Memorial Record of Northeastern Indiana - Illustrated - 1896

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The book, "Memorial Record of Northeastern Indiana - Illustrated," published by the Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois - 1896. This book provides significant genealogical data about a large number of American individuals and families who lived in Northeastern Indiana counties at the turn of the century. There are many surnames and allied families mentioned, with photographs of many of the individuals. It covers Northeast Indiana including Adams, Allen, Blackford, De Kalb, Elkhart, Henry, Huntington, Kosciusko, Lagrange, Lenawee, Maumee, Noble, Rush, Steuben, Wabash, Wells and Whitely Counties. It also includes some folks from across the border in Ohio, particularly in Darke County. This CD book is fully indexed and linked for ease of use. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1896 printed book, it would cost you hundreds of dollars.


The 9.0" X 13" book has 895 pages about Northeastern Indiana residents and a fully linked index. This book is full of genealogical information about early hoosiers - including many photographs. Please see the list of individuals indexed below. Please note that for each of these persons included in the index, there is usually additional data on their parents, spouses, in-laws, and children. A photograph often illustrates an indexed individualís biographical profile. Persons indexed are (* indicates illustration):

Alanson Abbey; Carrie J. Abbey; Earl G. Abbey; Edith L. Abbey; Ella J. Abbey; Giles T. Abbey; Jerry Abbey; Catherine Abbott; Reuben Abbott; Ada L. Abrams; Elizabeth Burke Adair; George W. Adair; J. W. Adair; Jesse Adair; Joseph E. Adair; Josephine Adair; Mary Correll Adair; Thomas E. Adair; Andrew A. Adams; Charles Adams; Delph Adams; Frank E. Adams; Hugh Adams; J. W. Adams; Jesse Adams; John Adams; John Q. Adams; John Wilson Adams; Loretta Clementine Adams; Martha Agnes Adams; Martin Adams; Mary Almeda Adams; Melissa Adams; Phoebe C. Adams; Robert Adams; Caroline Adsit; Catherine Ahr; Ida Aker; Lulu Aker; Amelia Alber; Philip Alber; Mary Albert; Dayton Alderman; Frank Alderman; William Alderman; Ellen D. Aldrich; A. C. Alexander; Benjamin H. Alexander; Beulah Alexander; Fannie Alexander; Florence Alexander; James M. Alexander; James W. Alexander; John Alexander; John Benson Alexander; Lota M. Alexander; Oliver M. Alexander; Rachel Alexander; Robert Alexander; Robert V. Alexander; William G. Alexander; Allie Elsie Winnifred Alleger; Amelia Alleger; Benjamin Alleger; Charles F. Alleger; David Alleger; Dovie May Alleger; Esther V. Alleger; Frank Alleger; J. D. Alleger; James C. Alleger; Jessie Alleger; William Ray Alleger; Alvira J. Allem; John B. Alleman; William D. Alleman; Philemon A. Allen*; Alice Allen; Forrest Allen; Henry Allen; John V. Allen; Lucile Allen; Nathaniel Allen; Rachel Allen; Ransom Allen; William Scott Allen; Louisa Allswade; E. K. Alpaugh; Cora Dell Altman; John Altman; John C. Altman; Laura Emley Altman; John Amerman; Magdalena Amerman; Elizabeth Ammon; Calvin Anderson Jr.; Andrew Anderson; Belinda Anderson; Calvin Anderson; Eli G. Anderson; George R. Anderson; John C. Anderson; Juliet Anderson; Laura Ann Anderson; Lydia Anderson; Mary A. Anderson; Mary Jane Anderson; Sarah Jane Anderson; Theresa R. Anderson; James M. Andrew; Lois Andrew; Harriet Andrews; David Angel; Edna Angel; Lucinda Angel; Rebecca Angel; H. M. Anspach; Serelda A. Anthony; Elizabeth Antrim; Robert Archibald; Melissa Arlen; Corrinna Armstrong; Mary Armstrong; Ulysses Armstrong; Charles A. Arnold; Cynthia Arnold; Daniel Arnold; Delila Arnold; Eli Arnold; Elizabeth Arnold; Emily Arnold; George Arnold; Henry Clay Arnold; Herbert Arnold; Lavinia Arnold; Mary Arnold; Mary Adeline Arnold; Minnie Arnold; Samuel Arnold; Samuel B. Arnold; Samuel Fellows Arnold; Sarah L. Arnold; Susanna Arnold; Thomas Jefferson Arnold; William Arnold; William Tittlo Arnold; Mary Arp; Charles Ashelman; Barbara Ashleman; John U. Ashleman; Augustus Athey; Elijah Athey; Emily Athey; Jane Athey; Laura Athey; Levi Athey; Robert Athey; Sarah Athey; Thomas Athey; Walter S. Athey; Walter Scott Athey; Willis Athey; Agnes Atkinson; Benjamin L. Auger; Charles Auger; Burtis E. Aukerman; Charles E. Aukerman; Elijah L. Aukerman; Ertha E. Aukerman; Homer E. Aukerman; Lawrence E. Aukerman; Mary E. Aukerman; Solomon Aukerman; Edwin Buck Ayers; Edwin Porter Ayers; Enos Ayers; Eva Belle Ayers; Hannah Ayers; Horace Leonard Ayers; Kate Ayers; Luella Ayers; Porter Ayers; & Porter Ayres.

Aaron Back; Elizabeth Pence Back; Amberson P. Bailey; Clarence L. Bailey; Della M. Bailey; Homer Bailey; Horace Bailey; Isaac M. Bailey; Jane E. Bailey; Ralph Bailey; Sylvanus F. Bailey; William Bailey; Mary Bain; Delilah Bainter; George Bainter; Mary Ann Bair; Albert Baird; Belle Baird; Byron Baird; Catherine Baird; Jacob Baird; James Baird; John H. Baird; Lora Baird; Montgomery Baird; Paul Baird; Ruth Baird; Samuel M. Baird; Amelia Baker; Blanche Baker; Catherine Baker; Charles S. Baker; Clara Baker; Daisy Baker; Elizabeth Baker; Elwood Baker; Emanuel Baker; Emma Baker; Estella Baker; Ethel Baker; Ethel W. Baker; Evelyn Baker; Francis M. Baker; George A. Baker; George B. Baker; Harley W. Baker; Henry Baker; Isaac Baker; J. W. Baker; Jennie Baker; John Baker; John D. Baker; Joseph Schoonover Baker; Kirby H. Baker; Leola Baker; Levi Baker; Mahala Baker; Margaret Baker; Martha Baker; Mary Baker; Mellie Baker; Michael Baker; Michael L. Baker; Milton Baker; Nancy Baker; Oswell Baker; Plinna B. Baker; Samantha Baker; Sarah Baker; Simon S. Baker; Susana Baker; Susannah Baker; Sylvanus Baker; Sylvanus F. Baker; Truman Baker; Warren H. Baker; William Baker; William D. Baker; Abel Baldwin; Abel J. Baldwin; Albert Baldwin; Calvin H. Baldwin; Charles F. Baldwin; Charles P. Baldwin; Clarence Baldwin; Daniel Baldwin; Edward Plant Baldwin; Emma Baldwin; Helen Baldwin; Henry Clay Baldwin; Hertha Baldwin; Horace E. Baldwin; Hortense Rosalie Baldwin; John A. Hunt Baldwin; John Coffeen Baldwin; John G. Baldwin; Joseph W. Baldwin; Louisa Baldwin; Louisa J. Baldwin; Martha Hortense Baldwin; Marthesia Baldwin; Mary Baldwin; Nebraska Baldwin; Rhoda Stent Baldwin; Stella Baldwin; Susan Baldwin; William E. Baldwin; William Lewis Baldwin; Winifred Baldwin; Winifred S. Baldwin; Zayda Lorette Baldwin; Nancy Ball; Elizabeth Baltes; Hannah Bane; William Bane; Alfred Banister; Alice Banister; Amanda Banister; Charlotte Banister; Collen Banister; Granville Banister; Horace Banister; Lewis Banister; Marietta Banister; Nathaniel Banister; Sanford Banister; Theodore Banister; Melinda Banta; James Barclay; John Barclay; Abigail Barker; J. W. Barker; Maxie Barnes; Miranda Barnett; William Barnett; Andrew Barnhart; Blanche Barnhart; David Barnhart; Cyrus Barns; James A. Barns; Nellie L. Barns; Benjamin Barrett; Charles D. Barrett; Elizabeth Barrett; Florence E. Barrett; James M. Barrett; James N. Barrett; Sarah A. Barrett; Walter A. Barrett; William Barrett; Susan Bartlett; B. F. Barze; James L. Barze; Roland D. Barze; Virginia L. Barze; William L. Barze; J. M. Bash*; John H. Bass*; Jordan Bass; Laura Grace Bass; Sion Bass; Sion S. Bass; Catherine Baublitz; Stauffle Baublitz; Alonzo Baugher; Catherine Baumgardner; Mary Ellen Baumgartner; Samuel Baumgartner; George Bayha; Mary M. Bayha; Lot Bayliss; Andrew Beard; Hannah J. Beard; William Beard; Ecas Beatty; Mary Beatty; Anna Bechtel; Christian Bechtel; David Bechtel; Effie J. Bechtel; Martin Bechtel; Mary Ellen Bechtel; Laura Bechtol; Adam Beck; Adam Lazarus Beck; Harmon Samuel Beck; Jacob Beck; Magdalena Beck; Marshall Beck; Mary Magdalene Beck; Mattie Beck; Donald Beer; E. B. Beer; Stearns Beer; Thomas Beer; John M. Beery; Roy Beery; Sophia Beery; Caroline Beeson; David W. Beeson; E. B. Beeson; Emily Beeson; Helen Beeson; Henry Beeson; James Beeson; Rachel Beeson; William Beeson; Mary Behner; Robert C. Bell*; Edith Bell; Elizabeth Bell; Hiram Bell; John Bell; Julia Bell; Martin Bell; Zephaniah Bell; Celia Benedict; Ella Benedict; Flora Benedict; Ida Benedict; Jonathan Benedict; Letitia Benedict; William Benedict; Daniel Bennet; Margaret Bennet; Emma Bennett; G. W. Bennett; Martha Benz; Philip Benz; H. Berghoff; Emma Bergholdz; Joseph A. Berry; Margaret Best; Charles Betts; Sally Betts; Christian Betz; John Betz; Ludwick Betz; Ludwig Betz; Mary Betz; Catherine Cairo Bevington; Frederick Grant Bevington; Grace May Bevington; Oscar Bevington; Edith Beyerly; Henry Beyerly; Angeline Biddle; Calvin Biddle; Wilhelmina Bierman; Mr. Mary Billiter; Florence M. Binager; John Binager; George Jacob Bippus; James Frederick Bippus; James Bird; Lillian Bird; George A. Bishop Jr.; Bertha Bishop; Catherine E. Bishop; George A. Bishop; Mary V. Bishop; Peter Bishop; Walter G. Bishop; Elizabeth Bissard; Joe Bitting; John Bixler; Jane Black; Charles Thomas Blackburn; Hugh Blackburn; Kate Blackburn; Mary Agnes Blackburn; Robert Edwin Blackburn; Thomas Blackburn; William James Blackburn; John Blackshaw; Eli Blackstone; Jennie Blair; Prudence Blin; Addie Bliss; Jeffrey Bliss; Carl Block; Carolina Block; Frederick Block; Fredrika Block; J. E. Bloomer; James E. Bloomer; George Blose; Lydia Ann Blose; Cyrus Blount; Della Maud Blount; Eli Blount; Frank M. Blount; James Ambrose Blount; Rufus Fielding Blount; Rufus Frank Blount; Silas Milton Blount; Nancy Blunk; John Blunt; August Bobilya; Louis J. Bobilya; James R. Bobo; Sarah Bogard; John Boggs; Patrick Boland II; Eliza Boland; George C. Boland; James Boland; Jesse B. Boland; Mary Boland; Michael Boland; Patrick Boland; Thomas Boland; Adam Bolanz; Edgar Bolanz; Frederick Bolanz; Gladdis Bolanz; Magdalena Bolanz; Mary Bolanz; Ann Boles; Marian A. Bond; Elizabeth Bonebrake; Ella Bonebrake; Henry Bonebrake; Amanda Boner; Elizabeth Boner; Hiram Boner; John Boner; Margaret Boner; Samuel Boner; Nicholas Bonham Jr.; Adolphus Hamlin Bonham; Albert Marion Bonham; Carl Bonham; Francis Bonham; George Bonham; Isaac Bonham; Leander Eaton Bonham; Lyman Bonham; Mary Bonham; Naomi Bonham; Nicholas Bonham; Oliver Simon Bonham; Peter Bonham; Peter Winfield Bonham; Samantha Jane Bonham; Ulysses Grant Bonham; William Bonham; William Nicholas Bonham; Stella Booge; George Booram; Lizzie R. Booram; Edwin Borden; Hettie A. Bordner; William Bordner; Christian Boseker; Harry Boseker; Harry C. Boseker; Lydia E. Boseker; Peter Boseker; Katherine Boss; John Boswell; Annie J. Bourgess; Adele E. Bourie; Anna O. Dubois Bourie; Clinton D. Bourie; David Bourie; David P. Bourie; Edith F. Bourie; John B. Bourie; Louis Bourie; Louis J. Bourie; Louis T. Bourie; Rebecca Boutwell; Isabella Bowen; Sarah Bowen; Sarah Bowers; Charles Bowman; Florence Bowman; Hiram W. Bowman; Peter Bowman; Samuel B. Bowman; Sarah Bowman; Solomon A. Bowman; Daniel Bowser; David Boyce; Florence M. Boyce; John C. Boyd Jr.; Adam Boyd; Helen Boyd; John C. Boyd; John P. Boyd; Linnaes C. Boyd; Alexander Boyle; Elizabeth J. Boyle; Mary Ann Bradford; John Bradley; Fannie Brady; George Brady; Jennie Brady; John C. Brady; Lucretia Brady; Maggie Brady; Mary Brady; Sarah Ellen Brady; Thomas Brady; Thomas R. Brady; William Brady; William S. Brady; Christopher Brames; Louis Brames; Minnie Brandt; Annie Brannum; Aquilla Brannum; Esther Brannum; George Brannum; Henry Clay Brannum; James Brannum; James Harry Brannum; John Brannum; Marjorie Brannum; Martha Etta Brannum; Mary Alice Brannum; Michael Brannum; Nancy Irene Brannum; Samuel Brannum; Sarah Brannum; Thomas Brannum; William Brannum; William Samuel Brannum; Matilda Branyan; R. A. Brashear; Richard A. Brashear; Elizabeth Brasier; Jacob Brasier; John Brawley; Cynthia Breck; James Breen; William P. Breen; James W. Brelsford; Abraham Brenneman; Barbara Brenneman; Elizabeth Brenner; Nancy T. Bretney; Cyrus E. Briant*; Almond Ruggles Briant; Ann Briant; Clarence Briant; Cyrus E. Briant; David W. Briant; Fanny Briant; George Briant; Henry Briant; Ira Briant; John Briant; Jonathan Briant; Maria Orilla Briant; Mary Briant; Nina Briant; William Briant; A. J. Briggs; Alice Briggs; Andrew J. Briggs; Anna Briggs; Charles Briggs; Delia Briggs; Dessie J. Briggs; Edward Briggs; Elizabeth Briggs; Elizabeth Jane Briggs; Florence Annette Briggs; Frank Briggs; Fred Briggs; Harvey Briggs; James Briggs; Jesse Briggs; Lillie Briggs; Mary Agnes Briggs; Robert Briggs; Samuel Briggs; Sarah Briggs; Sarah Millie Briggs; Silas Briggs; Stephen Briggs; William Briggs; Ellen Briscoe; Henry Briscoe; Fannie E. Brock; Frederick Brock; J. H. Brokaw; Willimina Brokaw; Robert Brommer; Wilhelmina Broockmeier; Emma Brooks; George W. Brooks; Laura Atherton Brooks; Oscar H. Brooks; William H. Brooks; Emma Eliza Brotherton; J. T. Brotherton; Hannah Broughton; Elijah Brower; Magdalene Brower; Vallorous Brown*; Alexander Brown; Ashley Brown; Belle B. Brown; Benjamin Brown; Charles Brown; Charles M. Brown; Daisy Brown; E. W. Brown; Eleanor Brown; Eliza Brown; Elizabeth Brown; Elizabeth Ann Brown; Emma L. Brown; Henry Brown; Hiram Brown; John Brown; Laura Brown; Maria Brown; Mary Brown; Matilda Jane Brown; Polly Brown; Ruth Brown; Samuel Brown; Silona H. Brown; Susan Wilson Brown; William Brown; William A. Brown; William R. Brown; Susana Browns; Mary A. Brubaker; Andreas Bruder; August Bruder; Anna Wessel Brudi; Christian F. Brudi; G. G. Brudi; Harmon Brudi; John George Brudi; Katie Norris Brudi; Lizzie Swhear Brudi; Minnie Newman Brudi; Sophia Grunt Brudi; William Brudi; Rickie Brueggemann; Catherine Brumbaugh; Ada Bruner; Florence Bruner; John Bruner; John A. Bruner; Levi Bruner; William H. Bruner; Mary Catharine Bucher; Samuel Bucher; Burage Bulkley; Carry M. Bulkley; Henry Bullerman; Mollie Bullerman; Annie B. Bumpus; Russel Bumpus; Eliza Bundy; Eli Burket; Louisa Jane Burket; Mary Burkett; Henrietta Burnet; Caroline L. Burnette; Anna Burns; Bessie Burns; Emily May Burns; James Burns; John Burns; Joseph Burns; Joseph Hezekiah Burns; Michael Burns; Patrick Gratton Burns; Phelix Burns; Tilden Burns; William Burns; Abraham Burris; Andy Burris; Arthur Burris; Bowater Burris; Daniel Burris; Elias Burris; Elwood Burris; Henry Burris; Horton Burris; Jacob Burris; John Burris; Lewis Burris; Lucinda Burris; Martha Burris; Mary Burris; Miles Burris; Moses Burris; Mossie Burris; Nora Burris; Oliver Burris; Rachel Burris; Rebecca Burris; Stella Burris; Stephen Burris; Tabitha Burris; W. Paxton Burris; Chester Burt; Ida J. Burt; Leocadia S. Burt; Joseph Burwell Jr.; Cecil Blanche Burwell; Edna B. Burwell; Geneva Burwell; James Benton Burwell; James W. Burwell; Joseph Burwell; Lester Eugene Burwell; Walter K. Burwell; Henry Bussard; Ambrose Butterbaugh; Catherine Butterbaugh; Cornelius Butterbaugh; Elizabeth Butterbaugh; Ellen Butterbaugh; Elvira Butterbaugh; Ferry Butterbaugh; Flossie Butterbaugh; Floyd Butterbaugh; Frank Butterbaugh; George Butterbaugh; Jacob Butterbaugh; James Butterbaugh; Jessie Butterbaugh; Martha Butterbaugh; Samuel Butterbaugh; Sarah Butterbaugh; Susanna Butterbaugh; Susan Buva; Frank Buzzard; Eliza Byall; & James Byall.

Abigail Cabe; Eliza Caldwell; Christine Cameron; Lewis Cameron; Margaret Cameron; Flora A. Cammack; Willis Cammack; Elizabeth Carey; Mrs. W. L. Carnahan; Charles Carroll; Margaret Carson; Oliver J. Carson; Mary Cartmel; John Cartwright; Nancy C. Cartwright; Lewis E. Carver; Orville Carver; Isaac H. Case; John Case; Frederick Casner; Mary C. Casner; Iantha B. Cassel; William Caswell; Minerva Catlin; Sarah Cecil; Charles F. Centlivre; Charles L. Centlivre; Louis A. Centlivre; James H. Chaddock; Jessie L. Chaddock; Charlie Mott Chafee; Frank Chafee; Ida May Chafee; William Chafee; William Carey Chafee; David Chambers; Henrietta Chambers; Lydia Croxton Champer; Charles W. Chandler; George Chandler; John Chandler; Joseph A. Chandler; Mamie E. Chandler; Marie Chandler; Oren Judson Chandler; Charles Harris Chaney; Henry Chaney; Viola Alice Chaney; William Bartlett Chaney; Angeline Chapeteau; Catharine Chapler; George Chapler; Harry Chapler; Herman Chapler; James Chapler; John Chapler; Lucy Chapler; Maggie Chapler; Martin L. Chapler; Mary Chapler; Rena Chapler; Sarah Chapler; Nancy Chaplin; William J. Chaplin; Dora M. Chappman; W. H. Charles; Emmelyn Chase; Elizabeth Chatterton; J. R. Christen; William Christman; Angel Clark; Belle Clark; Elizabeth Clark; Grace Clark; Lou Clark; Mary Clark; Mary J. Clark; Woodson Clark; Mary Clarkhuss; William Clarkhuss; Josephine Clarkson; Alice E. Clayton; Harriet Clearwaters; James Clearwaters; Patience Cleary; Clara Cleland; Mary Clements; Clarissa Cleveland; Henry Cleveland; Hannah C. Cline; John Clingenpeel; Christina Clover; A. R. Clugston; David B. Clugston; Katherine Clugston; Lavinia Clugston; P. H. Clugston; Phil Clugston; Luther Coate; Sarah Coats; Asa Cobb; Buell Mitchell Cobb; Henry Cobb; David Coble; Louisa S. Coble; Sarah Coble; J. W. Coblentz; Jacob Coblentz; Mary J. Cochran; Samuel Cochran; Lydia Jane Cockrell; William Cockrell; Goldsmith Coffeen; Susanna Coffeen; Court C. Coffinberry; Este Coffinberry; Herman N. Coffinberry; Hermia Coffinberry; John Coffinberry; John Brush Coffinberry; Mary E. Coffinberry; Salathiel Curtis Coffinberry; William Henry Coffinberry; Lemuel Colbert; Ulysses D. Cole; John Coleman; W. G. Colerick*; D. H. Colerick; David Colerick; David H. Colerick; Fannie J. Colerick; Henry Colerick; John Colerick; Margaret Colerick; Philemon B. Colerick; Thomas Colerick; Walpole G. Colerick; Zipporah Coles; Catherine Collett; Ella Collier; Eliza Collins; James S. Collins; Jane H. Collins; John Collins; Reginald Heber Collins; Sarah Collins; Sophia Collins; William J. Collins; Matilda Colopy; Timothy Colopy; Ruth Commons; James Compton*; Mary Compton; Mary C. Compton; Miranda N. Compton; John Edwin Comstock; Edna Conley; Hugh Conley; Jeannette Conley; L. H. Conley; La Mar Conley; Mrs. Cecelia Conley; Rhue A. Connor; Agnes Conway; Artimacia Cook; Bates M. Cook; Bertha A. Cook; Blanche Cook; Charles Cook; Charles Phillips Cook; Clara Cook; Edward Cook; Elizabeth Cook; Ella Kate Cook; Erwin N. Cook; Hamab Cook; Henry Cook; Henry Lewis Cook; Irene C. Cook; J. J. Cook; Jackson Cook; Jennie Cook; John Abel Cook; John W. Cook; Joseph Cook; Josephine Maria Cook; Justine C. Cook; Luzerne Henry Cook; Maria Webb Cook; Marthesia Betsey Cook; Nellie Cook; Nicholas P. Cook; Rhoda Cook; Rhoda Perry Cook; William Lewis Cook; Zaydia Cook; Mahala Cooper; Sarah Cooper; Thomas Cooper; Elijah Corbin; Isabelle Corbin; Ruhamy Corey; George Corlew; Harriet Corlew; Presley Corlew; Aaron Cory; Jeremiah Cory; Martha Cory; Jackson Cotton; Louis Cotton; Eleanor Cottrell; John Coughlin; James Coulter; Ann Cowen; Abi Cowgill; Amos Cowgill; Calvin Cowgill; Caroline Cowgill; Cary E. Cowgill; Catherine Cowgill; Ellen Cowgill; Emma Cowgill; Harry Cowgill; John Cowgill; Lydia Cowgill; Nathan Cowgill; Olive Ann Cowgill; Rowena Cowgill; Thomas C. Cowgill; Mary Cowperthwaite; Celia Cox; Elizabeth Cox; George W. Cox; Margaret Cox; Robert Cox; William Cox; Eliza Crabil; David Crabill; David H. Crabill; Delilah Crabill; Jacob Crabill; John Crabill; Levi Crabill; Mary Friedline Crabill; Rebecca Fenton Crabill; Sarah Barkley Crabill; Susan Pancake Crabill; Caroline C. Craft; Henrietta Craft; William P. Craft; C. C. Crain; Lydia Cramer; Margaret L. Crandall; Michael Crandall; A. M. Crane; Cordelia M. Crane; Elizabeth Crawford; Elizabeth Crawford; Ira Crawford; Jane Crawford; John Crawford; Joseph Patterson Crawford; Miriam Crawford; Miriam Berryhill Crawford; Nathaniel Crawford; Richard Crawford; Robert Crawford; Sarah Crawford; Thomas Crawford; William Crawford; Amos Cray; Amos L. Cray; Charles C. Cray; David Cray; Fred V. Cray; Hampton R. Cray; Opal A. Cray; Joseph L. Creager; Lydia A. Creager; Mary Ann Creager; Peter Creager; Holmes Crestinger; George W. Crist; John Crist; Agnes Crites; G. W. Crooks; Barney Crouse; Catharine Swinehart Crouse; Charles Crouse; David Crouse; Eleanor Crouse; Eli Crouse; George M. Crouse; Henson Crouse; Isaac Crouse; Jesse Crouse; Lucy Karnes Crouse; Mary Crouse; Mary M. Crouse; Samuel Crouse; Ann Crowe; Charles Crowe; Stephen Crowe; Elizabeth Crumrine; Margaret Crutchelow; Benjamin F. Cummins; Cynthia Cummins; Cyrus Cummins; Elsworth Cummins; Forest Cummins; Frank Daniel Cummins; George Cummins; George Washington Cummins; Ida Ann Cummins; Jennie Cummins; Melinda Cummins; Mollie Cummins; Naomi Octavia Cummins; Nettie Cummins; Orin Lyman Cummins; Robert F. Cummins; Roxy Cummins; Seline Cummins; Seth Watson Cummins; Weisell Cummins; Chloe Mabel Cunningham; Levi Cunningham; Lottie Cunningham; Lydia Cunningham; Mary Cunningham; Thomas Cunningham; Abram Cuppy; Ida L. Curd; Owen T. Curd; James Harvey Curry; John W. Curry; Maria Curry; Sarah Curry; William Curry; Laura Cushing; Josiah Cutter; & Elizabeth Cyphers.

Lucy Daggett; George Daily; Eleanor Dale; Elizabeth Dallwrimple; Isaac Dallwrimple; Ethan Daniels; Mary Elizabeth Daniels; Emma J. Danks; Oris Danks; Juda Darby; Nancy Darling; Julia A. Darnell; Louis Coulson Davenport*; Almira M. Davenport; Frank B. Davenport; Franklin E. Davenport; George Bliss Davenport; John Davenport; John G. Davenport; John Pierpont Davenport; Mattie Davenport; Nellie Davenport; Ruth Davenport; Samuel Davenport; Alexander Davie; William Davie; Jesse Davies; Sarah Albina Davies; Anna Davis; Clara Davis; Jane Davis; Martha L. Davis; Nancy Davis; Aaron Davison; Margaret Davison; John W. Dawson*; Charles M. Dawson; Hadjie Dawson; John Dawson; Reuben Jackson Dawson; Ronald Dawson; Clara Augusta Day; Cora Edatha Day; Harry Hotchkiss Day; Jacob Day; John Day; Joseph Day; Louisa Cutler Day; Mary Day; Robert Day; Robert Donald Day; Robert Jacob Day; Roland Jacob Day; Samuel Franklin Day; Sarah Day; Thomas Day; Abigail W. Dayton; Barnabas De Armitt; G. DeVore De Armitt; James De Armitt; James B. De Armitt; John A. De Armitt; Barbara De Barrette; Christina De Camp; Silas De Camp; William De Irwin; Ada De Long; Albert F. De Long; Alexander Washington De Long; Charles De Long; Christena De Long; Francis De Long; George De Long; Isaac De Long; James De Long; John Francis De Long; Nancy De Long; William Henry De Long; Ann De Pew; Elijah De Pew; Francis Eugene De Pew; Isa Binda De Pew; Isaac De Pew; Israel De Pew; Levi De Pew; Mary M. De Pew; Thomas De Pew; Mary De Rumple; Charles Edward De Vine; Scott De Vine; Abram Deam; Adam Deam; Ann Deam; Harriet Deam; James P. Deam; John Deam; Mary Ann Deam; Rachel Deam; William Deam; Eliza A. Deaver; Jane Debow; Amanda M. Decker; Benjamin Decker; Benjamin F. Decker; Catherine Myers Decker; Christina Hershey Decker; David Decker; Elizabeth Kroft Decker; Henry Decker; Isabel Decker; Jacob Decker; John Decker; Louisa Decker; Mary Decker; Mary C. Decker; Mary Niteig Decker; Nora O. Decker; Rachel Krieg Decker; Sarah Stultz Decker; Catherine Dee; John Deem; Caroline Defrees; James Defrees; John D. Defrees; Joseph H. Defrees; Hattie Delting; Eliza Ann Deniston; Milton Deniston; Christian Denlinger; Julia Denlinger; James Denton; Mary Denton; Augusta L. Depoy; Christina Depoy; Esther E. Depoy; Frances Depoy; Jeanette Depoy; Jeanette A. DePoy; John Depoy; John F. Depoy; Nicholas Depoy; Reedy Depoy; Samuel Depoy; Esther Dessauer; Gottleib Dessauer; Hattie Devore; Stephen H. Devore; James L. Dicken; Mary F. Dicken; Nancy Dickerhoof; Rebecca Dickey; Louis Diether; John Digby; Lawrence Dignan; Margaret Dilworth; Boyd Sherman Dinius; Clara Agnes Dinius; Edwin Stanton Dinius; Henry Dinius; John Dinius; Lillie May Dinius; Minnie Elizabeth Dinius; Summer Morton Dinius; Cordelia Dinkley; Elizabeth Ditler; William Ditler; Charlotte J. Dixon; Margaret Dixon; William Dixon; Thomas A. F. Doan*; Emma Doan; John Doan; Maggie Mabel Doan; Mary A. Doan; Sarah Doan; Thomas Doan; William Metts Doan; Jane Dodd; John Dodd; Martha Dodd; Eliza Ann Dodge; Edmund Cavalier Doke; Nancy Dollison; Samuel Dollison; Catherine A. Donaldson; Robert Donaldson; Ella Donley; George Dorland; Mrs. Sophia Dorland; Allan H. Dougall; Arthur H. Dougall; John T. Dougall; M. Inez Dougall; Winnie J. Dougall; Hugh Dougherty*; Abraham Dougherty; Elizabeth Dougherty; Elizabeth J. Dougherty; Nathan Dougherty; William Dougherty; Newton D. Doughman*; Abraham Doughman; Clara Doughman; Daniel Doughman; Franklin H. Doughman; Louisa Doughman; Albert M. Douglas; Lois Douglas; Louisa Frances Douglas; Reuben Joseph Douglas; Eliza J. Douglass; Harriet Dowell; Lorenzo Dowell; Warren Dowell; Martha Dowler; Alma Downey; James Downey; O. H. Downey; Elizabeth Downing; Ella Mary Downing; Daniel Doyle; Ellen Doyle; James Irvin McGrew Doyle; Grace Drening; Elizabeth Dresback; Ellen Driscoll; Michael Driscoll; Sarah H. Driscoll; Margaret Jane Droud; Carl Drover; Carolina Fredricka Drover; Elizabeth Drover; Elizabeth Matilda Drover; Emilia Drover; Frederick Simon Conrad Drover; Fredrika Augusta Drover; Hannah Drover; Hannah Dorothea Drover; Henry Drover; Henry Carl Drover; Henry Frederick William Drover; Henry William Drover; Hermann Henry Drover; John Coffroth Drover; Julia Drover; Lewis Drover; Marie Caroline Drover; Mary Drover; Minnie Drover; Phoebe Drover; Simon Drover; Sophia Catherine Drover; Wilhelmina Catherine E. Drover; William Drover; William Frederick Henry Drover; Ann Drumm; Francis Du Puy; John B. Dubois; Ophelia Dubois; John Duffy; Sarah Jane Dunan; George W. Duncan; Thomas Duncan; Margaret Dunne; Ellis Dunton; Louis Duret; & Mary Dwiggins.

Jacob Early; Mary C. Early; Seth Eason; George Eberhard Jr.; Catherine Sterner Eberhard; Daniel Eberhard; E. L. Eberhard; Ella Paige Eberhard; Ettie Eberhard; Fannie Myers Eberhard; Franklin Eberhard; George Eberhard; John Eberhard; Laura Paige Eberhard; Mary Emery Eberhard; Melissa Eberhard; Nancy Eberhard; George Eberhart Jr.; Annie Eberhart; Catherine Eberhart; Elizabeth Eberhart; George Eberhart; Henry B. Eberhart; John Eberhart; John J. Eberhart; Josiah Eberhart; Lavina Sell Eberhart; Mandilla Eberhart; Minnie L. Eberhart; Rebecca Shook Eberhart; Sarah Ann. Eberhart; John Eby; Susanna Eby; Annie Eckhart; Charles Eckhart; Frank E. Eckhart; John Eckhart; Morris Eckhart; William Eckhart; Rosanna Edgar; Joseph K. Edgerton Jr.; Bela Edgerton; Clara Edgerton; Clement W. Edgerton; Edward C. Edgerton; Frances Edgerton; Grace Edgerton; Helen Edgerton; Joseph Ketchum Edgerton; Josephine Edgerton; Eliphalet Edmunds; C. W. Edsall; Clarence W. Edsall; Henry Colerick Edsall; Joseph Edsall; Manford S. Edsall; Peter Edsall; William S. Edsall; Ann Edwards; P. A. Edwards; Martha A. Egbert; Permilla Eggy; Catherine Egolf; Henry Egolf; Joseph Egolf; Lida E. Egolf; Rosanna Ehert; Frederick Eichhorn; Philip A. Eichhorn; William H. Eichhorn; Amelia Eiker; Joseph Eiker; Catherine Eisemann; Abraham Elder; Delbert Sherman Elder; Eliza Elder; Esther Elder; George Elder; George Washington Elder; Henry Elder; Jacob Rine Elder; Jane Elder; John Elder; Mary Elder; Moses Elder; Ralph Elder; Samuel Elder; Sarah Elder; Thomas Jefferson Elder; William Elder; James Elgin; Mary Elgin; Mary Elgin; Lavinia Elkhart; William Elliott Jr.; Albert Franklin Elliott; Ann Elliott; Archibald Elliott; Charles Elliott; Christina Elliott; David Elliott; Eliza Elliott; Flora Alice Elliott; Ida Belle Elliott; James Clark Elliott; John Elliott; John Preston Elliott; Lydia Elliott; Lydia Helen Elliott; Margaret Ann Elliott; Mary Caroline Elliott; Phoebe Margaret Elliott; Rachel Jemison Elliott; Robert Elliott; Robert J. Elliott; Robert Jamison Elliott; Samuel Jordan Winston Elliott; Sarah Elliott; Sarah Belle Elliott; Thomas Armstrong Elliott; William Elliott; William Jemison Elliott; Betsey Ellsworth*; William Ellsworth*; Clarence Ellsworth; Margaret Ellsworth; Matilda J. Ellsworth; Oma Ellsworth; Queenie Fay Ellsworth; Samuel Ellsworth; William David Ellsworth; Adelaide Elward; Bridget Elward; Clara Elward; Deborah Elward; James Elward; Kate Elward; Leah Elward; Margaret Elward; Mary Elward; Nancy Elward; Nellie Elward; Richard Elward; Sarah Elward; William A. Elward; John Ely; Marietta Ely; Samuel Ely; Calla B. Embry; Louis A. Embry; Emmett V. Emerick*; J. P. Emerick; Jacob Emerson; Mabel Edith Emerson; Milton B. Emerson; Milton Earl Emerson; Robert J. Emerson; Anthony Emley; Buena Vista Emley; Meribah Robbins Emley; John Enerick; Catharine M. Engle; Jeptha Engle; Samuel Engle; Rozena Alice English; Samuel Edgar English; Bernard Entley; Maggie Eva Entley; Rosie Anna Ernest; Mary Ervin; George Esmond; Nellie Estlick; Sadie Miranda Estlick; Sarah Estlick; Thomas Estlick; Magdalene Ettele; Harriet Evans; John K. Evans; Lewis Kearn Evans; Margaret Evans; Minnie Evans; Oscar E. Evans; S. Cary Evans; Charles E. Everett*; J. H. Everett; & George W. Ewing.

Sarah Fabra; Abraham Fair; Alice Fair; Barbary E. Fair; Calvin A. Fair; Carlton G. Fair; Caroline Fair; Charles Irwin Fair; David W. Fair; E. Jane Fair; Faye Fair; Henrietta Fair; Inie Fair; James E. Fair Laura Fair; Mary Fair; Matilda A. Fair; Perry W. Fair; Peter Fair; Vinnie M. Fair; Wells O. Fair; William H. Fair; William H. Fair; Mary King Fairfield; John Fall; Mary Falter; Sarah Farnham; Alice Faulkner; Catherine Faulkner; James A. Fay*; Julia P. Fay; Charles H. Felske; George W. Fennemann; Clement Ferguson; Flora Ferguson; Sarah Eliza Ferguson; Esther Fernough; Alvin Ferree; Charles A. Ferree; Daniel Ferree; E. H. Ferree; Edna S. Ferree; John Ferree; John D. Ferree; Lydia Ferree; Sarah Ferree; William E. Ferree; James Ferrel; Rosanna Ferrel; A. P. Ferry; L. P. Ferry; Charles H. Filson; J. E. Filson; Nancy Finley; William Finley; David First; Jacob First; John First; Maria First; Polly First; Samuel First; Sarah C. First; Bessie Fish; Claudie Fish; Clementine Fish; Edna Fish; Edward S. Fish; Effie Fish; Alfred Fisher; Anthony Fisher; David Chambers Fisher; Emma Fisher; Frederick D. Fisher; Harriet L. Fisher; Henrietta B. Fisher; James R. Fisher; Joseph Fisher; Laura Maude B. Fisher; Mary Fisher; Millicent Fisher; Mollie Fisher; Robertson J. Fisher; Samuel Fisher; Scott Fisher; Stearns Fisher; William B. Fisher; Emily Fitzgerald; Ellen Flanagan; Mary Flanagan; Thomas Flanagan; Barbara S. Fleck; Christian Fleck; Eliza J. Fleming; John Fleming; S. B. Fleming; Charles P. Fletcher; Luella Fletcher; Minnie Fletcher; Paschal Fletcher; Robert Fletcher; Cora Flickinger; Levi Flora; Perry Fluke; John Fodge; E. May Folts; Catherine Fonner; Edith May Fonner; John Fonner; John A. Fonner; John H. Fonner; Mary A. Fonner; Nellie E. Fonner; Willie Fonner; Edward L. Force; Eliza Force; Henry Ford; James Forkner; Minnie J. Forkner; Abbie Forney; Naomi Fort; A. Z. Foster; Alice Foster; David N. Foster; Florence Foster; Frederick R. Foster; George Foster; John L. Foster; Pearl Foster; Samuel M. Foster; Ella Fougeres; Elizabeth Foundling; Franklin H. Foust*; Alfred L. Foust; Emily Maffitt Foust; Eunice Smith Foust; Henry Foust; Jacob Foust; Solomon Foust; Myra Fowler; W. J. Fowler; Agnes H. Fowles; John Fowles; George Fox; George E. Fox; Rosa Fox; Joseph Fox; Louis Fox; Oscar Fox; Robert Fox; Mary A. Foxtater; Charlotte Fraelick; Mary Fraley; Carl O. France; Charles M. France; Elizabeth France; Hazel Belle France; Herbert B. France; John Thomas France; Richard R. France; Mary Francis; Robert Franklin; Susan Frazee; James S. Frazer; William D. Frazier; Agnes Emma Frederick; Frances Cleveland Frederick; Jessie Belle Frederick; Joseph C. Frederick; Mary Edith Frederick; Queen Elizabeth Frederick; William Jackson Frederick; Susan Freelove; Lucinda Fritz; J. L. Frost; Benjamin Fuller; Charles Reed Fulton; Herman Franklin Fulton; John Franklin Fulton; John Franklin Fulton; Lilly Eudora Fulton; Martha Jane Fulton; Nora Belle Fulton; Samuel Fulton; Samuel Woodward Fulton; William Fulton; Absalom Funk; Charles Rinear Funk; Henry Funk; John A. J. Funk; John B. Funk; Sarah A. M. Funk; Susie Funk; & Isaac Furnas.

George Gable; Lydia Gable; Harriet Gaddis; Ruth Gaddis; Adelia Gage; Hugh Gallagher; Margaret Gallagher; Belle Galligan; Sarah Gandy; Calvin Gant; George E. Gardiner*; Elizabeth Gardiner; George Gardiner; James Gardiner; Jennette Gardiner; John R. Gardiner; Joseph Gardiner; Margaret Gardiner; Mary Gardiner; Samuel Gardiner; Wilson Gardiner; Avis Gardner; John Gardner; Leah Gardner; M. R. Gardner; Marcia Gardner; Rolland Gardner; Joseph Garrell; Joel P. Garretson; Frank W. Garrett*; Amanda Garrett; Joseph Garrett; Joseph P. Garrett; Orin Chase Garrett; Orin D. Garrett; Charles R. Garthwait; Effie A. Garthwait; Luther Garthwait; Luther Alfred Garthwait; W. P. Garthwait; Don A. Garwood; Lawrence Gates; Miller Gates; Edatha M. Gaynor; Michael W. Gaynor; Charles H. Geake; Charlotte E. Geake; Edith B. Geake; Ella G. Geake; George Pixley Geake; J. J. Geake; Martin T. Geake; Samuel Sweet Geake; Sarah A. Geake; William Geake; William C. Geake; Elizabeth Geibel; Henry Geibel; Daniel Geiger; Edward Geiger; Hulda Geiger; James W. Geiger; John Geiger; Mary A. Geiger; Nettie A. Geiger; Virgil A. Geiger; William A. Geiger; Margaret Geisler; Margaret Cotts Gentle; William Gentle; Annie Gerger; Frank Gessman; Howard Franklin Gessman; Mrs. Mary Gifford; H. H. Gillen; Nora M. Gillen; Emma Gilliland; Theodore F. Gilliland; Catharine Gisleman; John Gisleman; Elizabeth Glaser; Abigail Glass; Andrew J. Glass; Barney J. Glass; Clover Glass; Esther Glass; George Glass; George G. Glass; Glendora Glass; Hannah Glass; Hodge Glass; James Glass; John Glass; John Adam Glass; John T. Glass; Kate Glass; Lucinda Glass; Maggie Glass; Maggie J. Glass; Martha Glass; Martha A. Glass; Milton Glass; Nancy Glass; Rebecca Glass; William J. Glass; Harry Glassley; Louise Glassley; Russell Glassley; Rachel Goble; Adam Goebel; Henrietta Goebel; Amorata Good; Belle Good; Benjamin Good; Blanch Strain Good; Burzetta Good; Charles H. Good; Charles Hamlin Good; George Good; Helen Margaret Good; James F. Good; Jemima Good; John Good; Jonas Good; Joseph Good; Julia Good; Mary Good; Mary L. Good; Rebecca Good; Robleys Good; Samuel Good; Sarah Good; Susan Good; Sarah Gooden; Chester Goodwin; David Goodwin; Elisha Goodwin; Emma J. Goodwin; Ephraim Goodwin; Frank Goodwin; Jane Goodwin; John Goodwin; Martha Goodwin; David Goodyear; Capitola Gorrell; E. May Gorrell; James Gorrell; David A. Goshorn; Elizabeth Grabb; Elizabeth Gradlers; John Graham; Joseph Grant;
Elizabeth Graves; Wesley Graves; Esther Gray; Jane Gray; John Rutherford Gray; Joseph Gray; Joshua Gray; Le Fever Gray; Louisa Gray; Margaret Gray; Martha Gray; Mary Gray; Mary Ann Gray; Olive Gray; Robert Gray; Robert Park Gray; Samuel Gray; Sarah Gray; Thomas Gray; William Gray; Wilson Gray; B. H. B. Grayston; Jane Green; Samuel J. Green; Sarah Green; William Green; Catherine Gregg; Della Gregg; Martha J. Gregg; William Gregg; John Grieser Jr.; Carrie Grieser; Frank Grieser; Henry Grieser; John Grieser; Julia Grieser; Mary Grieser; Willie Grieser; Fred B. Griffice; Josephine Griffin; Jonah Griffith; Nancy Griffith; Delila J. Grimes; Isabel Grimes; Hans Groff; Stewart Gronigar; Scott Groscross; Della Gross; Estella Gross; Esther Rosetta Gross; Eva Gross; Frederick Gross; Grover Gross; Henry Gross; John Gross; John H. Gross; John Henry Gross; Joseph Gross; Katie Gross; William Henry Gross; Christina Grove; Eliza Ann Grove; Elizabeth Grove; John Grove; Clara F. Grube; John Grube; Wilhelmina Gruhl; Nathaniel Gunn; Albert Gurtner; Ella D. Gustine; Mary Ann Guthrie; Charles Guynn; Ella Guynn; George Guynn; Henry Guynn; Ida Guynn; Joseph Guynn; Lincoln Guynn; Madison Guynn; Margaret Guynn; & Melissa Guynn.

Alice Haas; Clara Haas; Milo Haas; Abner Hackleman; Abraham Hackleman; Alice Hackleman; Constantine Hackleman; Edythe Hackleman; Elijah Hackleman; Elizabeth Hackleman; Erba Louise Hackleman; Florence Hackleman; Hazel Hackleman; Jacob Hackleman; Jacob T. Hackleman; James Hackleman; Leonidas Hackleman; Maria Hackleman; Marshall Hackleman; Martha Hackleman; Matilda Hackleman; Michael Hackleman; Milton Hackleman; Nancy Hackleman; Pauline Hackleman; Pleasant Hackleman; Polly Hackleman; Richard Hackleman; Atlas Hadley; Charles R. Hadley; Effie H. Hadley; Elvin C. Hadley; Jacob Hadley; Jesse W. Hadley; Joab Hadley; John R. Hadley; John V. Hadley; Levi J. Hadley; Taylor Hadley; Henry M. Haerly; Rosina Haeving; Theresa Hagener; Rebecca Ellen Haines; Bowen Hale*; John Deam Hale*; S. W. Hale*; Bowen Hale; Clara Hale; Emerillas Hale; Ethelyn Hale; Frank Hale; Fred Hale; Genevieve Hale; James Hale; James P. Hale; Jane Hale; John Hale; Lewis B. Hale; Lucile Hale; Maria Hale; Mary Hale; Olive Leone Hale; Randolph Hale; Sarah Blanche Hale; Silas W. Hale; Stella Hale; W. V. Hale; Winnie Hale; Nora J. Haley; Willis Haley; Caroline M. Hall; George Hall; Ida G. Hall; James Hall; Mary A. Hall; William Hall; Anna L. Haller; Gottlieb Haller; John D. Haller; Margaretha Haller; Thomas Hamilton; Anna Barbara Handi; Elizabeth Hann; Samuel Hanna*; Eliza Hanna; Elna M. Hanna; Oliver S. Hanna; S. D. Hanna; Samuel D. Hanna; Elizabeth Hannah; Gertrude K. Hannah; James B. Hannah; James T. Hannah; Julia N. Hannah; Oliver S. Hannah; Thomas Hannah; John M. Hare; Katie Hare; Martha E. Hare; Mary Hare; Michael Hare; Michael B. Hare; Sarah Hare; Susan A. Hare; Elizabeth Harmon; James B. Harper*; B. F. Harper; Helen Harper; John Harper; Virginia Harper; Daniel Harpster; David Harpster; Elizabeth Harpster; Henry Harpster; Isaac Harpster; Jacob Harpster; Jonas Harpster; Margaret Harpster; Mary Ann Harpster; Samuel Harpster; Sarah Harpster; William Harrid; Burr M. Harris; David Harris; Fred E. Harris; George S. Harris; John S. Harris; Mary Jane Harris; Thomas Harris; Adam Harrison; Esther A. Harrison; George F. Harrison; J. M. Harrison; Jesse W. Harrison; Joseph R. Harrison; Margaret Harrison; Mary I. Harrison; Samuel Harrison; William A. Harrison; William M. Harrison; Benjamin Harshbarger; Daniel Harshbarger; David Harshbarger; Elizabeth Graves Harshbarger; Harvey Harshbarger; Hiram Harshbarger; Rachel Harshbarger; Samuel Harshbarger; Simon Harshbarger; Tillman Harshbarger; Elizabeth Harshburger; Allen G. Hart; Jean Hart; John Hart; Mrs. Frances Mary Hart; Owen Thomas Hart; William Hart; Andrew Harter; Ann Harter; Charles C. Harter; Edwin Harter; Florence R. Harter; George Harter; Jacob Harter; John T. G. Harter; Joseph B. Harter; Margaret Harter; Mary F. Harter; Michael Harter; Sarah Harter; Thomas Stone Harter; Webner Harter; Hallis Hartley; Abraham Hartman; Alvah Hartman; Benjamin F. Hartman; Catherine J. Hartman; Cora Hartman; Elma Belle Hartman; Erma Ethel Hartman; Eva S. Fey Hartman; Ezra D. Hartman; Fannie Hartman; Florence C. Hartman; Frank Hartman; George M. Hartman; Hubert Ezra Hartman; Irving Hartman; Jennie E. Hartman; John Hartman; John E. Hartman; Jonathan M. Hartman; Katie A. Hartman; Lewis Hartman; Mable Hartman; Mary S. Hartman; Maynard Dinius Hartman; Nathan R. Hartman; Ola E. Hartman; Peter Hartman; Raymond Henry Hartman; Roberts Hartman; Sarah E. Hartman; Walter C. Hartman; William H. Hartman; Charity Hartsock; Sam Hartsock; Sarah A. Hartsock; A. M. Hartzell; Elias Hartzell; Harriet Marie Hartzell; Jane Hartzell; John Hartzell; Joshua Hartzell; Levi Hartzell; Susan Hartzell; Warren Hartzell; Rebecca Harvey; Sarah Harvey; William Harvey; Alice Hatch; N. V. Hatch; Theron Hatch; Adam Hatfield; Adelaide Hatfield; Andrew Hatfield; Anna Claire Hatfield; Anna M. Hatfield; Benjamin Hatfield; Elizabeth Hatfield; Hiram Hatfield; James C. E. Hatfield; John Hatfield; Margaret Hatfield; Mary Hatfield; Nancy Hatfield; Robert Hatfield; Robert A. Hatfield; Sarah Hatfield; Vere Hatfield; Victor Murray Hatfield; Julia Hathaway; Carrie Barbara Hauenstein; Elizabeth Hauenstein; John Hauenstein; Alexander Havens; Annabel Havens; Celesta Havens; Clayton Havens; Francis Havens; Hannah Havens; Icel May Havens; John Havens; Joseph Havens; Mary Havens; Samuel Havens; Samuel W. Havens; Violetta Havens; William H. Havens; Mary Hawk; John Hawkins; William Hawkins; William L. Hawkins; Alice Hawkinsmith; Abijah Hawley; Charles Elery Hawley; David Meyers Hawley; Edgar Frances Hawley; Edith Maria Hawley; Edwin Burket Hawley; Frank Wesley Hawley; Mable Grace Hawley; Mary Emma Hawley; Samuel Willard Hawley; Wesley Willard Hawley; Willard Eli Hawley; Henry S. Hawthorne; Hettie Hawthorne; Donald J. Hayden; Emeline Hayden; Fred J. Hayden; Grace H. Hayden; Isaac Hayden; John W. Hayden; William Hayden; Joseph Hays; Rose Hayward; Elva Heal; Hammond Heal; Harry Heal; Jessie Heal; John W. Heal; Oliver P. M. Heal; Orian V. Heal; William Heal; William E. Heal; Elizabeth Heaston; Jennie Heath; Schuyler Heath; Jesse Heaton; Owen N. Heaton; A. D. Heckman; Adam Heckman; Cornelia Norris Heckman; George Heckman; Hannah Heckman; Julia Ann Buchtel Heckman; Mary Jane Stahl Heckman; Noah Allen Heckman; Peter Heckman; Rachel Heckman; Samuel Heckman; Sarah E. Norris Heckman; John P. Hedges; Joseph Heidenreich; Minnie Catherine Heidenreich; George Heisner; Rebecca Heisner; Elizabeth Heizer; A. Hemphill; Samuel M. Hench; Agnes Henderson; Charles H. Henderson; Earl Benjamin Harrison Henderson; Edna Henderson; Mary Henderson; Sarah Henderson; William Henderson; James A. Hendricks; A. Henley; Glenn Henley; John Henley; Phineas Henley; Richard Henley; J. C. Henry; Louise Henry; Valentine Hermann; Eveline E. Herndon; Annie Hess; Charles Oscar Hess; Chloe May Hess; Clarence Hess; James H. Hess; John Edward Hess; Michael Hess; Peter S. Hess; Robina Hess; Christian Hettler; Alvinia Hewitt; Henry Hiatt; M. Aurelius Hiatt; Mary Hiatt; Rachel Hiatt; Lucy Hibbard; Mary Jane Hilburn; Barbara Hildenbrand; Elizabeth Hildenbrand; Jacob Hildenbrand; Kate Hildenbrand; Mary Hildenbrand; Philip Hildenbrand; Rachel Hildenbrand; Edith Maria Carolina Hilgenberg; Henry Hilgenberg; Charles S. Hill; John C. Hill; Miriam Hill; Otto G. Hill; Sarah Hill; Barbara Hilty; Rachel Hindman; Cornelia Hinton; Emma Hipkins; John Hipskind Jr.; Charles C. Hipskind; James H. Hipskind; John Hipskind; John L. Hipskind; Josephine B. Hipskind; Mary M. Hipskind; Sarah E. Hipskind; Thomas F. Hipskind; Elizabeth Hixon; Henry W. Hixon; Minerva E. Hobbs; Chester Prentice Hodge; D. A. Hodge; James Hodge; Samuel Hodge; Anthony W. Hoffman; Dayton Hoffman; Effie Hoffman; Ella Hoffman; Jacob Hoffman; Jennie Hoffman; Magdalena Hoffman; Minnie Hoffman; Albert Hofmann; Anna Barbara Hofmann; Mary Hofstatter; Absalom Holcomb; Edward Holcomb; Alida Hollenback; Rachel Hollenbeck; Emma Holliday; Jacob R. Holliday; John Holliday; Joseph Holliday; Mary Magdaline Holliday; Rebecca Holliday; William C. Holliday; W. H. Hollister; Frank Hollmann; Euphemia Holman; Jane Holman; Caroline Holmes; Emma Holmes; John Holsenburg; Julia Mosby Holton; Thomas J. Holton; Ann Homer; Abigail Homsher; Albert M. Hoover; Barbara Hoover; Eddie Ellsworth Hoover; Esther Hoover; Grace Hoover; Harriet E. Hoover; James Hoover; John I. Hoover; Lucy Hoover; Marie Hoover; Ollie Ann Hoover; Samuel Hoover; William M. Hoover; Alvin Horning; Arthur William Horning; Catherine Horning; Daniel Horning; Earl Brooks Horning; Elhanan Horning; Elizabeth Horning; Elmer Ellsworth Horning; Emma Catherine Horning; Eva Viola Horning; Henry Horning; Ira Horning; John Price Horning; Jonas Horning; Lydia Horning; Mary Horning; Rebecca Horning; Reuben Horning; Russell Dawn Horning; Samuel Horning; Sarah Ann Horning; Sophia Horning; Susan Horning; Susana Horning; William Horning; Mary Horton; Ragena Hose; Edatha H. Hotchkiss; Harry Hotchkiss; R. C. Houck; Sarah Houghey; Aaron Householder; Christina E. Householder; Hannah M. Householder; John Householder; Lucy E. Householder; Nancy Ann Householder; Jacob Houtz; Sarah Houtz; Abigail Howard; Adam Howard; Elizabeth Howard; Nicholas Hubbard; Henry Hubler; Jemima Hubler; Theresa Hubrich; J. C. Huff; Mary Huffer; Daniel Huffman; Delilah Huffman; Enos Huffman; Frances Jane Huffman; John Huffman; Levi Huffman; Mary Ettie Huffman; Moses Huffman; Phoebe Huffman; Simeon Huffman; Artie Hughes; Charles W. Hughes; David H. Hughes; Effie M. Hughes; Fannie Hughes; Gertrude Hughes; Mary Hughes; Nathan Hughes; Thomas N. Hughes; Virginia Hughes; William G. Hughes; William M. Hughes; Mary Huit; Abram T. Hull; Benjamin Hull; Cecelia Hull; Nellie Hull; Catherine Hulm; M. Humes; Martha Humes; Bernard Hunsel; Carl Hunsel; Elizabeth Hunsel; Henry Hunsel; Reginia Hunsel; Hoyt B. Hunt*; Alice E. Hunt; Amos P. Hunt; Benjamin L. Hunt; Benjamin R. Hunt; Catherine Hunt; Charles R. Hunt; Clara L. Hunt; Elizabeth Hunt; Harrison W. Hunt; Lizzie E. Hunt; Susan Hunt; Theodore Hunt; William R. Hunt; Amos O. Hunter; Calvin Fillmore Hunter; Elliott E. Hunter; Etta Hunter; George C. Hunter; Gracie Hunter; Rosalee C. Hunter; Thornton B. Hunter; Victor Hunter; John Hupp; Mary Jane Hupp; S. Hupp; George K. Hurd; James K. Hurd; Jonathan Hurd; Samuel Hurd; Cornelius Hurley; Mary Jackson Hurley; Sarah Husselman; Anna M. Huyette; Joseph R. Huyette; Newton Hyer; William Olonzo Hyer; Zina Hyer; Wesley Hyre Jr.; Aaron Hyre; Alonzo Hyre; Amanda Hyre; Araminda Hyre; Davis Hyre; Joseph Hyre; Leonard Hyre; Martha Hyre; Sarah Hyre; & Wesley Hyre.

Frances Imlay; John Ingersol; Susan Ingersol; Jane Melissa Ireland; John Ireland; Adrian Irig; Nina Irig; Vivian Irig; William Irion; Mary Irvin; John S. Irwin Jr.; John S. Irwin*; Amelia Irwin; John Irwin; & William Madison Irwin.

Effie M. Jack; Gale Jack; Mrs. E. J. Jack; Ruth Jack; Blanche M. Jackson; Eliza Jackson; John S. Jackson; James Jacobs; Thenar Jadwin; Sarah James; James D. Jameson; Sarah Jay; F. M. Jeffrey; Phoebe Jemison; Robert Jemison; Benjamin Jenkins; Esther Jenkins; Sabra Jenkins; Catherine A. Jerome; William Jerome; Alfred E. Jessup; Dr. Louisa F. Jessup; Elizabeth Jessup; Evaline Jessup; Lydia A. Jessup; Mary V. Jessup; Morris Jessup; Tidamon Jessup; Barbara P. Jewett; Alfred L. Johns; Alfred S. Johns; Arnold S. Johns; Edward S. Johns; Emma O. Johns; Garrett Johns; John Johns; Louis B. Johns; Malvina Johns; Alexander Johnson; Charles Johnson; Daniel Johnson; Eliza Johnson; Henry J. Johnson; James Johnson; James L. Johnson; Luke Johnson; Malinda Johnson; Rebecca Johnson; Sarah Johnson; Solomon Johnson; William Johnson; Ann Johnston; John Johnston; Louisa Johnston; Mary A. Johnston; Melissa Johnston; Nancy J. Johnston; Sallie W. Johnston; William Y. Johnston; Absalom Jolley; John M. Jolley; Nancy Jolley; Prudence P. Jolley; William Jolley; A. Jones; Anna M. Jones; Benjamin Jones; Byron Jones; Catherine Jones; Catherine M. Jones; Charles S. Jones; Dan S. Jones; Edmund Jones; Eli Reynolds Jones; Elizabeth Jones; Ellen Jones; Emma L. Jones; Frances Jones; Frances Jones; Gabriel Jones; Grace Jones; Hannah Eliza Jones; Harrison Jones; Hillary Jones; Homer M. Jones; Howard C. Jones; John Jones; Josephine Jones; L. S. Jones; Levi Jones; Levi Monroe Jones; Levi Morris Jones; Lora Jones; Mark Jones; Mary Jane Jones; Matilda Jones; Maxia Jones; Norris Jones; Oliver Perry Jones; Oliver Tindal Jones; Paula Jones; Porter G. Jones; Rebecca Jones; Sallie Jones; Samuel Jones; Sanford W. Jones; Stephen Jones; Susan Cornelia Jones; Thomas Jones; Washington Jones; Washington Thomas Jones; William Jones; William Preston Jones; Ernest Jordan; John Jordan; Celeste A. Joslin; & Reuben Judy.

Alice Kagle; Mary A. Kain; Adam Kaiser; Frederick Kaiser; S. P. Kaler*; George Kaler; Henry Kaler; James B. Kaler; John Kaler; Laura Kaler; Samuel P. Kaler; Walpole Kaler; William Allen Kaler; Mrs. James M. Kane; John Kariger; Andrew Karns; Ida Karns; Loretta Kauffman; Irving Keefer; John Kehler; Mary Kehler; Beatrice Kell; Dollie Kell; Ellen Kell; Emma Kell; Frank Kell; Frederick Kell; George Kell; George V. Kell; Gertrude Kell; Jacob Kell; Jesse E. Kell; Louie A. Kell; Mary Kell; May Kell; Robert Kell; Solomon Kell; Walter Kell; Adolph Kellar; Frederick Kellar; Henry Kellar; Ida Kellar; Mary Kellar; Rosa Kellar; Henry Keller; Amelia Kellermeyer; Luther Elwood Kelley; William Henry Kelley; Rachel J. Kellogg; Samuel Kellogg; Beatrice Kemp; Clifford Kemp; Edgar Kemp; Eva May Kemp; Ezra Kemp; Henry F. Kemp; Henry F. Kemp; Ira Kemp; James C. Kemp; James M. Kemp; L. Scott Kemp; Lucinda Kemp; Minnie Kemp; Orville W. Kemp; Oscar E. Kemp; Stephen B. Kemp; Walter R. Kemp; Benjamin B. Kendall; Emma Jane Kendall; Archibald Kennedy; Robert P. Kennedy; A. Q. Kenower*; John Kenower*; Mrs. John Kenower*; Adam Q. Kenower; Andrew Kenower; Ann Elizabeth Kenower; Catherine Kenower; Charles Edgar Kenower; Clara Isabella Kenower; David Kenower; Elizabeth J. Kenower; George Kenower; Herman Porter Kenower; Jacob Kenower; Jacob Kenower; Jacob Wise Kenower; Jean Kenower; Jennie May Kenower; John Kenower; John P. Kenower; Kate Pomroy Kenower; Mary Ann Kenower; Mary C. Kenower; Rebecca Kenower; Sanford Kinsbury Kenower; Sarah Kenower; Sarah Adda Kenower; William W. Kenower; Willis Evans Kenower; Hannah Kent; Henry Kenzie; Christina Kepple; Louise Kepple; Nancy Kern; Alice Kerr; David Kerr; Mary Kerr; Phebe Ketchum; Robert Frank Kettering; William Kettering; Henry Kettler; Louisa M. Kettler; Alfred Kidd; Alice Kidd; Amanda F. Kidd; Charles R. Kidd; Clara Kidd; E. Marie Kidd; Earl E. Kidd; Edmund I. Kidd; Edmund S. Kidd; Eliza E. Kidd; Enrica Kidd; Gideon P. Kidd; Harriet A. Kidd; Helen M. Kidd; Herman D. Kidd; James G. Kidd; Leila C. Kidd; Mabel Kidd; Maria L. Kidd; Mary A. Kidd; Meredith H. Kidd; Millicent Kidd; Rose L. Kidd; Sarah Kidd; Margaret Ann Kimble; Robert Kincaid; Homer King; Mary King; Mary A. King; Paul T. King; Rufus King; Stella King; T. W. King; Louis Kinsey; Henry C. Kinzie; John Kinzie; Richard Kirby; Samuel Kirby; Martha Kirk; Martha Kirkpatrick; Jane Kirsop; Richard Klein; Mary A. Klenknight; Dwight Klinck; Agnes Klingel; Catharine Knead; Elizabeth Knifeton; Elizabeth Knight; Alex Knisely; Martha Knoop; Michael Knoop; Elizabeth Knop; Charles Knorr; Mary E. Knorr; Andrew Knour; Jacob Knour; John Knowles; Minnie E. Knowles; Elizabeth Knox; Anna Koch; Leah Koch; Margaret Koch; Rachina Koch; Elizabeth C. Koehlinger; John Henry Koehlinger; George Koenig; Fannie Koontz; Isaac Koontz; Frederick Kramer; Barbara Kreider; Caroline Kreider; David Kreider; Eliza Kreider; Eliza Catherine Kreider; Elizabeth Aultman Kreider; Fred Kreider; Gable Kreider; George Kreider; Harriet Minnie Kreider; Ira Kreider; Isiah B. Kreider; Jacob Kreider; John Kreider; John L. Kreider; Joseph Kreider; Joseph J. Kreider; Lloyd Kreider; Perry Kreider; Sarah Arnot Kreider; Sarah Elizabeth Kreider; Tobias Kreider; Annie Krotch; Carl Kuldau; Charles Kuldau; William A. Kunkle Jr.; Fannie C. Kunkle; John O. Kunkle; Matilda J. Kunkle; Michael Kunkle; Rebecca J. Kunkle; Samuel Kunkle; Theodore H. Kunkle; William A. Kunkle; Angelo Kutche; Demitre Kutche; Amelia Kyler; Ann Kyler; Basil Kyler; Charles Sumner Kyler; Daniel Kyler; Eleanor Kyler; George Kyler; Jacob Kyler; Jesse Kyler; John Kyler; Margaret Kyler; Maria Kyler; Martha Ellen Kyler; Matilda Kyler; Matilda Jane Kyler; Nancy Kyler; Sarah Ann Kyler; & Sarah Elizabeth Kyler.

Amanda Lackey; Benjamin Lackey; Calvin A. Lackey; Carl H. Lackey; Charles Lackey; Clara Lackey; Floride Amanda Lackey; George W. Lackey; Joseph W. Lackey; Madge Bennett Lackey; Maria Lackey; Mary E. Lackey; Sarah Ann Lackey; William Lackey; Clara Belle Lacy; H. J. Lacy; Peter Lahmeyer; William Lahmyer; Alicia H. Lamson; LaFayette Lamson; Rachel Lancaster; Jane Landless; Ninian Landless; William H. Lane; Daniel Lantz; Lizzie Lapp; Samantha C. Larcom; John S. Larwill; Elma Lash; Sarah Lash; Simon P. Lash; Caleb Latchem; Charles Latchem; Clyde Latchem; Edward Latchem; Frank Latchem; George Latchem; Ivens Latchem; John B. Latchem; Lucy Latchem; Paul Latchem; Rebecca Latchem; Ruth Latchem; Thomas Latchem; Elias Lathem; Elmer Earnest Lathem; James Lathem; Matthew Crawford Lathem; Sophia Lau; James Laughlin; Benedict Law; C. D. Law; Frederick Clarkson Law; William Benedict Law; Martha Lawrence; G. W. Lawrence*; Bessie May Lawrence; Christian Lawrence; Elizabeth Lawrence; George Ray Lawrence; George W. Lawrence; Hanz Peter Lawrence; Harvey S. Lawrence; Henry H. Lawrence; Isaiah Lawrence; John Lawrence; John A. Lawrence; John C. Lawrence; John F. Lawrence; John Philip Lawrence; John Valentine Lawrence; Joseph Lawrence; Leana Lawrence; Levi Lawrence; Louisa Lawrence; Margaret Lawrence; Mary Ann Lawrence; Melinda Lawrence; Michael E. Lawrence; Pearl Keller Lawrence; Peter Lawrence; Priscilla Lawrence; Sarah Lawrence; Victor Lyman Lawrence; William Eldon Lawrence; Austin A. Lawton; Charles H. Lawton; Clarence B. Lawton; Hannibal D. Lawton; Thomas Lawton; Sarah Le Fever; Nancy Leach; Earl D. Leas; John Leas; Stella B. Leas; William H. Leas; Elta Leckrone; Ann Eliza Lee; Etta Anna Lee; John W. Lee; W. H. Lee; James L. Leeper Jr.; J. W. Leeper; James Leeper; James L. Leeper; Robert Leeper; Samuel H. Leeper; John Lehman; Mary E. Lehman; Sabina E. Lehman; Mary Leitel; Abigail Leonard; Charles R. Leonard; Emma Belle Leonard; Frank M. Leonard; Levi O. Leonard; Minnie Leonard; Nathan R. Leonard; Catherine Leppla; Jennie Lester; Caroline Level; Abner Lewis; Betsey Lewis; Charles S. Lewis; Diana Lewis; Harry L. Lewis; Samuel Lewis; Jacob Leyman Jr.; Daniel Smith Leyman*; Andrew Leyman; Edward Manchester Leyman; Jackson Leyman; Jacob Leyman; John Leyman; John Adams Leyman; Joshua Leyman; Lawrence Elgin Leyman; Levi Adam Leyman; Mary Leyman; Sarah Ellen Leyman; Mary E. Lichty; Alexander Liggett; Elizabeth Liggett; Laura H. Lightfoot; Burr Lightle; Lena Lightle; Levi Lightle; Thomas Lightle; William H. Lightle; Catherine Lindler; Amelia Anna Liseman; Frank Liseman; Magdalena Listchenberger; Addie Little; Charles Little; Esther J. Little; Lewis Little; Lula May Little; Martin Magner Little; Nellie Grace Little; Phoebe Little; Warren Wallace Little; Carrie A. Livengood; Edith Lizzie; Eliza Lobauch; Reka Loeb; Emma L. Logan; Horatio S. Logan; Ida B. Logan; James Logan; Jane Logan; Lydia J. Logan; Margaret E. Logan; Oliver P. Logan; William H. Logan; Barbara Long; Blanche A. Long; Delilah Catharine Baker Long; Elizabeth A. Long; Frank E. Long; Henry Long; Henry J. Long; James Long; John Long; Lewis Long; Louise G. Long; M. F. Long; Martha Long; Michael Long; Samuel D. Long; Sarah Long; Susie Lenore Long; Amanda Loofbonnow; Dessie Lore; Anna Losch; John Losch; Peter Loth; Theresa Loth; Barbara Lotz; Henry Lotz; Henrietta Lounsberry; Smith Lounsberry; F. Loveall; Samuel Loveall; Samuel B. Loveall; Alton Lower; Anton Lower; Irvine Lower; James Lower; Jessie Lower; Leander Lower; Sylvia Lower; Robert Lowrey*; Ellen Ludwic; Mary Lupken; Frank H. Lupkin; Elizabeth Lusk; Catharine Lutz; Daniel Lutz; Mary A. Lutz; Ruben Lutz; Rebecca Lybarger; Frances Lyman; Richard Lyman; John Lynch; Sophia Lynch; George F. Lyons; Ira A. E. Lyons; Ira E. Lyons; & William B. Lyons.

Lida MacBoster; Frederick Maddox; Leander Erastus Maddox; Michael Maddox; Minnie Catharine Maddox; Myrtie Maddox; Wesley Harvey Maddox; Emily Magill; Frankie Magill; Lydia Magill; Rush Magill; Stacy Magill; William Logan Magill; Azariah Magner; John D. Mahon; Martha C. Mahon; Mary Mahon; Elizabeth Maier; Willis Maier; Anna Major; Baptiste Malash; Frances Malash; Baptiste Maloch; Martha Manchester; Susan Mann; Susan Ann Mann; Sarah Maple; C. F. Marchand; John A. Marine; Richard H. Maring*; Charles H. Maring; Flora C. Maring; Leonard S. Maring; Mayolo Maring; Philip Maring; Richard H. Maring; Simon Bennett Maring; Wealthy Maring; Daniel Markley; John Markley; Jonathan Markley; Matilda J. Markley; Catherine Markly; Thomas R. Marshall*; Elmina Elizabeth Marshall; John Marshall; Riley Marshall; Augustus N. Martin; Clara Anna Martin; Elizabeth Martin; Eva Lalla Martin; Frank Martin; Frank Martin; Frank John Martin; Isabel Martin; J. C. F. Martin; Jacob Martin; Jerome B. Martin; John Martin; John S. Martin; Joseph Andrew Martin; Llewellyn Martin; Mabel Martin; Mary Elizabeth Martin; Nancy Martin; Philip Martin; Sarah Ann Martin; Sarah J. Martin; Theresa Lena Martin; William Martin; William F. Martin; Dale Martindale; Charles R. Mason; Julia Mason; Oliver H. Mason; Henry Masterson; Elizabeth Mattoon; Clinton Mayne; Esther May Mayne; Lillian Frances Mayne; J. McAffee; John McArtha; P. McArtha; Amelia McCabe; Ann McCaffrey; James McCaffrey; Mailta McCain; William McCain; Edward McCammon; Jonathan McCarty; Louisa McCarty; Elizabeth Caroline McCaughey; Flora M. McCaughey; Jane McCaughey; Joseph McCaughey; Samuel McCaughey; Charles A. O. McClellan*; Charles McClellan; Della McClellan; Jennie A. McClellan; William McClellan; Camillus McClure; Jennett McClure; Margaret McClure; Mrs. Mary L. McClure; Mary McConaghy; David McConn; Carrie McCorkle; Margaret McCorkle; Thomas H. McCormick*; Ada M. McCormick; Della C. McCormick; Firman C. McCormick; Florence McCormick; Harry B. McCormick; Henry McCormick; Minnie M. McCormick; Pearl R. McCormick; Thomas H. McCormick; Edith McCoy; Ellen McCoy; Jane McCoy; John McCoy; Mary McCoy; Joseph McCulloch; Thomas P. McCullough*; Charles McCullough; Ella G. McCullough; Gustine McCullough; Howard McCullough; Hugh McCullough; John McCullough; Asa McDaniel; John T. McDaniel; A. C. McDonald; Alexander McDonald; E. H. McDonald; Mary McDonald; Ella McDorman; John McDowell; Sophronia McEntarfer; John McFadden; Phoebe McFadden; John McFighe; Mary Ann McFighe; Maggie McGaff; Mary J. McGaff; Rebecca McGaff; Andrew McGaffe; John Perfect McGeath; Dorothy J. McGinley; Michael McGinley; Charles McGrew; Elizabeth McGrew; Elna McGrew; Eva McGrew; George McGrew; Inez Clare McGrew; James Irvin McGrew; Luella McGrew; Mary Jane McGrew; William McGrew; Noah McGrew; Edward McHenry; Effie McHenry; James E. McHenry; John A. McHenry; Joseph McHenry; Josephine McIlhenny; Samuel McIlhenny; Thomas O. McIlvain; William McIntyre Jr.; Belle McIntyre; Harvey C. McIntyre; John C. McIntyre; William McIntyre; William H. McIntyre; Rachel McKibben; Mary S. McKimmy; John McKinley; Lucius B. McKinley; Margaret McKnight; Hugh McLain; Sarah McLain; Elisha Lyman McLallen Jr.; Elisha Lyman McLallen*; Henry McLallen*; Henry Dewitt McLallen; Margaret A. McLallen; Marshall C. McLallen; Walter Field McLallen; Jennie D. McLaren; Lenora McLead; Cleo McLin; De Forest McLin; Evangeline McLin; George Harry McLin; Ileene McLin; Jacob McLin; Thomas McLin; John McMillan; Wilson McMillan; George McMillien; Lettie McMillien; Catharine McPhillen; Jane McQuestion; Jennie McVicker; Samuel McVicker; Martha McWilliams; Agnes Melrose; David Melrose; Ellen Melrose; George Melrose; James Melrose; Jane Melrose; Richard Melrose; Robert Melrose; William Melrose; Edith Mendenhall; Nathan Mendenhall; William T. Mendenhall; Harry Mentzer; Jacob Mentzer; S. E. Mentzer; Anna Mercer; Daniel Mercer; Edith Mercer; Finn Mercer; Flora Mercer; Perry Mercer; William Mercer; Elijah Merriman Jr.; William Merriman Jr.; Elijah Merriman; Eliza Merriman; Fermer E. Merriman; Garth Merriman; Harmon Merriman; Huldah Merriman; James Merriman; John Merriman; John Everett Merriman; Lowell Mason Merriman; Mahala Merriman; Mary Merriman; May Merriman; Nellie Merriman; Thomas Merriman; William Merriman; Williametta Merriman; Eleanor Merryman; Macaiah Merryman; Clarissa Ann Mesnard; John I. Metts*; Alfred H. Metts; Eliza B. Metts; Fred A. Metts; James Metts; James E. Metts; James W. Metts; John I. Metts; John W. Metts; Josephine Metts; Mary E. Metts; Milton S. Metts; Miranda D. Metts; Norville W. Metts; Robert E. Metts; Sarepta L. Metts; William Metts; William E. Metts; William H. Metts; Aaron Metz; Arthur R. Metz; Caroline Spinkle Metz; Catharine Hoke Metz; Christopher Metz; Cora Olive Metz; Eliza Wolf Metz; Estella Metz; Irom T. Metz; Jacob Metz; Lewis Metz; Maggie Metz; Margaretta Metz; Omer R. Metz; Ozias Metz; Rachel Hoke Metz; Sarah Essig Metz; Harry M. Metzgar; Henrietta Meyer; Minnie Meyer; Rachel Michael; Elizabeth Miedreich; Josephine Millar; Leonard Millar; Bertha Elizabeth Miller; Calvin C. Miller; Caroline Miller; Catharine Miller; Catherine Miller; Elizabeth H. Miller; Frances Miller; George R. Miller; Harry Irving Miller; Jacob J. Miller; Jeremiah G. Miller; Jesse Miller; John Miller; Joseph Miller; Louisa Catharine Miller; Mary Miller; Mary Jane Miller; Polly Miller; Rebecca Miller; William Miller; Lynn Milligan; Augustus Curry Mills; Georgie Mills; John Mills; Joshua Mills; Kathryn Mills; Mary Mills; Samuel Mincer; Martin Mindnich; Loren B. Miner; Mary Magdalena Minnich; Sarah Minton; Jacob Mishler; Lydia O. Mishler; Mary Jane Mishler; Eli Mitchell; Elizabeth Mitchell; James Mitchell; Jesse Mitchell; John Mitchell; Martha Mitchell; Sally Mitchell; Sarah Mitchell; Amanda M. Mitten; James Mitten; David Douglas Moffat; David W. Moffat; S. S. Moffett; Susann W. Moffett; Aldona Mohler; Alonzo Daniel Mohler; Amos Mohler; Arcturus Lincoln Mohler; Carrie Mohler; Clara Mohler; Elizabeth Amberzine Mohler; Harold Clayton Mohler; Inez Mohler; Mary Ann Mohler; Orion E. Mohler; Retta Mohler; Ruth Mohler; Simon Mohler; Vida Mohler; Elias Montgomery; Elizabeth J. Montgomery; Esther Montgomery; Hugh Montgomery; Lucy H. Montgomery; Adeline Moody; Daniel D. Moody; John R. Moody; Rachel Moody; Phoebe Moony; Alfred Moore; Alice Moore; Ann Moore; Dessie Moore; Elizabeth Moore; Emma Moore; Grace Moore; James Moore; Martha Moore; Mary McFarland Moore; Nancy Moore; Samuel Moore; Alex More; Alexander More; Herbert A. More; Huldah More; Jacob N. More; John More; John E. More; John W. More; Mary E. More; Parker More; Sarah Agnes More; Sarah Ann More; William A. More; William C. More; Mary J. Morford; William Morford; Elizabeth C. Morgan; John V. Morgan; Minnie A. Morgan; Nicholas Morgan; John Morris*; Edward R. Morris; Frances Morris; Jonathan Morris; Levi Morris; Mary Ann Morris; Thomas A. Morris; Andrew Morrison Jr.; A. B. Morrison; Andrew Morrison; Calvin Morrison; Eli Morrison; Elijah Morrison; Franklin Alexander Morrison; James P. Morrison; Joanna Morrison; John Andrew Morrison; Leander Morrison; Lewis Mitchell Morrison; Matilda Ann Morrison; Merle Minten Morrison; Nancy Morrison; Osborn Morrison; Rufus Alvah Morrison; Samuel Lindsay Morrison; Sarah Lucinda Morrison; Sarah Mordah Morrison; Mary J. Moss; Alcinda Mossman; Charles H. Mossman; Francis Mossman; Francis M. Mossman; George S. Mossman; James A. Mossman; James F. Mossman; Jesse E. Mossman; John F. Mossman; Mary Catherine Mossman; Maxey Mossman; Mazie R. Mossman; Orpha Mossman; Orpha Odella Mossman; William E. Mossman; Zella Zenetta Mossman; Egbert Mott; Egbert Benson Mott; J. Granville Mott; James Mott; Julia Mott; Julia E. Mott; Reginald Heber Mott; Sheridan Mott; John Mouncy; Eunice Mowrer; Michael Mowrey Jr.; Mary Ann Mowrey*; William C. Mowrey*; Arthur S. Mowrey; Charles A. Mowrey; Cleona E. Mowrey; David Mowrey; Emma Jane Mowrey; Etta M. Mowrey; Eva Ann Mowrey; Harriet Irene Mowrey; Jane Mowrey; John Mowrey; John Michael Mowrey; Lydia Mowrey; Mark V. Mowrey; Mary E. Mowrey; Michael Mowrey; Nancy Jane Mowrey; Nannie A. Mowrey; Ruth Mowrey; Sabina Mowrey; Stephen Mowrey; Sylvanus H. Mowrey; William C. Mowrey; William I. Mowrey; Hannah Mudgett; Edward Muehlenbruck; Johanna Muehlenbruck; Theo Muehlenbruck; Clay Mullin; Ann Mumma; Bertha E. Myers; Christina Myers; Christopher Myers; David Myers; Eldora Myers; Elizabeth Myers; Emma Myers; Fannie Myers; Frances Myers; Henry Myers; Janet Myers; Jennie Myers; John Myers; Joseph Myers; Lucy Myers; Mary Myers; Mary E. Myers; Nancy Myers; Ora Myers; Susan Myers; W. Scott Myers; & Warren Myers.

Harmon Nabor; Hellen Ethel Nabor; Charles Nathan; Chester Nathan; Jacob Nathan; Julius Nathan; Rose Nathan; Moses Neely; Barbara Neible; Jacob Neible; George Nelson; Julia B. Nelson; Mary Nelson; Charles W. Nestel; Charlotte Nestel; Daniel Nestel; Daniel Nestel; Eliza S. Nestel; Henrietta Nestel; Oscar W. Nestel; Mary Nettlehorst; Adam Newman; John Newman; Kathryn Newman; Mary Emily Newman; Charles Niccum; Rebecca Niccum; John Nichol; Josephine Nichol; Addison Nickey; Anderson B. Nickey; David W. Nickey; Elizabeth J. Nickey; Jacob Nickey; Rebecca Nickey; Samuel Nickey; Samuel Mossman Nickey; Mary F. Nimmous; Keziah Nixon; John Noble; Winona Noble; Charles Nobles; John Noblick; Anna Nolt; Barbara Nolt; Elizabeth Nolt; Fannie Nolt; John Nolt; Jonas Nolt; Leah Nolt; Mary Nolt; Silva Nolton; Mollie Nordyke; Laura May Northrop; Stephen A. Northrop; William R. Northrop; Sarah Notestine; Lee Nottzger; Millicent Nottzger; T. A. Nottzger; Addison Nowlin; Cecelia Nowlin; Lida Noyes; Abram C. Null; Catherine Brinker Null; Jesse Null; L. S. Null; Mary Edna Null; Maud Null; Ralph W. Null; Wenona Null; Joseph Dayton Nuttman Jr.; Joseph Dayton Nuttman*; Carrie L. Nuttman; Julia Nuttman; Mary Ella Nuttman; & Oliver Nuttman.

Catharine O'Brien; Dennis O'Brien; Elizabeth O'Brien; Ellen O'Brien; Johanna O'Brien; Mary O'Brien; Michael O'Brien; Patrick O'Brien; William O'Brien; Dorotha O'Neal; Elizabeth O'Neil; Edward O'Rourke*; Christopher O'Rourke; James O'Rourke; John O'Rourke; Patrick O'Rourke; Patrick S. O'Rourke; Chauncey B. Oakley*; Benjamin W. Oakley; Harriet Oakley; Martha Oakley; Simeon Odell; John Ogden; Mattie E. Ogden; Robert Ogden; David Ohlinger; George Ohlinger; Hannah M. Ohlinger; Maria Ohlstock; Frank S. Olds; Henry G. Olds; Mary Olds; Mrs. Henry G. Olds; Abraham Oppenheimer; Harmon Orner; John Orr; Jane Orton; John C. Overman; & Bridget Owens.

Charles Edgar Page; Leila Maude Page; Robert J. Page; Verna Leona Page; William McKendree Page; Janetta Paige; Rufus W. A. Paige; Julia P. Paine; Elizabeth Painter; Elizabeth Palmer; Mary Palmer; Sallie Palmer; Charles Pape; William Pape; Ruth Park; William Park; Ellen Parker; Jane Sophia Parker; Silas Parker; Benjamin H. Parrett; Catherine Parrett; John D. Parrett; Mary Parrett; Philip Parrett; Rebecca Parrett; Nancy Parrill; Anna Parrott; John B. Parsell; Theodore Pattee; Elizabeth Patterson; Eva Patterson; Freddie P. Patterson; Harriet Patterson; James B. Patterson; Jennette Patterson; Joseph W. Patterson; Mary Ann Patterson; Minnie M. Patterson; Philip Patterson; R. D. Patterson; Vera Patterson; Charles Henry Paugh; Ada Pauling; Curtis Pauling; Jasper Paulson; Lydia Paulson; William Paulson; James Paxton; Ruth A. Paxton; Sarah Jane Paxton; S. J. Peabody*; Asa Peabody; Genevieve Peabody; J. B. Peabody; John L. Peabody; Mary Peck; Emmeline Peddecord; J. J. Peddecord; William Pegg; Angeline Peltier; Ellen Peltier; James Peltier; James C. Peltier; Laura A. Peltier; Louis Peltier; William H. Peltier; Emanuel Pence; William Penfield Sr.; Abisha Penfield; Adaline Penfield; Blanche Penfield; Charles G. Penfield; H. F. Penfield; Nettie Penfield; Sylvester M. Penfield; Walter Penfield; William L. Penfield; William Percy; Lydia A. Perhamus; Amos Perry; Irene Perry; Oliver Perry; Mary Peters; Bernice Peterson; Calvin D. Peterson; Dora L. Peterson; Eliza A. Peterson; John S. Peterson; John W. Peterson; Kittie C. Peterson; Lizzie Pearl Peterson; Martha A. Peterson; Mary G. Peterson; Robert S. Peterson; Thomas E. Peterson; H. C. Pettit; W. L. Pettit; Mrs. J. Phelps; Bernard Phillips; Content Phillips; Leonard Phillips; Lyman Phillips; Mary Phillips; Nancy Cole Phillips; Odelia Phillips; John Piatt; Alexander Pickard; Moslen Pickard; Polly Pickett; Howard Pierce; Benjamin Pillars; Elizabeth Pillars; Anna A. Planck; Charles Plank; Anna Platt; Betsey Platt; Eliza Platt; Ellter Platt; Hiram David Platt; Mariah Platt; Nancy Platt; Polly Platt; Samuel Platt; Margaret A. Plummer; Louis Pomroy; Sarah Pond; Vallona Pond; Elizabeth Porter; Frances A. Porter; Henrietta Poston; William Potts; Charles Poulson; Frankie Poulson; John W. Poulson; Ota May Poulson; Ross Poulson; Mary Powell; Amasa Powers Jr.; Amasa Powers; America Powers; Flora Powers; Homer Powers; Jesse Powers; Montgomery Powers; William Prentiss; George Prescott; Hannah Price; I. L. Priddy; Mary Priddy; A. C. Probasco; Gertrude Probasco; C. F. Proegler; Carl Proegler; John W. Provines; Gertrude Pulse; Lilly Pulse; Silas A. Pulse; Mary Pult; Frank Pulver; Alfred Purdy; Margaret Purdy; John Purviance Jr.; Samuel Hillory Purviance*; Adeline Purviance; Agnes Jane Purviance; Andrew Ireland Purviance; Aurelius Schenck Purviance; Betsey Keziah Purviance; Blanche Rebecca Purviance; Charles Clements Purviance; Clarence Purviance; Clement Abraham Purviance; David Purviance; David Alonzo Purviance; David Parson Purviance; Elam Purviance; Elam Corwin Purviance; Eliza Ann Purviance; Elizabeth Purviance; Elizabeth Huston Purviance; Ella J. Purviance; Emma Purviance; Francis M. Purviance; Grace Miona Purviance; Harlan Delbert Purviance; Harmon M. Purviance; Henry Levi Purviance; Hugh Young Purviance; Irvin Purviance; James Purviance; James Hillory Purviance; James Milton Purviance; Jane Purviance; Jane Trotter Purviance; Jessie Purviance; Jessie L. Purviance; Jessie Lorena Purviance; John Purviance; John Wasson Purviance; Joseph Purviance; Joseph Gilmore Purviance; Joseph Wasson Purviance; Keziah Purviance; Laura Purviance; Lavinia Purviance; Lewis Purviance; Lizzie Purviance; Louisa Purviance; Lucy Purviance; Lucy M. Purviance; Margaret Purviance; Marshall James Purviance; Marshall Roy Purviance; Martha Purviance; Martha Lucille Purviance; Mary Purviance; Mary Alice Purviance; Mellie Clementine Purviance; Minnie Amelia Purviance; Moses Purviance; Myrtie V. Purviance; Nancy Purviance; Nellie P. Purviance; Nora Rosalind Purviance; Phoebe M. Purviance; Robert Purviance; Rolla S. Purviance; Samuel Purviance; Sara Ruth Purviance; Sarah Purviance; Sarah Ann Purviance; Volney Purviance; Will M. Purviance; William Purviance; William Roscoe Purviance; William Trotter Purviance; Sarah A. Putman; Sarah Putnam; & Sara Pyne.

Barton W. Quinn; David Quinn; Eliza Quinn; Ellen Quinn; French Quinn; Harriet Quinn; James Quinn; James K. Quinn; Jane Quinn; John P. Quinn; Reuben Quinn; & Thomas Quinn.

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Lena Salinger; Hattie E. Salonkey; Lydia Sampsell; Mordecai Sanders Jr.; Daniel W. Sanders; David T. Sanders; Emma Sanders; Ezra M. Sanders; John Sanders; Mary Sanders; Mattie Sanders; Mordecai Sanders; Walter E. Sanders; William G. Sanders; John D. Sarnighausen; Charles Sattison; Frank Sattison; Gladys Eleanor Sattison; Jonathan Sattison; Maris Greetal Sattison; Myrtle Wynonie Sattison; Nellie Gertrude Sattison; Scott Sattison; Della Saunders; Georgiana Saunders; Louise Sawdy; Frances M. Saxon; Daniel W. Sayre; Henrietta Sayre; Henry C. Sayre; May Sayre; M. B. Schaeffer; Chalmer C. Schafer; Christian Schafer; Fred Schafer; Frances Schaffner; Anna Barbara Schalk; Ulrich Schalk; Ida Scheibe; John Schenck; Mary Schentz; Susan Schimpff; Barbara Schmidt; Henrietta Schmidt; Anna Irene Schnelker; Bernard Schnelker; H. F. Schnelker; Mary Bernadette Schnelker; Norbert Bernard Schnelker; Elizabeth Schoenauer; Estella Pearl Schoenauer; Frederick Schoenauer; Mildred Naomi Schoenauer; William Schoenauer; Lou G. Scholze; Theodore Scholze; Rebecca Schoonover; Isaac Schrader*; Alice Schrader; Alma Schrader; Blanche Schrader; David Schrader; Dorothea Schrader; Elizabeth Schrader; Elmer Schrader; Frances Schrader; Henry Schrader; Imogene Schrader; Isom Schrader; J. S. Schrader; Jacob Schrader; John Schrader; Martin Schrader; Mary Schrader; Mary A. Schrader; Maud Schrader; Melinda Schrader; Melvin Schrader; Orville Schrader; Regina Schrader; Velma Schrader; William Schrader; Joseph Schram; Catherine Schramm; Gertrude Hilgenberg Schulte; Elizabeth Schultz; Mary Schwartz; Abigail Scott; Alexander Scott; Edwin Scott; Elizabeth Scott; Elmira Frances Scott; Harriet Scott; J. William C. Scott; James Elgin Scott; John W. Scott; Joseph Scott; Margaret Ray Scott; Martha Scott; Mary Scott; Mary Ann Scott; Mary Jane Scott; Phoebe Scott; Robert Scott; Robert Scott; Sarah Ann Martha Scott; Caleb Scudder; Mary Cornelison Scudder; Jane Seaton; Rebecca Sechler; Rudolph Sechler; A. F. Seiberling; William Seivers; Arthur Sell; B. Franklin Sell; Bertha Sell; Catharine Sell; Charley Sell; Cora Rockwell Sell; Elizabeth Sell; Fanny Sell; George Sell; Henry B. Sell; Henry J. Sell; Isaac Sell; John Sell; Johnney Sell; Miladore Sell; Nancy Sell; Oscar Sell; Solomon Sell; Theodore Sell; Vina Sell; William Sell; William J. Sell; Mahala Sellers; H. F. Sembower; Mihran K. Serailion; Sarah Sexton; Daniel Shafer; Susan Shafer; Lizzie Shaffer; Mary A. Shaffer; Eva Shair; Daniel S. Shank; Lydia Shank; Katie Sharp; Fred J. Shaw; Frederick H. Shaw; Gilbert Shaw; Ida J. Shaw; James H. Shaw; Mary Jane Shaw; May Elida Shaw; Myrtie L. Shaw; Nancy M. Shaw; Owen L. Shaw; Phoebe Shaw; Phoebe Corinda Shaw; Stephen D. Shaw; William Shaw; Vanda Shawman; George Shearer; Margaret Sheehan; Jacob Sheerer; Mary Sheerer; Clement Sheets; Nancy Sheets; Lowell Clement Sheibley; Mary Sheibley; W. P. Sheibley; Samuel Shelby; Elizabeth Sheldon; Laura W. Sheldon; T. K. Sheldon; Mary Shellenbarger; Agnes Shepard; John Shepard; Nancy Sheridan; Laura Shields; Robert Shields; Adam Shinneman; Isaac Shinneman; Vallona Shinneman; Jabez Shipman; Triphena Shipman; Elizabeth Shippore; Catherine Shirk; John Shirk; Christina Shively; Harvey B. Shively; Lucy Shivers; Joseph Handford Shoemaker*; Andrew J. Shoemaker; Joseph Shoemaker; Otis Bullard Shoemaker; Andrew Shorb; Blanche Hazel Shorb; Eliza Spoonhour Shorb; Ella Penn Shorb; Florence E. Shorb; Grover C. Shorb; Josiah A. Shorb; Lavina E. Shorb; Leoni May Shorb; Mary Ann Shorb; Miranda Reese Shorb; Nathaniel G. Shorb; Sarah J. Shorb; Thomas J. Shorb; Margretta Shoup; John Showalter; Caroline Shroeder; Mary Shugart; George Shugers; Frederick Shull Jr.; B. F. Shull*; Calvin Q. Shull*; Adnie Shull; Alice Eva Shull; Amanda M. Shull; Amelia Shull; Calvin Shull; Catherine Shull; Edward S. Shull; Elizabeth Shull; Elmeretta Shull; Eugene C. Shull; Frederick Shull; Harrison Irving Shull; Henrietta Shull; Henry B. Shull; Henry Bloomfield Shull; Henry Grove Shull; Hiram Shull; Ida Belle Shull; John Shull; Josiah Shull; Mary Ella Shull; Melville A. Shull; Rebecca Shull; Sarah Ann Shull; Thomas Shull; William Shull; William Tetlow Shull; William Ulysses Shull; Christopher Shultz; Flavius Shultz; Leon A. Shultz; Willie A. Shultz; Charles E. Shuman; Jacob Shuman; John F. Shuman; Laura Shuman; Lillie M. Shuman; Mary C. Shuman; Jacob Shutt; Samuel S. Shutt; Margaret Sickafoos; Lillian L. Silberg; Mary Silberg; Oscar Simmons; Martha Simon; Moses Simon; Hadassa Simons; Catharine Simpson; Sarah Simpson; Margaret Singley; E. L. Siver; Samantha Caroline Skinner; Samuel Skinner; James Richard Slack Jr.; James R. Slack*; Anthony Slack; Belle Slack; Elijah Slack; James R. Slack; James Richard Slack; Lizzie Hunt Slack; Mary Catherine Slack; Mary Thompson Slack; Sarah Belle Slack; Sarah Elizabeth Slack; William Slantz; Alexander Slaymaker; Barbara Slaymaker; Catherine Ann Slaymaker; John Slaymaker; La Fayette Slaymaker; Louis Slaymaker; Stephen D. Slaymaker; D. K. Slife; Sophia Smeather; E. R. Smethurst; Adam J. Smith; Alice L. Smith; Amos Basil Smith; Andrew Jackson Smith; Anna Smith; Annie L. Smith; Asa Jessup Smith; Augusta E. Smith; Betsey Smith; Beulah M. Smith; Blanchard Smith; Catherine Smith; Catherine Smith; Charlotte Smith; Clara Nora Smith; Claude Adam Smith; David Smith; David W. Smith; Eli Smith; Florence May Smith; Geraldine Rose Smith; Harley Monroe Smith; Hazel Smith; Henrietta Smith; Henry Smith; Homer T. Smith; Howard F. Smith; Ira F. Smith; Irvin Smith; Isaac Smith; Isaac A. Smith; Jacob Smith; James M. Smith; John Smith; John G. Smith; John O. Smith; Louisa F. Smith; Mabel Smith; Martha Ann Smith; Mary Smith; Maud Smith; Myrtle Olive Smith; Peter Smith; Philip W. Smith; Priscilla Smith; Rhoby Smith; Robert Russell Smith; Rollie Otto Smith; Ruby Smith; Sadie Pomroy Smith; Samuel Smith; William Smith; William C. Smith; Enos C. Smitley; Lois Smitley; Violet M. Smitley; John Snell; Susan Snell; Zachary Snoak; Samuel Snoddy; Benjamin Snodgrass; Jane Snodgrass; John Snodgrass; Samuel Snodgrass; Adam Snyder; Catharine Snyder; George Snyder; Harriet Snyder; John Snyder; John A. Snyder; Sarah Snyder; Thomas M. Souder; Albert Sowards; Mary Sowders; Abigail Space; Delilah Space; Elizabeth Space; James Space; John Space; John Nelson Space; Maria Space; Philip Space; Phoebe Space; Ruth Space; John Spake; Sarah Catherine Spake; John Sparr; Melissa Sparr; Isaac Spaulding; Mary Spear; Robert Spear; Mary T. Spencer; William F. Spencer; Betsey Sperry; Mary J. Sperry; Hannah Spies; William Spies; Mary Magdalena Spittle; Nettie Spray; Catherine C. Sprinkle; Harmon M. Sprinkle; Anna Sprowl; Elizabeth Sprowl; John Sprowl; Joseph Sprowl; Robert Sprowl; Rosanna Sprowl; William Sprowl; Thomas Squires; Catharine St. Clair; Abel F. St. John; Ann C. St. John; Bertie St. John; Hartley Ward St. John; Jessie St. John; John D. St. John; Maggie D. St. John; Robert T. St. John; Samuel St. John; Abraham Stahl; Anna Stahl; Charles Stallsmith; Charles A. Stallsmith; Daniel Stallsmith; Ellen Stallsmith; Frank Stallsmith; Hester Stallsmith; Huldah Stallsmith; John Stallsmith; Lottie Stallsmith; William Stallsmith; Lydia Jane Stanfield; Harry Stanton; Andrew R. Starbuck; Avis Starbuck; Carrie E. Starbuck; Edward Starbuck; Elizabeth Starbuck; James D. Starbuck; Lora I. Starbuck; Milton H. Starbuck; William Starbuck; C. B. State; Edward Stebbing; Editha Stebbins; Edward Stebbins; Thomas Stebbins; Ada Steele; Bert Steele; Charles Steele; Eliza Steele; Ida Steele; James Steele; Keziah Steele; Luther Steele; Matilda Gillespie Steele; Nancy A. Keever Steele; Oliver Steele; Samuel Steele; Samuel T. Steele; Sarah E. Steele; Thenar Haines Steele; Vada Steele; William H. Steele; Winnie Steele; Eli Stent; Rhoda Stent; Fidelia Stephens; Elizabeth Stephenson; Guy Stephenson; Leonora M. Stephenson; William B. Stephenson; Abraham F. Sterling; Cora Sterling; George Sterling; Ida Sterling; James Sterling; Jane Sterling; John Sterling; John B. Sterling; Robert Sterling; Samuel Sterling; Sarah Sterling; William Sterling; Margaret Sterrett; George Stetzel; Magdalena Stetzel; Magdalena Stetzel; Lavergne Belden Stevens*; Fred M. Stevens; Ransom B. Stevens; Mrs. Elizabeth Steward; Addison James Stewart; Bruce Stewart; Charles Edward Stewart; Charles Spurgeon Stewart; Edward Thomas Stewart; Elsie Amanda Stewart; Elzora E. Stewart; Emma Elizabeth Stewart; Ezra Nathan Stewart; Frank C. Stewart; Isaiah Joseph Stewart; J. W. G. Stewart; James W. Stewart; Jennie Stewart; John W. Stewart; Julia Stewart; Julia A. Stewart; Laura J. Stewart; Lawrence Stewart; Lizzie B. Stewart; Martha E. Stewart; Mary V. Stewart; Nancy Stewart; Nancy Jane Stewart; Nathan Stewart; Robert Stewart; Thomas Stewart; Thomas Holmes Stewart; William Perry Stewart; William Robert Stewart; Willis B. Stewart; Benjamin F. Stickler; Charles D. Stickler; Clarence H. Stickler; Flora Olive Stickler; George Stickler; Michael Stickler; Minnie L. Stickler; Orlando H. Stickler; Otto H. Stickler; A. N. Stitt; Alexander Stitt; Archibald Stitt; Eva Stitt; James E. Stitt; Jane D. Stitt; Marie Stitt; Thomas Lutz Stitt; William Simpson Stitt; Martha Hume Stoddart; Abraham Stone; John L. Stone; Mary Stone; Mrs. Effie Stone; William F. Stone; Vianna Stonebreaker; Frederick Stonebrook; Hannah Stonebrook; Henry M. Stoner*; Charles Stoner; Daisy M. Stoner; Eliza Stoner; John Stoner; Lucile Stoner; Winifred Stoner; John M. Stoody; Sophia Stoppenhagen; Caleb Story; Rebecca Story; Sarah Jane Story; Ellis T. Stout; George Stout; John Stout; O. L. Stout; David Strain; Edith Harvey Strain; Thomas Strain; Charlotte Strass; Clarissa Rena Strass; Emanuel H. Strass; Solomon Strass; Anastasia Stratton; Mark Stratton; S. J. Straus; Alva Strawn; Charles Strawn; Dell Strawn; Elizabeth Alice Strawn; Hiram Strawn; Linden Rex Strawn; Mary Jane Strawn; Mesnard Strawn; Thomas Strawn; Thomas Jefferson Strawn; Will Elmer Strawn; Milton Strevel; Sarah Strevel; John Strodel Jr.; Amelia Barbara Strodel; Andreas Strodel; Andrew Strodel; Anna Maria Strodel; Christian Strodel; Edward John Strodel; Egdius Strodel; Emma Wilhelmina Strodel; Hilda Minnie Strodel; John Strodel; John Carl Strodel; John George Strodel; Julius Henry Strodel; Lewis Christian Frederick Strodel; Maria Elizabeth Strodel; Martin Frederick Strodel; Mary Strodel; Matthias Strodel; Rosina Strodel; Samuel Strodel; Sybille Strodel; Tobias Strodel; William Strodel; Henry P. Stroh; William Stroh; E. K. Strong; Ephraim Strong; Kansas Strong; Robin Adair Strong; Susan Stuckey; David E. Studabaker Jr.; David Studabaker*; John Studabaker*; Abraham Studabaker; David E. Studabaker; Frank Studabaker; Harry Studabaker; Hattie Studabaker; Jeanette Studabaker; John A. Studabaker; John E. Studabaker; Lizzie E. Studabaker; Maggie Studabaker; Margaret Studabaker; Martha Studabaker; Martha J. Studabaker; Mary Jane Studabaker; Charles Stults; Clarence E. Stults; E. Catherine Stults; Ella Stults; Emery Stults; Flora May Stults; G. W. Stults; George Stults; George Harman Stults; H. W. Stults; Harman Stults; Jacob Stults; Jacob P. Stults; John Stults; Joseph Stults; Joseph Emery Stults; Loey Stults; Marion B. Stults; Mary A. Stults; William W. Stults; Catharine Sturgis; Charles E. Sturgis; Charlotte Sturgis; Elizabeth Sturgis; Elmore Y. Sturgis; John E. Sturgis; Joseph Sturgis; Lemuel D. Sturgis; Linnie B. Sturgis; Mary Sturgis; Morna S. Sturgis; Ray Sturgis; Thomas Sturgis; Tilda May Sturgis; Will C. Sturgis; William Sturgis; Anna Sturtevant; Gartner Sturtevant; John Sullivan; John Summers; Adam Sundheimer; Andreas Sundheimer; Anna Sundheimer; Carrie Sundheimer; Charles Sundheimer; Ellen Sundheimer; Elsie Sundheimer; Frieda Sundheimer; Harold Sundheimer; Jacob Sundheimer; Leah Sundheimer; Louisa Sundheimer; Lucy Sundheimer; Paulina Sundheimer; Peter Sundheimer; Philip Sundheimer; Reuben Sundheimer; Rosa Sundheimer; Walter Sundheimer; Anna Mary Sutter; Frances Sutter; Aaron Sutton; Elijah Sutton; Miranda Sutton; Miranda Sutton; Rachel Sutton; Rebecca Sutton; David H. Swaim*; W. T. T. Swaim*; Alfred Edward Swaim; Charles Edgar Swaim; David Hathaway Swaim; David Samuel Swaim; Edith Marie Swaim; Elizabeth Adaline Swaim; Georgiana Swaim; Harriet Ann Back Swaim; Helen Swaim; James Swaim; Jennie Leona Swaim; John Swaim; Mahala Margaret Swaim; Mary Albany Swaim; Mrs. H. T. Swaim; Samuel Hines Swaim; Simeon Aaron Swaim; Simeon W. Swaim; Tanton Swaim; William Swaim; William Franklin Swaim; William Thomas Toy Swaim; Susan Swain; Frederick Swander; Savilla Swander; David Swarts; David J. Swarts; Harris J. Swarts; Willard Ward Swarts; Budd Van Swearingen; Elizabeth Swearingen; Zacharias Swearingen; Garrett Van Sweringen; H. Van Sweringen; Hiram Van Sweringen; Etta Sweeney; John Sweeney; Martha Sweet; Amy Swift; Edna Swift; Florence Swift; Gertrude Swift; Hannah B. Swift; P. A. Swift; George Swihart; & Rachel Swinehart.

Hannah Tafe; William Taughinbaugh Jr.; Anna Taughinbaugh; Bessie Taughinbaugh; Caroline Taughinbaugh; Cary Alton Taughinbaugh; Emma Taughinbaugh; Frank Taughinbaugh; Horatio Gates Taughinbaugh; Lee Roy Taughinbaugh; Margaret Taughinbaugh; Martha Taughinbaugh; Mary Taughinbaugh; Nicholas Taughinbaugh; Ruth Anna Taughinbaugh; William Taughinbaugh; Alvah Taylor*; Anna M. Taylor; Barbara Taylor; Charles Taylor; Charles Henry Taylor; Enos T. Taylor; Ezra Taylor; Freeman T. Taylor; George Taylor; Georgie Taylor; Grace Taylor; Henrietta Taylor; Horace B. Taylor; Isaac Taylor; Joseph Taylor; Leander Taylor; Leona Taylor; Lydia Taylor; Mary Frances Taylor; Mary H. Taylor; Matilda Taylor; Miriam Taylor; Paul Taylor; William Taylor; William Taylor; Asel Tewksbury; Betsy Tewksbury; Daniel Tewksbury; Elijah Tewksbury; Elmer Tewksbury; Eva Tewksbury; Ezekiel Tewksbury; Helen Tewksbury; Henrietta Tewksbury; Henry Tewksbury; Hiram Tewksbury; James Madison Tewksbury; John Tewksbury; John Marion Tewksbury; Joy Tewksbury; Lyman Tewksbury; Maria Tewksbury; Mary Tewksbury; Nancy Tewksbury; Nathaniel Tewksbury; Patty Tewksbury; Simon Tewksbury; Sophia Tewksbury; Susan Tewksbury; Emma R. Thatcher; Abigail Thayer; Fronia Thayer; Albert Theis; Ida Thiebe; Elizabeth Thiel; Biggs Doddridge Thomas; Dolly Thomas; Elizabeth H. Thomas; Enos Thomas; Grace Hall Thomas; Helena A. Thomas; Henry Thomas; Herschel William Thomas; Jane Thomas; Jeremiah Thomas; Joseph Thomas; Josie Florence Thomas; Lewis Thomas; Lucinda Letitia Thomas; M. A. Thomas; Mary Thomas; Mary Lucy Thomas; Miranda Thomas; Mrs. M. C. Thomas; Norburn Thomas; Rebecca Tyndal Thomas; Robert Thomas; Sarah Thomas; Seth Thomas; Thomas Matthews Thomas; Washington Thomas; Zo Thomas; G. H. Thompson Jr.; Ann P. Thompson; Archibald Thompson; Caleb Thompson; Ebenezer Thompson; Elizabeth Thompson; Flora Thompson; John Thompson; John Howard Thompson; John William Thompson; Malvina J. Thompson; Margaret Ann Thompson; Mary Thompson; Mary Ann Thompson; Polly Thompson; John F. Thomson; Sarah Thonberg; Isaac Thorn; Sarah E. Thornburg; Lucy Thornton; Craven Thrailkill; Joshua C. Thurston; Mary A. Tibbit; Thomas Tigar; William Henry Tigar; Christina Tillman; Tobias Tillman; Rachel Tilman; Margaret Timander; Rebecca Tindal; James P. Tipps; Lena Tipps; Lewis Lance Tipps; Lulu Tipps; Mary E. Tobey; Nathan Tobey; Reuben Tobey; Jacob Jefferson Todd*; Alexander Todd; Bathsheba Isodene Todd; David Todd; Elizabeth Ellen Todd; Jacob Todd; Jacob J. Todd; John Wesley Todd; Lizzie J. Todd; Lucy Todd; Margaret Ann Todd; Mary Jane Todd; Nancy Todd; Nelson K. Todd; Samuel Todd; Samuel Thomas Todd; Simpson Todd; Uriah Todd; Asher Tomlinson; Dick Townsend*; Eli Townsend; Elizabeth Townsend; Mary Townsend; Hannah Toy; Rachel Toy; Nancy Tracey; Anna Tracy; Mathew Tracy; Phineas Tracy; Catherine Trapp; Harlan A. Trask*; Reuben S. Trask; Catherine Traub; George Traub; Kate Traub; Mary Treichler; John Tribbey; Ruth Tribbey; Adolph Tribolet; Adolph J. Tribolet; Annie B. Tribolet; Charlotte Tribolet; George F. Tribolet; Jacob Tribolet; John Wesley Tribolet; Maggie Tribolet; Maude Tribolet; William Henry Tribolet; Catherine Trier; Christian Trier; Conrad Trier; Edward Trier; Elizabeth Trier; Frederick Trier; Henry Trier; Herbert Trier; Herman Trier; John Trier; John C. Trier; John Henry Trier; Julia Trier; Martha Trier; Martin Trier; Mary Trier; Paul Trier; Peter Trier; Sophie Trier; Caroline Trostle; Jennie Trotter; Lewis M. Trumbull; Mrs. Samantha Caroline Trumbull; B. F. Turner; Mrs. Mary Turner; Beatrice Twibell; Bob Twibell; David Twibell; Fay Twibell; Josiah Twibell; S. Twibell; Trenna Twibell; Vaughn Twibell; Anna Tyner; Harris Tyner; John Tyner; & Margaret Tyner.

Phoeba Ullery; Charlotte Uplinger; & Cornelius Uplinger.

Ms. ___ Van Ausdal; Mary Van Horn; Mary Aletha Van Horn; Alice A. Van Meter; John Van Meter; John Van Meter; Nicholas S. Van Meter; Susannah Van Schoik; Budd Van Swearingen; Garrett Van Sweringen; H. Van Sweringen; Hiram Van Sweringen; A. R. Vanemon; William J. Vesey; Elizabeth Vicory; & Mary Vincent.

Cyrus Earl Wade; Cyrus U. Wade; Joseph B. Wade; Mary Elizabeth Wade; Ray J. Wade; Will H. Wade; Selena F. Wadge; Albert L. Wagner; Matilda Wagner; Nancy Wagner; Lawrence Wait; Mary L. Wait; Alice Walker; Annie M. Walker; Bertha Walker; Effie Walker; Fred A. M. Walker; George Walker; Jacob Walker; John M. Walker; L. E. Walker; Margaret Walker; Margaret Walker; Mary Ann Walker; Massey Edgar Walker; Matthew P. Walker; Rachel Walker; Susan Walker; Thomas Wallace; William Wallace; Frank Wallahan; Elizabeth Gillespie Walpole; John G. Walpole; Robert L. Walpole; Thomas D. Walpole; Vrena Walte; Edward Walter; Ephraim Walter; George Walter; Luna Walter; Fred Wantz; Huldah Wantz; Melzine Wantz; Sarah Wantz; Emily Ward; George Ward; Lydia Kemry Ward; Mary Lowe Ward; Orilla Ward; Samuel Ward; Stephen B. Ward; Sylvanus Ward; Vesta M. Ward; Willis P. Ward; Frank T. Waring*; Bryon Waring; Daniel P. Waring; Edward W. Waring; Elizabeth E. Waring; F. T. Waring; James L. Waring; John L. Waring; Lawrence C. Waring; Louise Waring; Lucy Waring; Mattie Waring; William E. Waring; Anna Warner; Louisa Warner; Abigail Thatcher Wass; Harriet Mundorff Wass; Lydia Campbell Wass; Mary Argo Wass; Melinda Wass; Melinda Alleger Wass; Permilla Drake Wass; Samuel Wass; Taylor Wass; Westley Wass; William Wass; Archibald Wasson; Mary Wasson; Samuel Wasson; Sarah Wasson; Myrtle Watkins; Rachel Waugh; Nathaniel Weaver; Mabel Q. Webb; Rhoda Webb; William Webb; Christina Webber; Susan Webber; Albert Anthony Weber; Anna Mary Weber; Anthony Albert Weber; Bertha Elizabeth Weber; Christian Weber; Edward Weber; Edward Franklin Weber; Flora Weber; Frederick Weber; George Frank Weber; Grace Gertrude Weber; Henry Weber; Jacob Weber; Jesse Weber; John Falter Weber; Lilly May Weber; Lloyd W. Weber; Louisa Flora Weber; Margaret Ruth Weber; Martha Margaret Weber; Mary Alma Weber; Mary Henrietta Weber; Melosena Clara Weber; Michael Weber; Modjeska Mary Weber; Paul Grayston Weber; Philip Weber; Ross Weber; Ruth Weber; William Weber; William Leonard Weber; William Michael Weber; Albert Webster; Albert D. Webster; David E. Webster; Elizabeth Webster; Fred Webster; George Webster; Hannah Webster; James E. Webster; M. W. Webster; Mabel Webster; Retta Webster; Horace Weese; James Weese; Peter Weese; Roscoe Weese; Sarah J. Weese; William H. Weese; Beulah Weesner; Louise Weesner; Roscoe Weesner; Bertha G. Weisell; William W. Weisell; Elizabeth L. Welborn; Mary Welch; Mary A. Weldy; Angelina May Wells; Gilberta Wells; Jacob M. Wells; James M. Wells; Martha Ellen Wells; Filmore Welshimer; Ann Maria Welty; Augusta Wentz; William Wentz; John Wertenberger; Calvin West; Naomi West; John Westhoff; Prudence Mercy Westover; David P. Whedon; Charles Berry Wheeler; Edward Christman Wheeler; Elston Spencer Wheeler; Jacob Wheeler; Linda Belle Wheeler; Martha Elizabeth Wheeler; Mary Luella Wheeler; Peter Jacob Wheeler; Noah Whipple; John D. Whitaker; Thomas H. Whitcraft; James B. White Jr.; James B. White*; Robert Bunker White*; Alex B. White; Alice White; Alonzo Perry White; Anna B. White; Benjamin White; Daniel White; Edward White; Elizabeth White; Elizabeth Ann White; Elmira White; Emma White; Ephraim White; Era Azelia White; Estalla White; Grace White; Harlo White; Isaac White; Jessie White; John White; John W. White; Lincoln White; Lindoll Ellis White; Louisa White; Maggie White; Mary White; Nora White; Peregrine White; Robert White; Solomon White; Thomas White; Thomas Townsend White; W. T. F. White; William White; William Webster White; Elizabeth Whiteman; Ann Whitestine; David Whitestine; Elizabeth Whitestine; Hannah Whitestine; Jacob Whitestine; Jesse Whitestine; Martin Whitestine; Mary Whitestine; Amanda J. Whitman; James Whitson; Alice M. Widney; John P. Widney; F. C. Wiechmann; Eliza Wiggens; Margaret Wilch; Berenice B. Wilcox; Jedediah Wilcox; Rosanna Wilcox; Deborah Wildman; Mary Wilkinson; John Will; Mary Will; Alice Williams; Charles Williams; James Williams; John R. Williams; Mamie Williams; Reuben Williams; Robert Williams; T. B. Williams; William Williams; William C. Williams; Alice Williamson; H. H. Williamson; Joshua Williamson; Millissa Jane Williamson; Sarah C. Willmot; Delia Wilson; Effie Wilson; Frances F. Wilson; George M. Wilson; Harry Ohr Wilson; John Harvey Wilson; Lindsley Wilson; Malinda Wilson; Oscar F. Wilson; Oz B. Wilson; Zola I. Wilson; Adelbert Irvine Wilt; Anna Mary Wilt; Anna Mary Wilt; Catherine Wilt; Charles B. Wilt; Frank P. Wilt; John Wilt; John B. Wilt; John F. Wilt; John M. Wilt; Peter Wilt; Virgil Edward Wilt; William Wilson Wilt; John Wimmer; Sarah B. Wimmer; Elizabeth Winders; Rebecca Winget; Robert Winget; Susan Winship; John Winterbotham; Mary Winterbotham; John Winters; Peter Wire; Mary Wirick; Eliza J. Wise; Peter Wise; Sarah Wise; Ferdinand Wittmeier; Mrs. Magdalena Wittmeier; Peter Wolf Jr.; Agnes Wolf; Ann Wolf; Carrie Wolf; Daniel Wolf; Henry Wolf; Jacob Wolf; Jacob G. Wolf; Jesse Wolf; John Wolf; Julia Wolf; Libbie Wolf; Lydia Wolf; Mary Wolf; Peter Wolf; Roscoe Wolf; Sarah Wolf; Adam Wolfe; Clara E. Wolfe; Elizabeth Wolfe; C. B. Wood; Hugh D. Wood; Ida M. Wood; James Wheeler Wood; Julius Wood; Valentine Wood; Mercy Woodbury; Edith Woods; Elizabeth Woods; Fred Woods; Harvey F. Woods; Jemima Woods; Catherine Woodward; Amy Worden; James Worden; Jesse Worden; Mattie L. Worden; Melvin Worden; Pearl Worden; Valours Worden; William Henry Worden; George N. Worley; Abigail Wright; Elizabeth Wright; Mary Wright; Nancy Wright; Christina Wuersten; Jacob Wuersten; Sophia Wilhelmina Wuersten; Catherine Wymer; & Catherine Wysong.

Rosina Yagerlehner; Eli Yant; Freelove Clara Yant; Lola Marie Yohe; Ralph DeWitt Yohe; William Yohe; Benjamin Yontz; Jennie C. Yontz; Susanna Yost; Amelia M. Young; Eliza Young; Elva Young; Henry Young; James Young; John Young; John J. Young; Justin Young; William F. Young; John I. Youngs; & Susan M. Youngs.

Irene V. Zahn; John Zahn; Lena Zahn; Edward L. Zeis*; Charles F. Zeis; Conrad H. Zeis; Edward L. Zeis; Emma M. Zeis; Gertie E. Zeis; John Zeis; Oma June Zeis; George W. Zigler; Lydia J. Zigler; Frank T. Zimmerman; Minnie Zimmerman; Sylvester Zimmerman; & Allen Zollars*.

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