Knisely-Wolf & Norris-McCoy Genealogy - 1923

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The book, "Historical Record of the Knisely-Wolf and Norris-McCoy Families," by J. C. Knisely, privately printed in 1923. In addition to the book itself you get a few handwritten notes made by a previous owner on some pages that add additional information about the folks in the book. There are many surnames of allied families; most entries have at least a birth and death date - many have biographical information from family members. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1923 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The 7.0" X 10" book has 81 pages including a fully linked index. This book is FULL of genealogical information about the Knisely, Wolf, Norris, and McCoy families and allied families. The book is well used but all pages are clean and readable - there are some annotations from a previous owner on some pages. Please see the list of individuals below.

Harriett Albro, William D. Alford, Charles T. Alger, Elizabeth Alger, Evelyn Alger, Kenneth Alger, Laura M. Alger, Mildred A. Alger, William H. Alger, Mary Augusta Allen, Alice Alsbaugh, Jacob K. Amend, Frank Anderson, Milford Anderson, Albert Zay Arehart, George Arehart, Howard Leslie Arehart, Lucinda Baker, Barbara Baughman, Montgomery Bayman, Arthur Becker, Clarence Knisely Becker, Earl Becker, Esther Becker, Joseph Becker, Lilla Bell Becker, Alice Beebe, Charles Beebe, Flora Beebe, Royal Beebe, George Bennett, Sarah Bennett, Susanna Bennett, William Bennett, William D. Bennett, Avis Eugina Bernard, Lilly J. Berry, Sarah Bowers, Ida Brannon, William Brannon, Mary Brenan, Emma J. Brown, Addie N. Burch, Ellsworth Burch, Evaline Burch, George Washington Burch, Henry Burch, William Burch, Susan Burch, Martha Ione Campbell, Catherine Casebeer, Jacob Casebeer, Ettie Chilson, Henry Chilson, Ira Chilson, Louisa W. Chilson, Mary Jane Chilson, Nathan Chilson, Sarah Cinnoth, Caroline Jennings Clark, Robert M. Clark, Addison Clarke, Daniel Clawges, Sarah Marian Comfort, Alexander Cordill, Annie Cordill, Elizabeth Cordill, Jacob Henry Cordill, Jennie Cordill, Jesse Cordill, Jessie Marie Cordill, Joseph Alexander Cordill, Martha Cordill, Mary Elizabeth Cordill, Milly Ann Cordill, Sarah Cordill, Sarah Ann Cordill, Susan Ellen Cordill, William Cordill, William Elsworth Cordill, Sarah Hellen Crater, Charles L. Cress, Harry T. Cress, Ruth Cress, George Cribbs, Carmie Elizabeth Curn, Lucinda Demuth, Lettie Dexter, Susan Dice, Franklin T. Diffendaffer, James M. Diffendaffer, Margrete Disecker, Daniel Doll, John F. Drage, Frank Alden Earle, Edward G. Eilerman, Grace M. Eilerman, Helen R. Eilerman, Herman H. Eilerman, E. C. Elder, Paul Clancy Elder, Jane Eminger, Maud May Emminger, Emma E. Enfield, Adam Esch, Lydia Essig, Isaac Everett, Henry H. Fate, Franklin Fellows, Lydia Fellows, Frank Ferry, Nancy Ferry, Roy Ferry, Minnie Ferry, Alice Fisher, Minnie Robertha Fix, Mary Fletcher, May Forman, Charles W. Foster, Fay Burdette Foster, Myrtle Raymono Foster, Lilly May Fulk, Harry Fultz, Allen Stewart Galor, Clara Galor, Edwin Galor, Frederick Galor, Joseph Garber, Cora Gardner, Isaiah George, Solomon George, Dollie M. Gerhardt, Francis Clark Gerhardt, Jacob Gerhardt, , Jessie L. Gerhardt, Margaret Ann Gerhardt, Martha Ellen Gerhardt, Minnie A. Gerhardt, Oma C. Gerhardt, Thomas S. Gerhardt, Tony B. Gerhardt, Isaac Gibbs, Mary Gibbs, Mae Gibson, Blanche Goldsmith, Erastus Goldsmith, Mary Goldsmith, Mary Alice Goldsmith, Nellie Goldsmith, Theodore Goldsmith, Clarrissa Gordinier, Anna Graves, Sarah Graves, James Graves, John Graves, Samuel Griffith, Debbie Beryl Hague, Florence Bessie Hague, John T. Hague, William Owen Hague, Reginia Elizabeth Hamilton, Lucretia Harmon, Margaret Mariah Hawer, Jessie Hay, Albert Hayden, Alice Hayden, Alma Hayden, Bertha Hayden, Carrie Hayden, Edgar Hayden, Edward Hayden, Elmer Hayden, Fred Hayden, George Hayden, Grace Hayden, Grant Hayden, Harry Hayden, Jacob Hayden, Judson Hayden, Leroy Hayden, Lewis Hayden, Lucy Hayden, Martha Hayden, Nellie Hayden, Seigal Hayden, Sherman Hayden, Sylvia Hayden, Charles Hayhurst, Dr. William Hays, Nancy Hays, Charles F. Heiby, George Heiby, Minnie Heiby, Sarah Heiby, Sarah A. Heizel, Elizabeth Norris Hitchcock, Samuel Tulley Hitchcock, William A. Hitchcock, William R. Hitchcock, Zephaniah Hitchcock, Zoa E. Hitchcock, Susan Holloway, Mabel S. Holmes, Ida Howell, John Hower, Rosannah D. Hower, Ida Hower, Samantha A. Hubler, Patrick Hunter, Eliza Ann Huston, Clarence Iden, George W. Iden, John Iler, Edith May Imes, Milton E. Imes, Norma Bell Imes, Elizabeth Itskin, Emma Johnson, Lola Rook Kenedy, Keziah King, Sarah L. King, Elizabeth King, Emma King, Frank King, Jennie King, John King, Mary L. King, William H. King, Benjamine Kinsely, Benoni Knisely, Bessie Knap, Cora Knap, Abraham Knisely, Abraham Clay Knisely, Ada Josephine Knisely, Alexander Knisely, Allen Stewart Knisely, Allie Knisely, Almedia Knisely, Alpha Knisely, Alpha May Knisely, Amanda Knisely, Amy Norris Knisely, Ann Knisely, Anthony W. Knisely, Benjamin F. Knisely, Charles Harvey Knisely, Charles T. Knisely, Charlotta Knisely, Chester Knisely, Clara M. Knisely, Clarinda Ann Knisely, Columbia Allene Knisely, Corwin Knisely, Curtis Knisely, Daniel Knisely, Daniel J. Knisely, David Knisely, David A. Knisely, David Miller Knisely, Edith Lucretia Knisely, Edna Ilene Knisely, Edward W. Knisely, Edward William Knisely, Elizabeth Knisely, Ella Aldora Knisely, Emanuel Knisely, Ethel Mary Knisely, Etta Knisely, Eva Amelia Knisely, Flora E. Knisely, Florence Emma Knisely, Franklin Foust Knisely, Gabriel Knisely, George Frederick Knisely, George R. Knisely, George W. Knisely, Grace M. Knisely, Harrison Jesreal Knisely, Harrison Jezreal Knisely, Harrison K. Knisely, Harry Crater Knisely, Harry Justin Knisely, Harvey Knisely, Hazel Regina Knisely, Henrietta (Nettie) Knisely, Herman W. Knisely, Hettie Knisely, Homer Olney Knisely, Isaac Knisely, J. C. Knisely, Jacob Knisely, James C. Knisely, Jane Knisely, Jennie Knisely, Jessie Almeda Knisely, John Knisely, John A. Knisely, John Andrew Knisely, Jonas Knisely, Joseph Perry Knisely, Joseph Knisely, Levi Knisely, Martha Knisely, Rosanna E. Knisely, Laura Dell Knisely, Lela Maud Knisely, Levi Myron Knisely, Linda S. Knisely, Lucinda C. Knisely, Luther Knisely, Mary Knisely, Mary Ann Knisely, Mary Elizabeth Knisely, Mary J. Knisely, Mary Jane Knisely, Mary Keziah Knisely, Maxwell H. Knisely, Minnie L. Knisely, Nellie Knisely, Oliver Knisely, Paul Jacob Knisely, Philip Knisely, Rachel Knisely, Rachel E. Knisely, Rebecca Knisely, Richard Knisely, Richard Hamilton Knisely, Richard W. Knisely, Rose Knisely, Ruby E. Knisely, Sabilla Knisely, Samuel Knisely, Samuel Adam Knisely, Sarah Knisely, Sarah Elizabeth Knisely, Sarah L. Knisely, Sarah M. Knisely, Solomon Knisely, Susan Knisely, Susannah Knisely, Thomas R. Knisely, Walter Olds Knisely, William Harrison Knisely, William Henry Knisely, Abraham Knisely Jr., John Knisely Jr., Richard W. Knisely Jr., Bert Koplin, Elnora C. Koplin, Esther Elizabeth Koplin, George Koplin, Lois Koplin, Simon Koplin, Vina Koplin, Willie Koplin, Sarah Ann Kretzinger, Mary Lafferty, Martha A. Lanning, Augustus W. Leasure, Carrie Devor Leavitt, Nora Lemen, Olinnetta Liber, Laura Belle Lincoln, Daniel Luther Lockman, Charles Mackey, David Mackey, Florence C. Mackey, Mattie Mackey, Sarah L. Mackey, Viola M. Mackey, J. M. Main, Spurgeon Markley, Daniel McBride, William McBride, Lillian Blanche McClain, Daniel McConnell, George McConnell, Alexander McCoy, Daniel McCoy, Elizaebeth McCoy, Henry McCoy, Jennie McCoy, John McCoy, Joseph McCoy, Mahala McCoy, Margaret McCoy, Margaret Ann McCoy, Milley McCoy, Milly McCoy, Polly McCoy, Samuel McCoy, Sarah McCoy, Thurza McCoy, Anna Mariah McFarland, Celesta McKowen, Ruth McNear, Mary E. McPhearson, Chalmer Metzger, Edith Metzger, Ethelynn Metzger, Nina Mary Metzger, Philip Metzger, Coonrod Miller, Ellen Miller, Henry Miller, James Miller, Mary Miller, Virgie Miller, Wilbert Miller, Philip Minich, Thomas Mitchell, William Mitchell, George Monesmith, Rachel Monesmith, George Moore, Julia Georgianna Moore, Mary Elizabeth Moore, Margaret Morris, M. R. Morrison, James E. Morton, Andrew Lewis Murray, Ella Marie Murray, Jessie Clarence Murray, Lee Orlando Murray, Maynard Huston Murray, Spencer Murray, Vernon Cleveland Murray, Maggie Myers, Alice May Nash, Eugene Thornton Nash, George Ward Nash, Lucy Berthana Nash, Laura Nichols, Mary Nifong, Addie N. Norris, Alexander Norris, Amy Norris, Charley R. Norris, Clarinda Norris, Clerinda Norris, Daniel Norris, Delilah Norris, Dr. Howard L. Norris, Elizabeth Norris, Everett Leroy Norris, Frances E. Norris, Fred B. Norris, George W. Norris, George Washington Norris, Henry Norris, James Norris, John S. Norris, Joseph Norris, Joseph Alexander Norris, Joseph H. Norris, Laura S. Norris, Lee Norris, Lewis L. Norris, Lottie D. Norris, Lyman M. Norris, Marcus Norris, Marcus L. Norris, Margaret Ann Norris, Margarett Norris, Martha Norris, Martha Jane Norris, Mary Norris, Mary Alice Norris, Mary Minerva Norris, Nancy Norris, Nettie D. Norris, Nora G. Norris, Orley Roy Norris, Phoeba Ella Norris, Polly Norris, Samuel Norris, Samuel H. Norris, Sarah Norris, Sophia Norris, Susan Norris, Ulysses G. Norris, William Norris, William J. Norris, William Norris Jr., Winnie May Norris, William Norris Jr., Mary E. Null, Ollie Null, Mary Nye, Amelia Oder, Annie O'Donnell, Anna O'Riley, Davis Owen, Delmar Emmett Owen, Earl Kenneth Owen, Edward Owen, Eleazer Owen, Elvie Ruth Owen, Florence Rosalie Owen, Franklin A. Owen, Gertrude Owen, Harold Laverne Owen, Irene Patronella Owen, Lawrence Owen, Lena Orpha Della Owen, Leslie Frank Owen, Lester B. Owen, Lucy Norma Owen, Marie Emeline Owen, Minnie Owen, Minnie Iantha Owen, Nettie Mary Owen, Robert Owen, Robert S. Owen, Samantha Jane Owen, Seymour Thornton Owen, Sylvester Owen, Wilbert Julius Owen, Zada Lillian Owen, Florence Owen, Isaiah Owen, John Owen, Mary Elizabeth Owen, Nellie Owen, Ray Edmund Owen, Kate Palmer, Anderson Parrett, Carl Eugene Payne, James Perkins, Nancy Perkins, Priscella Perkins, Blanche E. Philips, Ellen Philips, George W. Philips, Gertrude Philips, Grace Philips, Kittie Philips, Nona Philips, O. A. Philips, Raymond Philips, Walter A. Philips, Harry Pounder, Gertrude Pray, E. H. Radcliff, Hannah Radican, Alta Alberta Ragle, Clinton DelKeith Ragle, Florence Susan Ragle, Gertrude May Ragle, Jacob Ragle, Paul Thornton Ragle, Emma A. Rarick, Maggie Rea, Homer Reisinger, Lottie C. Rellinger, Cloid Elsworth Reynolds, Catherine Ripley, Louise Roemer, Catherine Rogers, Mahlon J. Rohrer, Johnathan Romick, Anna J. Ruhl, Charley R. Ruhl, Colonel E. Ruhl, James H. Ruhl, James L. Ruhl, John C. Ruhl, Sarah E. Ruhl, William D. Ruhl, Arthur Runyan, Jennie Rutter, Lillian Salisbury, Anna Pauline Saurer, Guy E. Seabrook, Elizabeth Sesenbaugh, Gusta Sesenbaugh, Joshua D. Sesenbaugh, Laura Dell Sesenbaugh, Martha Sesenbaugh, Pauline Sesenbaugh, Simon Sesenbaugh, William H. Sesenbaugh, Amanda E. Shafer, Caroline Shirtliff, Albert S. Sholtz, Alice Sholtz, Christian D. Sholtz, Frank Albert Sholtz, Myrtle Raymono Sholtz, Rilla Sholtz, Viola Sholtz, Barbara A. Shookman, Mary L. Shookman, Dr. David Shumaker, Lydia Shumaker, Floyd D. Simpson, Frank Simpson, Lena B. Simpson, N. B. Skaggs, Nora Elaine Sloan, Daniel Smith, Elsworth Smith, Frank V. Smith, Fred W. B. Smith, George Smith, John Smith, John W. Smith, Martha Smith, Nancy Smith, Waldow Smith, William F. Smith, Sarah Evelyn Smith, Sarah Ann Spahr, Perry A. Spaid, Ann E. Spangler, Augusta C. Spangler, D. W. Spangler, Joseph Spangler, Julius C. Spangler, Martha E. Spangler, Mary B. Spangler, Peter Spangler, Rebecca J. Spangler, Susanna Spangler, U. K. Spangler, Lizzie Sparks, Effie M. Spence, Ann Mary Sprankle, Elizabeth Sprankle, Louisa Sprankle, Normandy Sprankle, Percy Sprankle, Richard Sprankle, Richard K. Sprankle, Rolland Sprankle, Roy Sprankle, Sarah E. Sprankle, Susan Sprankle, Alice Lucille Staater, Arie Avis Staater, Emory William Staater, Frank Henry Staater, Willis Ray Staater, Herman W. Staldt, Benton Riley Sterns, Susan Stiffler, Charles W. Stuart, Ella Stuart, George Stuart, George Eugene Stuart, James S. Stuart, William W. Stuart, Judge Henry Swihart, Ford A. Thompson, Frank Thompson, Irl Leo Thompson, Alonzo Conrad Tracht, Frederick Homer Tracht, John M. Tracht, July Ruth Tracht, Luella Bell Tracht, Lizzie M. Tramm, Arthur D. Traul, Carrie Belle Traul, Charles Edward Traul, Clarence Monroe Traul, Conrad Traul, Daisey Maybel Traul, Elnora Edna Traul, Francis M. Traul, Frank Albert Traul, Glenwood Elmo Traul, Harrison K. Traul, Harrison Knisely Traul Jr., Homer D. Traul, Howard A. Traul, Hugh L. Traul, Ida May Traul, John F. Traul, Julia A. Traul, Lee Earl Traul, Leila Oma Traul, Levi C. Traul, Lovina D. Traul, Lucinda Traul, Luther C. Traul, Martha Luella Traul, Mary Alice Traul, Mary Jane Traul, Minnie May Traul, Nina Mae Traul, Rachel Traul, Rachel Grace Traul, Rachel S. Traul, Ruth Irene Traul, Samuel Traul, Sarah Traul, Sarah Arvilla Traul, Thomas L. Traul, Cecil G. Trowbridge, Clarence Elmer Trowbridge, Emma Trowbridge, George T. Trowbridge, Gertie Trowbridge, Harry O. Trowbridge, Herbert Forest Trowbridge, Joseph R. Trowbridge, Walter S. Trowbridge, Warren Trowbridge, William Trowbridge, William Edgar Trowbridge, Jennie Tupts, Cora Vandeford, Ms. Vannator, Ella Volkins, Mattie A. Votau, Wilda Ray Waldron, William Franklin Waldron, William Wallace, Mary Walleck, Jane Wallick, William Andrew Walters, Catharine Warner, Emanuel Warner, Julia Warner, Lulu Warner, Sarah L. Warner, Martha B. Webb, William T. S. Webb, Carl Weger, Sarah Ann West, Jennie Wheeler, William Gray Whitesell, Alice Whitman, John Whitman, Josephine Whitman, Kate Whitman, Melissa Whitman, Elizabeth Whitmer, Elias Whitmore, Emma Orville Whitmore, Elmer Harrison Wilcox, Wallace Wilcox, Annetta Wilgus, Warren W. Williamson, Cordelia Winget, Fremont Winget, Susan Sprinkle Winget, Chrystle Wirick, Edward Wolf, Rachel Wolf, William Wolf, Derinda Wolford, Elizabeth Wolford, Lulu May Wood, Abraham Clinton Woodruff, Abram Thornton Woodruff, Albert Henry Woodruff, Berthana Woodruff, Bertram Clarence Woodruff, Charity Rachel Woodruff, Charles H. Woodruff, Charles Harrison Woodruff, Charles Hershelese Woodruff, Coin Harvey Woodruff, Cornelia Ann Woodruff, Daniel Thornton Woodruff, David Finley Woodruff, Dennis Douglas Woodruff, Edmund Finley Woodruff, Fay Arthur Woodruff, Finley Woodruff, Frank Newman Woodruff, Franklin Bonaparte Woodruff, Franklin Curtis Woodruff, George Woodruff, George Rea Woodruff, Harrison Thornton Woodruff, Helen Susan Woodruff, Herbert Arthur Woodruff, James Owen Woodruff, James Perry Woodruff, Jennie Marie Woodruff, John F. Woodruff, John Perry Woodruff, Joseph Harrison Woodruff, Julia Rosalie Woodruff, Leroy Byron Woodruff, Lizzie Victoria Woodruff, Lovina Woodruff, Margarett Woodruff, Marie Woodruff, Marion Samuel Woodruff, Mary Ann Woodruff, Mary Jane Woodruff, Nathan Finley Woodruff, Nettie Mary Lucile Woodruff, Percy Julius Woodruff, Perry Richard Woodruff, Ralph Eugene Woodruff, Ralph Finley Woodruff, Rebecca Mariah Hope Woodruff, Rebecca Marie Woodruff, Richard Perry Woodruff, Robert Harrison Woodruff, Sarah Jean Woodruff, Sarah Juliett Woodruff, Sarah Louisa Woodruff, Simeon Jay Woodruff, Sybill Woodruff, Vernie Woodruff, Virgil Edmund Woodruff, Wallace Clinton Woodruff, William Anson Woodruff, Juliett Woodruff, Richard Perry Woodruff Jr., Edith Cornelia Wright, Elizabeth Wright, Elizabeth May Wright, Emma Fern Wright, Isaac Melvin Wright, James Henry Wright, Lillian Blanche Wright, Vera Eunice Wright, Adam Zeeb, Alma Zook, & Sarah Zumbrum.

Note: This is a digital copy of this hard to find book on CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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