Progressive Men & Women of Kosciusko County, Indiana - 1902

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The book, “Progressive Men and Women of Kosciusko County, Indiana - Illustrated,” published by B. F. Bowen, Logansport, Indiana 1902. This book provides significant genealogical data about a large number of American individuals and families who lived in Kosciusko County, Indiana at the beginning of the century. There are many surnames and allied families mentioned, and photographs illustrate many of the individuals and families. This CD book is fully indexed and linked for ease of use. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1902 printed book, it would cost you hundreds of dollars.


The original 8” X 11” book has 641 pages including a fully linked index. This book is full of genealogical information about residents of the towns and cities of Kosciusko County, Indiana. Please see the list of indexed individuals below. Please note that for each of these persons included in the index, there is usually additional data on their parents, spouses, in-laws, and children. A photograph often illustrates an indexed individual’s biographical profile. Persons indexed are:

Josiah Andreas, James Anglin, James H. Anglin, Jim Anglin, John W. Anglin, Maggie Anglin, Samuel D. Anglin, Sam Anglin, Jacob Armey, Joseph S. Armey, Joe Armey, John L. Arthur, & Shelby Arthur.

Bill Baker, Will Baker, William Baker, William E. Baker (2), Henderson W. Ball, Thomas Ball, William D. Ball, David Balliet, John Balsley, William Balsley, Jefferson Banning, Jeff Banning, William Banning, Will Banning, Sylvester Barber, Henry S. K. Bartholomew, Moses Bartholomew, Charles Baugher, Calvin Beagle, John C. Beagle, Stephen Beagle, Benjamin F. Bear, Ben Bear, Hudson Beck, Metcalfe Beck, Charles B. Bentley, Henry Berger, Henry J. Berger, John Best, Edward G. Black, James Black, Jim Black, Joe Black, Joseph Black, Benjamin Blue, Ben Blue, James H. Blue, Jim Blue, Peter B. Blue, William J. Blue, Will Blue, Isaac Bowman, Bill Bowman, William Bowman, William H. Bowman, Milton H. Brindley, George Bruner, John Bruner, George W. Butterbaugh, John Butterbaugh, Theron D. Butterbaugh, William H. Butterbaugh, Allen Bybee, John Bybee, Albert Byrer, & Reuben Byrer.

Dan Carpenter, Daniel H. Carpenter, Harvey Carpenter, Sam Carr, Samuel J. Carr, Isaac Chipman, Silas W. Chipman, Philip Chivington, John Clay, Thomas J. Colbert, Peter S. Cook, Nate Crow, & Nathaniel Crow.

David Dausman, Will Davisson, William C. Davisson, Ben Day, Benjamin F. Day, George W. Deaton, Jacob O. Deaton, John W. Dunlap, Will Dunlap, William Dunlap, Charles T. Dye, & Marshall A. Dye.

Levi H. Eaton, Elmer M. Eddinger, Fred Eddinger, Frederick Eddinger, & Andrew Edmonds.

Curtis C. Farber, Dr. P. G. Fermier, James Fisher, John Fisher, Stephen Fisher, Robert Foreman, Christian E. Frantz, Chris Frantz, Christian Frantz, Jacob Frantz, Michael Frantz (2), Mike Frantz, James S. Frazer, William D. Frazer, & Henry B. Funk.

Amasa Garwood, William Garwood, Amos Gawthrop, John Gawthrop, Orlando F. Gerard, Will Gerard, William E. Gerard, Jacob Gripe, Nicholas G. Gripe, Sam Gripe, Samuel Gripe, Omar F. Groves, Andrew Guy, Dick Guy, & Richard Guy.

Bob Haines, Jesse Haines, Robert Haines, Sam Haines, Samuel Haines, Isaac Hall, Sylvester Hall, David Hamman, Abe Haney, Abraham Haney, John F. Haney, Peter J. Hardman, Charles E. Harlan, William Harlan, Elijah Hays, John S. Heagy, William Heckman, Solomon Heeter, David Heeter, John Heisler, William Heisler, Jacob Hepler, John D. Hepler, S. Hepler, Samuel C. Hepler, Simon Hepler, Smith Higgins, Samuel Hoffer, Emanuel H. Hohman, George Hohman, George W. Hollar, James E. Hollar, Joe Hollar, Joseph Hollar, Thomas C. Holloway, Quincy A. Hossler, George L. Huffman, & William B. Huffman.

John Isenbarger and William Isenbarger.

Samuel Jamison, Calvin N. john, David John, David M. John, Ben Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Isaac Johnson, Allie Jones, & Robert M. Jontz.

Hiram O. King, Ben Kinsey, Benjamin D. Kinsey, Francis A. Kinsey, Henry E. Kinsey, Will Kirkpatrick, William Kirkpatrick, William W. Kirkpatrick, Henry Kline, John Kline, Nat Kline, Nathaniel W. Kline, Jacob Koontz, Jacob S. Koontz, Fred Krull, & Frederick A. Krull.

Marion M. Latimer, Dan Leckrone, Daniel Leckrone, Samuel Leckrone, Sam Leighty, Samuel Leighty, Cyrus Lentz, Moses F. Lentz, David H. Lessig, James William Lightfoot, Armor Lloyd, John M. Lloyd, Jerome H. Lones, Charles R. Long, & Mathias W. Lutes.

George McConnell, James McKinley, William W. McKinley, Francis McNamara, John G. McNamara, Fred McSherry, Frederick McSherry, Albert Magee, John W. Magee, John Makemson, Marshall Makemson, Charles B. Malcolm, Landon C. Malcolm, George Marquart, John Marquart, Andrew Metheny, F. M. Metheny, William Metheny, George Michaels, John Michaels, Aaron Miller, Charles M. Miller, David Miller, David K. Miller, Giles Miller, John M. Miller, Lewis Miller, Samuel Miller, William Miller, George Mock, John Mock, John A. Mock, Amos T. Mollenhour, Lyman L. Mollenhour, William Mollenhour, Edward Moon, George Moon, Jon Moon, Jonathan Moon, Sidney Moore, William Moore, Frank Morehead, Joe Morehead, Joseph Morehead, Cyrus Musselman, & John Musselman.

William F. Neal, Henry E. Neff, Robert Nighswander, & Samson J. North.

George R. Ogden, Henry L. Oldfather, & Francis M. Ott.

James Plummer, John Plummer, John F. pound, Philip Pound, Isaac M. Powell, John Powell, John Priser, & Noah Puntenney.

J. A. Quackenbush.

John Reed, John Rhodes, David Rhodes, George W. Rickel, Daniel Rider, Samuel Rider, Henry D. Ring, Joshua Ring, Jonathan P. Robinson, Samuel S. Robinson, Sam Robinson, Silas M. Robinson, William Robinson, Rachael Rockhill, John Rohrer, Tom Rohrer, Thomas J. Rohrer, A. W. Rosbrugh, George D. Rose, Lemuel W. Royse, Andrew P. Rupe, & Jacob Rupe.

Abe Sarber, Abraham Sarber, Adam, Sarber, Andrew E. Sarber, Edson B. Sarber, Susan Sarber, Thomas B. Sarber, David Sechrist, Solomon Sechrist, Isaac Sheneman, Francis M. Shipley, John H. Shoup, Joseph Smalley, Andrew J. Smith, Arthur Smith, George W. Smith, Given K. Smith, Henry T. Smith, James E. Smith, Dr. James S. Smith, Joel R. Smith, John C. Smith, Mark Smith, John Stettler, James Stinson, David Stoler, John Stoler, Martin Stoler, Andrew Stoneburner, Elias A. Stoneburner, Christian Stout, William Stout, Hans Swanson, Henry Swick, J. W. Swick, William Swick, Gabe Swihart, Gabriel Swihart, & Jacob Swihart.

George Teegarden, Davis Teeple, George H. Thayer, B. A. Thomas, Sam Thomas, Samuel Thomas, William C. Thomas, John Thorn, Dan Tom, Daniel Tom, John Tom, Jacob J. Troup, John B. Troup, Albert Tucker, Charles M. Tucker, Horace Tucker, John Tucker, Norman Tucker, Ora Tucker, & Eli Turnbull.

Gabriel Ulrey, Hiram Ulrey, Jacob Ulrey, Joseph Ulrich, & Stephen Ulrich.

George Vance.

J. M. Wainwright, Warde and Tucker Families, Joseph Warner, John Warren, Samuel Warren, George Weaver, Jacob S. Weaver, Irvin B. Webber, John Webber, David S. Welch, Joseph Welch, Ephraim Wells, Ulrich Welty, John W. Whitehead, Thomas Wiley, Gen. Reuben Williams, Henry Willis, Capt. Andrew G. Wood, John Woods, Milton Woods, G. W. Worley, William W. Worley, John Wright, Oliver Wright, & Thomas J. Wright.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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