Greene & Sullivan Co., Indiana - 1884

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The book, "History of Greene and Sullivan Counties, State of Indiana; from the Earliest Time to the Present; Together with Interesting Biographical Sketches, Reminiscences, Notes, Etc. Illustrated," Goodspeed Bros. & Co., Publishers, Chicago, 1884. It is a HUGH book dealing with the pioneer and ca. 1884 residents of Greene County and Sullivan County, Indiana. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about various Greene & Sullivan County personalities. It has several illustrations of individuals. There are many biographical memoirs or sketches. Incidental mention of many people not listed below also occurs in the memoirs and County data pages. It describes the various Greene & Sullivan military regiments. The book has approximately 824 pages, a 40-page (fully linked) index, and an appendix containing the list of Sullivan County participants in the Mexican War and the Civil War, by regiment. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1884 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The original books were indexed. In the CD version the 40-page index has been fully linked for ease of navigation and research.

People mentioned in the Greene & Sullivan County History are: Jeff Abel, C. G. Able, Jeff Able, J. B. Able, Elias Abrams, Gabriel Abrams, John Abrams, W. F. Ackman, Benjamin J. Adams, Henry Adams, Hiram Adams, James Adams, Joel Adams, John Quincy Adams, J. C. Adams, J. W. Adams, Thomas F. G. Adams, Willie Adams, William Adams, Isaac Adkins, J. H. Adkins, Arch Aikman, Charles T. Akin, Edward W. Akin, Frank M. Akin, John S. Akin, Josiah T. Akin, Ransom W. Akin, W. M. Akin, James Akins, William Akins, Elias Albertson, John Alcorn, Peter Alembaugh, A. B. Alexander, James Alexander, Jesse J. Alexander, John D. Alexander, John M. Alexander, S. D. Alexander, Thomas Alexander, William Alexander, Zeb Alexander, William Algers, John Alkire, Samuel H. Alkire, Andrew Allen, Archer P. Allen, Charles R. Allen, E. L. Allen, Isham W. Allen, James C. Allen, James F. Allen, James T. Allen, John Allen, John Allen Sr., John D. Allen, John R. Allen, J. B. Allen, Oladiau Allen, Thomas M. Allen, William J. Allen, C. J. Allirackman, G. F. Allison, John F. Allison, Polly Anderson, Robert Anderson, Samuel Anderson, Sylvester Anderson, Thomas Anderson, Thomas J. Anderson, William Anderson, John W. Andrew, F. D. Andrews, John Andrews, John C. Andrews, John M. Andrews, Robert D. Andrews, Romeo Andrews, R. E. Andrews, W. C. Andrews, W. H. Andrews, John Archer, Moses Archer, Peter Arlester, Fred Armbaker, David Armstrong, James Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong, W. D. Armstrong, W. H. Armstrong, W. P. Armstrong, Epenetus W. Arnett, Moses Arnett, M. B. Arnett, William Arnett, Celia Arney, Henry Arney, G. G. M. Arnold, Aaron Arthur, Hiram D. Arthur, James A. Arthur, John Arthur, John W. Arthur, Nehemiah Arthur, William W. Arthur, W. D. Arthur, G. W. Asbury, W. H. H. Asbury, David Asdell, Oliver Ash, R. Ashbrook, Martin Ashcraft, Elijah Ashcroft, Jonathan Ashcroft, Robert Ashcroft, J. W. Ashford, E. Ashley, John Ashley, Thomas E. Ashley, Alfred D. Athens, Elijah Atkinson, P. G. Atkinson, W. H. Atkinson, James W. Ault, James R. Austin, J. A. Austin, William Austin, Thomas J. Axe, William Axe, Abraham Axtell, Andrew J. Axtell, George Axtell, George R. Axtell, J. H. Axtell, S. W. Axtell, Thomas Axtell, J. H. Axton, John Aydelotte, L. E. Aydelotte, Thomas Aydelotte, William E. Aydelotte, J. H. Ayers, James M. Ayres.

Anna Barber, George Barber, Jack Barber, Robert Barber, Washington Barber, William W. Barber, Emanuel Bach Jr., Milton Badger, David Bailey, John Bailey, W. W. Bailey, Joseph Baily, S. D. Baily, John P. Baird, L. M. Baird, Elijah Baker, Eunice Baker, Evan Baker, F. C. Baker, George Baker, Hamilton Baker, Hiram Baker, James Baker, James A. Baker, Job M. Baker, John Baker, Lucretia Baker, Robert Baker, Samuel Baker, S. Baker, William Baker, William A. Baker, William B. Baker, W. I. Baker, John A. Baldridge, J. A. Baldridge, J. D. Baldridge, Mary Ball, W. H. Ball, John J. Ballard, J. F. Ballard, Stephen Ballard, Thomas Ballard, William D. Ballow, John Banholzer, William Bannister, Callista Barber, Emerson Barber, Sebrum Barbre, Benjamin Barcus, C. T. Barcus, S. A. Barcus, Ewell Barker, George W. Barker, John Barker, John H. Barker, Nancy Barker, O. T. Barker, Thomas Barker, Wiliam Barker, William B. Barker, E. B. Barnard, Howard D. Barnes, Hugh Barnes, James Barnes, Jesse Barnes, John H. Barnes, Joseph B. Barnes, Levi Barnes, Stewart Barnes, George Barnet, C. J. Barrackman, Charles E. Barrett, W. C. Barrett, Joseph Barron, G. W. Bartholomew, William A. Bartholomew, John B. Bartlet, J. C. Bartlet, Francis Bartley, Isaac Bartley, John Bartley, Levi Bartley, Robbins Bartley, Robert Bartley, Samuel Bartley, Valentine Bartley, William Bartley, Nathan Barton, John Basker, Ferdinand Basler, Charles T. Bass, Jethro Bass, Thomas Bastin, Jonathan Batch, Issacher Bates, Samuel Batman, Jonathan Batson, George Bauer, George Baughman, James R. Baxter, John M. Baxter, Beverly Bays, John A. Bays, John S. Bays, Joshua Bays, William S. Bays, William Baze, James Beach, J. M. Beach, Maggie Beach, N. J. Beach, William Beach, Hiram Beagle, William R. Beal, Joseph Beals, Elizabeth Beard, Felix P. Beard, George W. Beard, John P. Beard, John T. Beard, William Beard, Alexander Beasley, Charles Beasley, Edward Beasley, Edward E. Beasley, Jennie Beasley, John T. Beasley, Joshua Beasley, J. W. Beasley, William Beasley, Edward Beasly, Richard Beason, Floyd Beaty, James Beaty, John Beaty, Marshall Beaty, Robert Beaty, James W. Beauchamp, John T. Beazley, James Beck, Jesse beck, J. A. Beck, Nicholas Beck, T. C. Beck, J. H. Beckett, John Becketts, Joshua Becketts, William Becketts, James Beddle, James Beden, D. M. Bedwell, Elisha Bedwell, James M. Bedwell, Johnny Bedwell, Milton C. Bedwell, Robert Bedwell, S. J. Bedwell, Theophilius S. Bedwell, George W. Bee, William Bee, Russell Belden, Elias Bell, John Bell, T. W. Bell, William Bell, Milton Belser, W. R. Bemount, George Bender, G. W. Bender, James Bender, A. J. Benefiel, Hiram Benefiel, Israel Benefiel, Jesse J. Benefiel, John Bebefiel, R. W. Benefiel, Willis Benefiel, Andrew Benham, Joel Benham, John Benham, William Benham, Anthony Bennett, Dighton Bennett, James Bennett, John Bennett, J. Bennett, Marion Bennett, R. M. Bennett, S. L. Bennett, T. A. Bennett, William Bennett, W. H. Bennett, Reuben Bennington, Joel Bennum, David Bensinger, Washington Bensinger, Richard Benson, M. Bentlin, M. W. Benton, A. I. Berch, John Berridge, Andrew Berry, Charles Berry, James Berry, John Berry, Joseph Berry, M. Berry, W. L. Berry, Jonathan Besheers, Jesse Bicknell, L. W. Bicknell, Joseph Bilderback, Jacob Billman, Joseph Billman, W. J. Bilyen, Edward Bingam, Edmund Bingham, Eliza Bingham, Frederick Bingham, John Bingham, Robert Birch, J. O. Birdsall, Joe Birlingmire, James Black, John Black, Thomas Black, W. F. Black, John Blackburn, J. S. Blackburn, William Blackburn, Ben Blackmore, Benoni Blackmore, Charles Blackmore, Dawson Blackmore, George Blackmore, James Blackmore, Samuel Blackmore, Benjamin Blackwell, B. H. Blackwell, H. Blair, Thomas Blake, J. D. Blaker, John Blalock, J. C. Blalock, Aaron Bland, Austin Bland, Enoch Bland, Francis Bland, Hiram Bland, Jacob Bland, John Bland, Joseph Bland, J. J. Bland, J. O. D. Bland, Kissie Bland, Moses Bland, Richard Bland, R. Bland, Simon Bland, Thomas Bland, William Bland, W. Bland, Asa Blankenship, A. B. Blankenship, Baws Blankenship, James Blankenship, P. M. Blankenship, F. F. Blaser, David Bledsoe, Isaac Bledsoe, John Bledsoe, William Bledsoe, B. M. Blount, Frank Blount, Henry F. Blount, J. Blount, M. Blount, Rollin Blount, R. Blount, A. L. Blue, James Blue, Perry Blue, Sidney Bluff, A. G. Blunk, Joseph Blythe, James Boatman, Abner Bogard, Cornelius Bogard, Thomas Bogard, Vincent Bogard, William Bogener, William Bohley, Amos Bolander, A. P. Boles, Edmund Boles, G. Boland, W. Boland, C. R. Bolinger, John Bolinger, William Bolinger, Lewis Bollman, Nelson Bolton, John Bond, J. A. Bonewell, William Bonewell, David Bonham, D. S. Bonham, Evan Bonham, Martin Bonham, Samuel Bonham, E. A. Bonhaver, Benjamin Bonnan, Samuel Bonnell, Wesley Bonuff, G. W. Booker, James Booker, John Booker, Joseph Booker, J. Booker, Ruel Booker, Silas Booker, Washington Booker, George Boon, G. W. Boon, J. L. Boon, Valentine Boon, Daniel Boone, F. C. Boone, John Boone, James Boord, Israel Booth, L. N. Booth, James Booth, Jane Booth, John Booth, Henry Booze, Jacob Borders, John Borders, Michael Borders, William Borens, John Boruff, Wesley Boruff, John Bosstick, T. Bostick, Jesse Boston, John Botts, Elisha Boudmot, Samuel Bough, William Bough, Hugh Bound, George Bounds, John Bouenschen, Henry Bower, Alfred Bowers, Angeline Bowers, Hardin Bowles, William Bowles, R. J. bowman, Eli Bowyer, Drury Boyd, James Boyd, Thomas Boyd, Stephen Bracewell, Edward Braden, David Bradford, Henry Bradford, John Bradford, Thomas Bradford, Joe Bragdon, Jotham Bragdon, Daniel Brakiron, G. C. Brandon, Jesse Branham, J. D. Branham, James Brannon, John Brannon, Patrick Brannon, Joseph Bryant, Jesse Brasher, Lafayette Brasier, William Bratton, Richard Bray, George Breece, John Breece, Thomas Breece, John Breese, James Brengle, Thompson Brenham, Andrew Brentlinger, Aaron Brewer, James Brewer, John Brewer, Jonathan Brewer, Lewis Brewer, William Brewer, Daniel Brickley, J. M. Brickley, Joseph Bridges, Cuthbert Bridwell, John Bridwell, Lafayette Bridwell, Nancy Bridwell, Sarah Bridwell, W. Bridwell, Anna Briggs, Blanche Briggs, Charles Briggs, David Briggs, G. Briggs, Joe Briggs, John Briggs, Joseph Briggs, Murray Briggs, John Brisco, Richard Brisco, William Briscoe, John Broadett, Samuel Broadett, Jacob Broadwell, John Broadwell, Ann Broady, Abe Brocaw, Isaac Brocaw, Uriah Brocaw, G. W. Brock, John Brock, Josephus Brock, Philip Brock, James Brodie, John Brodie, Samuel Brodie, W. Brodie, Jacob Brodwell, D. J. Bronson, A. L. Brooks, Benjamin Brooks, James Brooks, Samuel Brooks, B. L. Brookshaven, G. H. Brookshaw, Robert Brookshaw, B. L. Brookshire, John Brookshire, P. L. Brouillette, N. Brower, Phillip Brower, Alexander Brown, Edward Brown, Elizabeth Brown, E. Brown, Floyd Brown, Frank Brown, Franklin Brown, Frederick Brown, George Brown, G. C. Brown, Harvey Brown, Henry Brown, H. B. Brown, Isaac Brown, Jacob Brown, James Brown, John Brown, J. B. Brown, J, T. H. Brown, Leonard Brown, Noah Brown, N. H. Brown, Perry Brown, Samuel Brown, S. E. Brown, Thomas Brown, W. H. Brown, Jacob Brubaker, William Brummet, G. W. Brummit, Christian Buner, J. W. Brunger, S. Brunger, John Brusman, Edward Bryan, F. H. Bryan, John Bryan, Mary Bryan, Spencer Bryan, Tilman Bryan, Jonah Bryant, Josiah Bryant, Levina Bryant, Mary Bryant, Samuel Bryant, William Bryant, Mary Bryson, R. Bryson, Isaac Buch, Alexander Buchanan, Mason Buchanan, Jacob Bucher, William Bucher, Nathaniel Buchman, G. W. Buck, Isaac Buck, I. V. Buck, J. W. Buck, Philip Buck, William Buck, Joel Buckalew, A. C. Buckles, William Buckles, Frank Buckley, Hosea Buckley, John Buckley, J. F. Buckley, Paul Buckley, Smith Buckley, Edward Buckner, E. Buckner, Harlem Buckner, Richard Buckner, William Buckner, Samuel Budden, Don Carlos Buell, Pratt Buell, B. F. Buff, George Buff, Harrison Buff, John Buff, N. Buff, Rosanna Buff, James Buffalo, Abe Bugher, Charles Bull, John Bullerman, David Bullock, James Bullock, John Bullock, Richard Burmett, Charles Bunch, J. Bunch, Robert Buntin, John Burbank, A. J. Burch, Davis Burch, Elijah Burch, Elizabeth Burch, George Burch, James Burch, John Burch, Joseph Burch, Martha Burch, Mary Burch, Meretta Burch, Mitchell Burch, Stephen Burch, S. Burch, William Burch, Adam Burcham, Daniel Burcham, James Burcham, John Burcham, Joseph Burcham, Levi Burcham, Mary Burcham, Reuben Burcham, Solomon Burcham, W. Burcham, George Burdge, Charles Burge, N. Burge, G. Burgett, H. Burgett, M. Burk, W. Burk, Edmund Burke, M. Burke, William Burke, David Burks, James Burks, Joel Burks, Porter Burks, William Burks, Abel Burlingame, Lafayette Burnan, Samuel Burnan, Harry Burnes, William Burnet, John Burnett, Joshua Burnett, Joshua Burnett, J. Burnett, L. Burnett, Morris Burnett, Robert Burnett, Virgil Burnett, William Burnett, Harry Burns, Philander Burr, George Burris, Elijah Burroughs, Benjamin Burton, Jesse Burton, J. Burton, Stephen Burton, Thomas Burton, Zachariah Burton, William Bush, Alfred Buskirk, Frederick Buskirk, F. Buskirk, John Buskirk, Josiah Buskirk, Letitia Buskirk, Peter Buskirk, Philander Buskirk, P. Buskirk, Samuel Buskirk, Thomas Buskirk, D. Bussard, M. Bussenger, David Butcher, James Butcher, Robert Butin, Ben Butler, Calvin Butler, George Butler, G. Butler, John Butler, Thomas Butler, William Butts, James Buzan, Philip Buzan, F. Byers, Parker Byford, Daniel Bynum, James Bynum, John Bynum, Susanna Bynum, William Bynum, W. Bynum, Benjamin Byram.

Charles Cade, Nimrod Caid, Jacob Cain, J. Cain, Sarah Cain, W. Cain, Henry Caldwell, James Caldwell, John Caldwell, Robert Caldwell, C. Calhoun, Israel Call, Jacob Call, James Calloway, M. Calloway, Violet Calloway, B. Calvert, George Calvert, J. Calvert, Robert Calvert, W. Calvert, Simon Camp, Alexander Campbell, Andrew Campbell, Charles Campbell, E. Campbell, James Campbell, John Campbell, Nancy Campbell, Robert Campbell, Thomas Campbell, J. A. Canady, Christian Canary, J. Canary, Robert Canary, A. Cantwell, Josephine Cantwell, S. Cantwell, Andrew Caress, Peter Caress, Simon Caress, Thomas Carey, J. Carico, Simon Caris, Patrick Carley, Daniel Carlin, Ambrose Carlton, Joe Carmichael, John Carmichael, J. Carmichael, William Carmichael, W. Carmichael, S. Carnahan, George Carnwell, James Carpenter, John Carr, Benjamin Carrell, John Carrell, S. Carress, Basil Carrico, Jane Barrico, Josiah Carrico, Thomas Carrico, C. A. Carrighers, George Carrithers, Jane Carrithers, M. Carrithers, Robert Carrithers, Stephen Carrithers, Thomas Carrithers, William Carrithers, James Carroll, Jane Carroll, Benjamin Carson, Thomas Carson, G. Carter, John Carter, William Carter, W. Carter, James Cartwright, Sally Cartwright, Sarah Cartwright, James Casad, William Cassaday, Abraham Case, A. Case, Daniel Case, James Case, J. Case, L. Case, W. Case, E. Caskins, George Casner, Vandal Casner, John Cassady, James Catlin, William Catlin, W. Catlin, John Catron, Zachariah Catron, Robert Catterson, P. Cauble, Aden Cavins, Benjamin Cavins, Elijah H. C. Cavins, Samuel Cavins, Susan Cavins, William Cavins, Henry Cawthorn, M. Chace, Alexander Chamberlain, Alfred Chambers, Allen Chambers, Joseph Chambers, Noah Chambers, Owen Chambers, Samuel Chambers, S. Chambers, Nelson Chamblain, Basil Champer, Nathan Chandler, Rankin Chandler, Frank Chaney, James Chaney, John Chaney, Lincoln Chaney, Matilda Chaney, Robert Chaney, W. Channing, G. Chapman, J. Chapman, Levi Chapman, Lewis Chapman, S. Chapman, Thomas Chapman, William Chapman, W. Chase, Henry Chase, H. Chase, Michael Chase, William Chase, D. Chastain, William Chestnut, Charles Child, Elijah Chinn, George Chinn, A. Chipman, Paris Chipman, Samuel Chipman, Theophilus Chowning, Alexander Christianberry, Uriah Christianberry, Carlisle Church, Richard Clampitt, Alexander Clark, A. Clark, B. Clark, George Clark, G. Clark, Ira Clark, Jacob Clark, James Clark, John Clark, J. Clark, Marcus Clark, M. Clark, Nancy Clark, Robert Clark, Thomas Clark, William Clark, H, Clary, Thomas Clayburn, Solomon Claypool, George Clayton, Lewis Clayton, Robert Clayton, Benjamin Cleaveland, John Cleaveland, John Clemens, A. Clement, Richard Clements, R. Clements, Alexander Clenny, Benjamin Cleveland, Zelots Clifford, John Clifft, Anderson Cloud, Bice Cloud, John Cloud, W. Clugston, Thomas Cobb, William Cobill, Charles Cochran, Henry Cochran, H. Cochran, James Cochran, John Cochran, Nathan Cochran, Nathaniel Cochran, Peter Cochran , William Cochran, Isaiah Coddington, I. Coddington, Stephen Coddington, Charles Coffey, Edward Coffey, John Coffey, J. Coffey, Sylvester Coffey, Wesley Coffey, William Coffey, James Coffin, W. Coffin, G. Coffman, S. Coffman, Sarah Coke, William Coke, Ann Colbert, Alexander Cole, Elizabeth Cole, John Cole, Samuel Cole, William Cole, Willis Cole, John Coleman, Samuel Coleman, Toplar Coleman, Thomas Collier, Chancey Collinder, Henry Collinder, William Collings, Chancey Collins, E. Collins, Henry Collins, James Collins, Joel Collins, John Collins Madison Collins, T. Collins, William Collins, W. Collins, Alonzo Colton, Coltrin, Thomas Colyer, Byram Combs, Eli Combs, Francis Combs, John Combs, Michael Combs, William Combs, T. B. Compton, Benjamin Conant, Cyrus Conant, F. D> Conant, S. P. Conaway, Allen Conduitt, Henry Conduitt, Henry Conklin, J. W. Conklin, Jason Conley, S. A. Connell, John Conner, Alfred Connet, C. G. Conover, Augustine Cook, A. Cook, John Cook, Joseph Cook, T. Cook, Grafton Cookerly, John Cookerly, Edward Coombs, Jabez Coombs, Alfred Cooper, Ambrose Cooper, Isaac Cooper, John Cooper, J. Cooper, Lewis Cooper, Noah Cooper, William Cooper, Elias Copeland, F. J. Copeland, Isaac Copeland, Isaiah Corban, John Corben, Benjamin Corbin, George Corbin, James Corbin, Josiah Corbin, Vincent Corbin, R. A. J. Corbley, James Corlett, William Corlett, Uriah Coulson, G. W. Coultas, Thomas Coulter, Milton Coulton, J. W. Cowan, John Cowgill, Alexander Cox, Andrew Cox, Belle Cox, Daniel Cox, Ellison Cox, G. W. Cox, H. Cox, I. Cox, James Cox, John Cox, Noah Cox, William Cox, James Crabtree, John Crabtree, William Crabtree, Thomas Craft, Alexander Craig, James Craig, Martha Craig, O. J. Craig, Patsey Craig, Robert Craig, T. Craig, Elias Crance, John Crane, Nathaniel Crane, Reuben Crapo, Thomas Crary, John Cravens, J. Cravens, S. Cravens, Greene N. Crawford, James Crawford, M. B. Crawford, Noah Crawford, R. M. Crawford, William T. Crawford, David Crawfey, Newton Crawley, Preston Crawley, W. Crawley, T. Cray, Christian Creager, John Creager, Lewis Creager, Thomas Creager, W. Creager, F. Cressey, Benjamin Cressey, O. Cressey, H. Crist, J. Critchfield, James Crock, James Crockett, John Crockett, Moses Crockett, Robert Crockett, Anderson Crook, Asa Crook, A. Crook, John Crook, Newton Crook, John Crooks, James Crosby, James Crow, William Crow, John Crowder, Oscar Crowder, Robert Crowder, William Crowder, Jesse Crull, Uriah Culberson, James Culbertson, Wilson Culbertson, Joseph Cullen, William Cullen, W. R. Cullep, Ananias Cullison, A. Cullison, Isaac Cullison, J. Cullison, Robert Cullison, D. Cummings, Charles Cummins, David Cummins, John Cummins, Robert Cummins, R. Cummins, A. M. Cunning, Haydon Cuppy, John Cuppy, J. J. Cuppy, Seth Cuppy, W. Cuppy, A. A. Curry, Calvin Curry, Frank Curry, H. Curry, James Curry, John Curry, Robert Curry, Samuel T. Curry, Samuel Curry, S. Curry, William Curry, W. Curry, Benjamin Curtis, Gideon Curtis, John Curtis, Salem Curtis, William Curtis, James Curtner, William Curtner, Arbaces Cushman, A. Cuahman, Catherine Cushman, C. Cushman, David Cushman, Elisha Cushman, John Cushman, J. Cushman, Oliver Cushman, R. Cushman, Seth Cushman, Thomas Cushman, T. Cushman, William Cushman, J. E. Cutsinger, Joseph Cutwell.

C. M. Daggett, T. O. Daggy, Emmett Dagley, James Dagley, Thomas Dagley, A. Dailey, Charles Dailey, George Dailey, Ira Danely, W. T. Danley, Zachariah Danforth, John Daniel, G. W. Daniels, Joseph Daniels, O. Daniels, Ira Danley, William Dant, William Darbo, Chilton Darnell, I. M. Darnell, W. Darnell, Duncan Darrock, J. Daubenspeck, Elizabeth Daugherty, Hiram Daugherty, John Daugherty, Samuel Daugherty, Thomas Daugherty, Dick Davidson, E. D. Davidson, Frank Davidson, F. Davidson, George Davidson, G. M. Davidson, J. Davidson, Richard Davidson, Thomas Davidson, William Davidson, Alfred Davis, Amanda Davis, Asa Davis, A. Davis, B. Davis, Charles Davis, Henry Davis, Homer Davis, H. Davis, Jeff Davis, Jerry Davis, Jesse Davis, John Davis, Joseph Davis, Joshua Davis, Justus Davis, J. Davis, Lewis Davis, M. Davis, N. Davis, Owen Davis, Virgil Davis, William Davis, W. Davis, Adona Dawson, Benjamin Dawson, John Day, Abraham Dayhoff, B. Dayhoff, Elias Dayhoff, Frederick Dayhoff, George Dayhoff, Nancy Dayhoff, Rufus Dayhoff, W. Y. Dayhoff, Holmes Deacon, Marcus Deal, W. H. Deal, Enoch Dean, E. Dean, Hallet Dean, J. S. Dean, Silas Dean, Thomas Dean, W. Dean, Zack Dean, Robert Dear, Abram Debaun, Amanda Debaun, James Decamp, Michael Deckard, John Decker, Franklin Deckerman, Mason Dedman, W. H. Deed, David Deem, Samuel De Huff, V. Delashmut, David Delay, George Demies, E. Denison, William Denney, Salomi Dennis, James Denny, James DePauw, Washington De Pauw, David Detor, Jesse Dever, John Devere, James Devol, R. C. Dewey, William De Wolfe, J. M. Dibble, P. Dibble, Andrew Dickey, Edward Dickinson, Eli Dickson, Joseph Dickson, Alva Dill, Elias Dill, E. Dilla, Wiley Dillemore, Abram Dilley, Joseph Dilley, L. Dilley, Mancy Dilley, Joseph Dillinger, William Dillinger, Richard Dillingham, J. Dillon, W. Dittemore, Eli Dix, Joshua Dix, J. Dix, William Dix, Abe Dixon, D. Dixon, Eli Dixon, Henry Dixon, James Dixon, John Dixon, Joseph Dixon, Margaret Dixon, Nathan Dixon, Nathaniel Dixon, Samuel Dixon, Solomon Dixon, Stephen Dixon, William Dixon, Clifton Dixson, Eli Dixson, John Dixson, Joseph Dixson, Pryor Dixson, Solomon Dixson, William Dixson, Isaac Doan, A. Dobbins, Jacob Dobbins, James Dobbins, Joshua Dobbins, Samuel Dobbins, William Dobbins, W. Dobbins, Robert Dobbs, David Dobson, Hugh Dobson, J. Dobson, David Dodd, Jacob Dodd, Jesse Dodd, John Dodd, Robert Dodd, Samuel Dodd, William Dodd, William Dodds, John Doe, Henry Donahoy, F. Donald, John Doney, Alfred Donnelly, William Doolen, Bedellium Dolley, G. Dooley, Henry Dooley, Stephen Dooley, S. Dooley, Henry Dooly, William Dorch, Josephine Dorfeuille, Samuel Dority, Jeremiah Doty, Jerry Doty, Margaret Doty, Sammy Doty, Uriah Douglas, Thomas Douthell, J. Douthitt, Asbury Dover, James Dover, Jarvis Dover, John Dover, Joshua Dover, Wesley Dover, Lorenzo Dow, William Dowden, W. Dowden, W. Dowell, M. Dowling, A. Downey, John Downey, Alexander Downing, Andrew Downing, Aseneth Downing, McHenry Dozier, James Drake, John Drake, Martin Drake, Sally Drake, Isaac Draper, John Draper, Meshack Draper, Solomon Draper, I. Drennan, John Drennan, James Drennon, K. Dryden, Ducast, John Dudley, J. Dudley, Thomas Dudley, W. Dudley, Elizabeth Duffer, John Dufficey, J. Dufficey, Oliver Dufour, Abbie Dugger, Francis Dugger, Julius Dugger, Mark Dugger, M. Dugger, Henry Duke, James Duke, Charles Duley, Eli Duncan, Hannah Duncan, H. Duncan, James Duncan, Joshua Duncan, Joshua Duncan, Lewis Duncan, William Duncan, W. Duncan, Patrick Dundon, G. Dunlap, C. Dunn, George Dunn, Moses Dunn, Thomas Dunn, Zachariah Dunn, William Dunnegan, Paris Dunning, J. Dupate, John Durham, Ruth Durhan, J. Durvois, George Dutton, J. Duwall, Alfred Dyer, Edward Dyer, Elizabeth Dyer, George Dyer, James Dyer, John Dyer, J. Dyer, Mary Dyer, Samuel Dyer, William Dyer, W. Dyer.

Gilead Earl, N. Early, Walter Early, Benjamin East, B. East, Hughes East, John East, J. East, Thomas East, T. East, C. Easton, Charles Eaton, Dory Eaton, H. Eaton, James Eaton, Jetson Eaton, John Eaton, J. Eaton, L. Eaton, Mat Easton, M. Eaton, Thomas Eaton, William Eaton, Delana Eckels, William Eckels, Delana R. Eckles, William Eckles, F. Edd, Elijah Eddington, John Edds, M. Eddy, Edmond Edington, Elijah Edington, Francis Edington, George Edington, David Edmiston, Hattie Edmonds, Lewis Edmonds, John Edmundson, Wesley Edmundson, Alfred Edwards, Elias Edwards, F. Edwards, George Edwards, Isaac Edwards, James Edwards, John Edwards, Lewis Edwards, S. Edwards, Thomas Edwards, T> Edwards, William Edwards, Ernest Ehrsom, Job Eldridge, William Eldridge, Jesse Elgam, John Elgam, Reason Elgam, Rice Elgam, Eliza Elgin, Jesse Elgin, Julia, Elgin, Milly Elgin, Rice Elgin, William Elgin, Smith Elkins, John Eller, William Ellett, Bart Ellinsworth, Abe Elliott, Barton Elliott, George Elliott, John Elliott, Joseph Elliott, Peter Elliott, Samuel Elliott, Abner Ellis, G. Ellis, John Ellis, Josiah Ellis, L. Ellis, M. Ellis, Robert Ellis, Stephen Ellis, Thomas Ellis, William Ellis, W. Ellis, Adam Ellison, Alfred Ellmore, John Ellsworth, Alfred Elmore, Jonathan Elswick, Jonas Emery, J. Emery, Thomas Emery, William Emery, Jesse Emmison, J. Empson, Alexander Engle, John Engle, Joseph Engle, T. English, W. English, David Enlow, Cornelius Eno, John Enochs, Jones Enochs, Samuel Enochs, Benjamin Ernest, Charles Ernest, Jacob Ernest, Jane Ernest, Joshua Ernest, J. Ernest, Ludwick Ernest, Nathaniel Ernest, Isaac Errit, David Erwin, William Erwin, Adam Eslinger, G. Eslinger, Jacob Eslinger, John Eslinger, William Eslinger, William Essex, Alonzo Estabrook, C. Evans, Gamson Evans, Garrison Evans, Jesse Evans, John Evans, Joseph Evans, Madison Evans, M. Evans, Robert Evans, Samuel Evans, Thomas Evans, Edward Eveleigh, Ivan Evenleigh, Joseph Eveleigh, R. Eveleigh, William Eveleigh, G. Everhart, Samuel Ewing, George Exline.

F. Fagaly, T. Fairnot, Mack Farley, Samuel Farley, Aaron Farmer, Eli Farmer, William Farmer, Samuel Farr, James Farrington, Isom Farris, L. Farris, A. Faucett, Eli Faucett, George Faucett, Levi Faucett Jr., Mason Faucett, Martin Faulk, John Faulkner, Levi Fellows, Silas Fellows, Samuel Fender, Andrew Ferguson, A. Ferguson, Benjamin Ferguson, B. Ferguson, James Ferguson, John Ferguson, Nancy Ferguson, N. Ferguson, Richard Ferguson, Samuel Ferguson, Wesley Ferguson, William Ferguson, W. Ferguson, G. Ferree, John Ferrel, Leonard Ferrel, Daniel Fields, David Fields, Ezekiel Fields, E. Fields, Horace Fields, John Fields, Joseph Fields, J. Fields, Maria Fields, Martin Fields, Samuel Fields, Seth Fields, Thomas Fields, William Fields, Wilson Filbert, A. Filmore, John Finder, John Findley, James Finney, Samuel Fipps, John Fires, Thomas Fires, T. Fires, Jacob Fiscus, Luke Fiscus, William Fiscus, C. Fisher, David Fisher, Jacob Fisher, Levi Fisher, Nathaniel Fisher, Orsenith Fisher, Thomas Fisher, Warner Fisher, William Fisher, John Fitzgerald, James Fitzpatrick, Joseph Fitzpatrick, A. Flanagan, Maria Flanagan, John Flanagan, William Flarnot, Alice Flater, James Flater, Olwin Flater, Richard Flater, Jesse Flatter, Lewis Flatter, Oliver Flatter, William Fleming, Calvin Fletcher, Jacob Fletcher, O. Fling, E. Flinn, Preston Flinn, Thomas Flinn, Cora Flood, W. Flood, James Floyd, Sabra Floyd, John Fodrell, C. Foley, James Foley, William Foley, John Follum, Samuel Folsom, W. Foote, Ziba Foote, H. Ford, John Ford, L. Ford, Michael Ford, John Fordyce, Lewis Fordyce, Sanford Fordyce, W. Fordyce, A. Forsyth, D. Fort, Jonas Fortner, Edward Foster, James Foster, John Foster, J. Foster, Samuel Foster, Orin Fowler, Abram Fox, Alexander Fox, Fountain Fox, G. Fox, J. Fox, O. Fox, Thomas Fox, Aggie Frakes, Daniel Frakes, Laban Frakes, Peter Frakes, Phillip Frakes, William Frakes, Shelton Franklin, William Franklin, A. Franks, James Frazier, John Freeland, William Freeland, Fletcher Freeman, F. Freeman, James Freeman, John Freeman, Samuel Freeman, William Freeman, John Freemont, Erastus French, Henry French, James French, John French, James Froment, Benjamin Fry, B. Fry, David Fry, Enoch Fry, Henry Fry, Westley Fry, William Fry, W. Fry, Henry Fulk, Jacob Fulk, John Fulk, William Fulk, W. Fulk, A. Fulkerson, B. Fullam, Carry Fuller, David Fuller, Elijah Fuller, Enoch Fuller, James Fuller, John Fuller, Nancy Fuller, Sarah Fuller, Charles Fullerton, A. Fultner, Daniel Fultz, William Furguson, G. Fuson.

Ada Gainey, E. Gainey, Giles Gainey, John Gainey, R. Gainey, Sarah Gainey, Wesley Gainey, W. Gainey, James Galletly, W. Gallimore, John Gallon, J. Gambill, Morgan Gambill, William Gamey, Columbus Gamon, George Gannon, Samuel Gannon, J. Gano, Charles Gardner, John Gardner, Samuel Gardner, W. Ray Gardner, Daniel Garland, John Garner, Abraham Garret, Jacob Garret, Walter Garret, James Garrett, John Garrett, J. Garrett, L. Garrett, Thomas Garrett, Freborn Garritson, Robert Garvin, S. Gary, E. Gaskins, John Gaskins, Maggie Gakins, William Gaskins, H. Gasteneau, Henry Gastineau, James Gastineau, Nathan Gaston, Jacob Geckler, A. Geddes, Daniel Geddes, G. Geddes, George Geddis, Michael Gentry, D. George, Frank George, John George, J. George, William George, C. Gerstinger, Robert Gibbs, Alexander Gibson, Garret Gibson, George Gibson, James Gibson, Joice Gibson, William Gibson, Lydia Gilam, F. Giolbert, A. Giles, B. Giles, D. Giles, John Giles, J. Gilkinson, C. Gilkison, John Gilkison, Robert Gilkison, R. Gilkison, Annie Gill, N. Gill, Robert Gill, T. Gill, William Gill, W. Gill, Edmund Gillam, John Gillam, George Gillett, H. Gilliam, Hetty Gillmore, Edmund Gillum, J. Gilman, H. Gilmore, James Glenn, F. Glass, Amos Glick, Erasmus Glick, M. Glick, Israel Glover, William Glover, Henry Goad, J. Gobin, Elijah Godfrey, John Godwin, Canaan Goen, John Goff, M. Goff, William Goins, Edward Goldsberry, Enos Goldsberry, John Goldsberry, William Goldsberry, John Goldsby, John Goldsley, Clemmon Good, James Good, John Good, Lucy Goodale, Nathaniel Goode, Bartlett Goodman, John Goodman, Solomon Goodman, Abner Goodwin, David Goodwin, George Goodwin, John Goodwin, W. Goodwin, Samuel Gookins, David Gordon, Henry Gordon, Isaac Gordon, John Gordon, J. Gordon, Willis Gorman, J. Gormley, Richard Goss, G. Gott, Lewis Gott, Mory Gould, John Gouldy, Sanford Gowan, Jasper Gowans, Thomas Grace, Charles Graham, George Graham, G. Graham, John Graham, Jonathan Graham, J. Graham, Lafayette Graham, Marion Graham, Samuel Graham, Wilson Graham, Adam Grant, Mehaley Grant, U. S. Grant, Bluford Graves, Elias Graves, Elisha Graves, James Graves, Jane Graves, Peter Graves, Phoebe Graves, Riley Graves, Benjamin Gray, G. Gray, Jacob Gray, James Gray, Joe Gray, John Gray, Joseph Gray, Nancy Gray, Oliver Gray, Samuel Gray, Sim Gray, W. Green, James Greene, L. Greene, Samuel Greene, Smith Greenfield, William Greenfield, William Greenlee, James Greer, E. Gregg, L. Gregg, O. Gregg, W. Gregg, J. Greves, James Griffin, William Griffin, C. Griffith, Elizabeth Griffith, George Griffith, H. Griffith, Jesse Griffith, John Griffith, J. Griffith, Lucinda Griffith, Robert Griffith, Sarah Griffith, William Griffith, W. Griffith, John Grigsby, Lewis Grigsby, J. Grigsley, Henry Grim, S. Grim, G. Grinder, G. Grismore, George Griswold, W. Griswold, Edward Groenendyke, John Gross, W. Ground, John Thaddeus Gunn, Margaret Gurnsey, George Guthrie, Joshua Guthrie, Gwin.

Joseph Hackley, William Hackney, D. Haddon, Jesse Haddon, John Haddon, William Haddon, Cynthia Gilkison Hadley, Joshua Hadley, Aaron Hagaman, Simeon Hagamon, Simon Hagerman, John Haig, William Haig, John Hail, N. Hail, William Hains, Harmon Halberstadt, Seth Halbert, George Hale, Jacob Hale, J. Hale, Isiah Hale, Lewis Hale, Martin Hale, S. Hale, Thomas Hale, Wesley Hale, William Hale, W. Hale, J. Haliburt, Aaron Hall, Albert Hall, Aquilla Hall, A. Hall, Chauncey Hall, Edward Hall, Ephraim Hall, H. Hall, James Hall, John Hall, J. Hall, Robert Hall, Samuel Hall, Thomas Hall, William Hall, Elias Hallady, Abe Halstead, David Halstead, Elliott Halstead, G. Halstead, Isaac Halstead, John Halstead, J. Halstead, Margaret Halstead, Mary Halstead, Philip Halstead, Charles Halterman, John Halton, James Hamersley, Robert Hamill, Samuel Hamill, Absalom Hamilton, Andrew Hamilton, A. Hamilton, James Hamilton, John Hamilton, J. Hamilton, King Hamilton, Lewis Hamilton, M. Hamilton, Thomas Hamilton, Wells Hamilton, William Hamilton, Carlin Hamlin, Isaac Hamlin, Samuel Hammil, Abe Hammon, Asher Hammond, William Hammond, Wade Hampton, Edward Hanagan, George Hanchett, Hiram Hanchett, David Hancock, Edward Hancock, John Hancock, Owen Hancock, Isaac Hand, W. Handley, Oras Handy, Patrick Haney, Allen Hanley, Charles Hanley, Leroy Hanley, W. Hanley, Ambrose Hanna, Burton Hanna, B. Hanna, James Hanna, Jesse Hanna, John Hanna, Joseph Hanna, J. Hanna, Smith Hansbaugh, Jesse Harben, David Harber, William Harbin, Alexander Harden, J. Hardesty, Richard Hardesty, William Hardesty, Elihu Hardin, J. Hardy, Thomas Hardy, G> Harlow, William Harlow, Abigail Harman, Abigail Harmon, John Harnbaker, Peter Harnstutler, Frank Harper, Frederick Harper, Henry Harper, James Harper, John Harper, J. Harper, Kate Harper, Theodore Harper, William Harper, W. Harper, Daniel Harrah, David Osborn Harrah, Eveline Harrah, James Harrah, John Harrah, Robert Harrah, Samuel Baldwin Harrah, W. Harrah, James Harrel, John Harrel, Ephraim Harrell, James Harrell, John Harrell, Samuel Harrell, William Harrell, Zachariah Harrell, Ezekiel Harrington, F. Harrington, Leanna Harrington, S. Harrington, William Harrington, Benjamin Harris, David Harris, Hannah Harris, I. Harris, James Harris, Joel Harris, John Harris, J. Harris, Maria Harris, William Harris, W. Harris, Benjamin Harrison, Christopher Harrison, James Harrison, Wesley Harrison, William Harrison, John Harriett, Benjamin Harshaw, Charles Hart, E. Hart, Jonathan Hart, A. Harthash, Barton Hartley, Harmon Hartley, L. Hartley, Samuel Hartley, S. Hartley, Edwin Hartsell, Calvin Hartwell, H. Hartzall, E. Hartzell, George Hartzell, Albert Harvey, Anderson Harvey, Dayton Harvey, Georgia Harvey, James Harvey, J. Harvey, Ezra Hase, John Hash, Benjamin Hashaw, Christian Hasler, Raymond Hassel, B. Hasselback, Joseph Hastetler, W. Hastings, Ale Hatfield, Armstead Hatfield, Daniel Hatfield, Emanuel Hatfield, Fielding Hatfield, Francis Hatfield, Jasper Hatfield, Jerry Hatfield, John Hatfield, Marion Hatfield, Nancy Hatfield, William Hatfield, R. Haton, A. Hattabough, Charles Hattery, Joseph Houke, Benjamin Havens, S. Haviland, T. Haviland, M. Hawk, Peter Hawk, Alice Hawkins, A. Hawkins, Howard Hays, H. Hays, James Hays, John Hays, Helson Hays, Peter Hays, William Hays, W. Hays, G. Hayton, Alfred Hayward, Hiram Hayward, J. Hayward, Calvin Haywood, Elias Haywood, Joel Haywood, John Haywood, Samuel Haywood, William Hazelrig, Charles Hazlerod, John Headley, Squire Headley, Thomas Headley, James Heap, J. Heap, David Heaton, John Heaton, J. Heaton, Kelley Heaton, Mahala Heaton, Newton Heaton, M. Heavenridge, James Heck, Philip Heck, Jackson Hedrick, David Hefron, Horace Hefron, Robert Hegwood, James Heims, B. Helm, Alexander Helms, Benjamin Helms, Mamet Helms, S. Helms, Benjamin Henderson, B. Henderson, J. Henderson, Gilbert Hendren, G. Hendren, Frederick Hendricks, John Hendricks, Thomas Hendricks, William Hendricks, Joseph Hendrix, A. Henning, James Henon, Arthur Henrie, Jacob Henry, James Henry, Joseph Henry, Ben Henshaw, Daniel Henshaw, Daniel Henson, Joseph Hepner, Elsinas Herbert, Maggie Hereford, Peter Herington, Henry Herold, Otho Herold, John Herral, G. Herreford, Fielding Herring, Affey Herrington, Ezekial Herrington, George Herrington, Peter Herrington, Benjamin Herry, James Hert, William Hert, Craven Hester, James Hester, S. Hester, Abram Heywood, Wilford Hickan, Arthur Hicks, Hiram Hicks, Isaac Hicks, James Hicks, William Hicks, George Higbee, Mattie Highbee, William Higdon, John Highfil, E. Hilburn, John Hilburn, J. Hilburn, R. Hilburn, W. Hilburn, D. Hildebrand, E. Hilderbrand, Charles Hill, Frank Hill, Hardy Hill, Henry Hill, Isaac Hill, John Hill, Nathan Hill, Peter Hill, Reuben Hill, Thomas Hill, William Hill, W. Hill, William Himes, J. Hindley, Basil Hindman, Marion Hindman, Fred Hinebrook, John Hinebrook, W. Hinebrook, Hiram Niner, John Hines, J. Hines, Benjamin Hinkle, C. Hinkle, E. Hinkle, Jackson Hinkle, James Hinkle, John Hinkle, J. Hinkle, Nathaniel Hinkle, N. Hinkle, Wendell Hinkle, William Hinkle, W. Hinkle, Otis Hinkley, Boom Hinman, I. Hinman, M. Hitchcock, Samuel Hitchcock, S. Hitchcock, Samuel Hite, W. Hitt, David Hixon, Edward Hixon, John Hixon, John Hoag, Henrey Hoagland, H. Hoagland, J. Hochstetler, Franklin Hodges, William Hodgins, James Hogan, Nathan Hogan, George Hogle, Henrey Hogle, Francis Hogue, William Hogue, Zebulon Hogue, George Hoke, Jacob Hoke, Jake Hoke, John Hoke, J. Hoke, William Hoke, Jock Holbert, W. Holbert, A. Holburt, Thomas Holder, Joshua Holding, James Holdson, William Holdson, W. Holland, Patty Hollenback, A. Holliday, George Holliday, Marcus Holliday, Nathaniel Holliday, Joseph Hollingsworth, H. Hollis, T. Hollis, P. Hollister, James Holloway, J. Holloway, S. Holman, William Holman, Arthur Holmes, J. Holmes, Samuel Holmes, Thomas Holmes, T. Holmes, J. Holson, James Holstein, Andrew Holt, M. Holt, William Holt, Benjamin Holtschaw, Jordon Holtschaw, William Holtschaw, Samuel Hooey, George Hooker, Joseph Hooten, Jane Hoover, Albert Hopewell, G. Hopewell, James Hopewell, John Hopewell, J. Hopewell, Peter Hopewell, William Hopewell, Raliegh Hopper, Frank Hornbeck, Zeppie Hornbeck, Stephen Horsey, H. Hostetter, J. Hotchstetler, F. Houch, John Houck, Michael Houck, H. Hough, M. Hough, Orson Hough, James Houldson, Jacob Houpt, Robert Houpt, S. Houpt, Michael House, David Housten, George Houts, Alven Hovey, Cornelius Howard, Hiram Howard, James Howard, John Howard, Joseph Howard, Samuel Howard, Sanders Howard, Straether Howard, Tilghman Howard, C. Howe, Henry Howe, Robert Howe, S. Howe, Brook Howell, James Howell, Widey Howell, W. Howell, Isaac Hubbell, F. Hubble, Isaac Hubble, David Hudson, Jerry Hudson, Jessie Hudson, John Hudson, Rebecca Hudson, William Hudson, Zachariah Hudson, Alfred Huey, A. Huey, Benjamin Huey, John Huey, Philander Huey, Thomas Huey, William Huey, David Huff, John Huff, T. Huff, Daniel Huffman, John Huffman, Richard Huffman, Samuel Hughes, James Hughes, John Hughes, T. Hughes, William Hughes, W. Hughes, Canada Hughs, Samuel Hull, Viola Hulse, William Hultz, John Hume, R> Hunt, William Hunt, Zacoock Hunt, Alexander Hunter, Andy Hunter, B. Hunter, C. Hunter, David Hunter, D. Hunter, Frank Hunter, Hiram Hunter, James Hunter, John Hunter, Joshua Hunter, J. Hunter, Lucinda Hunter, Margaret Hunter, Mary Hunter, William Hunter, Elisha Huntington, Emerson Hursh, J. Hursh, Absalom Hurst, James Hurst, Edward Hussey, C. Hutchinson, D. Hutchison.

F. Ingleheart, Daniel Ingersoll, H. Ingersoll, Jeremiah Ingersoll, Joseph Ingersoll, J. Ingersoll, Peter Ingersoll, Rachel Ingersoll, John Ingle, Mary Ingle, Richard Ingle, David Ingram, J. Ingram, A. Inman, Charles Inman, Isaac Inman, James Inman, Jehu Inman, John Inman, Robert Inman, John Inns, William Ireland, J. Irions, Henry Irons, J. Irons, George Irvin, William Irvin, William Isabell, John Isenhower, Stephen Isenogle, John Ishbaugh, John Ison.

Theodore Jackman, C. Jackson, Ephraim Jackson, Evan Jackson, Henry Jackson, H. Jackson, Isaac Jackson, James Jackson, John Jackson, Joseph Jackson, J. Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Stonewall Jackson, Theophilius Jackson, Ulick Jackson, William Jackson, W. Jackson, Josef Jacobs, H. James, James James, L. James, Mason James, William James, W. James, George Jamison, Ham Jamison, J. Jamison, James Jarrel, F. Jarrell, James Jarrell, Jefferson Jarrell, William Jarrell, Edmund Jean, George Jean, W. Jean, William Jefferson, T. Jeffries, John Jenckes, John Jenkins, Phillip Jenkins, Richard Jenkins, Thomas Jenkins, Zebulon Jenkins, Jonathan Jennings, William Jerrall, A. Jessup, Caleb Jessup, Charlotte Jessup, Frank Jessup, F. Jessup, James Jessup, Jessie Jessup, John Jessup, J. Jessup, Lafayette Jessup, Olive Jessup, Sallie Jessup, Timothy Jessup, Verlin Jessup, Elbert Jeter, Andrew Jewell, Basil Jewell, James Jewell, J. Jewell, Samuel Jewell, William Jewell, Abraham Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Augustus Johnson, A. Johnson, Bailey Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, B. Johnson, Bethuel Johnson, Daniel Johnson, David Johnson, Easton Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, George Johnson, Greenberry Johnson, G. johnson, Hezekiah Johnson, Ison Johnson, James Johnson, Jarred Johnson, John Johnson, Josiah Johnson, Julius Johnson, Lemuel Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Robert Johnson, Stephen Johnson, Thomas Johnson, William Johnson, W. Johnson, Joe Johnston, William Johnston, W. Johnston, William Joice, Aquilla Jones, Benson Jones, Edmund Jones, Fleming Jones, G. Jones, Hamilton Jones, Harden Jones, Henry Jones, John Jones, James Jones, Jonathan Jones, J. Jones, Lark Jones, Lester Jones, L. Jones, Mayo Jones, Nathan Jones, Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones, T. Jones, William Jones, Anthony Jordan, Charles Jordan, Wilson Jordan, Eli Joseph, Uriah Joseph, Samuel Judah, Reuben Judd, William Julian.

Abe Kaufman, John Kaufman, Moses Kaufman, Perry Kaufman, Abraham Kearns, G. Kearns, J. Kearns, L. Kearns, Thomas Kearns, Flemmon Keen, John Keen, Joseph Keith, J. Keith, Devalt Keller, Samuel Keller, Allan Kelley, James Kelley, John Kelley, Jonathan Kelley, Peter Kelley, Jackson Kelly, James Kelly, John Kelly, William Kelly, Charles Kelsey, Henry Kelsey, G. Kelshaw, John Kelshaw, Samuel Kelshaw, Thomas Kelshaw, William Kelsoe, C. Kemp, Andrew Kemper, G. Kenard, T. Kendal, J. Kennedy, R. Kennerly, Daniel Kent, David Kent, B. Kertchner, J. Ketcham, Peyton Key, C. Keys, S. Keys, John Keyser, John Kiger, John Killian, Laura Killian, Maggie Killian, Mathias Killion, William Killion, Moses Killinger, Nathan Kimball, W. Kimble, James King, Jesse King, John King, Paris King, Joseph Kinnaman, Amory Kinney, George Kirby, M. Kirkham, Robert Kirkham, Selburn Kirkham, William Kirkham, David Kirkpatrick, Joseph Kirkpatrick, Robert Kirkum, Owen Kisner, Margaret Kissel, Austin Kissell, Owen Kissner, John Kivett, Robert Kizzee, Asa Klinger, David Klinger, John Klink, James Knap, A. Knapp, C. Knapp, Nathan Knapp, S. Knapp, William Knapp, H. Knauer, Alonzo Knight, Henry Knight, Joseph Knight, N. Knight, E. Knots, A. Knotts, John Knotts, J. Knotts, L. Knotts, William Knotts, W. Knotts, Elisha Knox, John Knox, Lydia Kossolow, Alfred Kutch, John Kutch, A. Kyle.

Tom Lacksy, Washington Ladshaw, Jonas Ladson, Richard Ladson, Tyre Laffoon, Emanuel Lagenhour, C. Lake, Jacob Lakely, David Lamb, James Lamb, John Lamb, J. Lamb, Nancy Lamb, William Lamb, W. Lamb, Richard Lambert, John Lambs, William Lambs, John Lamey, P. Lamaster, J. Land, Thomas Land, William Land, John Lander, M. Landers, John Landers, J. Landers, Frank Lane, H. Lane, John Lane, James Lang, M. Lang, Daniel Langdon, S. Langdon, William Langford, Joseph Langley, G. Langworthy, Stephen Lankford, Pierre La Plante, William Larne, David Larr, Jacob Larr, W. Larrabee, George Lashley, Joseph Latshaw, R. Latshaw, John Latta, G. Laughead, John Laverty, Anthony Law, John Law, H. Lawler, Elizabeth Lawrence, J. Lawrence, William Lawrence, Hiram Lawson, James Lawson, Jeremiah Lawson, John Lawson, Elisha Lay, Aoley Layman, David Layman, J. Layman, Peter Layman, James Leach, Robert Leach, Simon Leaky, Ruel Learned, William Lease, George Leavitt, David Ledgerwood, James Ledgerwood, John Ledgerwood, Joseph Ledgerwood, Samuel Ledgerwood, William Ledgerwood, W. Ledgerwood, James Lee, Thomas Lee, William Lee, Henry Leham, Coley Lehman, Henry Lehman, Simon Lehman, Henry Lemar, Lucien Lemmon, R. Lemmon, Bill Lemmons, William Lemmons, Friend Lemon, William Lemon, William Lemons, James Leneve, Joseph Leonard, P. Leonard, Alma Lester, C. Lester, James Lester, John Lester, J. Lester, Mary Lester, Nancy Lester, Peter Lester, Thorny Lester, Vincent Lester, William Lester, Willis Lester, Alexander Letsinger, Harvey Letsinger, James Letsinger, Lewis Letsinger, L. Letsinger, Philip Letsinger, William Letsinger, T. Leuep, W. Leverich, Charles Lewis, John Lewis, Samuel Lilly, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Linder, Usher Linder, David Lindley, Jonathan Lindley, Sarah Lindley, Isaac Lindsey, Robert Linn, Thomas Linticum, William Linton, Adam Lisman, James Lisman, John Lisman, J. Lisman, W. Lisman, Edward Liston, H. Liston, Joseph Liston, J. Littell, W. Littell, Henry Little, James Little, William Little, Henry Littlejohn, H. Littlejohn, Messer Littlejohn, Edward Livingston, Hugh Livingston, James Livingston, Peter Livingston, Quinton Livingston, Samuel Livingston, G. Lloyd, James Lloyd, John Lloyd, J. Lloyd, Keerford Lloyd, Jeremiah Lockwood, Oliver Lockwood, Stephen Lockwood, S. Lockwood, Augustine Lofton, Benjamin Long, Darrel Long, Gideon Long, Hiram Long, John Long, Manford Long, N. long, Reuben Long, Thomas Long, David Loos, J. Louden, J. Loudermilk, Solomon Loudermilk, Callie Loudon, James Louthan, Mary Love, Stephen Lovelace, T. Lovell, Caleb Lowder, C. Lowder, Howard Lowder, Jacob Lowe, Hugh Lowery, E. Lucas, Absalom Lukenbill, Thomas Lund, Daniel Lundy, Peter Luntsford, Henry Lush, Addison Luster, G. Luzader, Barton Luzador, Basil Lyles, W. Lyles, Walter Lyman, William Lynch, John Lynn, J. Lynn, Joseph Lyon, William Lyon, James Lyons, John Lyons, Joseph Lyons, William Lyons.

W. McArthur, Allen McBride, Charles McBride, D. McBride, George McBride, John McBride, T. McBride, William McBride, W. McBride, James McCall, Hugh McCammon, John McCammon, Matthew McCammon, Natt McCammon, William McCammon, W. McCammon, John McCard, John McCarty, P. McChesney, Francis McClain, J. McClain, Hardy McClanahan, Alfred McClaren, Samuel McClaren, William McClaren, James McClarren, Abram McClellan, B. McClellan, Abraham McClelland, Alexander McClelland, A. McClelland, L. McClellen, James McClung, John McClung, Joseph McClung, Robert McClung, R. McClung, Thomas McClung, Daniel McClure, Samuel McClure, William McCluskey, Enoch McCombs, Jefferson McCombs, Felix McConklin, John McConnel, Bailey McConnell, Benton McConnell, James McConnell, John McConnell, Robert McConnell, Charles McCord, John McCord, William McCord, George McCormick, J. McCormick, Reuben McCormick, Samuel McCormick, S. McCormick, Levi McCoskey, David McCoy, John McCoy, J. McCoy, S. McCoy, William McCoy, James McCrary, Mary McCrary, William McCrary, Milton McCreary, Robert McCreary, William McCreary, F. McCrocklin, F. McCurdy, Bailey McCutcheon, W. McCutchin, G. McDaniel, James McDaniel, John McDaniel, Alexander McDonald, Charles McDonald, David McDonald, James McDonald, John McDonald, Joseph McDonald, Oscar McDonald, Squire McDonald, Willial McDonald, James McDowell, George McElroy, Samuel McElroy William McElroy, P. McEneney, Malcom McFadden, Ezekiel McGarvey, Andrew McGath, W. McGee, James McGill, Austin McGindley, A. McGowan, John McGowen, John McGaw, William McGreve, S. McGregor, B. McGrew, Enoch McGrew, R. McGrew, Spencer McGrew, W. McGrew, John McGuire, William McGuire, Henry McHaley, B. McHenry, Abner McHergue, Joseph McIlhaney, Clark McIntire, Daniel McIntire, Thomas McIntire, A. McIntosh, Jacob McIntosh, James McIntosh, Joseph McIntosh, Martin McIntosh, Moore McIntosh, Thomas McIntosh, William McIntosh, W. McIntosh, E. McJunkins, Dudley Mack, George Mack, William Mack, John Mackall, C. McKee, D. McKee, James McKee, John McKee, J. McKee, Mary McKee, Robert McKee, Robert McKee, S. McKee, William McKee, W. McKee, Edward McKenzie, James McKinley, William McKinley, A. McKinney, George McKinney, Isaac McKinney, James McKinney, John McKinney, Mordecai McKinney, Robert McKinney, T. McKinney, Wallace McKinney, I. McKinnon, John McKinnon, Bailey McKinzie, O. McKissick, Putnam McKissick, George McLaren, John McLaughlin, William McLean, J. McMahan, W. McMain, John McMarts, Robert McNair, Robert McNaught, Cyrus McNutt, James McNutt, William McNutt, Milton McPhetridge, Thomas McRoberts, William Maddox, Thomas Magill, William Magill, William Maginnis, Asa Mahan, G. Mahan, Jerry Mahan, John Mahan, J. Mahan, Matthew Mahan, Thomas Mahan, William Mahan, W. Mahan, A. Mails, Alva Malone, George Malone, Mary Malone, Redmon Malone, Michael Malott, M. Malott, N. Malott, James Maloy, William Manley, James Mann, Josiah Mann, Thomas Mann, William Mansfield, George Manwarring, James Manwarring, Joel Manwarring, Thomas Manwarring, John Maple, Adam Marchino, Mary Markey, Abraham Markle Jr., Samuel Markley, Thomas Marks, Edward Marlow, James Marlow, John Marlow, William Marlow, Asbury Marrow, Adam Marschino, Amos Marshall, S. Marshall, Alexander Martin, Cecilia Martin, Edmond Martin, Eli Martin, George Martin, Henry Martin, Hiram Martin, H. Martin, James Martin, John Martin, Joseph Martin, J. Martin, Martha Martin, Mourning Martin, O. Martin, Reuben Martin, R. Martin, S. Martin, William Martin, Wines Martin, James Martindale, Ralph Martindale, G. Marts, Jacob Marts, Thomas Marts, W. Martyn, Andrew Mason, Anthony Mason, Augustus Mason, James Mason, John Mason, J. Mason, Rufus Mason, R. Mason, Samuel Mason, Thomas Mason, William Mason, Hugh Massey, J. Massey, Robert Massey, William Massie, Henry Massy, John Masters, John Mastin, J. Mater, Jesse Mathes, J. Mathes, W. Mathes, C. Matson, W. Matthews, Billy Mattox, H. Mattox, Jacob Mattox, William Mattox, W. Mattox, David Maxwell, Edward Maxwell, E. Maxwell, F. Maxwell, John Maxwell, Levi Maxwell, L. Maxwell, Perry Maxwell, Richard Maxwell, Richard Maxwell, Samuel Maxwell, S. Maxwell, Abraham May, Augustus May, S. May,James Mayes, George Mayfield, Henry Mayfield, James Mayfield, J. Mayfield, Milton Mayfield, Richard Mayfield, Thomas Mayfield, W. Mayfield, Archibald Meacham, W. Medcalf, Samuel Meddley, Hannah Medsker, Johannah Medsker, John Medsker, John Meek, Fred Meese, B. Melone, John Melone, Richard Meloney, John Melton, Nehemiah Melton, Theodore Menges, Bluford Menifee, Obed Mercer, Taylor Meredith, N. Merret, Albert Merrick, A. Merrick, C. Merrick, Henry Merrick, Joseph Merrick, S. Merrick, G. Merritt, Elisha Messenger, Prettyman Meuse, John Michael, Alfred Middleton, A. Middleton, David Middleton, John Middleton, J. Middleton, Anthony Milam, Elijah Milam, E. Milam, George Milam, James Milam, John Milam, Moses Milam, R. Milam, Stephen Milam, Walker Milam, William Milam, G. Milan, Casper Milburn, H. Milburn, John Miles, Levi Miles, Morris Miles, Nathan Miles, William Miles, Abraham Miller, Adam Miller, Alfred Miller, Andrew Miller, A. Miller, C. Miller, Daniel Miller, David Miller, Francis Miller, F. Miller, George Miller, Henry Miller, Ira Miller, Jacob Miller, James Miller, John Miller, Joseph Miller, J. Miller, M, Miller, O. Miller, Philip Miller, Samuel Miller, S. Miller, T. Miller, William Miller, W. Miller, Zachariah Miller, James Milligan, Lambdon Milligan, Bessie Millner, James Mills, John Mills, M. Mills, John Milner, J. Minich, Pleasant Minich, Thomas Minks, Russell Minter, Joseph Mise, Alexander Mitchell, Consider Mitchell, Elijah Mitchell, Isaac Mitchell, J. Mitchell, Samuel Mitchell, W. Mitchell, A. Moats, Amos Moberly, James Moffatt, W. Moffit, B. Moffitt, William Moffitt, Edward Molden, Orange Monroe, Isaac Montgomery, John Montgomery, J. Montgomery, Richard Montgomery, William Montgomery, W. Montgomery, George Mood, John Mood, John Moodey, Henry Moody, James Moody, William Moon, Orson Moor, C. Moore, Edmund Moore, Elias Moore, Elizabeth Moore, George Moore, Harlan Moore, Harrison Moore, Hugh Moore, Jesse Moore, John Moore, Kinsie Moore, L. Moore, Peter Moore, Pleasant Moore, Reuben Moore, Robert Moore, R. Moore, Samuel Moore, S. Moore, Thomas Moore, Valentine Moore, William Moore, Gabriel Moots, Andrew Morgan, Edward Morgan, Ephraim Morgan, G. Morgan, William Morgan, Thomas Morice, Enoch Morris, Hiram Morris, I. Morris, John Morris, Maria Morris, M. Morris, Thomas Morris, William Morris, Charles Morrison, Isaac Morrison, James Morrison, John Morrison, Adam Morrow, S. Morrow, Benjamin Morse, William Mortland, J. Mortz, Jacob Moser, John Moser, Tobias Moser, Ephraim Mosier, George Mosier, William Mosier, John Mosieure, Preston Mosieure, Aquilla Moss, C. Moss, Elijah Moss, Jeptha Moss, Laban Moss, Nathaniel Moss, T. Moss, William Moss, Samuel Motz, Michael Moulden, C. Mouldon, A. Mounts, Thomas Mounts, George Moury, Calvin Mowan, John Mowery, Elisha Mudge, James Mulky, Joseph Mullane, William Mullenbeck, L. Mullinnix, M. Mullinix, S. Mullinix, Jacob Mumay, Alexander Marion Murphy, John Murphy, Robert Murphy, W. Murphy, Dennis Murray, T. Murray, William Mury, D. Musgrave, J. Musick, David Myers, Fred Myers, Isaac Myers, Jennie Myers, John Myers, J. Myers, Samuel Myers, W. Myers, Z. Myers.

James Nabb, John Nantz, Arnsted Nash, George Nash, James Nash, Jeremiah Nash, John Nash, Levin Nash, Marvel Nash, M. Nash, Preston Nash, Christopher Nations, F. Nault, Isaac Naylor, B. Neal, Edward Neal, H. Neal, James Neal, John Neal, J. Neal, T. Neal, W. Neal, Ross Nealy, Joshua Neeley, Thomas Neeley, Joseph Neely, Thomas Neely, Francis Neff, T. Neff, F. Neff, John Neff, Leander Neff, Willis Neff, Abraham Neidigh, Amos Neidigh, Calvin Neidigh, Jacob Neidigh, John Neidigh, Arthur Neill, Washington Neill, Henry Neilster, John Neldon, Jacob Nellinger, Jacob Nelson, Thomas Nelson, William Nelson, Thomas Nesbit, Jonathan Netherton, Erwin Neville, Elias Newkirk, Francis Newkirk, J. Newkirk, Eli Newlin, A. Newsom, Ellen Newsom, Henry Newsom, Jack Newsom, Joseph Newsom, J. Newsom, William Newsom, A. Newson, Alfred Nichols, Elijah Nichols, S. Nichols, Willoughby Nichols, Charley Nicholson, Isaac Nicholson, Leonard Nicholson, Levi Nicholson, B. Nicklin, Lazarus Noble, Oliver Noble, Mitchell Noel, W. Noel, A. Norman, Calvin Norman, Charles Norman, Ephraim Norman, H. Norman, John Norman, Gould Norris, Josie Norris, Montgomery Norris, R. Norris, William Norris, W. Norris, J. North, J. Norton, H. Norvell, J. Norvell, T. Norville, Thomas Norville, G. Nowlin, William Nudford, Henry Nyman.

George Oaks, Samuel Oaks, John O'Banyon, James O'Boyle, J. O'Boyle, Michael O'Brien, George Ockerman, John Ockerman, Thomas O'Conner, T. Odell, Basil O'Donald, Frederick O'Donald, John O'Donald, William O'Donald, Joshua Ogden, Albert Ogg, R. Ogg, Theodore Ogle, W. Ogle, E. O'Haver, Jackson O'Haver, J. O'Haver, K. O'Haver, P. O'Haver, T. O'Haver, William O'Haver, James Oliphant, Joseph Oliphant, J. Oliphant, Lawson Oliphant, Thomas Oliphant, Cary O'Neal, Henry O'Neal, John O'Neal, Joseph O'Neal, Lizzie O'Neal, Morgan O'Neal, Morgan O'Neal, William O'Neal, W. O'Neal, John O'Neall, J. O'Neall, Mark O'Neall, William O'Neall, W. O'Neall, Penn Oney, Moses Ooley, H. Orr, L. Orr, G. Osbon, Albert Osborn, Anna Osborn, Asa Osborn, C. Osborn, Daniel Osborn, David Osborn, George Osborn, H. Osborn, Isaac Osborn, Jane Osborn, John Osborn, Jonathan Osborn, J. Osborn, K. Osborn, Milton Osborn, N. Osborn, Richard Osborn, Samuel Osborn, Silas Osborn, Simpson Osborn, Thomas Osborn, Wickliffe Osborn, William Osborn, W. Osborn, John Osburn, S. Osburn, Thomas Osburn, Tam O'Shanter, Calvin Overstreet, James Overman, M. Overstreet, Amos Owen, Benjamin Owen, Ephraim Owen, Evan Owen, Henry Owen, Isaac Owen, John Owen, Kish Owen, M. Owen, Nephi Owen, Peyton Owen, Samuel Owen, Sarah Owen, T. Owen, William Owen, Wilson Owen, W. Owen, David Owens, Henry Owens, John Owens, J. Owens, Robert Owens, Samuel Owens, Silbern Owens, William Owens.

John Paddock, Arnold Padgett Jr., George Pasgett, John Padgett, Jesse Page, John Page, Theodore Page, T. Page, William Page, James Paget, John Paget, W. Pain, James Paine, E. Palmer, Henry Palmer, John Palmer, J. Palmer, T. Palmer, C. Paris, Joshua Park, Archibald Parker, E. Parker, G. Parker, James Parker, John Parker, J. Parker, N. Parker, Charles Parks, C. Parks, George Parks, James Parks, Landon Parks, M. Parks, William Parse, J. Parsley, Henry Parsons, J. Parvin, Augustine Passmore, John Pate, Isaac Patten, James Patten, Milton Patten, William Patten, Arthur Patterson, Chambers Patterson, James Patterson, Thomas Patterson, G. Patton, H. Patton, James Patton, John Patton, Joseph Patton, Louisa Patton, Samuel Patton, William Patton, W. Patton, Samuel Pattons, William Pattons, Eliza Paxton, James Paxton, E. Paxton, Elijah Payne, Frank Payne, Norman Pearce, E. Pearson, E. Peck, John Peck, John Peebles, Freeman Peeden, Absalom Pegg, John Pegg, Lucene Pegg, M. Perdue, C. Pering, Barney Perry, Samuel Perry, Jordan Peter, Preston Peter, Jordan Peters, Garry Peugh, Harvey Peyton, Gordon Phelps, Joel Philbert, Luke Philbert, A. Phillips, Joseph Phillips, J. Phillips, Leander Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Isaac Philpox, George Phipps, James Piatt, Isaac Pickard, James Pickard, Thomas Pickard, Samuel Pickens, Jerry Pickett, J. Pickett, William Pidgeon, Cyrus Pierce, E. Pierce, I. Pierce, J. Pierce, Norman Pierce, Richard Pierce, Samuel Pierce, Virginia Pierce, W. Pierce, D. Pierson, James Piety, Andrew Pigg, James Pigg, Martha Jane Pigg, Samuel Pigg, Sanders Pigg, Peter Pindar, John Pinkler, Jesse Pinkston, William Pinkston, William Pitser, William Pitt, Harrison Pittman, John Pitts, Mason Pitts, Matilda Pitts, Thomas Pitts, Jacob Pitzer, Jonathan Pitzer, Solomon Pitzer, Benjamin Plew, David Plew, F. Plew, George Plew, John Plew, William Plew, W. Plume, Alexander Plummer, Ewell Plummer, John Plummer, Thomas Plummer, Daniel Plunket, William Plusky, Alexander Poe, John Poe, William Poe, James Pogue, William Pogue, E. Poindexter, James Polick, Charles Polk, James Polk, Robert Polk, William Polk, William Polke, William Pomroy, Anderson Pool, Jeremiah Pool, George Pope, Henry Pope, Richard Pope, T. Pope, William Pope, John Pore, John Porter, Rachel Porter, Richard Posey, Arnold Potter, John Potter, Thomas Potter, S. Poulton, Elijah Pound, James Pound, A. Powell, Jesse Powell, N. Powell, C. Power, George Power, W. Power, Stephen Powers, W. Powers, J. Preas, Hugh Prebble, Robert Preebles, Albert Preston, Aquilla Price, Benjamin Price, Edward Price, Edwin Price, F. Price, George Price, Joel Price, Levi Price, L. Price, Melcherd Price, Moses Price, N. Price, R. Price, S. Price, Thomas Price, William Price, W. Price, Leroy Priest, William Prince, Theodore Pringle, T. Pringle, H. Prosky, Thomas Puckett, H. Pugh, William Pugh, Willoughby Pugh, Andrew Purcell, Daniel Purcell, Edward Purcell, Jacob Purcell, John Purcell, William Purcell, John Purdy, William Purdy, W. Purdy.

Jonathan Quackenbush, William Quick, David Quillen, Elmira Quillen, James Quillen, John Quillen, Josephus Quillen, Riley Quillen, Riley Quillen, Thomas Quillen, William Quillen.

Peter Rader, Thomas Rader, George Raeth, G. Raily, J. Raily, Adam Rainbolt, A. Rainbolt, Jesse Rainbolt, John Rainbolt, Napolean Rainbolt, Nelson Rainbolt, N. Rainbolt, William Rains, James Rainswater, Elijah Raleigh, James Ralston, H. Ramacker, Groves Ramey, I. L. Ramp, Franklin Ramsey, Alexander Rankin, James Rankin, F. Rankin, William Rankin, Edward Ransford, Henry Ransford, H. Ransford, James Ransford, Joseph Ransford, Samuel Ransford, W. Ransford, Andrew Raper, Jesse Raper, John Raper, M. Rariden, John Ravenscraft, Daniel Rawlins, Frank Rawlins, J. Rawlins, Daniel Ray, Jesse Ray, Jonathan Ray, Martin Ray, Samuel Ray, George Rea, Charles Readay, William Readay, George Reath, William Reaves, James Records, Josiah Records, Stephen Redenbark, Albert Redstone, Byron Reed, Craven Reed, C. Reed, Ezra Reed, Henry Reed, Hiram Reed, H. Reed, Isaac Reed, James Reed, Joseph Reed, J. Reed, Mary Reed, Milburn Reed, Ranson Reed, Samuel Reed, Sheb Reed, Sheridan Reed, Theodore Reed, Thomas Reed, William Reed, Zarilda Reed, Adam Reeves, Allen Reeves, Enoch Reeves, John Reeves, Noah Reeves, William Reeves, George Register, Benjamin Reid, James Reid, J. Reid, William Reid, Charles Reisinger, Peter Resner, William Reubottom, G. Reynolds, William Reynolds, A. Rhodes, Evan Rice, Jackson Rice, Preston Richabaugh, G. Richards, Harlin Richards, John Richards, James Richardson, Joseph Richardson, W. Richardson, Barney Richey, David Richey, George Richey, G. Richey, James Richey, Pleasant Richey, William Richey, John Rickabough, Harrison Riddle, Mary Riddle, Samuel Riddle, Stephen Riddle, William Riddle, F. Ridge, Jacob Ridge, J. Ridge, Pea Ridge, Rebecca Ridge, S. Ridge, Jacob Ridgeway, Joseph Ridgeway, James Ridgway, John Ridgway, Levi Ridgway, Benson Riggs, C. Riggs, Daniel Riggs, Hezekiah Riggs, James Riggs, M. Riggs, Richard Riggs, Scott Riggs, Thomas Riggs, T. Riggs, A. Riley, James Riley, John Riley, J. Riley, William Riley, Barnett Rinerson, Michael Ring, Noah Ring, Daniel Ringo, W. Ringo, John Risley, George Riychey, David Riychey, John Riychey, Drayton Ritter, Eliza Ritter, Emma Ritter, John Ritter, J. Ritter, Moses Ritter, W. Ritter, Addison Roach, Henry Roach, James Roach, John Roach, Samuel Roach, Thomas Roach, William Roach, S. Roache, Amos Roark, C. Robbins, Franklin Robbins, John Robbins, J. Robbins, Martin Robbins, Thomas Robbins, Elijah Robbitt, Cornelius Roberts, C. Roberts, James Roberts, J. Roberts, Peterkin Roberts, W. Roberts, Jacob Robertson, John Robertson, J, Robertson, T. Robertson, W. Robertson, John Robeson, John Robinson, j. Robinson, William Robinson, W. Robinson, Seth Rodeck, Richard Roe, Adam Rogerback, Amos Rogers, Davis Rogers, Edward Rogers, George Rogers, Jacob Rogers, James Rogers, Jason Rogers, Jim Rogers, John Rogers, Jonathan Rogers, J. Rogers, Shacklett Rogers, William Rogers, John Rohammel, Daniel Rollins, S. Rolph, P. romele, William Rood, W. Rocksbury, John Rooth, Joseph Rooxbury, Jesse Ropel, Allen Rose, B. Rose, Chauncey Rose, D. Rose, Edward Rose, Elihu Rose, John Rose, L. Rose, Marion Rose, G. Ross, Hugh Ross, John Ross, J. Ross, Miller Ross, Wilson Ross, Charles Roth, George Rotramel, W. Roundtree, James Rouquet, L. Rousseau, Richard Rousseau, W. Routt, David Rowe, Elisha Rowe, John Rowe, W. Royal, J. Royse, Jesse Ruark, Henry Ruble, Simon Rubbotom, Isaac Rudolph, Nelly Rumsers, Jared Rundle, Allen Runner, J. Rusher, William Rusher, Carrie Russell, D. Russell, John Russell, Spencer Russell, William Russell, W. Russell, Micajah Rust, M. Rust, John Ryan, Thomas Ryan, John Ryland.

E. Sabin, Joseph Saddler, James Sales, William Sanderpher, A. Sanders, Charles Sanders, C. Sanders, Herbert Sanders, John Sanders, Jonathan Sanders, J. Sanders, Priscilla Sanders, P. Sanders, Robert Sanders, Anthony Sandusky, James Sanford, Joseph Scott, Joshua Scott, Lucius Scott, Noble Scott, Robert Scott, Samuel Scott, Thomas Scott, T. Scott, Willaim Scott, Jacob Scudder, John Seaman, Robert Sears, John Seaton, Jesse Sebrene, A. Secrest, Henry Secrest, Peter Secrest, Peter Secrist, W. Seeders, E. Seeley, Pite Seeley, Coley Selman, J. Seneff, John Sentney, David Septer, William Sergeant, U. Setzer, Samuel Sevier, Corral Sexon, Jane Sexson, Joel Sexson, John Sexson, Joseph Sexson, Lemuel Sexson, Samuel Sexson, Isaac Sexton, James Sexton, John Sexton, Henry Seward, Homer Shacklett, Lewis Shadley, Ernest Shadrack, Benjamin Shefer, Benjamin Shake, John Shake, Lemuel Shake, S. Shalter, Abe Shanklin, J. Shanklin, Charlkes Shannon, Isaac Shannon, Ison Shannon, J. Shannon, David Sharp, Paul Sharp, Henry Sharples, Thomas Sharpless, Daniel Shaver, Frederick Shaver, Jacob Shaver, Carpus Shaw, C. Shaw, H. Shaw, Lucien Shaw, Nathaniel Shaw, A. Shawn, David Sheaks, Julia Sheehy, David Sheeks, Champion Shelburn, C. Shelburn, Paschel Shelburn, Richmond Shelburn, David Shelly, Charles Shelton, Enoch Shelton, Greenville Shelton, Joseph Shelton, M. Shelton, C. Shepard, Elizabeth Shepard, Frank Shepard, Frederick Shepard, Hamilton Shepard, Jacob Shepard, John Shepard, J. Shepard, Michael Shepard, William Shepard, Charles Shepherd, C. Shepherd, Eli Shepherd, Green Shepherd, G. Shepherd, Humphrey Shepherd, William Shepherd, Benjamin Sherman, B. Sherman, James Sherman, Louis Sherman, Robert Sherman, Shadrack Sherman, T. Sherman, William Sherman, W. Sherman, B. Sherwood, Daniel Sherwood, E. Sherwood, Hugh Sherwood, H. Sherwood, J. Sherwood, Thompson Sherwood, W. Sherwood, Henry Shideler, Alexander Shields, Alfred Shields, Andrew Jackson Shields, David Shields, Henry Shields, James Shields, John Shields, Joseph Shields, J. Shields, M. Shields, W. Shields, James Shilkett, Philip Shintaffer, J. Shipman, John Shirley, W. Shirley, William Shirts, A. Shively, Abram Shoemaker, Benjamin Shoemaker, Leonard Shoemaker, Levi Shoemaker, Margaret Shoemaker, Maria Shoemaker, Elisha Sholts, A. Shoplow, Emerson Short, Newton Short, Milton Short, Samuel Short, Washington Short, W. Short, A. Shouse, H. Shouse, Joseph Shouse, Arthur Shown, George Shoyer, George Shrakes, George Shroyer, John Shroyer, Daniel Shryer, George Shryer, Godfrey Shryer, John Shryer, M. Shryer, Oscar Shryer, Tobias Shryer, Valentine Shryock, James Shugart, Samuel Shuler, Samuel Shummard, Jacob Sicker, James Silcox, Lydia Silliman, Phillip Silver, J. Silvers, Samuel Silvers, T. Silvers, Frederick Silvoid, V. Simeon, John Simerall, Melinda Simmes, Abraham Simmons, H. Simons, John Simons, Price Simons, Samuel Simons, Thomas Simons, J. Simoral, Benjamin Simpson, Edwin Simpson, Sanford Simpson, William Simpson, George Sims, John Sims, J. Sims, Zachariah Sims, C. Sinclair, Eli Sinclair, John Sinclair, Nelson Sinclair, J. Siner, Nelson Siner, Elias Sisil, B. Sisson, Daniel Sisson, John Sisson, James Skinner, Isaac Skomp, Polly Skomp, Samuel Skomp, Seymour Slagle, Christopher Slaughter, Lewis Slaughter, Matthew Slaughter, George Sleeth, James Sleeth, W. Sleeth, Andrew Slinkard, Daniel Slinkard, Frederick Slinkard, Henry Slinkard, John Slinkard, Jonas Slinkard, Moses Slinkard, M. Slinkard, R. Slinkard, W. Slinkard, James Sloan, Jasper Sloan, A. Slough, William Slough, David Sluss, A. Smedley, John Smedley, James Smiley, Addison Smith, Alfred Smith, A. Smith, Benjamin Smith, B. Smith, Charles Smith, C. Smith, Daniel Smith, David Smith, E. Smith, Francis Smith, Frederick Smith, F. Smith, George Smith, G. Smith, Harrison Smith, Henry Smith, Jacob Smith, James Smith, Job Smith, John Smith, Jonathan Smith, Joseph Smith, J. Smith, Lou Smith, Maro Smith, Martin Smith, M. Smith, Nicholas Smith, O. Smith, Patrick Smith, P. Smith, Reuben Smith, Richard Smith, Robert Smith, Samuel Smith, Sarah Smith, Simeon Smith, Thomas Smith, T. Smith, Wesley Smith, William Smith, W. Smith, Abram Smock, Henry Smock, Jacob Smock, Joseph Smock, J. Smock, L. Smock, Nancy Smock, R. Smock, William Smock, Phillip Smoyer, Samuel Smydth, W. Smydth, Abraham Snapp, A. Snapp, Caleb Snapp, Abram Sneathen, John Snider, W. Snider, Alexander Snow, John Snowden, G. Snyder, James Snyder, J. Snyder, P. Snyder, Simon Snyder, D. Soliday, Jacob Soliday, William Soliday, D. Solliday, John Solliday, James Solomon, Philip Solomon, William Solomon, William Solsberry, Henry South, John South, Peter South, T. South, William South, W. Sower, D. Spade, P. Spade, Abraham Spainhower, Abram Spainhower, G. Spainhower, James Spainhower, Riley Spainhower, Eli Sparks, James Sparks, George Sparks, J. Speake, William Speer, John Spelts, Andrew Spencer, James Spencer, John Spencer, R. Spencer, William Spencer, W. Spencer, Marcus Sperry, John Spinx, R. Spooner, Calvin Spooner, C. Spooner, Eleazer Spooner, James Spooner, Aaron Springer, Levi Springer, Thomas Springer, John Sproat, John Sproatt, John Sprott, James Sproule, Matthew Spurlock, Nathan Squire, W. Squire, Azabeth Stafford, Benjamin Stafford, Berlin Stafford, Jesse Stafford, John Stafford, Abraham Stagg, Edward Staggs, George Stahl, Albert Stalcup, Benjamin Stalcup, Eli Stalcup, Frank Stalcup, George Stalcup, Hance Stalcup, Hansford Stalcup, Isaac Stalcup, James Stalcup, John Stalcup, J. Stalcup, L. Stalcup, S. Stalcup, Stephen Stalcup, Thomas Stalcup, John Stamper, Jonathan Stamper, J. Stamper, Reed Stamper Jr., E. Stanard, John Stanbauch, John Stanley, Josiah Stanley, Sally Stanley, Thomas Stanley, Thomas Stanley, William Stanley, A. Stansil, J. Stansil, William Stansil, Abraham Stark, Alvin Stark, Ephraim Stark, E. Stark, Franklin Stark, H. Stark, Joseph Stark, Lindsey Stark, L. Stark, Mattie Stark, M. Stark, Owen Stark, J. Starley, John Starnes, J. Starnes, C. Start, George Start. G. Start, James Steel, Merider Steel, Samuel Steel, George Steele, Emil Stein, C. Stephen, Elias Stephens, E. Stephens, William Stephens, Jackson Stepp, Aaron Stepum, Alanson Stevens Jr., William Stevenson, Vasta Steward, A. Stewart, David Stewart, Florence Stewart, Hugh Stewart, I. Stewart, James Stewart, Joseph Stewart, J. Stewart, Lafayette Stewart, L. Stewart, Robert Stewart, Valentine Stewart, Zachariah Stewart, Benjamin Stice, George Stille, Jacob Stinson, Lewis Stinson, S. Stoddard, Jack Stokely, John Stokely, Elisha Stone, Enoch Stone, Frances Stone, George Stone, Henry Stone, James Stone, Jeremiah Stone, John Stone, Riley Stone, Solomon Stone, Stephen Stone, William Stone, James Storm, John Storm, Ambrose Storms, David Storms, Isaac Storms, John Storms, Joseph Storms, Thomas Storms, James Story, Lewis Story, Israel Stough, Elihu Stout, G. Stout, W. Stout, Catherine Strain, Nancy Strain, W. Strain, D. Stratton, H. Stratton, J. Stratton, S. Stratton, C. Strawn, Ernest Stretelmeyer, Henry Strickland, Henry String, H. Strong, Joseph Strong, Adam Stropes, E. Stropes, Jeremiah Stropes, John Stropes, J. Stropes, William Stropes, W. Stropes, Adam Strosnider, Edward Strosnider, A. Struble, David Stuckey, Robert Sturgis, David Stutsman, William Sulcer, E. Suley, G. Sullens, Clark Sullivan, George Sullivan, Jesse Sullivan, William Sullivan, Steve Sumerick, George Summer, N. Summerbell, J. Summerlot, John Summerville, Pryor Sumner, john Sutton, J. Swaar, Volney Swaim, J. Swango, John Switz, Aaron Swords.

S. Taggart, James Talbot, Alex Talley, Orran Talley, Aaron Tally Albert Tally, James Tally, J. Tally, L. Tate, Peter Tate, M. Tatout, J. Tautlinger, Berry Taylor, Calvin Taylor, C. Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, F. Taylor, George Taylor, G. Taylor, Hiram Taylor, Isaac Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Julia Taylor, J. Taylor, Merritt Taylor, Nelson Taylor, N. Taylor, Robert Taylor, R. Taylor, S. Taylor, Thomas Taylor, W. Taylor, Zachery Taylor, Elizabeth Templeton, John Templeton, Rebecca Templeton, William Templeton, W. Templeton, H. Terhune, James Terhune, Laura Terhune, Hezekiah Terrell, John Terrell, Elias Terry, George Terry, Isaac Terry, Nathan Terry, J. Terwilliger, Hiram Teter, James Tetrick, Abe Teverbaugh, John Tewalt, A. Tharp, C. Thayer, A. Thixton, Benjamin Thomas, Joel Thomas, Joseph Thomas, Mary Thomas, Nathan Thomas, Robert Thomas, Stella Thomas, William Thomas, W. Thomas, Aaron Thompson, Alexander Thompson, A. Thompson, C. Thompson, David Thompson, Dick Thompson, Edward Thompson, Enock Thompson, James Thompson, Jerry Thompson, John Thompson, Joseph Thompson, J. Thompson, Richard Thompson, Samuel Thomspon, William Thompson, W. Thomspon, Zadock Thompson, George Thorlton, George Troop, H. Throop, J. Throop, Thomas Throop, Edward Thurman, Philip Thurman, W. Tibbetts, W. Tiller, John Tilley, J. Timerman, N. Timerman, Benjamin Timmons, William Timmons, Samuel Tincher, S. Tincher, Andrew Tipton, John Tipton, D. Titrick, Elijah Titten, Henry Titten, Henry Todd, John Todd, Micajah Todd, John Tohn, Andrew Tolan, A. Toler, C. Toller, Jesse Toller, Lewis Tongate, Dayton Topping, D. Topping, Edward Topping, Emma Topping, George Topping, Gerald Topping, J. Topping, Ebenezer Torrence, John Townsend, James Trader, Dr. Tralls, W. Treat, B. Tremelin, George Trent, John Trent, Wilson Trent, Alexander Trigg, John Trigg, Peggy Trigg, William Trigg, Charles Trimble, Morris Trimble, Thomas Trimble, Henry Trout, S. Trout, David Troxell, Jesse Trueblood, Jeremiah Tryon, Melville Tucker, M. Tucker, Benjamin Turley, Charles Turley, Mary Ann Turley, Anna Thurman, Benjamin Thurman, Charles Thurman, FLorence Thurman, Jacob Thurman, Lycurgus Thurman, L. Thurman, Return Thurman, R. Thurman, Solon Thurman, Thomas Thurman, William Thurman, Alfred Turner, Andrew Turner, A. Turner, D. Turner, John Turner, S. Turner, James Turpin.

John Uland, William Underhill, M. Underwood, Robert Underwood, R. Underwood, George Upfold, Hannah Upfold, Sarah Upfold, Charles Urvorska, J. Usher, Nathaniel Usher, David Usrey, George Usrey, J. Usrey, Phillip Usrey.

J. Vails, William Vanarsdel, Martin Van Buren, Jasper Vancleave, Robert Vancleave, Absalom Vandeventer, A. Van Fossen, Will Van Fossen, John Vanlandingham, Joseph Vanmeter, A. Van Ness, John Vanosdoll, G. Vanostran, Mathias Vanpelt, John Vanscoit, Andrew Vanslyke, Cornelius Vanslyke, Eliza Vanslyke, Henry Vanslyke, James Vanslyke, Peter Vanslyke, Emanuel Vantrees, John Vanverse, Van Voorst, D. Reuben Vaugh, W. Vaugh, S. Vaughn, Charles Veach, E. Veach, A. Vest, William Vest, Andrew Vester, Christly Vester, George Vester, Jacob Vester, Abner Vickery, Jenkins Vickery, I. Viche, F. Viehe, Francis Vigo, Ferdinand Voit, Julius Voit, James Vonn, D. Vorhees, Elijah Vorhies, G. Voss.

W. Waas, Noah Wade, S. Wade, F. Wadsworth, Ola Wadsworth, Henry Waggoner, Hilton Waggoner, W. Waggoner, Helton Wagoner, H. Wagoner, John Wagoner, Noah Wagoner, James Wakefield, J. Wakefield, William Wakefield, David Walk, Aquilla Walker, Charles Walker, Edward Walker, George Walker, Hardin Walker, James Walker, Jesse Walker, J. Walker, Lemuel Walker, L. Walker, Mary Walker, Ransom Walker, Smith Walker, Susan Walker, William Walker, Rachel Wall, Richard Wall, Samuel Wall, William Wall, Andrew Wallace, C. Wallace, Daniel Wallace, David Wallace, E. Wallace, Henry Wallace, James Wallace, John Wallace, Lewis Wallace, Martin Wallace, M. Wallace, William Wallace, H. Wallis, J. Wallis, Benjamin Walls, Bonaparte Walls, Elias Walls, Elza Walls, Enoch Walls, James Walls, Job Walls, Joshua Walls, J. Walls, Margaret Walls, Nancy Walls, Nimrod Walls, O. Walls, Solomon Walls, W. Walls, S. Walston, W. Walter, Abner Walters, Francis Walters, George Walters, Harlam Walters, Joel Walters, J. Walters, Luke Walters, Pleasant Walters, William Walters, Joseph Walton, Anderson Ward, Carrie Ward, J. Ward, Mary Ward, William Ward, W. Ward, Abe Warner, Jacob Warner, John Warner, Joseph Warner, J. Warner, Peter Warner, James Warnick, J. Warnick, Robert Warnick, Thomas Warnick, Harden Warren, James Warren, Robert Warren, J. Warrick, Alexander Warson, James Wason, Daniel Wasson, George Wasson, Isaac Watkins, William Watkins, Alexander Watson, Benjamin Watson, B. Watson, David Watson, George Watson, James Watson, Jesse Watson, John Watson, J. Watson, Martha Watson, Mary Watson, Michael Watson, Rush Watson, S. Watson, T. Watson, Verlin Watson, Willis Watson, W. Watson, George Watterman, Henry Watts, John Watts, John Waydon, George Weatherwax, Nathan Weaver, Epinetus, Webb, Louisa Webb, E. Webber, Taylor Webster, Andrew Weir, Andy Weir, A. Weir, D. Weir, John Weir, J. Weir, N. Weir, W. Weir, H. Welch, James Welch, W. Welch, J. Welker, T. Welker, Spencer Weller, J. Welling, Francis Wells, Harvey Wells, James Wells, John Wells, Joseph Wells, J. Wells, Ebenezer Welton, E. Welton, Jacob Welton, William Welton, John Wence, David Wesner, George Wesner, Jacob Wesner, John Wesner, J. Wesner, Mary Wesner, Frederick Wessel, Edward West, Ephraim West, John West, Jones West, Abe Westfall, Abel Westfall, Able Westfall, Cornelius Westfall, Eli Westner, Mary Westner, A. Wetherly, G, Watherly, Joseph Whalen, J. Whalen, Richard Whalen, John Whaley, Joseph Whaley, E. Wharton, J. Wharton, Lawrence Wharton, L. Wharton, J. Wheat, Hugh Wheeler, John Wheeler, William Wheeler, William Whipple, George Whipps, Reuben Whipps, A. Whitaker, D. Whitaker, David Whitaker, Frank Whitaker, H. Whitaker, John Whitaker, J. Whitaker, William Whitakler, Albert Whitcomb, James Whitcomb, Andrew White, C. White, James White, John White, Thomas White, William White, W. White, John Whitenac, Ambrose Whitlock, R. Whitlock, Violet Whitlock, John Whitman, Eli Whitney, Charles Whitted, Chauncey Whittlesey, Samuel Whittlesey, T. Whitworth, B. Wible, Joab Wicher, Joab Wichter, William Wick, John Widener, Andrew Wier, A. Wier, James Wier, J. Wier, Robert Wier, W. Wier, I. Wilcher, Joseph Wilcox, Simon Wiley, John Wilhelm, E. Wilkerson, Solomon Wilkerson, Med Wilkes, A. Wilkey, Calvin Wilkey, Israel Wilkey, John Wilkey, Andrew Wilkin, Andrew Wilkins, David Wilkins, George Wilkins, James Wilkins, William Wilkins, James Wilkinson, J. Wilkinson, A. Wilks, Edmund Wilks, Jackson Wilks, Samuel Wilks, A. Willard, John Willey, Benjamin Williams, Elijah Williams, E. Williams, Francis Williams, Franklin Williams, Giles Williams., Henry Williams, Horace Williams, James Williams, Jesse Williams, John Williams, Margaret Williams, N, Williams, Noah Williams, Thomas Williams, William Williams, W. Williams, Ziba Williams, George Williamson, Robert Williamson, Edward Willis, G. Willis, J. Willis, L. Willis, M. Willis, Newton Willis, Shepard Willis, Tilman Willis, W. Willis, Barton Wills, George Wills, James Wills, Matthew Wills, William Wills, Adam Wilson, Ansom Wilson, Clara Wilson, Edgar Wilson, Frank Wilson, Harvey Wilson, Henry Wilson, Jesse Wilson, Joe Wilson, John Wilson, Jonathan Wilson, Joseph Wilson, J. Wilson, Marchant Wilson, Mark Wilson, M. Wilson, Patrick Wilson, Robert Wilson, Samuel Wilson, S. Wilson, Watson Wilson, William Wilson, W. Wilson, Eleanor Wines, J. Wines, Leonard Wines, Martin Wines, Wickliff Wines, William Wines, Andrew Winters, A. Winters, Isaiah Winters, Obadiah Winters, S. Winters, William Winters, W. Winters, Joseph Wires, H. Wise, Henry Wivil, Anna Wolf, David Wolf, John Wolf, Uriah Wolf, Wilson Wolf, Benjamin Wolfe, B. Wolfe, Clater Wolfe, George Wolfe, George W. Wolfe Jr., Joseph Wolfe, Joseph Williams Wolfe, Josiah Wolfe, J. Wolfe, Thomas Wolfe, J. Wolford, Moses Wolford, Samuel Wollem, Mattie Wolsey, Louisa Wolverton, Abraham Wood, Alonzo Wood, Amos Wood, Claiborne Wood, Daniel Wood, Henry Wood, John Freeland Wood, Lacey Wood, L. Wood, John Woodall, J, Woodall, Liberty Woodall, Peter Woodall, W. Woodall, Jesse Wooden, Nelson Woodey, William Woodey, Andrew Woodruff, H. Woods, T. Woods, William Woods, W. Woods, Nelson Woodsworth, Eli Woodward, Levi Woodward, Isaac Woolley, Henry Woolls, Catharine Wooly, Thomas Wooly, Abe Workman, Abraham Workman, Abram Workman, Isaac Workman, John Workman, James Lewis Worley, James Worth, Jonah Worth, R. Worth, William Worthington, J. Wortman, Phillip Wortman, W. Wortman, Albert Wright, A. Wright, Celia Wright, James Wright, Joe Wright, Joseph Wright, J. Wright, Peter Wright, Richard Wright, S. Wright, William Wright, Willis Wright, W. Wright, B. Wymer, Cyrus Wymer, Eli Wymer, Isaac Wymer, J. Wymer.

Samuel Yager, J. Yakey, W. Yancy, John Yarnell, Nicholas Yeager, August Yocum, John Yocum, Simeon Yocum, John Yoder, Gotfield Yohn, Richard Yoho, J. Yokey, Abraham Young, Ada Young, Alexander Young, C. Young, George Young, Jacob Young, Jacob Brown Young, James Young, Jennie Young, Jere Young, Joe Young, John Young, Joseph Young, Lycurgus Young, W. Young, G. Youngman, J. Youngman, S. R. Youngman, William Yowell & Michael Zink.

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