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The book, "Atlas of Holmes County, Ohio - From Actual Surveys by and Under the Direction of Henry Cring, C. E.," published by J. A. Caldwell, Condit, Ohio, 1875. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1875 printed book, it would be very expensive.


This book contains a number of fine maps of Holmes County Townships, including towns & villages, and land ownership as of 1875. There are biographical sketches of some individuals, advertisements for county businesses and services, and other articles that mention Holmes County residents. It also has a number of fine illustrations of homes, farms, and community buildings identified by name. This is a fine genealogical research tool for those with ancestors that lived in Holmes County, Ohio circa 1875. I will list here some of the individuals found in this book:

John Ackret, G. Adams, J. Adams, James Albertson, Charles Allison, David Allison, Mamie Allison, Hamilton E. Andress, J. M. Appleton, Maria L. Anthenridge, Benjamin Atkison, Edward Beall, B. Beck, Effie Bell, J. B. Bell, Sarah Bell, John G. Bigham, L. B. Bird, John Boling, Thornton Boling, Samuel Boner, B. C. Brown, J. B. Brown, Alexander Bruce, Mary A. Buchanan, Peter Bushey, James Butler, Joseph Butler, Benjamin Cahn, Samuel Calhoon, John Campbell, Mathew Campbell, Edward Carpenter, John Carpenter, William Cary, John Caskey, Jonathan Chapman, Linas Chapman, Moses Chapman, O. K. Chapman, Roswell Chapmen, Jacob Cherryholmes, George Conrad, Jacob Conrad, W. J. Courtney, Oellaw E. Courtney, Howard W. Courtney, William Comin, John Corbus, Noah Cox, John Dailey, J. D. Canan, Solomon Close, Daniel Conkle, John Corbus, Washington Cowen, Wilson Craig, Hester Crane, Jane Crane, A. A. Crump, Asa Dagon, Hannah Davenport, Jacob Davenport, Samuel Davenport, Thomas O. Dewitt, William Dix, Isaac Donaldson, W. K. Duer, J. C. Duncan, William Duncan, Andrew Emrick, E. K. Enos, James A. Estill, J. Etter, G. W. Everett, Thomas Everett, E. W. Fair, James Farrah, T. T. Farver, Albert H. Force, Sarah Foster, Frank Fraelich, A. B. Frey, Jacob Frey, F. W. Fritz, William H. Gard, Charles Gasche, Gottlieb Gerber, W. Gilson, Joseph Gisinger, Andrew Glass, A. B. Gonser, Cordelia Graven, John Hamm, Adam Hammond, W. O. Harrah, Elisha Harass, John Harris, John W. Hart, Martin Henes, David Henry, Henry Herzer, John Hitchcock, Esram Hughes, J. S. Hughes, J. W. Hughes, John L. Hughes, Mary Hughes, Jacob Hultz, Bartholomew Hustead, Jacob Hollinger, Charles Hose, J. G. Houk, James Hull, James Jarvis, T. C.Jeffries, Andrew Johnston, James Johnston, Robert Johnston, Robert Justice, Catherine Kanaval, William Keller, Rebecca Kimerer, Elias Klopp, Fred Knopp, J. E. Koch, S. L. Korns, G. F. Lang, George Lechner, Moses Ledbetter, James Liggett Jr., John Knox, Thomas Lommasson, Loticia Lee, Susan Lepley, Robert Long, Isaac Marx, Louis Mayers, B. Maxwell, Louis Mayers, Joseph McClelland, Henry D. McDowell, S. P. McKenzie, John McMillen, Abraham Melott, Albert Miller, Jacob Miller, John Miller, William Miller, Yost Miller, M. J. Moreland, Benjamin Morris, William Murry, Joseph H. Newton, T. Odell, J. R. Peckham, J. M. Philips, John Phillips, P. P. Pomerene, Robert R. Post, Isaac Putnam, J. K. Raiff, Hosack Reed, William Reed, Elizabeth Riggs, Enoch M. P. Riggs, John L. Riggs, Mary Jane Riggs, Richard M. Riggs, H. H. Robinson, E. G. Saunders, Henry Schafer, George Schnorr, George Sehnorr, John Sharp (2), Hannah M. Shaw, Jacob Shearer, C. P. Sherlock, T. M. Sherlock, George W. Shires, John Shoup, Abraham Shremplin, John Shremplin, Oliver Shremplin, William Shremplin, Jonah Shreve, Daniel Sigafoos, Eliza Sigafoos, Emily Sigafoos, James Sigafoos, John Wesley Sigafoos, Lydia Sigafoos, Margaret Sigafoos, Martha Sigafoos, Mary Ann Sigafoos, Russel B. Sigafoos, Sarah Sigafoos, Solomon Sigafoos, William Sigafoos, Michael Simon, F. Smalts, David Smetzer, Edward Smith, J. H. Smith, John I. Spencer, J, Teischer, Robert R. Thompson, David Troyer, D. S. Uhl, Emma M. Vance, Ida V. Vance, John Vance, Lydia R. Vance, Millie J. Vance, Sophronia A. Vance, C. F. Voorhees, William Walkup, Peter Wise, D. Wolgamut, Abram Workman, W. R. Yergin, B. J. Young, Martha J. Young, and many, many more. The township plats have too many names for me to duplicate; according to the book there were approximately 18,000 people in Holmes County in 1875.

The book has about 105 pages by number - the publisher also numbered a lot of blank pages so there are really only about 50 pages with data on them. There are numerous illustrations of Holmes County scenes. There is no Index, but the Table of Contents is fully linked to the pages so that you can easily browse the book using the Adobe Reader software (included).

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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