Album of Jackson, Jefferson & Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas - 1890

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The book, "Portrait and Biographical Album of Jackson, Jefferson, and Pottawatomie Counties, Kansas - Containing Full Page Portraits and Biographical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens of the county, etc.," by the Chapman Brothers, Chicago, Illinois, 1890. This great book examines the residents of Jackson County, Jefferson County, and Pottawatomie County, Kansas circa 1890. It is filled with genealogical information about various Jackson, Jefferson, & Pottawatomie County residents. It examines many individuals, mentions thousands of individuals in the biographical sketches, and illustrates many people and scenes. The book has approximately 786 pages, and a full Index. It can be searched using the Adobe Reader 'Search' function. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1890 printed book, it would be very expensive.


Here are the names of many of the individuals listed in the book - it is not every name. These are just the names of the main focus of the biographical sketches. In each sketch there are many names & surnames mentioned. There were just too many to transcribe all of them, there are thousands of names in the book.

Arch Abel, John Adams*, John Q. Adams*, W. Adams, T. K. Aitken, I. Albert, Benjamin Allen, E. M. Allen, W. A. Allen, W. B. Allen, W. W. Allen, William Allen, Charles Anderson, Elmer Anderson, William Anderson, Swan Anderson, George Anthony*, Jesse Arganbright, Thomas Armstead, J. W. Arnold, John Arnold, Chester Arthur*, Emanuel Ault, & Isaac M. Ayers*.

L. L. Badgley, C. N. Baker, J. W. Balsley, Joshua Banks, J. J. Barry Jr., A. J. Bayse, Thomas Bayne, M. Beck, W. Beeler, Irving Belden, David Bender, William Bentley, W. R. Benton, Charles Betts, Fred Bickhart, H. Bishop, G. Blaney, J. Blaylock, William Blossom, Ferdinand Boettcher, John Boh, G. Bolman*, Jane E. Bolman*, J. J. Bouton, L. Bouton, Philip Bower, B. Bradshaw, H. Brady, G. W. Brassbridge, W. Breneman, Stephen Brewer, Case Broderick, A. H. Brill*, Nancy Brill*, Hiram Bronson, J. H. Brouse, D. Brown, I. Brown, J. Brown, M. Brown, R. Brown, Samuel Brown, Val Brown, Warren Brown, W. Brown, Rebecca Bruton, James Buchanan*, R. R. Buman, A. Bumgardner, H. D. Butts, & W. C. Butts.

William Campbell, E. L. Carhartt, Thomas Carney*, J. Carpenter, J. Carter, J. Cawood, A. W. Chabin, James Chadwick, William Chase, T. Chevis, Shelby Chitwood, R. R. Chrisman, J. Chubb, Dow Clawer, Grover Cleveland*, E. B. Clowe, Allen Cochran, S. Cockrell, M. Combs, R. M. Cook, James Cooney, W. Coppinger, A. Cowan, C. J. Cowell, D. Cox, Samuel Crawford*, R. Crosby, L. Crowl, W. Crumbaker, & S. H. Curry.

Frederick Dachenhausen, A. Dailey, John Dailey, James David, Charles Davis, D. L. Davis, John J. Davis, W. Davis, A. Dawson, John Deardorff*, Mary Deardorff*, Simeon Dearin, G. W. Degraw, Joseph Degraw, John Dick, S. Dick, Peter Dickson, J. Dinnen, Michael Dinnen, W. Dixon, Alfred Dodson, W. Dodson, H. Doolittle, Thomas Downey, E. J. Doyle, & Stephen Dunn.

Samuel Early, T. Eddy, F. Ellerman, Jesse Elliott, L. Elliott, F. Elmore, E. Engle, J. Estep, G. W. Eubanks, Eli Evans, & S. A. Eytchison.

Charles Falin, Malker Faline, J. Farrow, John Faulk, A. D. Fenn*, Herman Fiegener, Millard Fillmore*, William Ross Fisher, E. Flagg*, Michael Foley, Jeremiah Force*, G. Forrester, Alexander Forsyth, Thomas Fortune, A. Fowler, J. Fowler, Sylvester Fowler, James Frazell, C. Frederksen, J. Frey, E. Frowe, & B. Funchess.

W. U. Gard, J. Gardiner, T. Gardiner, James Garfield*, Thompson Gay, John Gibbons*, C. Gillman, John Ginter, A. Gish, George Glick*, John Good, William Goodman, Zachariah Gragg, C. Graham, U. S. Grant*, G. Gray*, William Gray, William Gregory, Nehemiah Green*, T. Green, A. Greene, J. Grinter, J. M. Grinter, Lorenza Grinter, O. Grover, & Wesley Gurtler.

J. Hadley, Benjamin Hafer, Harry Hagaman, J. C. Haines, Elijah Harding, George Harman, N. H. Harman, William Harmon, John Harms, E. Harris, Stephen Harris, Benjamin Harrison*, William Harrison, William Henry Harrison*, L. Hart*, George Hartwell*, M. Hartwell, F. Hartwich, H. Hartwich, James Harvey*, Henry Haub, Lewis Havermale, C. Hayes, R. Hayes*, A. Haynes, Robert Haynes, W. Hazen, H. Heathman, William Hedge, James Hemphill, Joseph Hill, Norman Hill, W. Hill, A. Hiser, Jacob Hixon, W. Hoaglin, E. Hoenshel, Michael Hoferer, Charles Hoffman, C. Holm, J. Holm, D. Homewood, H. Hoover, Isaac Hoover, M. Hoover, A. Hosler, Samuel Hosler, B. Hudson, Lyman Humphrey*, A. Hurd, W. Hurd, E, Hutchins, & A. Hyman.

W. J. Ingram & M. V. Ingraham.

Andrew Jackson*, Thomas Jefferson*, J. F. Jenner, Jens Jenseu, Alford Johnson, Andrew Johnson*, A. Johnson, C. Johnson, E. Johnson, J. Johnson*, J. R. Johnson, J. W. Johnson, N. Johnson, E. P. Jones, Milton Jones, & M. Z. Jones.

George Karns*, Caroline Karns*, E. P. Karr, M. Kavanagh, R. Keeney, H. Keller Jr., J. Keller, John Kelly, A. Kendall, George Kerr, J. Kester, Henry Kirby, D. B. Kitts*, Robert Klein, A. Knapp, C. Knight, Henry Knoll, Ed Knouse, A. Knudson, K. Knudson, J. Koentz, A. Kolterman, Ernst Kolterman, William Kolterman, P. A. Krier, Henry Krouse, C. Kunkel, & J. Kunkel.

John Lackey, F. Lafontain, John Latta, John Lauer, James Lawless, G. Lee, Hugh Leonard, Edgar Lewis, E. S. Lewis, Wesley Lewis, Eli Licklyter, Abraham Lincoln*, Robert Little, D. C. Locke, C. D. Logan, John Longenecker, & John Lutz.

George Mackay, James Madison*, James Mark, E. Marks, T. Marshall, W. Marshall, I. Martell, John Martin*, Sidney Martin, G. Maxell, Russell Maxson, M. M. Maxwell, James May, Frank McBride, R. McCartney, John McClure, R. McClure, W. McClure, A. McCoin, I. McComas, Charles McCoy, William McCoy, Andrew McHenry, W. McKeever, J. McKelvy, A. McKowen, W. T. McMahon, George McPherson, John Mendenhall, A. Merritt*, Elvira Merritt*, Allen Meskimen, Henry Meyer, M. S. Milam, J. Millard, C. Miller, Daniel Miller, Jacob Miller, J. S. T. Milligan, T. Mills, J. Mitchell, George Mohler, John Moll, A. Monroe, James Monroe*, O. Monroe, H. R. Moore, R. Moore, T. Moore, Fredericko Morelli, Alfred Morgan, John Morin, Charles Morris, Jacob Morrow, T. J. Morrow, & L. M. Myers.

Tobias Neckelman, O. Nelson, Alfred Newman, Samuel Nichols, L. D. Nichols, H. Niehaus, J. Northrup, Lorenzo Northrup, & F. Nuzman.

Thomas O'Connor, J. Orendorf, Thomas Osborn*, & William O'Shea.

W. Parmenter, J. Parrott, A. Patrick, R. Paulsen, A. Pearsall, Carlton Peck, John Pendroy, S. Perkins, Franklin Pierce*, Thomas Pierce*, A. E. Pierce*, C. C. Pigg, Henry Pitcher, I. Ploughe, James Polk*, A. Pomeroy, W. Pope, M. Powers, J. Porter, James Price, W. I. Priest, G. Pruett, & J. Prunty.

John Rabenstorf, E. M. Randall, S. Ream*, M. Reckards, John Reed, A. Richards, E. Richardson, Jacob Riederer, J. Riederer, T. Roach, A. Roberts, F. Roberts, J. Roberts, H. Roberts, A. Robinson, Charles Robinson*, John Robson, E. Rogers, N. Rosdhal, E. Rose, John Ross, Henry Ross, S. Ross, J. Rowles, Samuel Rudy, A. Russell, & A. Ryberg.

Caspar Salzer, R. Sarber, W. Sargent, Henry Schirmer, A. B. Scholes, A. Schwartz, Adam Scott, J. Selby, G. Sharp, A. Shaw, Charles Shedd, C. Shehi, George Shehi, Harrison Shehi, E. Sherman, Hiram Sherman, J. Shiner, M. Shirley, J. Shirley, Henry Shove, A. Siddens, Markus Sigrist, J. Simkins, R. Simpson, A. D. Smith, D. M. Smith, Frank Smith, Finley M. Smith, F. M. Smith, George Smith, J. T. Smith, Rezin Smith, W. H. Smith, M. B. Smyth, Irving Snooks, J. Snyder, H. Spangler*, Henry Stanley, J. Statler, F. Stark, Samuel Stephenson, C. Stevens, J. Stewart, John Stine, James St. John, John St. John*, S. Stover, Samuel Strawn, G. Stream, W. Sumner, William Supple, & C. J. Swanson.

Zachery Taylor*, Cornelius Teehan, S. M. Teeter, F. Teske, J. Terrel, John Tidler, John Thomas, H. Thompson, C. Thompson, M. Thompson, John Thornbarrow, Joseph Tingley, R. Tolin, R. Turner, & John Tyler*.

A. Urbansky, George Urquhart, & Robert Utz.

James Vanatta, L. Van Brunt, Martin Van Buren*, Joshua Van Druff, Frank Van Gaasbeek, George Van Gaasbeek, & Henry Voge.

C. Walbridge, E. Walker*, J. DeWitt Walsh, M. Walsh, Isaac Ward, George Washington*, G. Watkins*, J. Weatherford, William Weatherford, I. Weddle, W. Weeks, G. Weible, Joseph Welch, Jacob Welen, E. Weller, Welcome Wells*, Eliza Wells*, J. J. Welsh, G. Wheat, J. Wheeler, George White, S. White, William Wible, Herman Wilbers, J. Wilhoit*, J. Willard, A. Williams, C. Williams, J. Williams, E. Willits, L. Willits, S. Wilson, John Witts, E. Wolverton, Madison Woods, & John Wunder.

Henry Young.

Note: (*) indicates a portrait of the individual is in the book.

The following list is of the farm & home scenes & business property view engravings in the book:

John Boh, A. Bumgerdner, C. Frederiksen, J. M. Grinter, William Harrison, Norman Hill, J. E. Holm & Bro., J. E. Holm, Henry Hoover, A. C. Hurd, William Kolterman, Henry Krouse, C. D. Logan, M. M. Maxwell, James May, W. McKeever, H. Niehaus, James Porter, Nils Rosdahl, Henry Schirmer, George Shehi, Harrison Shehi, Frank Smith, William Supple, Jacob Welen, Joseph Welch, William Wibble, & L. B. Willits.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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