, Jacobus De Lameter, Cornelius De Lametter, Jacobus De Lametter, Martin De Lametter, Frances De Lang, Nicolas De Lavergne, Arrie De Long, Wilhelmus De Meyer, Daniel De Normandie, John De Noyelles, William de Peyster, William de Raadt, Pitray de Segur, Peter de Visme, Jacobis De Vreese, Johannes de Wandelaer, Bastiaen de Winter, Tjerck De Wit, Egbert De Witt, Henry De Witt, Jacob De Witt, John De Witt, Godfrid de Wulffen, Laurentz Deal, Jedediah Dean, John Dean, Etienne Debonme, Stephan Debonme, Cornelius Decker, Gerrit Decker, Joseph Decker, Joshua Decker, Lawrance Decker, Mathew Decker, Heyltie Deckers, Frederick Dederick, Philip Deforest, Thomas Dekay, Cloude Delametter, Johannis Delametter, Samuel Delavan, Frances Marion Delvin, Peter Demarest, Nicolas Demeyer, Henry Demler, James Demott, Frances Dennison, Daniel Denniston, Hugh Denniston, James Denny, Benjamin Denton, Daniel Denton, Samuel Denton, Jacobus Depue, Elias Depuy, Jacobus Depuy, Christopher Devel, David Devore, Martin Dewey, Andries Dewitt, Deborah Dewitt, John Dewitt, Tjerck Dewitt, Werner Deygert, Benjamin D'Harriette, Samuel Dickesson, Jonathan Dickinson, Cornelius Dickman, Jury William Diedrick, Henry Diefendorf, Henry Diel, Jane Dies, Adam Dietz, William Dietz, John Dighton, Adam Dincemans, Adam Dingmans, John Disbrow, Henry Disbrowe, Dowe Ditmars, Jacob Teunis D'Key, Jeremiah Dodge, Rebeccah Dole, James Dolsen, Ephraim Donham, Paul Doran, William Doughty, Asa Douglass, Hendrick Douw, Johannes V. Douw, Volkert Douw, Volkert P. Douw, Carrardus Drake, Gerardus Drake, John Drake, James Drew, Sherigley Drought, Andres Drumbauer, Abraham Du Bois, Gualtherus Du Bois, Jonas Du Bois, Jonathan Du Bois, Josaphat Du Bois, Louys Du Bois, Peter Du Bois, Salomon Du Bois, David Du Four, John Du Mont, John Du Morrissey, Pierre Robert Gabriel Desprea Dubellois, Benjamin Dubois, Cornelius Dubois, Elias Dubois, Elisha Dubois, Hezekiah Dubois, Isaac Dubois, Nathaniel Dubois, Philipp Dubois, Stephen Dudley, Duncan Duffie, Caesar Duffield, Nicholas Dumaresq, Igenas Dumon, Janbatist Dumon, Henry Dumont, Rachel Dumont, John Dunbar, Robert Dunkley, Jacob Dunning, Samuel Dunning, Joost Durye, Abram Duryee, Magdalen Duryee, Sarah Duryee, Silvanus Dusinbere, David Dutcher, Stephen Dwight, John Earll, Adam Ecker, Cornelius Eckersen, Cornelius Eckersen, Medcef Eden, James Edmonston, Samuel Edsall, Timothy Edwards, Robert Egan, Jacob Visscher Egberts, Mary Egberts, Elsie Egbertse, Egbert Egbertsen, Nicholas Eggmont, Jacob Elias, William Elich, Johan Yury Eligh, George Ellems, Richard Ellet, Joseph Ellicott, James Ellis, Samuel Ellis, Jan Eltinge, Johannis Eltinge, Josiah Eltinge, Noah Eltinge, Roeloff Eltinge, William Eltinge, Samuel Elwell, Justin Ely, John Emans, Abraham Emons, Adam Empie, William Enders, Samuel Erwin, David Esselstyn, Cornelius Martensen Esslesteen, Robert Etherington, Richard Everitt, Robert Everitt, Nicholas Everson, Thomas Everson, & Jacob Evertsen.

Alexander Falls, Edward Falls, John Farrel, James Farrell, William Faulkender, Ppe. Faure, William Felten, Lewis Felton, John Ferdon, Zebulon Ferriss, Isaac Ffinch, William Ffinn, Tierck Harmensen Ffisker, Vallentyn Fierer, Johann Christian Fiero, Isaac Filkins, Johannis Finger, Robert Finn, Thomas Fish, Abel Fitch, Thomas Fitsgerald, Simon Flagler, David Flansburgh, Daniel Flensburgh, Thomas Fletcher, David Flinn, Johannis Folk, Nicholas Folkertson, Abraham Fonda, Peter Fonda, Jacob Fonseca, Ephraim Forguson, Johannis Fort, Thomas Foulger, John Fowler, Nehemiah Fowler, Stephen Fowler, William Fowler, William Fowler, Johan Conrad Frank, Samuel Franklin, Myndert Fredricksen, Marmaduke Freeman, Jonas Freer, Peter Fresneau, Henricus Frilinghuysen, Isaac Fryer, John Fryer, & David Fulton.

Benjamin Gale, Daniel Gale, Hezekiah Gale, Jacob Gale, John Gale, Samuel Gale, Leonard Gansevort, Dirk Gardenier, Hendrick Gardenier, Jan Jacobsen Gardenier, Josina Gardenier, Niclaes Gardenir, Samuel Jacobs Gardiner, Andries Gardinier, Jacob Gardinier, Benjamin Gardner, Anna Garton, William Gault, James Gelston, Samuel Gelston, William Gelston, George Genery, Margaret Genoung, Christian Genshimmer, Marianne Geoffroy, Isaac Germond, Maria Gerretsen, Ryer Gerretsen, Elbert Gerritsen, Luycas Gerritsen, Hendrick Gessener, James Getty, Caleb Gilbeart, John Gilbert, Josiah Gilbort, Alexander Gilchrist, Benjamin Gildersleeve, Neal Gillaspy, Joel Gillett, John Ginsalis, Abraham Girard, John Giveen, John Given, Jacob Sandersen Glen, Johannis Glen, Sander Glenn, Hester Glover, Henry Godwin, Catharine Goelet, Christina Goes, Dirck Goes, Jan Tysen Goes, Matthew Goes, John M. Goeschius, Johannis Mauritius Goetchius, Benjamin Goldsmith, Richard Goldsmith, Manuel Gonsalus, Manuel Gonzales, Samuel Gorsline, Christopher Goss, Francis Goss, Daniel Gould, John Gould, Nicholas Gouverneur, Isaac Governeur, Jacoba Governeur, Ennis Graham, William Gray, Hugh Greag, David Green, John Green, Joseph Green, Joshua Green, William Green, Daniel Gregory, Noah Gridley, Jonathan Griffin, Obadiah Griffin, Thomas Griffith, Thomas Grigg, John Griggs, Peter Groenendyck, William Groesbeck, Claes Jacobsen Groesbeeck, Johannis Groosbeck, & Paiere Guimard.

Benjamin Haasbrook, Cozyn Haerring, Jacob Haff, Lawrence Haff, Lawrence Haff, Samuel Hagadorn, Jacob Hagedorn, John Hageman, Francis Hagerman, Caleb Haight, Jonathan Haight, Reuben Haines, Benjamin Hains, Casper Jansen Halenbeek, Hendrick Halenbeek, John Hall, Jacob Hallenbeek, Samuel Hallock, William Hallock, Caleb Hallsted, John Hallsted, Jonah Hallsted, Jacob Halsted, Aaron Hamanond, Joseph Hambly, Aaron Hammond, Dirck Hansen, Hans Hansen, Hendrick Hansen, Pieter Hansen, John Hanson, Alexander Harbord, Richard Harcourt, Abraham Hardenberch, Gerrit Hardenberch, Charles Hardenbergh, Johannes Hardenbergh, Francis Hardick, Francis Hardik, Henry Harding, Susannah Margaret Hardy, Abraham Harinch, Joseph Harker, John Harper, Jane Harris, John Harris, Joseph Harris, Mary Harris, William Harris, Elizabeth Harrison, Johannis Harsing, Jacob Hasbrouck, Jan Hasbrouck, Jonathan Hasbrouck, Asa Hatch, Jacob Hathaway, Peter Hauck, Daniel Havener, Amy Havens, Thomass Hawey, Benjamin Hawkings, William Hay, John Haynes, William Heath, George Heathcote, Andreas Heermans, Jan Heermans, Evert Heermanse, Hendrickus Heermanse, William Helm, Gottfried Helmer, Robert Hempsted, Frederick Christopher Hendorff, Hans Hendricksen, Hans Hendrics, Thomas Hepworth, Henrich Herchheimer, Johan Jost Herchheimer, Nicholas Herchheimer, Peter Herinch, Jacob Hermans, Christian Hertell, Johannes Hess, Robert Heuy, John Hewson, Andries Heyndricsen, Jacob Johnson Hicks, John Hicks, Whitehead Hicks, Joseph Higby, William Hill, John Hills, Peter Hilton, Obeidiah Hinchman, David Hoag, Daniel Hoff, Anna C. Hoffman, Anthony Hoffman, Zacharias Hoffman, Haramanus Hofman, Isaac Hogan, Jurian Hogan, Neeltie Hogan, William Hogan, Jeremiah Hogeboom, Peter Hogeboom, Thomas Hogeboom, Peter Hogenboom, John Hogencomp, Rebecca Hogg, Wilhelmus Hoghteyling, Gerrit Hogteling, Nathaniel Holbrook, Edward Holland, Hitchen Holland, Elisabeth Holling, Solomon Holmes, Philipp Holsappel, Richard Holsted, Elizabeth Holt, John Holt, William Holt, Gilead Honeywell, Israel Honywell, William Hoogland, Hendricus Hoornbeck, John Hoornbeck, Cornelius Hoornbeek, Lodewyck Hoornbeek, Tobias Hoornbeek, Alexander Hope, Stephen Hopkins, Samuel Hopson, Barnabas Horton, Joseph Horton, Hendrick Houck, John Houghtailing, Matthew Howel, Stephen Howel, Hezekiah Howell, James Howell, Daniel Hubner, Jonathan Huestis, James Huey, George Hughson, Robert Hughy, Benjamin Hulse, Simon Hulse, Abraham Hun, Harme Hun, Johannes Hun, Thomass Hun, Lewis Hunt, Robert Hunter, William Hunter, John Huntly, Richard Hutchings, John Nathan Hutchins, Ralph. Hutchinson, Andries B. Huyck, Burger J. Huyck, Dirk Huyck, Andries Hansen Huygh, & John Hylton.

Smiton Irish.

Hanoch Jackson, James Jackson, Joseph Jackson, William Jackson, Pieter Jacobsen, Charles Jandine, Cornelius Jansen, Evert Jansen, Joachim Jansen, Johannis Jansen, Marcelis Jansen, Mattys Jansen, Roelof Jansen, Thomas Jansen, Samuel Jayn, Daniel Jayne, Richard Jennins, Anne Jewell, Joseph Jinens, Albert Johnson, James Johnson, Robert Johnson, Warren Johnson, William Johnson, James Johnston, Lewis Johnston, John Lowther Johnstone, Evan Jones, Jonathan Jones, Josias Jones, Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones, Samuel Judah, David Judson, & Samuel Judson.

John Kain, Robert Kain, Archibald Kane, Lodewick Kass, Jurreje Kast, Arei Keater, Charles Keeling, Jermy Keetell, Charles Kerr, Paulus Keselar, Joseph Ketcham, Joshua Ketcham, Thomas Ketcham, William Ketelhuyn, Jane Ketletas, Reynyer Keyserreyck, Friderich Kickler, Alexander Kidd, Christina Kidd, John Kidney, Edward William Kiers, Hans Kiersted, Aldert Kiersteden, Abner Killburn, Samuel King, Thomas King, Andrew Kinney, Abraham Kip, Balthazar Kip, Henrdick Kip, Isaac Kip, Jacob Kip, Jacobus Kip, Petrus Kip, Roeloff Kip, Hendrik Klapper, Frans Klauw, Johanis Klawe, Benjamin Knap, John Knap, Daniel Knapp, Harmen Jansen Knickerbacker, Neeltje Knickerbacker, Harmen Knickerbocker, Henrich Knieskern, Nathan Kniffen, Israel Kniffin, Thomas Knights, Ary Koninck, Philipp Koons, John Kortz, Johannes Kowenhover, Gisbert Krom, Henderikus Krom, Jacob Krom, Friderich Kuecherer, & Coenradt Kyer.

Jean Alexander La Borde, Christian La Grange, John Laboyteaux, John Laford, Isaac Lagrange, Johannis Lagrange, Jacobus Lagranse, Abraham Lakeman, Jean Lamarque, Thomas Lamberts, Elisabeth Lamon, Henry Lane, Thomas Langdon, Petrus Langendyk, Elizabeth Lansing, Alexander Lansingh, Gerrit Jan Lansingh, George Larreset, Benoni Lattimore, Johan George Launert, Philipp Lavinus, Jonathan Lawrence, Mary Lawrence, John Lawson, Johannes Lawyer, John Le Conte, Omy Le Grange, Thomas Leake, William Leathem, Viner Leaycraft, Bowdewine Lecounte, John Lee, Samuel Legg, William Legg, William Legg, William Theodorus Lemay, Silas Leonard, Petrus Leroy, Bastiaen Lesher, Anthony Lespinard, Mary Lessley, Isaac Levy, Joseph Israel Levy, Moses Levy, Gertrude Lewis, James Lewis, John Lewis, Leonard Lewis, William Lewis, Jannecke Leydt, Peter L'Hommedieu, John Libertee, Samuel Linklon, Caspar Lipe, Archibald Little, Frances Little, John Little, Thomas Little, Catharine Livingston, Hanry Livingston, Peter van Brugh Livingston, Philipp Livingston, Philipp Philipp Livingston, Robert Livingston, William Livingston, Frederick Lockman, Abraham Lodge, Marte Loop, John Losee, Simeon Losee, Michael Chartier de Lotbiniere, Henry Lott, Philipp Lounhart, William Loveridge, John Low, Peter Low, William Low, Michael Lowarear, Henry Loyd, Elizabeth Ludlow, Henry Ludlow, Isaac Ludlum, Stephen Lush, Johannis Lydius, Abraham Lyle, Thomas Lynott, George Lyon, Jonathan Lyon, Joseph Lyon, & Robert Lyons.

John Mabee, Peter Mabei, Casparus Mabie, Mary Macey, Jane MacFarland, Patrick Mack Gregory, Cornelius Maesen, Francis Mandavil, David Mandevil, Jean Baptiste Nadaud Manet, John Mann, Jean Mares, Annatje Marselis, Hannah Marsh, Witham Marsh, Nathaniel Marston, Manasah Martin, John Martine, Robert Marvin, Francois Masson, Aart Masten, Benjamin Masten, John Masten, Peter Mathews, Vincent Mathews, Robert Matthews, Aaron Mattison, Jan Mattysen, Matthieu le Mauguen, John Maunsell, John McCallum, John McCalm, William McClellar, James McCobb, Archibald McCurdy, Danel McEuen, William McGew, William McGinnis, James McIntire, John McInvin, Jane McKay, Nathaniel McKinley, Duncan McLaren, John McLean, William McLeod, Peter McMaunis, Robert McMennomy, John McNachtane, James McNeal, John McNeall, Sdonald McNeil, Helena McPheadris, Helena McPheadrys, Hanry McVickar, Nehemiah Mead, Jacob Melcher, Charles Melson, Nicholas Merckel, George Meritt, Glorin Meritt, Gabriel Merritt, Gerret J. Merselis, John Merten, Jacob Mesick, Peter Mesier, Thomas Mesigk, Teunis Teunissen de Metselaer, Abraham Meyer, Martin Jansen Meyer, Moses Michal, Eda Mier, Aurelius Mill, Abram Miller, Adam Miller, Andrew Miller, Burnet Miller, Garrett Miller, Henry Miller, Jacobus Miller, James Miller, Robert Millerd, Catharina Mills, Ephraim Mills, Hannah Mills, Samuel Mills, Timothy Mills, Mathias Milsbach, Peter Milspah, Johannes Mingael, Philipp Minthorne, Robert Mitchell, Johan Michel Mochie, Philipp Hendricksen Mohr, Thomas Moncrieffe, John Monell, John Money, Rebecca Montagne, John Montross, James Moor, Benjamin Moore, Michael Moore, Johannes Moors, Robert More, Isabella Morris, John Morris, Lewis Morris, Martha Mortier, Jury Mosser, Gershom Mott, Joseph Mott, William Mountgomery, Thomas Moviel, George Mowatt, Samuel Mowris, Philipp Hendrick Moyr, Philipp Hendricksen Moyr, Catherine Much, Hans Joerg Mueller, John Muir, Cornelius Mulder, David Mulford, Abraham Mull, Peter Mullender, Cornelius Muller, Jeremiah Muller, Killian Muller, Hannah Munnel, Angle Murfin, Samuel Murgittroyd, William Murray, Johannes Muts, Catherine Mutts, Fredericus Muzelius, Christiaen Myer, Johannis Mynders, Johannes Mynderse, & Myndert Mynderse.

Abner Nash, William Neate, John Neely, Robert Neely, Samuel Neely, Thomas Neely, William Neely, Abraham Nelson, John Nelson, Reuben Nelson, Theophilius Nelson, Corneles Newkerck, Cornelius Newkerk, Gerrit Newkerk, Thomas Newman, Benjamin Nicoll, Hannah Nicoll, John Nicoll, William Nicols, James Noble, Thomas Noell, Jan Jansen Noorman, Moses Northrup, Remington Northrup, George Norton, Samuel Norton, Stephen Nottingham, & William Nottingham.

Thomas Oakley, Peter Oblenus, David Ochterlony, Clayton Ockerson, David Ogsbury, Joseph Oldfield, David Oliver, Abraham Onderdonck, Abraham Oosterhout, Teunis Oosterhout, Theunis Oosterhout, Henry Oothoudt, Hendrick Oothout, John Osborn, Joseph Osborn, Paul Osborn, Samuel Osborne, John Crinse Osterhoudt, John Ostrander, Franz Otto, Jan Outhout, Peter Outwater, James Overton, Jonathan Owen, Timothy Owen, & George Owens.

Jean Pacaud, Seth Paddack, John Page, Ephraim Paine, Joshua Paine, Joseph Palding, Ephraim Palmer, James Palmer, Silvanus Palmer, William Palmer, Adriaen Gerritsen Papendorp, Thomas Parham, Isaac Paris, John Parker, Thomas Parkin, Jasper Parson, George Passage, Gilbert Pate, John Patterson, Joseph Patterson, Richard Pattinson, Elizabeth Patton, William Patton, Joseph Paul, Catharina Pawling, Henry Pawling, Levi Pawling, Nathan Pearce, Henry Pearsall, Reuben Peckam, Petrus Peelen, Gilbert Peet, William Peet, Abraham Peirson, Samuel T. Pell, Solomon Pendleton, Timothy P. Penny, Abijah Perkins, Oliver Perkins, John Perrine, Richard Perrow, Roland Perry, Abraham Persen, Cornelius Persen, John Person, Silas Person, George Peters, Jost Petter, Peter Peypher, James Phenix, Christian Philipp, Nickel Philipp, Francis Phillips, Julien Romain Pichon, Bartholomew Pickerd, Thomas Pierce, Evelyn Pierrepont, Volkie Pieters, Reyndert Pietersen, Jan Pietersoon, John Pine, Adam Pitsier, Joseph Pixley, Johan Emmerich Plass, Paulis Ploegh, Wilhelmus Ploegh, Henry Plogh, Antie Poffie, Cornelius Polhemus, George Polhemus, John Porteous, Jacob Post, Job Potter, Jacob Powell, Thomas Poyer, Peter Praa, Jacob Pratt, Pierre Joseph Preissac, David Preston, William Price, James Proctor, Abraham Provoost, Johannis Provost, Samuel Pruyn, Martha Puiroe, James Pulteney, & Abigail Purdy.

Johannes Quackenbos, Margritje Quackenbos, & Jacobus Quick.

Walter Raleigh, Marianne Randall, George Rapalje, Jeromus Rapalje, Joris Rapalje, Daniel Raveau, Joseph Raynor, William Raynor, Thomas Read, Joseph Reade, Jeremiah Redding, Josiah Reeder, Jacob Regnier, David Reichert, John Reid, Edward Reims, Conrad Reitser, Dority Remsen, George Remsen, John Remsen, Adrian Renaudet, James Renne, Peter Renne, Anatie Reyers, Gerrit Reyersen, Gerrit Reyersen, John Reyfenbergher, Elisabeth Reynolds, Abraham Rich, Elizabeth Richard, Stephen Richard, Ann Richbell, John Rider, William Rider, David Rikard, Abraham Riker, Isaac Robert Rilliet, Daniel Rinchout, Jurriaen Rinckhout, Philipp Jansen Ringo, Eliphalet Ripley, Zebulon Robbins, Benjamin Roberts, James Robertson, Jonathan Robison, William Rockefeller, Diell Rockenfeller, Thomas Rodgers, Joseph Rodman, Thomas Rodman, Nathaniel Roe, William Roe, Roeloff Roeloffsen, Israel Rogers, John Rogers, Philipp Rokeby, Myndert Roles, John Roomer, Heyman Roosa, Isaac Roosa, Jacobus Roosevelt, William Rose, Ahasverus Roseboom, John J. Roseboom, Robert Roseboom, Daniel Rosecrants, Elijah Rosekrans, Sarah Rosenkrans, John Rosie, James Isaiah Ross, Thomas Ross, Ferdinand Antoine Henry Rosset, Ernest Guillaume, Baron de Rottenbourg, Sarah Rousley, John Row, Jacob Jacobsen Roy, Simon Rumsey, Martha Runshaw, William Russeler, Anthony Rutgers, John Rutsen, Michael Rutsen, Margaret Ruttery, Albert Ryckman, Harmanis Ryckman, Peter Ryckman, Petrus Ryckman, & John Rypele.

Richard Sackett, Abraham Salisbury, Francis Salisbury, Silvester Salisbury, Sylvester Salisbury, Barent Sanders, John Sanders, Robert Sanders, Robert Sandersen, Stephen Sands, James Sawyer, James Sayer, Joseph Sayres, Adam Schafer, Christoffel Schars, Dirck Schepmoes, William Schepmoes, Reyer Schermerhoorn, Reyer Schermerhoorn, Reyer Jacobsen Schermerhoorn, Jacob Schermerhorn, John Schermerhorn, Peter Scherp, Johannes D. Schertz, William Schneider, William Schoolcraft, Geurt Hendricksen Schoonhoven, Antje Schoonmaker, Benjamin Schoonmaker, Frederick Schoonmaker, Godfrey Schoonmaker, Joachim Schoonmaker, Johannis Schoonmaker, John Schoonmaker, Tyrick Schoonmaker, William Schram, Nicholas Schryver, Abraham Schuyler, Adoniah Schuyler, Arent Schuyler, Cornelia Schuyler, David Schuyler, John Schuyler, John Courtlandt Schuyler, Margaret Schuyler, Myndert Schuyler, Nicholas Schuyler, Pater Schuyler, Philipp Schuyler, Philipp Johannissen Schuyler, James Scot, Adam Scott, James Scott, Anthony Seal, Jonathan Seaman, Benjamin Sears, Isaac Sears, Cornelius Sebring, Cornelius I. Sebring, Ebenezer Seely, Eunis Seely, George Segendorpf, Jurie Segendorpf, Louis Antoine Vicomte de Segur-Petray, ______ Selyns, James Semple, Peter Service, Thomas Sharpe, Samuel Shaw, Uzail Shearman, Aaron Sheldon, Dorothy Sherman, Jacob Jansen Shermerhoorn, William Sherwood, Barnard Shields, John Shon, Martinus Shook, Johannes Shurrie, Ambrose Sicard, John Sice, Thomas Simerall, Isabella Simpson, Alexander Simson, John Simson, Joseph Simson, Peter Simson, Rebeccah Sipkins, Anthony Sleght, Catlyntie Sleght, Hendrikus Sleght, Mateys Sleght, Abraham Slingerland, Albert Slingerland, Aarent Slingerlant, JohnSloss, Benjamin Smedes, Petrus Smedes, Jurje Adam Smit, Arthur Smith, Azariah Smith, Caleb Smith, Carsten Frederiksen Smith, Daniel Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Hannah Smith, Henry Smith, James Smith, Jeremiah Smith, John Smith, John Carpenter Smith, Joseph Smith, Lambert Smith, Nathan Smith, Oliver Smith, Reuben Smith, Richard R. Smith, Samuel Smith, Wait Smith, William Smith, Zophar Smith, Esther Smithrem, John Smyth, Abraham Snedeker, Garret Snedeker, Thunis Snedeker, Barentie Snur, William Snyder, Exbarth Somerdick, George Soule, David Southerland, James Sowle, Thomas Sparham, Mary Spavold, Benjamin Spencer, Gerrit Spoor, Samuel Spraggs, John Spranger, Hermanus Springsteen, Abram St. John, Abraham Staats, Barent Staats, Jacob Staats, Johanis Staats, Hendrick Staley, Jeremiah Stanton, Thomas Steel, Robert Stein, Roulof Stephanson, Alexander Stephens, Stephen Stephenson, Frederick William - Baron de Steuben, Aaron Stevens, John Stevens, Timothy Stevens, William Stevens, James Stevenson, Thomas Stevenson, John Stewart, Elizabeth Stillwell, Nicholas Stillwell, Richard Stillwell, Nicholas Stilvil, William Stone, Thomas Storm, Jacobus Stoutenburgh, Jacob Straat, Frederick Straight, Elisabeth Strang, Samuel Stringer, Benjamin Strong, Nathaniel Strong, Robert Stuart, Nathan Sturgis, Gerardus Stuyvesant, Benjamin Sutton, Huybert Suylandt, Johannes Suylandt, Gerard Swart, Josaias Swart, Jacobus Swartwoudt, Jacobus Swartwout, Rudolphus Swartwout, David Swezy, Elijah Swift, Isaac Swits, Jannetie Swyts, Nathaniel Sylvester, Lancaster Symes, & Pieter Symonsen.

Thomas Taber, Tunis Tallaman, William Tanner, Teunis Tappen, Hendrick Tarepenning, Tunis Tarepenning, Isaac Taveau, Edward Taylor, Isaac Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Hendrick Teiter, Andrew Teller, Isaac Teller, Jacobus Teller, John Teller, William Teller, John Temple, Catharina ten Broeck, Catherine ten Broeck, Cornelius ten Broeck, Dirck ten Broeck, Dirck Wesselsen ten Broeck, Johannis ten Broeck, Petrus ten Broeck, Wesselten Broeck, Wessel ten Broeck, Jacob ten Broek, Anthony ten Eyck, Geertieten Eyck, Gerritie ten Eyck, John ten Eyck, Mathys ten Eyck, Richard ten Eyck, Tobias ten Eyck, Severyn ten Hout, John Tenbruck, Henry ter Bos, Jacobus ter Bos, John ter Bush, Jonas ter Bush, Jacobus Terneur, Michael Terneur, William Terry, Abraham Terwellege, Abraham Terwillegen, Egbert Teunissen, Juriaen Teunissen, John Thew, Jacob Thomas, William Thomas, Edmond Thompkins, George Thompson, James Thompson, John Thomson, Jonathan Thorn, Isaac Thorne, Susannah Thurman, Willem Titsoor, Sarah Titsort, Hannah Titus, Timothy Titus, Christian Tobias, Daniel Toll, Simon Toll, John Frederick Tolly, Nathaniel Tom, William Tom, Harmen Tomassen, Jan Tomassen, Edmond Tomkins, Samuel Tomkins, Samuel Tompkins, John Tomson, John Tongue, Daniel Topping, John Totten, Robert Townsand, Nathennel Townsend, Isaac Tracy, Johanis Traphagen, Willem Traphagen, Nathaniel Travers, John George Tremper, Alexander Trimble, Johannes Trumpbour, Andres Trumpover, Robert Tucker, Daniel Tuthill, Freegift Tuthill, James Tuthill, John Tuthill, Mary Tuthill, Solomon Tuthill, & Margaret Tyler.

John Upham, Francis Upton, William Urquhart, & Peter Useely.

Benjamin Vail, Jacob Valentine, Gedion van Aken, Abraham van Alen, Adam van Alen, Jacobus van Alen, John van Alen, Sarah van Alen, Sander van Alstyn, Thomas van Alstyn, Wilhelmus van Antwerp, Gerret van Antwerpen, Johannes S. van Antwerpen, Baltus van Benthuysen, Gerrit van Benthuysen, Jacob van Benthuysen, Marya van Benthuysen, Peter van Benthuysen, Gerrit van Bergen, Martin Gerritsen van Bergen, Martin Cornelissen van Beuren, Claes Jansen van Bockhoven, Gysbert Gerritsen van Brakel, Cornelis van Brunt, Elias van Bunschoten, Teunis van Bunschoten, Maas van Buren, Elisabeth van Corlaer, Eva van Cortlandt, Stephen van Cortlandt, Philipp van Courtlandt, Anthonia Slackboom van Curlaer, Jacobus van de Water, William Gysbertsen van den Berch, Cornelis Gysbertsen van den Bergh, Cornelis Williamsen van den Bergh, Gysbert van den Bergh, Mattys van den Bergh, Wynant van den Bergh, Jacobus van den Bogert, Margriet van den Bogert, Myndert van den Bogert, Harman Meyendersen van den Boogaert, Woutervan den Uythof, John van der Beek, Henry van der Burgh, Richard van der Burgh, William van der Burgh, Michael van der Cook, David van der Heyden, Jan Cornelissen van der Heyden, Johannis van der Heyden, Cornelis van der Hoeve, Anthony Cornelissen van der Poel, Elisabeth van der Poel, Wynant van der Poel, Cornelis van der Valgen, Cornelis van der Volgen, Johannis van der Werken, Albert van der Zee, Cornelius van der Zee, Storm van der Zee, Tobias van Deusen, Eva van Driesen, Petrus van Driesen, Petrus van Driessen, Sarah van Duehren, Isaac van Duesen, Martin van Duesen, Sarah van Durhen, Arent van Dyck, Cornelis van Dyck, Francis van Dyck, Cornelius van Dyke, Grietien van Elmendorp, Grietje van Elmendorp, Abraham van Eps, Alexander van Eps, Anthony Van Etten, Jacobus van Etten, Cornelis van Exveen, Cornelius van Fleet, Johannes van Gaasbeek, Myndert van Geyseling, Jan Fransen van Hoese, Cathariena van Hoesen, Jurriaen van Hoesen, Cornelius van Horne, Davif van Horne, James van Horne, John van Huysen, William van Ingen, Mindert van Jeveren, Mattheus van Keuren, Tyerck van Keuren, Elizabeth van Kleeck, Leonard van Kleeck, Johannes van Kleek, Lawrence van Kleek, Jacob Gerritsen van Laer, Aarnoud David van Lennep, Andrias van Leuven, Francis van Loon, Jan van Loon, Mathys van Loon, Nicholas van Loon, Cornelis Hendricksen van Nes, Garrit van Nes, Cornelis van Ness, Gerrit van Ness, Mourits van Niewenhuysen, Barent Dircksen van Norden, Wessel van Norden, John van Norstrandt, Peter van Olinda, John van Orden, Arent N. van Petten, Elizabeth van Rensselaer, Jeremiah van Rensselaer, John Baptist van Rensselaer, Killian van Rensselaer, Nicolaes van Rensselaer, Stephen van Rensselaer, Cornelius van Santvoord, Cornelis van Schaack, Michiel van Schaak, Abraham van Schaick, Anna Margreta van Schaick, Anthony van Schaick, Catherine van Schaick, Jacob van Schaick, Sybrant G. van Schaick, Wessel van Schaick, Gerrit van Schayck, Goosen Gerritsen van Schayck, Johannes van Schelluyne, France Abrahamsen van Sellea, Andries van Slyck, Jacques Cornelissen van Slyck, Jesse van Slyck, Johannes van Slyck, Pieter van Slyck, Teunis van Slyck, Abraham van Steenbergen, Benjamin van Steenbergh, Mattys van Stienbergen, William van Tassel, Lamberrt van Valkenburgh, Effee van Varick, Richard van Varick, Benjamin van Vechten, Dirck van Vechten, Neeltie van Vechten, Theunis van Vechten, Dirck van Veghten, Dirck van Veghten, Dirk Teunissen van Veghten, Gerrit Teunissen van Veghten, John van Veghten, Henry van Vleck, Aury van Vliet, Johannes van Voorhees, Johannes van Voorhies, Zacharias van Voorhis, Cornelis Segersen van Voorhout, Johanne van Voorhuis, Cornelius van Vorst, Nicholas van Wagenen, Hendrik van Wie, Ariantje van Woerdt, Henry van Woert, Jan Pietersen van Woggelom, Pieter van Woort, Johannes van Wormer, Cornelius van Wyck, John van Wyck, Theodoros van Wyck, Ann Varick, David Vaughan, Albert Vedder, Arent Vedder, Harme Haramanes Vedder, Jacobus Vedder, John Vedder, Gerrit Seymonsen Veeder, Johannes Seymonsen Veeder, Simon J. Veeder, Symon Volkertsen Veeder, John Velen, Philipp Veller, Abraham ver Planck, Isaac ver Planck, Philipp ver Planck, Cornelis Vernooy, Cornelius Vernooy, Gideon Verveelen, Hester Verveley, Cornelis Viele, Elizabeth Viele, Lodewicus Viele, Myndert Viele, Philipp Viele, Teunis Viele, Tierck Harmensen Vischer, Barent Visscher, Jacob Visscher, Johannis Visscher, Nanning H. Visscher, Symon Volkertsen, Jacob D. Vosburgh, Jacob Pietersen Vosburgh, John D. Vosburgh, Pieter Vosburgh, Peter Vroman, Adam Vrooman, Jacob Meesen Vrooman, Matthys Pietersen Vrooman, Wouter Vrooman, & Isaac Vusburgh.

William Waaren, Catherine Wacher, George L. Wachtel, William Waelderon, Gerardus Waldron, Resolvert Waldron, William Waldron, Benjamin Walker, Elisabeth Wall, Pieter Wanbomer, John Ward, John Warner, Esaias Warren, John Warry, Asa Waterman, Ephraim Watkins, Ephraim Watkins, Hezekiah Watkins, Joseph Watkins, Robert Watts, John Waugh, Thomas Waugh, Levi Wayland, Charles B. Webb, Alexander Weber, John Weeks, Johannis Weesner, Alexander Weir, Edward Weir, Abel Wells, Abigal Wells, John Wells, Joshua Wells, Maritie Mynders Wemp, Jan Wemple, Evert Wendel, Maria Wendel, Abraham H. Wendell, Annatie J. Wendell, Evert Wendell, Evert I. Wendell, Geesje Wendell, Harmanis Wendell, Harmanus Wendell, Johannes Wendell, Johann Jacob Werth, Johannis Werth, Jonathan Wesbroeck, William West, Johannis Westbroeck, Roelif Westervelt, Jacob Westfael, William Weygant, Thomas Whaly, Elijah Wheeler, Samuel Wheeler, Valentine Wheeler, Edward Whitaker, Anthony White, Benjamin White, Henry White, Hugh White, John White, Joseph White, Thomas White, John Whitlow, Zebulon Whitman, Daniel Whitney, John Wick, Daniel Wickes, Daniel Hull Wickham, Samuel Wickham, Andreas Widderwax, Rachel Wileman, Robert Willbor, Abishal Willbour, Benjamin Willbur, Heyndrick Willemsen, Edward Willett, Isaac Willett, Margaret Willett, Christian Williams, Gilbert Williams, John Williams, Margaret Williams, Richard Willis, Justus Willson, Alexander Wilson, James Wiltse, Martine Wiltse, James Winchell, Lydia Winckel, Jedediah Wing, John Wing, Herman Winkler, Daniel Winne, Douwe Winne, Peter Winne, Pieter Winne, Joseph Winslow, John Winter, Fitz John Winthrop, John Winthrop, John Wisner, Johannes Luykassen Witbeeck, Abraham Witbeek, Jonas Witbeek, Luycas Witbeek, Edward Wittaker, Leendert Wittbeck, Thomas Witter, Frederick Woertendyck, Nicolaus Wohlben, Alexander Wood, Daniel Wood, John Wood, Timothy Wood, Thomas Woodger, Egbert Woutersen, Pater Wraxall, Jordan Wright, Thomas Wright, Jury Wygant, Jan Lucassen Wyngaard, Cornelis Wynkoop, Tobias Wynkoop, & John Wytt.

Benjamin Yale, John Yalverton, Christopher Yates, Johannes Yates, Luickes Yates, Robert Yates, George Yeaman, Anthony Yelverton, Jonathan Yeomans, Nathaniel Yeomans, Nicholas York, Benjamin Youen, Abigail Youngs, Abimail Youngs, Henry Youngs, Henry Youngs, & Johannes Yourkse.

Jacob Zabriski, John Zabriskie. & Hans Zuericher.

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