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The book, "America Heraldica - A Compilation of Arms, Crests, and Mottoes of Prominent American Families Settled in this Country Before 1800," edited by E, De V, Vermont, illustrated by Henry Rykers, printed by the Brentano Brothers, New York, 1886. This book provides significant genealogical data about a large number of American families who settled in America prior to 1800 that derived from ancestors having 'Heraldry.' There are many surnames and allied families mentioned. Most entries provide data on the derivation of the family name, the original emigrant, notable members of the family, the family crest and arms - there is usually a black & white drawing of the heraldry. Additionally, there are 17 beautiful full color plates, each of which has a brilliant illustration of 16 different family arms. The CD book is fully indexed and linked for ease of use. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1886 printed book, it would cost several hundred dollars.



The following individuals and surnames are profiled in the book:

Abercromby; Aldworth; Alexander; Gen. William Alexander; Katherine Alexander; Alst Joris van Alst; Ambler; Richard Ambler; Amory; Jonathan Amory; Robert Amory; Alexander Anderson; Anderson; Andrews; Henry Anderson; John Andrews; Mary Andrews; Marques of Annandale; Appleton; John Appleton; Samuel Appleton; Apthorp; Archer; Fulbert L'Archer; Humphrey Archer; John Archer; Arnold; Oliver Arnold; Thomas Arnold; William Arnold; & Baron Aveland.

Bacon; Nathaniel Bacon; Balche; Baldwin; Earl of Balcarres; George Balch; George Balche; John Balche; Lord Baltimore; Rev. Edward Balch; Rev. Thomas Balch; Robert Everard Balch; Sylvester Baldwin; Adam Barttelot; Barclay; Bard; Barker; Bartholomew; Bartlett = Barttelot; Bartlett; Barton; Bartow; Benoist Bard; Bertaut = Bartow; Col. David Barclay; Dr. John Barton; Edmund Bartlett; James Barker; John Barclay; John Bartlett; Lord Barrington; Pierre Bard; Richard Bartlett; Richard Barttelot; Robert Barton; Rowland Barker; Thomas Bartlett; William Bartlett; Anne Bayard; Balthazar Bayard; Balthazar Lazarus Bayard; Bayard; Lazarus Bayard; Nicholas Bayard; Petrus Bayard; Seigneur de Beaufermez; Beekman; Cornelius Beekman; William Beekman; Andrew Belcher; Belcher; Bell; Bellingham; Charles H. Bell; Jonathan Belcher; Joseph Belcher; Richard Bellingham; William Bell; William Bellingham; General Bertaut; Bethune; Betts; George Bethune; Richard Betts; Thomas Betts; Lord Bexley; Blackwell; Blake; Humphrey Blake; William Blake; Bleecker; Jan Jansen Bleecker; Adam Bolton; Baron of Bolton; Bolton; John Bolton; Robert Bolton; Capt. John Bonner; Borland; Maria Bousfield; Seigneur de Bourse; Boyles of Shewalton; Henry Boylston; Thomas Boylston; Bradford; Bradstreet; Brattle = Batten = Battyn; Brattle; Gov. William Bradford; Humphrey Bradstreet; Simon Bradstreet; Thomas Brattle; Breese; Brenton; Brewster; John Brewster; Sidney Breese; William Brenton; William Brewster; Bright; Brinley; Francis Brinley; Henry Bright; Thomas Brinley; Abraham Browne; Bromfield; Brooke; Brown of Watertown; Browne; Browne of Rye; Browne of Salem; Capt. John Browne; Christopher Browne; Edward Ingersoll Browne; John Browne; Rev. Marmaduke Brown; Sir Stephen Browne; Thomas Browne; John Bruen; Obadiah Bruen; Duke of Buccleugh; Duke of Buccleugh; Phineas Buckley; Bulfinch; Bulkley; Edward Bulkley; Peter Bulkley; Thomas Bulkley; Aaron Burr; Alexander Burnet; Burke; Burnet; Burnham; Gilbert Burnet; Maj. Lewis Burwell; Thomas Burnam; Thomas Burnham; William Burnet; Butler; Thomas Butler; Byfield; Col. William Byrd; John Byrd; & William Byrd.

Lord Gautier de Caen; Earl of Caithness; Calvert; Cecil Calvert; Earl of Calendar; Hugh Calverley; Leonard Calvert; Sir Anthony Calverley; Campbell's of Ardentinny; John Campbell; Carpenter; Carroll; Cary; Charles Carroll; Col. Miles Cary; Col. Myles Cary; Miles Cary; Samuel Carpenter; William Cary; Caverly; Charles Caverly; George Caverly; A. D. Chaloner; Aquila Chase; Capt. Francis Champernon; Chaloner; Chandler; Charles Chauncey; Charles de Chauncey; Charnock; Chase; Chauncey; Chause = Chase; Gawine Champernowne; George Chauncey; John Chandler; Ninyam Chaloner; Thomas Chase; William Chandler; Anthony Checkley; Chew = Cheymew; Col. John Chester; David Chesebrough; John Chew; Leonard Chester; Miss Chew (Johnston); Richard Checkley; Samuel Checkley; Sir Robert Chester; William Checkley; William Chesebrough; Benjamin Child; Chichester; Child = Childe = Childs; Ephraim Child; Henry Chichele; Robert Chichele; Alexander Choute; Chute; James Chute; Lionel Chute Jr.; Clarkson; Clayborne = Cleburne = Cliburne = Claiborne; Clayborne; David Clarkson; Dr. Gerardus Clarkson; Matthew Clarkson; Rev. David Clarkson; Sir Edmund Clayborne; William Clayborne; John Cleveland; Moses Cleveland; Sir Edmund Cleburne; Sir Guy de Cleveland; Thomas Cleveland; William Cleveland; Adm. George Clinton; Charles Clinton; Clinton; Clinton-Pelham; Gen. George Clinton; Gen. James Clinton; George Clinton; Gov. de Witt Clinton; Coddington; William Coddington; Coffin; Margaret Coffin; Sir Isaac Coffin; Tristram Coffyn; Coggeshall; Coggswell is directly related to Coggshall; Coghill; Cogswell; Edward Coggswell; John Coggeshall; John Coggswell; John Coghill; Marmaduke Coghill; Sir John de Coggeshall; Sir Thomas Coghill; Sir Thomas de Coggeshall; Cadwalader Colden; Colden; Colman; Matthew Colman; Rev. Alexander Colden; Rev. Benjamin Colman; Thomas Colynge; William Colman; Conover; Couwenhoven = Conover; Cooke; Cooledge = Colynge = Collungs = Colyns = Coolidge; Coolidge; Elisha Cooke; John Cooledge; Richard Cooke; William Cooledge; Copely; John Singleton Copley; Corwin; Curwen = Corwin; Earl of Cork; Stephanus van Cortlandt; Cotton; Philadelphia L. Cotton; Rev. John Cotton; Roland Cotton; Walter Cotton; Coutant; Jean Coustant; Thibaut d'Ercuis dit Coustant; Wolfert Geritsen Couwenhoven; A. Cleveland Coxe; Craddock; Cranston; Earl of Crawford; James Cranston; John Cranston; Matthew Craddock; Col. John Cromwell; Cromwell; Joan Cromwell; John Cromwell; Oliver Cromwell; Cruger; John Cruger; Mary Cuningham; Curtis; Curwen; De Curzon; George Curwen; Richard de Curzon; William Curtis; Cushing; Matthew Cushing; Thomas Cushing; Cuyler; & Hendricks Cuyler.

Abraham Darlington; Gen. Sir Ralph Darling; Job Darlington; John Darlington; Mary Darlington; Samuel Darling; Capt. Richard Davenport; Davenport; Francis Davenport; Rev. John Davenport; Deane; John Deane; Walter Deane; Delano; Jonathan Delano; Denison; Gen. Daniel Denison; John Denison; William Denison; General Desborough; Charles Dickenson; Dickenson; Henry Dickenson; John Dickenson; Nathaniel Dickenson; Philemon Dickenson; Symon Dickenson; Walter Dickenson; Cole Digges; Digges; Edward Digges; John Digges; Sir Dudley Digges; Sir John Digby; Dirwell; Disbrow; Peter Disbrow; Dixwell; Dodge; William Dodge; Drake; John Drake; William Walker Drake; Chretien Du Bois; Du Bois = Dubois; Du Bois; Jacques Du Bois; Louis Du Bois; Capt. Roger Dudley; Dudley; Joseph Dudley; Thomas Dudley; John Duer; William Duer; Dumaresq; Dummer; Earl of Dumferline; John Dummer; Matilda Dummer; Pritchard Dummer; Richard Dummer; Richard Dummer; Richard Pyldren Dummer; Stephen Dummer; Susannah Ferris Dumaresq; William Dumaresq; William Dummer; & the Lord of Dykes.

Eddy; John Eddy; Rev. William Eddye; Eden; Jonathan Edwards; Pierrepont Edwards; Richard Edwards; Tryon Hughes Edwards; William Edwards; Eels; John Eels; Samuel Eels; Earl of Eglinton; Earl of Eglinton; Eliot; John Eliot; Benjamin Ellery; Ellery = Eleris = Eldres; William Ellery; Joshua Ely; Nathaniel Ely; Richard Ely; Emerson; Nathaniel Emerson; Endicott; John Endicott; Earl of Erroll; Earl of Essex; Robert de Estotville; Baron William le Eyr; Eyre; George Eyre; John Eyre; & Sir Gervaise Eyre.

Dr. John Contee Fairfax; Fairfax; Fairweather; Fayerweather = Fairweather; Lord Fairfax of Cameron; Rev. Bryan Fairfax; William Fairfax; Mary Faneuil; Fayerweather; Joseph Fayerweather; Vrederijck Felypsen; Field; John Field; Robert Field; William Field; Fishe; Nicholas Fiske; Robert Fiske; Samuel Fiske; Simon Fiske; Col. William Fitz-Hugh; David Fitzpen; Fitch; Henry Fitzpen; Rev. James Fitch; Thomas Fitch; Jean de la Fontaine; Rev. Francis Fontaine; Rev. Peter Fontaine; David Forsyth; Forsyth; Frederic Gregory Forsyth; James Forsyth; Matthew Forsyth; Robert Forsyth; Thomas Forsyth; Foster; Reginald Foster; Richard Foster; William Foster; Fountain; Fountayne = Fountain; John Fountain; Moses Fountain; Capt. William Fowler; Fowke; Fowke derives from Foulques; Fowler; Gerard Fowke; Philip Fowler; Roger Fowke; Daniel Foxcroft; Foxcroft; Francis Foxcroft; Thomas Foxcroft; Benjamin Franklin; Franklin; Franklyns = Franklin; John Franklin; Josiah Franklin; William Franklin; Freke; John French; Frances Frye; Sir Frederick Frye; James Fytche; & Thomas Fytche.

Albert Gallatin; Gallatin; Benjamin Garfield; David Gardiner; Edward Garfield; Gardiner; Garfield; Joseph Gardiner; Joseph Gardner; Judge John Gardner; Lion Gardiner; Rev. Richard Gardiner; Sir Thomas Gardiner; Geer = Geere = Gear = Gere; Geer; Geer derives from Gery of Royston; Geeres of Devonshire; George Geere; Jonathan Geere; Rev. George Jarvis Geer; Thomas Geere; Gibbs; Robert Gibbs; Sir Henry Gibbs; Sir Ralph Gibbs; Edward Gilman; Giles; Gilman; Gilpin; Joseph Gilpin; Richard de Gilpyn; Sir Edward Giles; Sir Humphrey Gilbert; Thomas Gilpin; Earl of Glascow; Sir John Godsell; Thomas Godsell; Maj. Nathan Gold; Mary Gold; Arnold Gookin; Charles Gookin; Daniel Gookin; Gen. Daniel Gookin; Gooch; Goodrich; Goodridge; Goodsell; Gookin; John Gookin; Maj. William Gooch; Thomas Goodsell; Thomas Goolkyne; Adam Gordon; Capt. Robert Gorges; Duke of Gordon; Gen. Patrick Gordon; John Gordon; Sir George Gordon; Graves; Greaves; Greaves = Graves; Roger de la Grande; Thomas Graves; William de la Grande; Bartholomew Green; David Gregorie; Gardiner Greene; Greene; Greenwood; Gregory; Gregory derives from Gregorie and MacGregor; James Gregorie; John Green; John Greene; Miles Greenwood; Nathaniel Greenwood; Percival Green; Robert Greene; Samuel Greenwood; Sir Matthew Greswolde; William Gregory; Griswold; Matthew Griswold; Rice ap Griffith; Louis Guion; & Walter Gutridge.

Hales = Hale; Hales; Hale; Hallett; Robert Hales; Thomas Hale; William Hallet; Andrew Hamersley; Hamersley; Hugh Hamersley; Sir Hugh Hamersley; William Hamersley; Daniel Henshaw; Gov. John Hancock; Hancock; John Hancock; Nathaniel Hancock; Dorothy Harlakenden; Earl of Hartfell; Mabel Harlakenden; Richard Harlakenden; Roger Harlakenden; Roger Harlakenden; Christopher Hatch; Hatch; Jeffrey Hatch; Thomas Hatch; Baron of Haversham; Abigail Hawkins; Hawkins; Hay; Hayden = Haydon = Heiden = Heydon = Hoidon; Haydon; James Hay; John Hayden; John Haynes; Joseph Haynes; Mabel Haynes; William Hayden; Col. Caleb Heathcote; Heathcote; Sir Gilbert Heathcote; Samuel Hemmingway; Joshua Henshaw; Henry Herrick; Herrick; Sir William Herrick; Elias Hicks; Hicks; John Hicks; Robert Hicks; Samuel Hicks; Sir Ellis Hicks; Thomas Hicks; Hinman; Sgt. Edward Hinman; George Hoar; Hoar; Johanna Hoar; Lt. Daniel Hoar; Dr. Edward Augustus Holyoke; Edward Holyoke; Elizar Holyoke; Holt; Jacob Holcombe; John Holcombe; Nicholas Holt; Sir Henry Holcroft; Thomas Holcombe; Capt. Joseph Hopkins; George Augustus Hopley; Hopkins; Hopley; Arthur Howland; Edward Howell; Henry Howland; Howard; Howell; Howland; John Howland; Maj. John Howell; Richard Howland; Sir Henry Howard; William Howard; Hubbard = Hubarts = Hubberds Hubbard; Margaret Hubert; Daniel Huger; Huger; Col. Thomas Hunt; Earl of Huntly; Hunt; Thomas Hunt; Hurry; John Hurry; Samuel Hurry; Col. Elisha Hutchinson; Hutchinson; Samuel Hutchinson; & William Hutchinson.

Inglis; James Inglis; John Inglis; Rev. Charles Inglis; Susanna Inman; Irving = Erving = Ervine = Irvine = Irwine; Irving; Washington Irving; William Irving; & William de Irwin.

Jackson; Rutger Jacobson; Teunis Jacobsen; Thomas Jackson; George J. Jaffrey; George Jaffrey; Jaffrey; Elizabeth Jaquelin; Augustus Jay; Jay; David Jeffries; David Jeffries; George J. Jeffries; Jeffries; Sarah Jeffries; Dr. John Johnston; Edward Johnes; Gov. Gabriel Johnston; Gov. Samuel Johnston; John Johnston; Johnes = Johns; Johnes; Johnstone = Johnston; Johnstone; Richard Johnes; Sir Francis Johnes; William Johnson; William Johnston; John Jolliffe; Henry Josselyn; John Josselyn; Josselyn; Capt. Jack Jouet; Daniel Jouet; Gabriel Jouet; Jouet; Matthew Jouet; Pierre Jouet; John Joyliffe; & Joyliffe.

Adam de Karry; Hugh de Kenson; Duke of Kingston; Harold Kinsman; John Kinsman; Kinsman; Robert Kinsman; Kip; John Kynnesman; Hendricks Kype; Isaac Kype; Jacob Kype; & Ruloff de Kype.

De Lancey; Etrenne de Lanci; James de Lancey; Susanna de Lancey; Alice Larkin; Lathrop; Rev. John Lathrop; Sir Robert Laurens; Henry Lawrence; John Lawrence; Laward = Lord; Lawrence; Mary Lawrence; Sir John Lawrence; Thomas Lawrance; Thomas Lawrence; William Lawrence; Gen. Charles Lee; Lee; Richard Lee; Gabriel Legget; Leggett; Earl of Leicester; Joseph Lemon; Leman; Lemmon; Lemon = Lemmon = Lemans; Lemon; Henry Leonard; John Leonard; Leonard; Daniel de l'Estrange; Jan L'Escuyer; Anna Sedgwick Leverett; Gov. John Leverett; John Leverett; Leverett; Thomas Leverit; Gen. Robert Lewis; Lewis; Alexander Lindsay; Capt. John Linzee; David Lindsay; Earl of Lincoln; Earl of Linlithgow; Lindsay; Rev. Daniel Lindsay; Sir Hierome Lindsay; Alice Lisle; John Lisle; Earl of Litchfield; Livingston; Rev. John Livingston; Robert Livingston; Charles Lloyd; Henry Lloyd; James Lloyd; Lloyd; Sir John Lloyd; Thomas Lloyd; Dorothy Lord; Lord; Loring; Sir Nigel Loryng; Thomas Lord; Thomas Loring; Charles Lowndes; Christopher Lowndes; John Lowell; John Lowthroppe; Lowdes; Lowell; Percival Lowell; Walter Lowle; Earl of Ludlow; Gabriell Ludlow; Gen. Sir Edmund Ludlow; Ludlow; Ludwell; Philip Ludwell; Sit Laurence de Ludlowe; L'Escuyer = Luquer = Luqueer; Luquer; Lyman; Richard Lyman; Thomas Lyman; Andrew de Lynch; Dominick Lynch; Lord Lyndhurst; Lynch; Lynde; Nathaniel Lynde; Simon Lynde; & Sir Hugo de Lynch.

Catherine MacCall; Gregor MacGregor; James MacGregor; John Macleod; MacSlane; Malcom Macleod; Malcom Macleod of Rasay; Count de Mallet; Gen. Andrew Mallet-Prevost; Gen. Paul Henry Mallet-Prevost; Henry Mallet; Jacques Mallet; Mallet-Prevost; Mallets de Graville; Duke of Manchester; Earl of Manvers; Elizabeth Mansfield; Robert Mansell; Markham; Martin Mascarene; Michael Martin; Philip Du Maresq; Richard Martyn; William Markham; Anna Mason; Jean Paul Mascarene; Mascarene; Mather's of Maytone; Mather's of Seacroft; Rev. Cotton Mather; Rev. Richard Mather; Sir Philip de Maunsell; John May; Gregor McAnecham; John McVickar; McVicker; John Merrill; Merrill; Merrill derives from De Merle; Nathaniel Merrill; Arthur Middleton; Middleton; Richard Middlecott; Ebenezer Miller; Michael Milner; Miller; Milner; Nathaniel Milner; Nicholas Miller; Rev. John Milner; Samuel Miller; Miner; Mynors = Miner; Thomas Miner; William Miner; Duke of Montague; House of Montacute; Hugh Montgomery; John T. Montgomery; Monroe; Montague; Montgomery; Richard Montague; Robert Montague; Simon de Montfort; Sir Neil Montgomerie; Amos Morris; James Morgan; John Morgan; Lewis Morris; Morgan; Morris = Mawr Rys; Morris; Niles Morgan; Capt. Samuel Mosley; Henry Mosley; Mosley; Seigneur de la Motte; Benjamin Mountfort; Ebenezer Mountfort; Edmund Mountfort; Henry Mountfort; John Mountfort; Mountfort; Simon Mountfort; Jacob Munsell; Lord Muncaster; Munro = Munroe = Monroe; Munroe; Munsell; Rev Henry Munro; Sir Robert Munro.

John Nelson; Duke of Newcastle; Francis Nicholson; James Nicholson; John Nicholson; John Nicoll; Nicholson; Nicoll; Robert Nicholson; Samuel Nicholson; Sir Francis Nicholson; John Njcoll; Oliver van Noort; Andre de Normandie; De Normandie; Duke of Norfolk; Jean Antoine de Normandie; Jean de Normandie; John Norton; Laurent de Normandie; Norton; Norton derives from Normile; Sir John Norton; William Norton; Captain de la Noue; Philippe de la Noue; Nicholas Noyes; Noyes; Philippe de la Noye; Rev. James Noyes; Nydeck or Nydeggen; & Peter Schenck von Nydeck.

Charles O'Carroll; Lord of Ely O'Carroll; Sir Maolroona O'Carroll; Odell William Odell; John Ogden; Ogden; Ogden derives from Oak-Deane or Ock-Den; Richard Ogden; John Oliver; Oliver; Thomas Oliver; Thomas O'Neill; Earl of Orkney; Earl of Orrery; Harrison Gray Otis; John Otis; Otis = Ottys = Otes = Ottettes; Rebecca Ownings; Oxenbridge; & Rev. John Oxenbridge.

Col. John Page; Francis Page; Page; Thomas Page; John Paine; Edward Palmes; Guy Palmes; Lord Palmerston; Palmes; Benjamin Parsons; Joseph Parsons; Sir Thomas Parsons; Capt. Samuel Peck; Joseph Peck; Peck; Rev. Robert Peck; Edward Peirce; Edward Pell; Herbert Pelham; Pelham; Pell; Thomas Pell; Walter de Pelham; Ephraim Pennington; John Penn; Penn; Pennington; Richard Penn; William Penn; Andrew Pepperell; Elizabeth Pepperell; William Pepperell; William Royal Pepperell; Johannes de Peyster; John de Peyster; John Peyton; Peyster; Peyton; Robert Peyton; Sir Henry Peyton; Sir Thomas Peyton; John Phelps; Phelps; William Phelps; David Phippen; Felypsen = Phillipse; Fitzpen = Phippen; Frederick Philipse; Frederick Phillipse; Philipse; Susanna Philipse; James Pierrepont; Pierrepont; Pynchon = Pinchyon; Johannes Polheim; Polhemus; Rev. Johannes Theodore Polhemus; Alice Poore; Daniel Poore; James Poore; Philip Poor; Poore; Samuel Poore; Gilbert Popham; Popham; William Popham; John Porter; Porter; Richard Poultney; Thomas Poultney; Abraham Prebble; George Prebble; James Prescott; Jane G. Prevost; John Prescott; Prebble; Preble; Prescott; Prevost; Sir George Prevost; John Prince; Rev. Thomas Prince; David Provoost; Prevost = Provost = Provoost; Rev. Samuel Provoost; Richard Pyldren; Nicholas Pynchon; Pynchon; & William Pynchon.

Edmund Quincy & Quincy.

Col. William Randolph; Edward Randolph; John Randolph; Randolph; Gaspard Colet de Rapalye; George de Rapaljie; Rapaljie; William Jansen de Rapaljie; Malcom Rasay; Rasay derives from Macleod; Lord of Rasay; Rasay; Rasey; Edward Rawson; Francis Rawle; Rawson; Richard Rawson; Gen. Meredith Read; Hon. George Read; Lawrence Reade; Read; Reade; Reade of Wenburn; Kiliaen van Rensselaer; James Richards; John Richards; Thomas Richards; Rijker; Earl of River; Beverley Robinson; Isaac Roberdeau; John Robinson; Roberdeau; Sir John Beverley Robinson; John Rogers; Rev. Nathaniel Rogers; Rogers; Claes Martensen van Roosevelt; John Roome; Roome; Roosevelt; Judge James Russell; Richard Russell; Russell; John Rutherfurd; Robert Rutherfurd; Rutgers; Rutherfurd; Sir John Rutherfurd; Walter Rutherfurd; Hans Ryckers; Abraham Ryker; Gysbert Ryker; Hendrick Ryker; Rijker = Ryker = Rykers; & Ryner Ryker.

Earl of Salisbury; Edward Salisbury; Gilbert Saltonstall; Gilbert Saltonstall; Gordon Saltonstall; Gurdon Saltonstall; John Salisbury; Richard Saltonstall; Salisbury; Saltonstall; Samuel Saltonstall; Samuel Saltonstall; Sir Henry Salisbury; Sir Richard Saltonstall; Capt. James Sands; Capt. James Sandys; Edwin Sandys; George Sandys; Henry Sandys; Sandys; Sands; Sanford; Peter Sargent; Sargent; James Savage; Maj. Thomas Savage; Savage; Thomas Savage; John Sayers; Bartholomeus Schaets; Conrad Scheuffelin; Dominic Gideon Schaets; Gideon Schaets; Jacob Jacobson Schermerhooren; Jacob Scheuffelin; Jacob Schieffelin; Jan Martense Schenck; Johannes Schenck; Petrus Schermerhorn; Philip Pietersen Schuyler; Rolof Schenck; Rutgers Jacobsen Van Schoenderwoert; Schenck; Schieffelin; Schuyler; Gen. John Morin Scott; Gen. Winfield Scott; Gen. Wingfield Scott; John M. Scott; John Scott; John Scott; Lewis Allaire Scott; Michael Scott; Robert Scott; Scott of Ancrum; Scott of Virginia; Sir Reginald Scott; William Scott; Adrian Scroop; Baron of Scrope; Col. Adrian Scroop; Scroop = Throop; John Bourchier Sears; John Seaberry; Richard Sears; Sayers = Sears; Seabury = Seaberry derives from Sedborough; Seabury; d'Hozier de Serigny; Seton; Sir Alexander Seton; Sir Christopher Seton; William Seton; Henry Sewall; Rev. Samuel Sewall; Sewall; Jane Seymour; Richard Seymour; Seymour; Sir Edward Seymour; Earl of Shannon; Jacob Sheaffe; Sir Roger Hale-Sheaffe; William Sheaffe; Edward Shippen; Rev. William Shippen; Shippen; Shirley; Thomas Shirley; William Shirley; Col. Samuel Shute; John Shute; Mary Shute; Robert Shute; Sims; Symes; James Sinclair; Robert Sinclair; Sainclair = Sinclair; Sinclair; Bartholomew Skaats; Henry Skipwith; Sir Fulwar Skipwith; Sir Grey Skipwith; Skipwith; Col. William Smith; Rev. Nehemiah Smith; Smith of Edmundthorpe; Smith of Norwich; Smith of Scarsdale; Smith of Scarsdale; William Smith; John Smyth; Thomas Snelling; William Snelling; Richard Snowden; Snowden; Elizabeth Sparhawk; William Sparhawk; Gov. Alexander Spottiswood; Sir Robert Spottiswood; Spottswood = Spottiswood; Capt. Myles Standish; Elizabeth Stanley; Hugh Standish; Standish; Thurston de Standish; Capt. Thomas Stegge; Cornet Stetson; John Steel; Robert Stetson; Steel; Stetson = Stutson; Stetson; Stutson; Thomas Steel; Earl of St. Germans; Elias Stileman; Lord Stirling; Nicholas van Stittart; Peter van Stittart; Stileman; Stileman derives from Styllemans or Stylmans; Stylemans-Le Strange; William van Stittart; Anthony Stoddard; Capt. Israel Stoughton; Daniel Stoddart; George Stoddart; John F. Stoddart; Richard Stockton; Samuel Storrs; Simon Stoddard; Stockman; Stoddard; Storre; Thomas Storrs; William Stoughton; Daniel Strange; Earl of Strafford; Strang; Strang's; Anne Stuyvesant; Edward Sturgis; Peter Stuyvesant; Peter Stuyvesant; Philip Sturgis; Roger Sturgis; Sturgis; Stuyvesant; Increase Sumner; Sumner; William Sumner; Earl of Sutherland; Grizzle Sylvester; Richard Symonds; & Samuel Symonds.

Sir John Temple; Sir Thomas Temple; Temple; Bayard du Terrail; Peter Thatcher; Rev. Thomas Thacher; Rev. Thomas Thatcher; John Thompson; John Thorndyke; Philip Thomas; Rev. William Thompson; Robert Thompson; Samuel Thomas; Thomas; Thompson; Thorndike; William Thompson; William Thorndyke; Enos T. Throop; Throop; William Throop; William Throop; Edward Tilghman; Nathaniel Tilden; Nathaniel Tilden; Nathaniel Tilden; Richard Tilghman; Tilden; Tilghman = Tylgham; Robert Timpson; Timpson; Daniel Tompkins; Tompkins; Toutenburg; Penn Townsend; Thomas Townsend; Townsend; William Townsend; John Tuckerman; Peter Tuckerman; Thomas Tuckerman; Anthony Turner; Capt. William Turner; Humphrey Turner; Turner; Elizabeth Tuthill; Mary Tuttle; Tuttle; William Tuthill; Zechariah Tuttle; Andrew Tyler; Joseph Tylden; Sir John Maxwell Tylden; Sir Richard Tylden; Thomas Tyler; Tyler; William Tyler; Dudley Tyng; Rebecca Tyng; & Tyng.

John Underhill; Underhill; Hezekiah Usher; John Usher; & Usher.

Van Alst Cornelius Van Wyck; David Van Rensselaer; Gerrit Cornelisse Van Duyn; Olof Van Cortlandt; Steven Coerte Van Voor Hies; Van Cortland; Van Nort; Van Rensselaer; Van Sittart; Van Voorhees = Van Voor Hies; Van Vorhees; Van Wyck; Florentius Vassall; John Vassall; Leonard Vassall; Samuel Vassall; Vassall; William Vassall; Daniel Vernon; Lord Verulam; Vernon; & Vorhees.

Walter de Wahull; Francis Wainwright; Wainwright; Capt. William Walton; Sir John De Walcott; Theobald Walter; Walton; Walworth; William Walworth; George Wanton; Gov. Gideon Wanton; Gov. John Wanton; Admiral Sir Peter Warren; Andrew Ward; Earl of Warren; Gov. Richard Ward; John Ward; John Warren; Richard Warren; Sir Peter Warren; Ward; Warren; William Ward; John Watt; John Watts; Robert Watt; Robert Watts; Watts; Rev. Peter Wells; Wells; William Wells; Evert Jansen Wendell; Hon. Jacob Wendell; Thomas Wentworth; Wendell; Wentworth; William de Wentworth; William Wentworth; Dolly Wethered; Richard Wethered; Thomas Wethered; Wethered; Wetmore; Whitmore; Rev. J. Whetmore; Thomas Whetmore; Col. Joseph Whipple; Eustace Whitney; Henry Whitney; John Whiting; Rev. Samuel Whiting; Thomas Whitmore; Thomas Whitney; Whiting; Whitney; Earl of Fitz-William; Francis Willoughby; George Willis; Isaac Williams; James Williams; John Williams; John Wilson; Jonathan Williams; Launcelot Wilkinson; Lawrence Wilkinson; Martha Wilder; Morgan Williams; Nicholas Wilder; Peere Williams; Rev. Moses H. Wilder; Rev. William Wilson; Richard Willard; Robert Williams; Samuel Willis; Sir Booth Williams; Sir Hutchins Williams; Sir Richard Williams; Thomas Wilder; Wilder; Wilkinson; Willard derives from Villiard; William Williams; William Willoughby; William Wilson; Williams of Roxbury; Willoughby; Wilson; Adam Winthrope; Dean Winthrop; Earl of Winton; Edward Winslow; Josiah Winslow; Winslow; Winthrop; Ruth Van Woert; Christopher Wolcott; Henry Wolcott; John Wolcott; Wolcott; George Woolsey; Richard Woodhull; Woodhull; Plate I: Woosley; Nicolas Worthington; Worthington; Sir James Wright; Wright; George Wyllys; & John Wynethrop.

Count Coustant d'Yanville & Henry Yeamans.

Baron de Zeng; De Zeng; Frederic Augustus de Zeng; & Mary Lawrence de Zeng.

Here is the Index of Surnames represented in the Illustrated Color Plates:

Alexander; Alexander; Amory; Amory; Anderson; Andrews; Appleton; Archer; & Arnold.

Bacon; Balche; Barclay; Bard; Barker; Bartlett; Bartow; Bayard; Beekman; Beekman; Belcher; Bell; Bellingham; Bethune; Betts; Blake; Bleeker; Bolton; Bradford; Bradstreet; Brattle; Breese; Brewster; Bright; Brinley; Brown of Rye; Brown of Watertown; Browne of Watertown; Bulkley; Burnet; Burnham; & Butler.

Calvert; Carpenter; Carroll; Cary; Caverly; Chaloner; Chandler; Chase; Chauncey; Chute; Clarkson; Clayborne; Clinton; Coddington; Coffin; Coggeshall; Colder; Coolidge; Corwin; Cotton; Coutart; Craddock; Cranstoun; Cromwell; Cruger; Curtis; Cushing; & Cuyler.

Davenport; De Larcey; De Normandie; De Peyster; Deane; Deland; Denison; Dickenson; Digges; Disbrow; Dodge; Drake; Du Bois; Dudley; Dumaresq; & Dummer.

Eliot; Emerson; Endicott; & Eyre.

Fairfax; Fairfax; Fairweather; Field; Fiske; Fitch; Forsyth; Foster; Fountain; Fowke; Foxcroft; & Franklin.

Gallatin; Gardiner; Geer; Giles; Gilman; Gilpin; Goodsell; Gookin; Graves; Greaves; Greene; Greenwood; Gregory; & Griswold.

Hale; Hales; Hamersley; Hancock; Hatch; Hay; Hayden; Heathcote; Herrick; Hicks; Hoar; Hopkins; Howard; Howell; Howland; Huger; Hurry; Hutchinson; & Hutchinson.

Inglis; Irvine; & Irving.

Jay; Jeffries; Johnes; Johnstone; & Jouet.


Lathrop; Lawrence; Lee; Lee; Leggett; Leverett; Lindsay; Livingston; Livingston; Lloyd; Lord; Loring; Lowell; Lowndes; Ludlow; Ludwell; Luquer; Lyman; & Lynch.

Mascarene; McVicker; Merrill; Middleton; Miner; Montague; Montfort; Montgomery; Morris; Munroe; & Mursell.

Nicholson; Nicholson; Nicoll; & Norton.


Page; Peck; Pelham; Pell; Penn; Pennington; Peyton; Phelps; Philipse; Pierrepont; Polhemus; Popham; Prescott; Prevost; Pynchon; Quincy; Randolph; Rapaljie; Rasay; Rawson; Reade; Rijker; Roberdeau; Roome; Roosevelt; Russell; & Rutherford.

Salisbury; Saltonstall; Saltonstall; Sands; Savage; Schenck; Schieffelin; Schuyler; Scott of Ancrum; Scott; Seabury; Seton; Shippen; Shirley; Sinclair; Skipwith; Smith of Scarsdale; Standish; Stetson; Stockton; Stoddart; Storrs; Strang's; Sturgis; Stuyvesant; & Sumner.

Temple; Thomas; Thompson; Thorndyke; Throop; Townsend; Tuttle; Tylden; Tyler; & Tyng.


Van Alst; Van Cortlandt; Van Cortlandt; Van Nort; Van Rensselaer; Van Rensselaer; Van Sittart; Van Vorhees; Van Wyck; Van Wyck; & Vassall.

Wainwright; Walworth; Ward; Warren; Watts; Wendell; Wentworth; Wetmore; Whiting; Whitney; Wilkinson; Williams; Willoughby; Wilson; Winslow; Winthrop; Winthrop; Wolcott; Woodhull; Woolsey; & Woolsey.

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