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The book, “A Genealogical Sketch of the Descendants of Thomas Green(e) of Malden, Mass,” by Samuel S. Greene, 1858, Providence, R. I., Henry Dutton & Sons, Boston - printer. It is an early Greene / Green Genealogy and is filled with genealogy data about various Green's, Greene's, and allied families. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1858 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The book is indexed. The original book was missing part of the index - I indexed the book and replaced the missing names. This is an early U. S. genealogy of the Green/Greene Family. I will list here the names found in the book:

_____ Adams, Caroline C. Adams, Christian Anderson, Theodosia Burr Alliston, Cephas C. Alvord, Cornelia E. Arnold, Samuel G. Arnold, Elizabeth Ash, Samuel H. Ash, Helen Atkinson, Hugh Atkinson, & Phebe Atwell.

_____ Bailey, Adeline Bailey, Ebenezer Bailey, Mary A. Bailey, _____ Baird, Phebe Baird, Benjamin Baldwin, Samuel Baldwin, Amherst Willoughby Barber, Augustus Hamilton Barber, Elias Green Barber, George Washington Barber, Giles Barber, Joel Allen Barber, Nancy Barber, Sarah Barber, Abigail Barrett, Ann Barrett, Dorothy Barrett, James Barrett, John Barrett, Samuel Barrett, Salome Barstow, Edna A. Bartlet, Stephen Bartlett, _____ Baxter, Charles Baxter, Phebe Bayard, Joseph Beckwith, Silas Beckwith, Arthur Bennett, Joseph Bennett, Lyman Bennett, Abijah Bigelow, Susan Bigelow, _____ Bixby, _____ Blanchard, Simon Blanchard, Isabel Blood, James Blood, William T. Bloomer, _____ Boardman, Ann Elizabeth Bracket, Charlotte Brackett, Georgiana Brackett, Richard Brackett, Susan Green Brackett, Ebenezer Bradford, James Briggs, Sarah Briggs, Elizabeth Brittain, Susan M. Bronson, Abiel Bronson, Elizabeth Brooks, Abiel Brown, Abijah Brown, Augusta Brown, Ephraim Brown, Huldah Brown, John Brown, Sarah Brown, Sylvester Brown, Daniel Bryant, Ebenezer Bryant, Joseph Bryant, Mary Cheever Bryant, Capt. Joseph Buck, Mary J. Buck, Ebenezer Bucknam, Edward Bucknam, George Bucknam, John Bucknam, Joses Bucknam, Judith Bucknam, Lydia Bucknam, Mary Bucknam, Moses Bucknam, Phebe Bucknam, Rebecca Bucknam, Samuel Bucknam, Sarah Bucknam, Susanna Bucknam, Hannah Bugbee, Esther Bunn, Leonard Burbank, John Burditt, William Burke, David Hay Burnham, Ebenezer Burrill, Eunice Burrill, James Davie Butler, & Mary S. Butler.

Samuel Call, Nathaniel J. Campbell, Micajah Carroll, Billings Carter, Caroline C. Carter, Thomas Carter, Elizabeth Chadwick, Charlotte Clampit, Thomas B. Clark, Hannah Clark, _____ Collins, _____ Conner, John Connery, Josiah Convers, Frances Cook, Mary Cook, Jonathan Cowdrey, Sarah Cowee, _____ Cosgrove, James Cowee or John Cowee, Rebecca Cox, Unite Cox, Robert Craig, Virginia Croll, David Crowell, Joanna Crowell, Dolly Curtis, Alvah Cushing, & Polly Cushing.

Thomas Damon, William Dana, Zeviah Dana, Eugene Henry Danforth, Henry Richmond Danforth, Jarvis Danforth, Willie Brackett Danforth, Nathan Daniels, Charlotte Davis, Mary E. Davis, Sarah Davis, Putnam Dawes, William Deadman, Daniel Dean, John Dean, Hannah Delano, John Dexter, Joanna Dexter, Ruth Dextrer, Solon Dike, Harriett S. Douglas, I. H. Douglas, _____ Douglas, _____ Drake, Col. Josiah Dunham, Henry Dunster, Rose Dunster, Salmon Dutton, & Sarah C. Dutton.

_____ Earle, Keziah Eddy, Betsey Elliot, Dorcas Ellis, Carrie Ellison, Charles F. Ellison, Abby C. Ellsworth, Sally Ely, Benjamin Emerson, Edward Emerson, Elizabeth Emerson, William Emerson, Elizabeth Evans, Jonathan Evans, Mary Evans, & Sarah Evans.

Daniel Fairbanks or David Fairbanks, Edward Farmer, Elizabeth Farmer, Isabel Farmer, Isabella Farmer, Eleutheria D. Fay, Abigail Field, _____ Fisk, Eleazer Flagg, Gershom Flagg, Hannah Flagg, Elizabeth Fleming, Asa Fletcher, Asaph Fletcher, Josiah Fletcher, Luther Fletcher, Frances Spooner Forbes, Benjamin Foster, Susan Fowler, Hannah Fox, & Ann Frazier.

_____ Garland, Harriet Gavit, Abigail Gerry, Arad Gerry, Capt. David Gerry, Daniel Gerry, David Gerry, Joanna Gerry, Joshua Gerry, Kezia Gerry, Keziah Gerry, Reuben Gerry, Sally Gerry, Susan Gibbs, Harvey Goble, Martha Goldsmith, David Gould, Dorcas Gould, Lt. Daniel Gould, Sarah Gould, Susanna Gould, Susanna Gray, Aaron, Green, Abby Green, Abel Green, Abiathar Green, Abigail Green, Abner Green, Adelia Green, Adeline G. Green, Adriana Green, Albert Green, Alice Green, Alice L. Green, Alice M. Green, Almeria Green, Almond Green, Alonzo Green, Alonzo W. Green, Alpheus Green, Amasa Green, Amelia F. Green, Amos Green, Andrew H. Green, Ann Green, Ann Eliza Green, Ann Elizabeth Green, Ann Maria Green, Anna Green, Anna A. Green, Anna S. Green, Archelaus Green, Archibald D. Green, Arnold Green, Arthur M. Green, Asa Green, Asenath Green, Ashbel Green, Augusta Green, Barridill Green, Bathsheba Green, Belinda Green, Benjamin Green, Benjamin B. Green, Benjamin F. Green, Bernard Green, Betsey Green, Bourne Green, Bradley Green, Caleb Green, Calista Green, Calvin Green, Caroline Green, Caroline F. Green, Catharine Green, Charles Green, Charles A. Green, Charles C. Green, Charles G. Green, Charles W. Green, Charlotte Green, Charlotte E. Green, Clara Green, Clarinda Green, Clark E. Green, Chloe Green, Cilletta Green, Conant Green, Cordelia Green, Cornelia Green, Daniel Green, Daniel O. Green, Darius Green, David Green, Deliverance Green, Dolly Green, Dorcas Green, Dorcas H. Green, Dorothy Green, Eben Green Ebenezer Green, Edna A. Green, Edward Green, Edward W. Green, Edwin Green, Elbridge Green, Eleazer Green, Elias Green, Elijah Green, Elijah D. Green, Elijah H. Green, Elijah P. Green, Eliza Green, Elizabeth Green, Elizabeth E. Green, Elizabeth G. Green, Elizabeth R. Green, Elizabeth S. Green, Elizabeth T. Green, Ellen S. Green, Elmira Green, Elvira Green, Emeline C. Green, Emily Green, Emma S. Green, Ephraim Green, Ephraim J. Green, Esther Green, Eunice Green, Eveline Green, Everett W. Green, Ezra Green, Fidelia A. Green, Flagg Green, Frances Green, Frances M. Green, Francis Green, Francis W. Green, Frederick William Green, George Green, George A. Green, George B. Green, George E. Green, George H. Green, George W. Green, Georgiana Green, Gerould Green, Hadassah E. Green, Hannah Green, Hannibal Green, Harriet Green, Harriet A. Green, Harriet L. Green, Harriet N. Green, Harriet S. Green, Helen Green, Henrietta Green, Henry Green, Henry E. Green, Henry R. Green, Henry W. Green, Hephzibah Green, Herschel Green, Hezekiah Green, Horace Green, Horace D. Green, Huldah Green, Hugh Green, Ira Green, Irijah Green, Isaac Green, Isabel Green, Isabella Green, Israel Green, Jabez Green, Jackson Green, Jacob Green, James Green, James A. Green, James L. Green, James S. Green, James S. H. Green, Jane Green, Jane R. Green, Jared Green, Jared L. Green, Jehiel Green, Jemima Green, Jeriah Green, Jeremiah Green, Jeruah Green, Jerusha Green, Jesse Green, Joanna Green, Joel Green, John Green, John C. Green, John H. Green, John J. Green, John P. Green, John W. Green, Jonas Green, Jonathan Green, Jonathan E. Green, Joseph Green, Joshua Green, Josiah Green, Josiah D. Green, Judith Green, Julia Green, Julia A. Green, Julia E. Green, Kate J. Green, Kesurah Green, Kezia Green, Laura Green, Leah Green, Lemuel Green, Leonard Green, Levi Green, Levi W. Green, Livingston Green, Lois Green, Louisa Green, Lowell Green, Lucas Green, Lucetta Green, Lucien P. Green, Lucretia Green, Lucy Green, Lucy A. Green, Lucy C. Green, Lucy M. Green, Lydia Green, Lydia P. Green, Lynde Green, Mahlon Green, Maria Green, Maria E. Green, Maria L. Green, Mark Green, Martha Green, Martha L. Green, Martin Green, Mary Green, Mary A. Green, Mary E. Green, Mary H. Green, Mary J. Green, Mary L. Green, Mary M. Green, Mary O. Green, Mary P. Green, Mary R. Green, Matilda T. Green, Mehitable Green, Mercy Green, Meltiah Green, Meltiah B. Green, Milton Green, Miriam Green, Nahum Green, Nancy Green, Nancy E. Green, Nathan Green, Nathaniel Green, Niles B. Green, Olive Green, Oliver Green, Oliver B. Green, Oliver W. Green, Orange Green, Orange H. Green, Oren A. Green, Ormsby Green, Orne Green, Otis Green, Pamela Green, Peter Green, Phebe Green, Phinehas Green, Pierson Green, Pliny Green, Polly Green, Prescott Green, Prudence Green, Rachel Green, Ralph Green, Rebecca Green, Rebecca H. Green, Relief Green, Reuben Green, Rhoda Green, Robert Green, Robert A. Green, Robert S. Green, Roland Green, Rolla A. Green, Roxellana Green, Rufus Green, Ruth Green, Sabra Green, Sally Green, Salome B. Green, Samuel Green, Samuel B. Green, Samuel D. Green, Samuel F. Green, Samuel G. Green, Samuel S. Green, Sandford Green, Sarah Green, Sarah A. Green, Sarah B. Green, Sarah D. Green, Sarah E. Green, Sarah L. Green, Sarah M. Green, Seth Green, Silas Green, Solomon Green, Sophia Green, Stephen Green, Stephen W. Green, Susan Green, Susan C. Green, Susan E. Green, Susan G. Green, Susanna Green, Sylvanus Green, Tabitha Green, Tamison Green, Thankful Green, Thomas Green, Thomas Greene, Thomas P. Green, Timothy Green, Timothy R. Green, Tullius Green, Uzziah Green, Wickliffe Green, Willard Green, William Green, William B. Green, William C. Green, William Elijah Green, William E. Green, William Henry Green, William K. Green, William N. Green, William R. Green, Winefred Green, Zeeb Green, Zerviah Green, David B. Greene, _____ Griner, Anne Grover, Eliza Grover, Stephen Grover Jr., Andrew Grover, & Anne Grover.

Anthony Hadley, Joanna Hadley, John Hadley, Sarah Hadley, I. W. Hale, Emily Halping, John Halping, Abram Halsey, Ursula Hampden, Mary Harnden, Rebecca G. Harridon, ____ Harrington, John Hart, Mehitable Hart, Joseph Hartwell, Ruhamah Hartwell, Esther Hasse, Elizabeth Borradell Hatch, Frances E. Hatch, Maj. Joseph D. Hatch, Patty Hawks, ____ Hawkes, Dorcas Hay, Mary Hay, Peter Hay, Hannah C. Hayden, Benjamin Heywood, Benjamin F. Heywood, Caroline Heywood, Frederic Heywood, George Heywood, John Green Heywood, Mary Elizabeth Heywood, Nancy Green Heywood, Nathaniel Moore Heywood, Mortimer G. Hibbard, James Hill, John Hill, Joseph Hill, Abigail Hills, Deborah Hills, Dorothy Hills, Ebenezer Hills, Elizabeth Hills, Gershom Hills, Hannah Hills, John Hills, Joseph Hills, Mary Hills, Mehitable Hills, Nathaniel Hills, Rebecca Hills, Samuel Hills, Wait Hills, Joseph Hilson, Sybil Hitchcock, George Hobbs, George T. Hobbs, Maria A. Hobbs, Mary Holden, Eliza Holt, John Holt, Josiah Hobbs, Justin E. Holt, Peter Holt, Phebe Holt, Susan Holt, Hiram Horton, Joab Hosington, Lucy Horton, Elijah Hosmer, Rebecca Hosmer, Anna Hovey, _____ Howard, Amos Howard, Joshua H. Howard, Nathaniel Howard, Phebe Howard, Sarah Howe, Mary L. Hutchinson, & Sarah Hutchinson.

Harriet G. Ide, Marcellus Ide, Martha Ide, Maria Ingalls, & Mary Ingalls.

Mary Jacobs, John H. Janeway, Granville Jeffts, Charlotte Jenks, Jesse Jewett, Isaac Johnson, Mary Johnson, Moses Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Mary Joline, Darius Jones, Mary H. Jones, Zilpah Jones, & Martha Jordan.

Lucy Kent, Betsey Kimball, Jedediah Kimball, Henry King, John King, Maria King, Chole Kingman, Hannah Kinney, Anna Knight, & Artemas Knowlton.

Ebenezer Lamb, Mary Lanman, Rebecca Larned, Samuel Marrabee, Jerusha Lawrence, Asa Learned, Hannah Leffingwell, Anna Livermore, Reuben Locke, Samuel Low, George Lunt, Henry Lunt, Dorothy Lynde, Elizabeth Lynde, Hannah Lynde, John Lynde, Joseph Lynde, Martha Lynde, Nancy Lynde, Nathan Lynde, Sally Lynde, Stephen Lynde, Thomas Lynde, William Lynde, & Amos Lyon.

William Mactier, Horton Magie, Christian Main, Christian Maine, Nancy B. Manchester, William Manly, Asa Mann, Hannah Marble, John Marble, Sarah Marble, Lucy Marsters, _____ Martin, Mary Martin, Harriet May, Mary Ann May, Sarah May, Anna E. McCulloch, Isabella McCulloch, Naomi McIntosh, Edward Mellows, Eunice Menzies, John Menzies, Joseph Merriam, Lucy Merriam, John W. Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell, Sarah Morey, Henrietta Morton, & Joseph Mudge.

Abigail Nelson, Josiah Nelson, Elisha Nevins, _____ Newell, Thomas Newell, Jacob Nichols, Joshua Nichols, Jerusha Norwood, & Mary Norwood.

Deborah Oakes, Joanna Oakes, Ruth Oakes, Ezekiel Oliver, Susan Orcutt, Betsey Orr, Mary Osgood, & Daniel Owen.

Elizabeth Page, Stephen Parett, Benjamin Parker, Ebenezer Parker, Phebe Parker, John Perkins, Benjamin M. Perry, Caleb Perry, Daniel Perry, Nathan Perry, Rhoda Perry, Ruth Perry, Thaddeus Perry, Isaiah Peterson, _____ Pettengill, Amos Pierce, Andrew Jackson Pierce, Martha Pierce, Nathan Pierce, Sarah Pierce, Thomas Pierce, Elizabeth Pierson, John Pierson, Frederic A. Pike, Martha Pike, Julia Plimpton, Oliver Plimpton, ______ Pollard, Louisa Pomeroy, ____ Pool, John Pool, Edwin Potter, Harriet C. Potter, Jabez J. Potter, Abigail Pratt, Joanna Pratt, John Pratt, Martha Pratt, Mary Pratt, Phebe Pratt, Susanna Pratt, William Pratt, Tabitha Prentice, Whitefield Price, Jane M. Priest, Jacob Proctor, Nathan Proctor, Sally Proctor, Howard Putnam, & James Putney.

Sarah Reed, Deborah Rice, Benjamin Franklin Richardson, Jesse Richardson, Joseph Richardson, Oliver Richardson, Philenia Richardson, Polly Richardson, Sarah Richardson, Susanna Richardson, Thomas Richardson, _____ Ritter, ________ Robbins, Pluma Robertson, _____ Rowe, Susan Rowe, Susanna Rowe, Vincent Rowe, William Rowe, William A. Rowe, Gen. Timothy Ruggles, Mary Ruggles, & Charles Rust.

Elizabeth Salisbury, Benjamin Sanderson, Dorcas Sanger, David Sargeant, Elizabeth Sargent, Lydia Sargent, Pamela Scarlet, Mary Scott, Patty Scott, Mary Sergeant, ______ Shillaber, Elizabeth Waitt Shute, Timothy Shute, Nathan Simonds, Sarah Skinner, Ebenezer Smith, Edward Smith, George William Smith, Hannah Smith, Isaac Smith, Levi D. Smith, Sarah Ann Smith, William Smith, Edmund B. Southwick, Anna Sprague, Clarissa M. Sprague, Cynthia Sprague, Daniel Sprague, Edna Amelia Sprague, Elizabeth Sprague, John Sprague, Lois Sprague, Lois Sprague, Martha Sprague, Mehitable Sprague, Phineas Sprague, Samuel Sprague, Sarah Sprague, Sarah Munroe Staples, Elijah Stearns, Darius Stevens, Hannah Brown Stevens, John H. Stevens, Elizabeth Stockton, Mary Stockwell, Calvin Stone, Eliza Stone, Samuel Stower, Nathaniel Stowers, Rachel Stowers, Sarah Stowers, Anna Strong, Moses M. Strong, Betsey Sturtevant, Herman Sturtevant, William Cole Swaffield, _____ Swain, _____ Sweetser, Elizabeth Sweetser, Elizabeth Sweetser, John Sweetser, Paul Sweetser, Elizabeth Swett, & Samuel Swett.

Robert Temple, Esther Thompson, Joshua Thompson, Martha Thompson, Mary Thompson, Harmon Thurston, Nancy Thurston, _____ Tillinghast, Ammeti Tinkham, Sarah Todd, James Tolman, _____ Townsend, ______ Trask, Phebe Tucker, Rebecca Tucker, & Eliza Tuttle,

John Umsted, Amos Upham, Elizabeth Upham, Hannah Upham, John Upham, Lois Upham, Mary Upham, Phineas Upham, Susan Upham, Susanna Upham, Josiah Upton, Sally Upton, & Vashti Upton.

Abiathar Vinton, Benoni Vinton, Capt. Isaac Vinton, Ezra Vinton, Hannah Vinton, Harrison Andros Vinton, John Vinton, Joshua Vinton, Samuel Finley Vinton, Thomas Vinton.

Susan Wade, Capt. John Waitt, Charles Waitt, Elizabeth Waitt, Micah Waitt, Louisa Walker, Francis Wallace, Jacob Walton, Artemas Ward, Hezekiah Ward, Mary Stone Ward, _______ Waring, Robinson Warner, Isaac Ingraham Warren, Elizabeth Watson, Martha Watson, Oliver Watson, Elizabeth Webb, Asaph Webber, Mary Weeks, Elizabeth Wheeler, Isaac Wheeler, Mary Wheeler, Sarah Wheeler, Adams Wheelock, Eli Wheelock, Jera Wheelock, Lucinda Wheelock, Lucius A. Wheelock, Melora Wheelock, Merrill Wheelock, Peter Wheelock, Ruth Wheelock, Wellington Wheelock, Benjamin White, Caleb Wiley, Dorcas Wiley, Eli Wiley, Elizabeth Wiley, Harriet Wiley, Henry P. Wiley, Keturah Wiley, Mary Wiley, Phineas Wiley, Rebecca Wiley, Sophia Wiley, William Wiley, Clarissa Williams, Sarah Williams, Susan Keith Williams, John Willoughby, Marietta Willoughby, Mary Willoughby, Abigail Wilson, Jacob Wilson, John Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Martha Wilson, Mary Wilson, Nathaniel Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Susanna Wilson, Nicholas Anthony Wimple, Hannah A. Winans, Margaret Winans, Frances Winchester, _____ Winn, Chloe Wood, Elijah Wood, James Wood, Patty Wood, Nellie Woodward, Pamela Woodward, Judith Worth, Anna Wright, Mary Wright, Timothy Wright, Timothy Wright, David Wyman, Isabel Wyman, Jacob Wyman, John Wyman, & Samuel Wyman.

_____ Young, Martha Ann Young, & Mary Willoughby Young.

The book has 85 pages, including the indices. Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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