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The three volume set of books titled, "Biographical Memoirs of Greene County, Indiana; With Reminiscences of Pioneer Days - Illustrated," B. F. Bowen & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana, 1908. It is a HUGH set of books dealing with the pioneer and ca. 1908 residents of Greene County. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Greene County personalities. It has many illustrations of individuals. The biographical memoirs for each major individual covers 3 - 6 pages on average. Incidental mention of many people not listed below also occurs in the memoirs and County data pages. It describes the various Indiana Civil War regiments in an article by one of their Commanders, Col. E. H. C. Cavins. The three books contain approximately 1,323 pages plus many illustrations and photographs. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1908 printed book, it would be very expensive.



The original books were indexed. In the CD version the index has been fully linked for ease of navigation and research.

People mentioned in full biographical memoirs in the Greene County volumes are: John Abbott, Curtis W. Adams, Thomas Alderson, John D. Allen, James Anderson, Andrew Anderson, George R. Anthony, William Axe, Thomas J. Axe, Benjamin Bach, Henry Baker, Thomas F. Ballard, Mrs. Catherine Ballard, W. P. Ballard, John J. Ballard, Clarence C. Barnett, A. J. Bays, A. M. Beasley, Joseph E. Beasley, Alex Beasley, James A. Bedwell, Elmer S. Benjamin, Marion Bennett, William C. Bennett, John Berns, E. Berns, Frederick Bingham, Oscar E. Bland, William H. Bland, James Blevins, William Bough, William Bovenschen, W. D. Boyd, D. A. Bradford, Thomas Bradford, H. G. Bredeweg, Joseph I. Brewer, Mary E. Brewer, George W. Brookshire, Alfred L. Brooks, Isaac Brown, David Brock, Rev. J. W. Buck, James E. Bull, Alfred R. Bunger, Asa Burdsall, Joshua Burnett, Jacob Bucher, James Burcham, R. M. Buskirk, Joel Byers, John Callahan, R. D. Callahan, John O. Calvert, Samuel R. Cavins, E. H. C. Cavins, Aden G. Cavins, Benjamin Carrell, E. K. Caswell, B. F. Chambers, Francis Chaney, William Clenny, John W. Cisney, William Conway, P. M. Cook, William Coleman, Richard J. Corbley, John D. Combs, Charles E. Combs, William Conway, W. F. Cornelius, William Cravens, James M. Cravens, Samuel Coleman Cravens, Elmer R. Cravens, Rev. James Daniel Crane, William A. Craig, Fred R. Cromwell, John Crites, Joshua B. Curtis, Kinsey Cullison, Joseph Cullen, Rev. William N. Darnell, William T. Danely, Christian Danielson, John Davidson, William S. Davis, James A. Deckard, W. H. Deckard, S. D. Dempsey, David M. Dickinson, V. E. Dillard, S. P. Dixson, N. G. Dixson, John T. Dobbins, Michael Downing, Andrew Downing, Harvey L. Doney, Richard M. Duke, T. H. Dugger, Francis M. Dugger, George B. M. Easton, M. G. Edington, Elijah Edington, William W. Edington, Francis L. Edwards, Stephen Ellis, Nathaniel Emery, Charles A. Emery, J. D. English, Robert E. Eveleigh, Rev. Alex R. Evans, Mason Faucett, Levi J. Faucett, David S. Faulk, Lovell R. Ferguson, Levi Fellows, Otis G. Fields, Daniel H. Fields, J. B. Filbert, Oscar Fitzpatrick, Ari Fields, Rev. Henry Flory, L. S. Forbes, Samuel Foster, John T. Franklin, Job Freeman, Philbert Fry, Frank A. Gageby, William W. Gainey, John N. Gastineau, Henry Gastineau, John H. Gheen, Charles F. Good, Willaim H. Good, Clemen Q. Goad, William Gordon, Lucian Gillett, James H. Gilliland, John C. Gilliland, John W. Gray, Simeon Gray, George B. Gray, John W. Graham, Phoebe Graves, Joseph W. Green, A. E. Greene, Samuel Hains, William M. Haig, Lewis R. Hall, Jacob A. Hale, William J. Hamilton, John Hamilton, Levi Hanna, Brothers Harting, Homer O. Hart, John M. Harrah, P. J. Harrah, Sipple Harvey, Henry Hassler, Frederick Hassler, Willard J. Hastings, J. H. Haseman, Andrew Hattabaugh, Jeremiah Hatfield (2), Joel Hatfield, Samuel F. Hays, Wilbur A. Hays, H. D. Haxton, Emery F. Haxton, James W. Heaton, Charles E. Henderson, Gilbert H. Hendren, G. H. Hendren Jr., Rev. George S. Henninger, William Heltman Jr., Charles F. Helm, William L. Herrington, Frederick S. Herzog, Alva E. Hindman, Frederick W. Himebrook, Johnson Hill, Henry C. Hill, W. H. Hixon, Clinton D. Hixson, Helmer Holmes, Joshua Holding, C. C. Howe, Benjamin F. Holscher, Thomas H. Howard, Joseph S. Hurt, James M. Hudson, H. D. Hunt, Andrew Humphreys, James M. humphreys, James H. Humphreys, Guy H. humphreys, William Hunter, Henry Huffman, Loren A. Hyde, Theodore Ingersoll, R. P. Irwin, Samuel R. Jackson, James S. James, Charles W. Jean, C. F. Jessup, Henry T. Jewell, R. T. Johnson, William Johnson, Robert R. Keys, Albert B. Kelly, Charles C. Kirk, August Kramer, Francis Lang, James J. Langton, B. F. Langton, John T. Lamb, Seth Laughlin, Joseph Lawrence, Jacob Laymon, Joseph D. Leavitt, William Lehman, Joseph Leonard, Lewis E. Letsinger, Peter S. Lester, Arthur Lowe, H. R. Lowder, John M. Lowry, William Mason, Henry Mason, H. Julian Mathias, W. H. Mansfield, Alfred F. Marshall, W. B. Maddock, Clyde O. Maddox, L. H. Martin, Samuel A. Maxwell, J. M. McDowell, Francis McDermont, Robert T. McKee, D. W. McIntosh, William J. McIntosh, J. P. McIntosh, D. N. Miller, Edward E. Miller, Madison Miller, John I. Milam, A. L. Milam, William H. Miller, Benjamin B. Mitten, William G. Moss, Joseph Moss, Claude S. moss, William M. Moss, Clyde S. Moss, C. O. Morgan, H. C. Morgan, J. B. Morgan, John L. Morgan, William A. Murray, Andrew C. Mullis, Josiah D. Myers, George F. Myers, Andrew J. Myers, William O. Nash, Henry T. Neal, Elmer E. Neal, Daniel Neidigh, John W. Newsom, Hoyt H. Nickerson, Horace V. Norvell, Fielding Oakley, Joseph R. Ockerman, William Olgus, Charles Olgus, Joseph T. Oliphant, J. L. Oliphant, Guy G. Osbon, Nicholas W. Osburn, Thomas C. Owen, Henry C. Owen, Thomas I. Padgett, W. L. Parks, F. M. Parker, James H. Person, I. N. Phillips, Harvey O. Pearce, George C. Porter, W. A. Porter, John A. Poe, Levi M. Price, Charles A. Price, Ivil O. Price, Anna B. Ray, Franklin Ramsey, James Rainwater, William Drayton Ritter, Moses Ritter, John A. Riddle, Camden C. Riley, Oris B. Richeson, John W. Risher, Bishop Asbury Rose, James T. Roach, David C. Roach, C. H. Roberts, William Routt, William G. Roth, Michael Rusher, Thomas M. Ryan, William G. Sargent, Jacob Sicker, Joseph P. Scott, Thomas F. Secrest, L. H. Sexson, Thomas Sharples, George H. Sharp, David Sharp, Charles G. Shaw, William G. Shepherd, Elmer T. Sherwood, Clinton T. Sherwood, Will H. Sherwood, E. H. Sherwood, James R. Sherwood, James Shelburn, Thomas J. Shields, Nathan V. Slinkard, William L. Slinkard, Cyrus L. Slinkard, John F. Slinkard, Robert Smith, John B. Smith, Frank Spelbring, George M. Sparks, John I. Specker, E. B. Squire, David O. Squire, John F. Stafford, Berlin Stafford, Eli Stalcup, William T. Stalcup, Peter Stockrahm, Granville D. Stewart, David W. Stewart, John Stewart, William Strictelmeier, Hanry Steelman, M. C. Stephenson, William L. Stephenson, Joseph A. Strauser, John Storm, Abraham Swango, J. E. Talbott, George D. Taylor, John S. Taylor, John A. Templeton, William W. Templeton, D. J. Terhune, David D. Terhune, W. A. Terry, Alva R. Thomas, Marion A. Thomas, W. C. Tinstman, Hiram Turvey, Joseph E. Turner, Joseph M. Vails, Peter C. Van Slyke Sr., James M. Vest, Henry D. Watts, William Walker, Silas P. Waggoner, Rev. John C. Warinner, W. H. Warner, L. W. Warner, George W. Warren, Elsworth Watson, Thomas Warnick, Jesse F. Weisman, Robert F. Weems, George W. Wells, David Wetnight, Peter Wheeler, James F. Wier, Henry Wiginton, A. F. Wilson, Frank Wilson, William Wilkerson, Israel Wilkie, Henry Williams, Joseph Wingler, B. F. Winters, J. W. Wolford, Edwin L. Wolford, William F. Wolford, Henry A. Wolf, John B. Workman, and many others including female family members and minor sons and relations. Things mentioned in the Greene history are: 2nd Indiana Regiment in Mexico, 14th Indiana Infantry, 21st Regiment of the 1st Heavy Artillery, 31st Indiana Infantry, 43rd Indiana Infantry, 59th Indiana Infantry, 71st Regiment of the 6th Cavalry, 97th Indiana Infantry, 115th Indiana Infantry, Cession Treaties, Coffins in Early Times, Indian Mounds, Pioneer Mail Carriers, Indian Pottery, Scalp Dance, Sweat Houses,

I am also including on this CD-ROM a 20-page transcription of a series of articles about the early history of Worthington, Indiana - a Greene County community.

The Worthington History mentions the following people: James Abbott, John F. Allison (a biographical sketch of this man), David Allison, George F. Allison, James M. H. Allison (a biographical sketch of this man), Noah Allison, Mrs. Josephine Andrews, Squire Andrews, William C. Andrews, William C. Andrews Jr., Julia Ann Applegate, John Archer, Tom Archer, Rev. James Armstrong, Celia Arney, George Baber, Mary Ball, John Barekman (or Barkeman), Rev. Hugh Barnes, C. J. Barrackman, B. F. Bays, William Bays, Wiliam A. Bays, William S. Bays, John Beach, Thomas Bradford, William Bradshaw, Jonathan Brashears, William Bray, Jesse Brazier, John Buck, James Buckner, Jerry Buckner, John L. Buskirk, Mary Byson, Israel Carrell, Abraham Case, Samuel Chaney, Thomas Clark, William Clark, Alexander Craig, John Craig, Martha Craig, Patsy Craig, Aaron Craigg, Howard Crantz, Clarence Cressy, John Curry, Ira Danley, James Denton, Eli Dickson, Eli Duncan, Hanna Duncan, Joshua Duncan, Edward Dyer, Elizabeth Dyer, Mary Dyer, Samuel Dyer, Z. P. East, Rev. Eli P. Farmer, John Farmer, John Fires, Nicholas Flater, William Foley, James Freeman, Charles Fulk, David S. Fulk, John Fulk, Robert Fultin, William Glover, Ky Gooden, Fount Gooley, Elizabeth Griffith, Fletcher Griffith, George Griffith, Rachel Griffith, Henry Grim, Rev. Gunsaulus, John Hancock, Hiram Hanshot, Baldwin Harrah, William B. Harrah, Anderson Harvey, James Harvey, G. W. Haton, Ben F. Hays, Marcus Hays, Marcus Hays Jr., Sam F. Hays, N. Hedden, George Helm, E. E. Henry, Wilson Heims, W. F. Herned, Hiram Hicks, Mrs. T. H. Hollis, Robert Howe, Joseph Huey, Thomas Huey, William Huey, Jasper Hutchinson, John Inman, Jasper Hutchison, Daniel Ingersoll, Peter Ingersoll, Isaac Jackson, Edmond Jean, Caleb Jessup, Jesse Jessup, John Jessup, Olive Jessup, Sallie Jessup, Herman Kautz, Carlos Kelsey, John B. Kelshaw, Sam Kelshaw, William Kesterson, James Lathrop, Rev. John Laverty, Bob Leach, William Leach, William Lemons, Sarah Lindley, Henry Littlejohn, William Mayson, Thomas Messick, F. N. Miller, Joseph Miller, Samuel Miller, Maria Morris, Davis Mosier, Jack Newsom, Newt Newsom, John O'Branan, Anna Osborn, Jane Osborn, John Osborn, Jonathan Osborn, Joseph Osborn, Tip Osborn, Amos Owen, Ephraim Owen, Peyton Owen, Absalom Padgett, Julia Ann Payne, Norman W. Pearce, Jonathan Peyton, Luke Philbert, Charles Polk, Rev. Revenscoff, George Rhineland, Squire Riggs, Ann Ritter, Miss Roal, Amos Roark, Amos Rogers, Thomas Rowark, Miss Rowel, E. H. Sabin, Joseph Saddle, G. W. Sanders, Herbert Sanders, John Sanders, W. G. Sanders, Henry Sargent, John Seaman, Harry D. Scott, John Shelton, David Shepherd, Abram Shoemaker, Benjamin Shoemaker, Marie Shoemaker, Joel Shouse, George Shroyer, Phillip Silver, Cavin Spencer, Fred Spooner, David Smith, Henry Smith, Joseph Smith, Thomas Smith, William Smith, James Stalcup, Thomas Stalcup, John Stanley, Sally Stanley, Rebecca Stevenson, Vasta Steward, Robert Stricklin, Adam Stroope, Green Tally, Robert Taylor, Mary Taylor, W. A. Terry, William Throope, Aquilla Walker, Rachel Wall, Richard Wall, William Wall, Thomas Warnick, Alexander Watson, William White, John Williams, Alf Willy, Sam Willy, Joab Wilshor, Obediah Winters, William Winters, William Wooden, John Yarnell. Worthington History places & things mentioned are: Bloomfield, Burlington, Devils Tea Table, Fairplay, Greene County, Indiana; I&V Railroad, Johnstown, Linton, Newberry, New Jerusalem, Piankashaw Indians, Point Commerce, Scotland, Shaker Settlement, Worthington.

Two great genealogical references about Greene County, Indiana consisting of approximately 1,343 pages of data! Please note: This is a scan of the original documents converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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