Grafton Co., New Hampshire Gazetteer - 1886

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The book, “Gazetteer and Business Directory of Grafton County, New Hampshire 1709 - 1886,” by Hamilton Child, 1886, Syracuse, New York. It is filled with genealogical data about Grafton County, New Hampshire from its founding to 1886. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1886 printed book, it would be very expensive.

The first section of the Gazetteer has a number of short biographical profiles of early settlers and other citizens of Grafton County, New Hampshire, and its towns and cities. The second section is the Directory of persons and businesses in Grafton County. Each entry has data concerning the business or land owned by the person. The list below reflects some of the names listed in the towns of Lyme and Plymouth sections. There are too many names for me to transcribe in the entire book. Please see the images of the index below:

John Abbott, John H. Abbott, Louisa Abbott, Cordelia B. Adams, Edgar A. Adams, Elizabeth F. Adams, Flora M. Adams, George F. Adams, George H. Adams, John Adams, Thomas J. Adams, W. Fred Adams, William H. Adams, Jean Alexander, William Alexander, Stephen Ames, William J. Ames, Bradford W. Angell, Gilbert S. Armstrong, Nettie M. Armstrong, Henry S. Arris, Theodore Atkinson, Theodore Atkinson Jr., Albert F. Avery, Amasa W. Avery, Farley G. Avery, George W. Avery, Jasper E. Avery, Roland A. Avery, Rosa B. Avery, Louisa Avery, Lucy M. Ayer, Nancy Ayer, Walter H. Ayer, David Abbott; Dr. Abbott; Sarah Abbott; Mary Aiken; Acksah Allen; Rachel Allen; Rhoda Allen; Thomas R. Ames; G. P. Amsden; George P. Amsden; William Wallace Amsden; Hannah Avery; Benjamin Babbitt; Henry M. Badger; Hugh Badger; Amos Bailey; Asa Bailey; Asa F. Bailey; Caleb Bailey; Calvin F. Bailey; Emily Bailey; Ethelinda Bailey; Daniel Baker; David Baker; Edward C. Baker; F. W. Baker; F. W. Baker; Francis W. Baker; Samuel Baker; Thomas Baker; Thomas Baker, Jr.; W. S. Balch; W. W. Balch; Elisha P. Ball; Samuel F. Ball; W. R. Barnes; John Barron; Anna Bartholomew; B. F. Bartlett; James Beal; Selah Beal; J. Walter Bean; John Bell; William Bell; William Bell, Jr.; Elkanah Billing; Asa Bingham; Jeremiah Bingham; W. A. Bingham; Wallace A. Bingham; Thomas Bissell; Alfred Bixbey; Alpheus Bixbey; Lewis Bixbey; Persis Bixbey; Salmon Bixbey; Samuel Bixbey; Willard Bixbey; William Bixbey; Zophar Bixbey; Serell Bixby; Pamelia A. Blanchard; George R. Bliss; George W. Bliss; John W. Bliss; Minnie M. Bliss; Reuben Bliss; E. W. Bradbury; Emily Breck; Dr. Brown; Electa Brown; Martha M. Bruce; Amasa Bugbee; Anthony Burgoyne; Lovina Bush; Fred H. Bacon, Abel Bailey, Benjamin Bailey, Charles Bailey, George E. Bailey, Hannah Bailey, Henry Bailey, Herbert E. Bailey, Lizzie A. Bailey, Mary Ann Bailey, Mary Jane Bailey, Phebe Bailey, Roxa Bailey, Solomon Bailey, Timothy E. Bailey, William C. Bailey, Andrew J. C. Barnard, Rosa B. Barnard, Wesley G. Barnard, Maj. Benjamin Baker, James A. Baker, Mary Baker, Elizabeth Barnard, Hamilton J. Barrett, Julia Barrett, Minerva E. Barrows, David R. Bartlett, David Bartlett, David R. Bartlett, Dorothy Bartlett, Elizabeth Bartlett, Elsie Bartlett, George A. Bartlett, Joseph Bartlett, Luella R. Bartlett, Mary F. Bartlett, Sargent Bartlett, Stephen Bartlett, Stephen R. Bartlett, Van N. Bass, Eliza A. Batchelder, Foster S. Batchelder, Frank E. Batchelder, Fred A. Batchelder, Hulda P. Batchelder, Increase Batchelder, Lizzie Batchelder, George C. Bayley, Lizzie A. Bayley, Willie Bayley, James of Bedford, George A. Beede, Susan A. Beede, Granville S. Bell, William E. Bennett, Albert L. Berry, Arthur G. Berry, Esther Berry, Ethel L. Berry, George W. Berry, Hiram O. Berry, Hubert E. Barry, John C. Berry, Otis Berry, Rev. Frederick W. Betts, Hiram D. Bishop, Willie D. Bishop, Anna A. Blaisdell, Walter D. Blaisdell, W. D. Blaisdel, Francis F. Blake, Horace Blake, Lucy Blake, Col. Joseph Blanchard, Bridget Blodget, James Blodget, Abiel Blodgett, Atassa Blodgett, Carrie M. Blodgett, Rev. Ebenezer Blodgett, Effie E. Blodgett, Elbridge G. Blodgett, Elmer J. Blodgett, Frank E. Blodgett, Fred R. Blodgett, Melissa Blodgett, Nellie E. Blodgett, Noah Blodgett, Sarah G. Blodgett, William D. Blodgett, Elnathan Blood, Elnathan Blood Jr., Lottie A. Blythe, Americus P. Boardman, Lewis Bodreau, Noel Boudet, Charles H. Bowles, George H. Bowles, John M. Boynton, Ruth C. Boynton, Jane Bradley, William R. Brackett, James S. Brainard, Julia L. Brainard, George W. Braley, Elizabeth Brewster, Leonard Brock, Abram Brown, Cyrus H. Brown, Daniel M. Brown, Dora A. Brown, Dora E. Brown, Flora E. Brown, George A. Brown, Hannibal H. Brown, Ira P. Brown, John Brown, John Y. Brown, Josiah Brown, Louisa Frances Brown, Hon. Manson S. Brown, Milzano Brown, Sidney A. Brown, Silas Brown, Sylvia A. Brown, Alonzo K. Bruce, John Buchannan, John Bullard, Alvin Burleigh, Dr. R. Burnham, Dr. Robert Burns, William A. Burns, Fred Burtt, William H. H. Buswell, Cyrus Camp; George W. Camp; Amy Carpenter; Miriam Carpenter; J. K. Carr; Alice Cary; Phebe Cary; Samuel Cary; Anna L. Case; John Chamberlain; John Chapin; Sarah Chapin; Hannibal Chase; William Little Chase; Jonathan Child; Charles H. Churchill; David C. Churchill; Jonathan F. Churchill; Lewis F. Churchill; David C. Churchill, Jr.; Allerton Claflin; Artemus Claflin; Celinda Claflin; Eliza Claflin; Jeduthan Claflin; John N. Claflin; John W. Claflin; Julia Claflin; Julia A. Claflin; Lemuel Claflin; Marinda Claflin; Preston Claflin; Preston Williams Claflin; Rufus Claflin; I. F. Clark; John Clark; Wesley H. Clark; Sarah S. Clement; Benjamin Cline; Bernice A. Cline; Charlotte Cline; Laura Cline; Mary Cline; Peter Cline; Winthrop Cline; Benjamin Cline, Jr.; Abial W. Clough; Elisha Clough; A. P. Colby; David Conant; Ezra Conant; Rhoda Conant; Rufus Conant; Solomon Conant; William Conant; Alma Converse; Alonzo T. Converse; Alpheus Converse; Amasa Converse; Asenath Converse; Benjamin P. Converse; Betsey Converse; Charles H. Converse; Demaris Converse; Demaris W. Converse; Eleazer C. Converse; Eliza Converse; Ella C. Converse; Elvira Converse; Erastus Converse; Etta Converse; Fanny L. Converse; Frederick W. Converse; George E. Converse; Henry E. Converse; Herbert Converse; Joel Converse; John Kendrick Converse; Louisa Converse; Lucretia E. Converse; Lyman Converse; Marquis Converse; Marquis M. Converse; Mary A. Converse; Mary P. Converse; Miriam E. Converse; Otis Converse; Peter M. Converse; Sally Converse; Sarah Converse; Sidney A. Converse; Theron Converse; Theron B. Converse; Thomas Converse; William A. C. Converse; Erastus Converse, Jr.; Joel Converse, Jr.; Elizabeth M. Cook; Gilbert Cook; Hannah F. Cook; Harriet F. Cook; James Cook; John Adams Cook; Lewis Cook; Mary Cook; Matilda P. Cook; Nancy Cook; Nancy E. Cook; Patience Cook; James Cook, Jr.; Abigail Coult; Amherst Coult; Maria H. Cowell; Lucy Cray; Anna Culver; David Culver; John Culver; Phila Culver; Rachel Cushing; Billa Cuthing; Ada M. Cutting; Adolphus D. Cutting; Alfred Cutting; Annie B. Cutting; Clark T. Cutting; David Cutting; Dudley Cutting; Edd M. Cutting; Ezra F. Cutting; Frank Cutting; Henry P. Cutting; Hollis A. Cutting; Horace Cutting; Isaac Cutting; Lathrop Cutting; Lura Cutting; Zebedee Billa Cutting; W. A. Cable, Edith F. Caldon, George E. Caldon, Sarah Ann Caldon, George W. Caleff, Chase W. Calley, David Calley, Epes J. Calley, Frank C. Calley, Joseph D. Campbell, Augustus S. Carter, Mary Carter, Nancy Carter, Abigail Chamberlain, Charles E. Chandler, John Chandler, Minnie F. Chandler, Nellie G. Chandler, Henry E. Chapman, Albert S. Chase, Elizabeth H. Chase, Heber L. Chase, Hanson S. Chase, Irving H. Chase, Mary E. Chase, Royal A. Chase, Warren G. Chase, William Chase, Clarissa Chesley, Thomas Chesley, Jabez Church, Lydia Church, Calvin Clark, Clara W. Clark, Everett C. Clark, George Clark, George A. Clark, Helen M. Clark, Hiram Clark, Jason Clark, John C. Clark, Margaret Clark, Martha M. Clark, Myron J. Clark, Nathan Clark, Robert F. Clark, Thomas Clark, Thomas Clark Jr., Thomas F. Clark, Herman W. Clay, James B. Clifford, Mary L. Clifford, Sarah Clifford, Wallace C. Clifford, Helen M. Cobb, William A. Cobb, Brewster G. Coburn, Susan G. Cochran, Ebenezer Coe, Jerry J. Coffee; Charles S. Coffinn, Henry G. Coffinn, Edward Coffey, William W. Coffey, Leonard Colburn, Clarence G. Colby, George H. Colby, Leonard Colby, Leonard T. P. Colby, Martha E. Colby, Sadie G. Colby, Morriss Condon, David Connell, Alfred Cook, Charles A. Cook, Emily E. Cook, George P. Cook, Herbert M. Cook, Hettie E. Cook, Jason O. Cook, Mary Cook, William G. Cook, Uriah D. Cooper, Osmon B. Copeland, Maria Copp, Almira Corliss, Clara A. Corliss, Gen. Cyrus Corliss, Cyrus Corliss Jr., Cyrus L. Corliss, Emily Corliss, Frank R. Corliss, Fred G. Corliss, George H. Corliss, Isaac Corliss, James Corliss, Kimball Corliss, James Cowan, Edwin G. Cox, Cephas R. Crawford, Prentice H. Crawford, Elizabeth Crockett, Emeline Crockett, Sanborn Crockett, Amanda Cross, Joseph A. Cross, Rev. James Crowley, Daniel Cummings, Ebenezer Cummings, George H. Cummings, Henry Cummings, James A. Cummings, Jotham Cummings, Jotham Cummings Jr., Noah Cummings, Samuel Cummings, Susan Cummings, William Cummings, Aaron Currier, Aaron Currier Jr., Armina J. Currier, Daniel H. Currier, Dean S. Currier, Eddy G. Currier, Edward Currier, Eliza A. Currier, Emily Currier, Hattie M. Currier, Henry Currier, Henry C. Currier, James Currier, Margaret Currier, Mary A. Currier, Mary E. Currier, Perley S. Currier, Phebe C. Currier, Samuel Currier, Solon Currier, Wilbur Currier, Wilbur F. Currier, Charles H. Cutter, John T. Cutter, Frank W. Davidson; Jedediah Davidson; Lucinda R. Davidson; William Davidson; William Harris Davidson; Lydia H. Davison; Benjamin Day, Jr.; James Dayton; Jedediah Derby; John H. Derby; Leander D. Derby; Lewis S. Derby; Mary A. Derby; William H. Derby; Abram O. Dickey; Harriet N. Dickey; Charles L. Dike; Abbie A. Dimick; Adolphus Dimick; Alfred Dimick; Charles H. Dimick; Daniel Dimick; David Dimick; James A. Dimick; James P. Dimick; John Dimick; John G. Dimick; Lucinda Dimick; Maria E. Dimick; Mary E. Dimick; Paulina A. Dimick; Pauline D. Dimick; S. C. Dimick; Sally Dimick; Samuel Dimick; Sarah Dimick; Shubael Dimick; William Harris Dimick; Shubael Dimick, Jr.; C. B. Dowe; Mary E. Drake; Thomas Dunham; Charles R. Dame, Bliss Davis, Edwin J. Davis, Margaret Davis, Orrin B. Davis, Silas W. Davis, Thomas Davis, William R. Davis, Candace S. Dearborn, Charlotte E. Dearborn, Elizabeth G. Dearborn, Erastus B. Dearborn, George Dearborn, Gill F. Dearborn, John P. Dearborn, Maria M. Dearborn, Mary A. Dearborn, Samuel Dearborn, Elizabeth A. Dodge, John Dodge, Col. Joseph A. Dodge, Lizzie Dodge, Polly Dodge, Daniel P. Donovan, Patrick Donovan, Cornelius Dorrity, Ann C. Dow, Elijah Dow, Rosa J. Dow, Henry H. Downing, Nelson Downing, Emeline D. Drake, Alvah M. Draper, Emma Draper, Eugene C. Draper, Jason F. Draper, Lemuel L. Draper, Leslie B. Draper, Otis W. Draper, William A. Draper, Hannah Dudley, Alonzo E. Dunton, James Dustin, Taylor Dyke, Ruth K. Eastman; Phebe Edgerton; John F. Elliott; Moses Emery; Andrew English; Asenath English; Chester English; D. Frye English; David English; Eunice English; James English; John English; Lewis English; Lois English; Mary English; Rebekah English; James Esden; Edward Eastman, Aaron Eastman, Aaron S. Eastman, Alonzo Eastman, Katie G. Eastman, Nathaniel Eastman, Ruth Eastman, Simeon L. Eastman, Ellen F. Eaton, Horace Eaton, George C. Edmonds, George E. Edmonds, William J. Edmonds, Elizabeth Edson, Benjamin G. Edwards, George A. Elliott, George N. Elliott, Mehitable Elliot, Eliza Elliott, Benjamin F. Ellis, Betsey B. Ellis, Gilman F. Ellis, Ichabod Ellis, Lucy G. Ellis, David Emerson, David Emerson Jr., David G. Emerson, Deborah I. Emerson, Ira S. Emerson, Mary Emerson, Mary Lizzie Emerson, Roswell Emerson, Ruth C. Emerson, Judge Samuel Emerson, Sarah J. Emerson, Thomas I. Emerson, Dorothy Ely, Marcus L. Emmons, Freeman L. Evans, Calvin P. Fairfield; John Fairfield; Walter Fairfield; Walter Fairfield, Jr.; Caroline Farwell; John Fellows; Lydia Felshaw; Deborah Fitch; Rhoda Fitts; Betsey Flint; Frances L. Flint; George Flint; Harlan P. Flint; John M. Flint; John Perry Flint; John W. Flint; Julia M. Flint; Lucy A. Flint; Martha J. Flint; Mary E. Flint; Moses Flint; O. S. Flint; Oliver S. Flint; Samuel Flint; Samuel Flint, Jr.; G. E. Fogg; Abel Franklin; Betsey Franklin; George Franklin; Jonathan Franklin; Patty Franklin; Rachel Franklin; Horace Frary; Edward Freeman; Sarah Freeman; Daniel French; Catherine Fadden, James Fadden, Rev. Drury Fairbanks, Arthur Farmer, Charles M. Farmer, John N. Farnham, Hiram B. Farnham, Mary J. Farnham, S. L. Farrington, Chauncey A. Fellows, John Fenton, John S. Ferrin, Jonathan Ferrin, Moses A. Ferrin, Florence E. Field, Frank P. Field, Imogene Field, S. L. Field, Caroline Flanders, Daniel B. Flanders, Eliza A. Flanders, William G. Flanders, John G. Fletcher, Martha Fletcher, Orrin W. Fletcher, Samuel G. Fletcher, Samuel P. Fletcher, David H. Fogg, Emeline L. Fogg, Frank Fogg, Frank M. Fogg, James M. Fogg, Hattie Fogg, Marietta Fogg, Frances S. Forsaith, Osmond C. Foss, Sarah Foss, Alfreda Foster, Carrie I. Foster, Jane M. Foster, Mary E. Foster, Samuel Foster, Plummer Fox, Asa Freeman, Elizabeth P. Freeman, C. A. French, Malinda French, Mary J. French, Sarah French, Willis E. French, Mahitable Gannett; W. Gardner; Joseph W. Gerrish; Abigail Gilbert; Ahimaaz Gilbert; Anna Gilbert; B. F. Gilbert; Betsey Gilbert; Clarissa Gilbert; Lydia Gilbert; Lydia Gilbert; Micarah Gilbert; Phineas Gilbert; Polly Gilbert; Sally Gilbert; Samuel Gilbert; Thomas Gilbert; Thomas Lathrop Gilbert; Zadock Gilbert; Alvin Goodell; Augusta Goodell; Clarissa Goodell; David Goodell; Dolly Goodell; Dolly P. Goodell; Emeline L. Goodell; Fanny Goodell; Harriet N. Goodell; John S. Goodell; Jonathan Goodell; Levi O. Goodell; Lora Goodell; Louisa Goodell; Luther Goodell; Maria Goodell; Marinda Goodell; Mary Goodell; Nancy B. Goodell; Patty Goodell; Persis Goodell; Titus Goodell; Luther Goodell, Jr.; Asa F. Gordon; Charles O. Gordon; Cyrus Gordon; David Gordon; George H. Gordon; Jeremiah H. Gordon; Jonathan Gordon; Laura A. Gordon; Peaslee Gordon; Ruhama E. Gordon; Sarah A. Gordon; J. D. Graham; Abdon Grant; Alanson Grant; Benjamin Grant; Erastus Grant; John H. Grant; Justus Grant; Noah Grant; Peter Grant; Rubin Grant; S. S. Grant; Sidney S. Grant; Benjamin Grant, Jr.; Ebenezer Green; W. H. Guy; Nathaniel Garfield, D. Jennie Garland, Deborah Garland, George W. Garland, Jonathan Garland, William P. Garland, William R. Garland, Willie R. Garland, Lewis W. Gault, Amanda George, Austin George, Charles W. George, Ellen A. George, Elmira George, Fred N. George, Harriet A. George, Henry S. George, Louisa A. George, Louisa V. George, Martha C. George, Matilda George, Moses George, Washington George, Wilber O. George, William George, William Gibson, Frank W. Gilford, David W. Gilison, Charles R. Gilson, Sarah Gilson, William Gilson, John H. Gill, William Gill, Susan T. Gillman, Thomas J. Gillman, Willie H. Gillman, Emerson O. Gitchell, Benjamin Glover, Cynthia D. Glover, Martha J. R. Glover, David Glynn, Martha Keniston Glynn, Thomas F. Glynn, Lovina Gordon, Samuel Goodhue, Sumner A. Goodhue, Benjamin F. Goold, Hiram H. Gordon, George W. Gore, Charles J. Gould, Maria E. Gould, Edgar H. Gove, George W. Gove, Lewis P. Grant, Mariam F. Grant, Willard Grant, Charles Green, Elizabeth A. H. Green, Capt. Ephraim Green, F. C. Green, Frederick E. A. Green, George Green, Hannah Green, Harriet Green, Henry C. Green, Isaac Green, Sarah P. Green, Samuel W. Green, Edwin B. Greenleaf, Sarah Griffin, Adeline A. Hall; Annie Hall; David C. Hall; Isaac W. Hall; Jane B. Hall; John Hall; Lucy F. Hall; Mary Hall; Rudolph Hall; Sarah Hall; Thomas Hall; Cyrus Hamilton; Cyrus B. Hamilton; Orimel Hamilton; Rebecca Handley; Hannah Harris; Adaline Haskell; Caroline H. Haskell; Elijah Haskell; Marcia Haskell; Peres Haskell; Jonanthan Hatch; Henry A. Hazen; Alics S. Hewes; Caroline M. Hewes; Cyrus Hewes; Eunice Hewes; Fred L. Hewes; John Freeman Hewes; John R. Hewes; Kate V. Hewes; Nathan Wright Hewes; Nathaniel Hewes; Reuben Hewes; Sarah F. Hewes; Sewell Hewes; Sylvanus Hewes; Nathaniel Hewes, Jr.; Jabez Hill; Caroline Hinckley; Oramel Hinckley; Martha M. Hoag; Elizabeth Hobart; Alice M. Holt; Franklin Holt; Freeman J. Holt; H. H. Holt; Harvey Holt; Henry H. Holt; Isaac Parker Holt; J. N. Holt; Jedediah Holt; John N. Holt; Lemuel Holt; Lester Holt; J. T. Hosford; Ellen Houghton; Beulah Hovey; Daniel Hovey; James Hovey; Daniel Hovey, Jr.; Daniel Howard; Edward Howard; Isiah Howard; Daniel Howard, Jr.; Edward Howard, Jr.; Samuel Hunt; Almira Hurlburt; David Hurlburt; Elihu Hurlburt; Mary Hurlbutt; Harriet A. Hacket, Helen M. Hadley, Samuel Hale, Elliott B. Hall, Louisa Hall, Philander Hall, David H. Hallenbeck, Lucian S. Hanaford, Herman H. Haney, Abram Hardy, Addie A. Harran, Frank Harran, Frank E. Harran, Alma Harriman, Caroline S. Harriman, David E. Harriman, Emily Harriman, George D. Harriman, Harriet G. Harriman, John Harriman, Lizzie M. Harriman, William Harriman, George H. Harris, George H. Harris Jr., Esther C. Harrison, James Harrison, James M. Hart, Susan Hart, Ebenezer Hartshorne, John Harvell, Amy Harvey, Austin G. Harvey, Eva Harvey, Judge John Harvey, William C. Harvey, Cortz C. Hawkins, Libbens E. Hayward, Miron W. Hazeltine, Arthur S. Hazelton, Charles Hazelton, Charles W. Hazelton, David Hazelton, Henry W. Hazelton, Martha Hazelton, Mary Hazelton, Ruth Hazelton, Rev. Henry A. Hazen, Alma A. Heath, Dorothy Heath, Harry S. Heath, Mary E. Heath, Samuel C. Heath, Jacob Hildreth, Hiram Hill, Lewis S. Hill, Rhoda Hill, Anna Hoag, Col. David Hobart, Emily Hobart, Gershom Hobart, Hiram Hobart, James Hobart, John Hobart, Jonathan Hobart, Josiah Hobart, Peter Hobart, William C. Hobart, Allen E. Hobbs, Betsey Hoit, George Holmes, James B. Holmes, John S. Horner, William L. Horner, Annette C. Houston, David Houston, Gilmore Houston, Anna Howe, Lucius M. Howe, Lucretia Howland, Susan Hubbard, Enos Huckins, Dr. Enos Huckins Jr., Isaac Huckins, John S. Huckins, Joseph P. Huckins, Lucy Huckins, Arthur C. Hull, Herbert W. Hull, Jonathan Hull, Lucy M. Hull, Luther C. Hull, Nathaniel Hull, William G. Hull, Moses Hull, Charles Hunkins, Jennie R. Hunkins, Abigail Huse, George K. Hutchins, Mary E. Hutchins, Pamelia Hutchinson, Betsey Ingalls, Ruth Jackson; Alvah Jeffers; Ellen Jeffers; Marinda Jeffers; Mary Jeffers; Sarah Jeffers; Elias Jenks; Erastus Jenks; Pringle Jenks; Semantha Jenks; Sophronia C. Jenks; Zachariah Jenks; Olive Jesseman; W. F. Jewett; Samuel Johnson; Deborah P. Josselyn; Charles H. Jenness, Frank J. Jenness, Charles A. Jewell, Levi F. Jewell, Mary E. Jewell, Eunice Jewett, Milo P. Jewett, Rev. William R. Jewett, Jonathan Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Sarah G. Johnson, Perley M. Johnston, Erastus M. Kellogg; Alvah J. Kemp; Betsey Kemp; George V. Kemp; Harriet L. Kemp; Jasper H. Kemp; Joseph A. Kemp; Lyman Kemp; Melissa L. Kemp; Minerva J. Kemp; Wallace W. Kemp; William Kemp; Nathaniel Kendrick; Thomas Kendrick; Abel Kent; Charles Kent; Ellen M. Kent; George C. Kent; Julia L. Kent; Moses Kent; Polly Kent; Sally Kent; Stephen Kent; Abel Kent, Jr.; Martha P. Ketchum; Charlotte P. Kimball; Eliphalet Kimball; Josiah Kimball; Clarissa Kingsbury; Charles Franklin Kingsbury (+ Photo); Ella S. Kingsbury; Nathaniel Kase, James Keeble, Cyrus H. Kelley, Stephen B. Kendrick, Carl Winthrop Keniston, Cyrus Keniston, Davis B. Keniston, Deborah Keniston, John Keniston, Kathleen Keniston, Martha J. Keniston, Mary Keniston, Sarah Keniston, William Keniston Jr., W. H. Keniston, David A. Kent, Horatio J. Kent, Abner Keyes, Jonas Keyes, Lewis Keyes, Mary E. Keyes, Arthur W. Kidder, Benjamin Kidder, Herbert J. Kidder, Huldah Kidder, Jane M. Kidder, Lois Kidder, Willis Kidder, Jacob Kimball, Lydia K. Kimball, Stephen S. Kimball, William R. Kimball, Benjamin T. King, Artemas P. Knowles, Saniel C. Knowles, Peter Klein; Allen Latham; Arthur Latham; Bela Latham; Bezer Latham; Caroline H. Latham; Mary Latham; Mary L. Latham; Milton S. Latham; Nehemiah Latham; Robert Latham; W. C. Latham; William Harris Latham; Arthur Latham, Jr.; Lydia Lathrop; Olive Leonard; Richard Limes; Hattie I. Loomis; Charles M. Lovejoy; L. P. Lovejoy; M. M. Lovejoy; Joseph Laflower, Fanny E. Langdon, Frank Langdon, Helen M. Langdon, James Fogg Langdon, James G. Langdon, John G. Langdon, Josephine Langdon, Mary Elizabeth Langdon, Woodbury F. Langdon, Woodbury Fogg Langdon, Oliver Lawrence, John Lawson, Orlando Leach, Chase P. Leavitt, Helen Leavitt, Mahala Leavitt, Ware Leavitt, Ira LeBarron, Jane LeBarron, Robinson LeBarron, Sarah B. LeBarron, Catherine R. Leverett, Benjamin Levitt, Calvin A. Lewis, George W. Little, Frank C. Lougee, Henry H. Lougee, Mary T. Lovett, Mary E. Lowd, Daniel M. Lufkin, Ephraim Lund, Phineas Lund, Albert Lyford, John E. Lyon, Abel Marshall; Anson Southard Marshall; G. Clark Marshall; John C. Marshall; Martha P. Marshall; Mary F. Marshall; Micajah Marshall; Charles W. Marten; Ezekiel Martin; Nathaniel Martin; Simeon Martin; Nathaniel Martin, Jr.; John Mason; Hezekiah May; George S. Mayo; H. Burt Mayo; Hiram Mayo; Joel W. Mayo; Julia A. Mayo; Wesley N. Mayo; John McClave; Fannie P. Mead; Oscar Melvin; Mary Miller; Prosper Miller; Oliver Mitchell; Joseph Moore; Benjamin Morey; Bethiah Morey; Fanny Morey; Gideon Morey; Lucinda Morey; Lydia Morey; Annaline F. Morrison; Edson E. Morrison; P. I. Morrison; Parker I. Morrison; Roland M. Morrison; Charles H. Marden, Harrison B. Marden, Flora J. Marsh, Fred A. Marsh, Frank E. Marsh, Gilman Marsh, Henry Marsh, Henry N. Marsh, Onisephorus Marsh, Polly Marsh, Samuel Marsh, William H. Marshall, George W. Martin, John S. Martin, Harry Mason, John Mason, Lavina Mason, Lavina Masten, Martha Masten, Sally Meloon, Thomas McCluer, Andrew J. McClure, Viola Estelle McClure, William McCluer, William W. McDaniel, John T. McDole, Flora McDonald, W. W. McDaniel, Albert McIntosh, William McLeod, Alexander McMurphy, Daniel McMurphy, Dea. Alvah McQuesten, Charles McQuesten, Ella C. McQuesten, Henry H. McQuesten, John McQuesten, James McQuesten, Mary E. McQuesten, O. S. McQuesten, Peter McQuesten, Samuel Melligen, Guy C. Melvin, Lovina Melvin, Noah D. Melvin, Walter Melvin, Alva M. Merrill, Annie Merrill, Arabella M. Merrill, Benjamin P. Merrill, Carrie Merrill, Edgar Merrill, Ezekiel Merrill, Ezekiel E. Merrill, Ezra W. Merrill, George W. Merrill, Giles Merrill, Herbert M. Merrill, Hiram W. Merrill, Jacob Merrill, James A. Merrill, John E. Merrill, Joseph W. Merrill, Judith Merrill, Martha Emma Merrill, Martha G. Merrill, Martin Merrill, Mary A. Merrill, Mary E. Merrill, Moses Merrill, Rena A. Merrill, Samuel Merrill, Thomas Merrill, Winthrop Merrill, Joseph Micklen, Peter Micklen, Fred Miller, Fred Miller Jr., George W. Miller, Charles Milligan, Lottie A. Milligan, Brooks M. Mitchell, Edson R. Mitchell, G. C. Mitchell, Joseph L. Mitchell, Robert W. Mitchell, Charles Morrill, Alonzo F. Morse, Carl M. Morse, Elbridge Gerry Morse, Lenwood O. Morse, Samuel M. Morse, William Morse, Hannah Morse, George H. Morrison, Henry H. Morrison, J. H. Morrison, Mortimer Morrison, Sarah Morrison, Frank Morton, Mary E. Moses, Ethan A. Moulton, Ambrose H. Mudgett, John H. Mudgett, Timothy Murphy, Charles Nelson; George Nelson; John Nelson; Sarah Nelson; William Nelson; William C. Nelson; B. C. Newell; John L. Norris; James Nabor, Cyrus W. Nelson, Susannah Nevins, William Nevins, Martha Noyes, Samuel Noyes, Clarence J. Nutting, Eunice Nutting, Everett E. Nutting, Henry P. Nutting, John Nutting, Jonathan J. Nutting, Thomas Nutting, William Nutting, K. Josephine Oakley; Jacob Orcutt; Hannah Odell, George T. Ordway, Asa Palmer; Fred B. Palmer; Martha Palmer; E. G. Parker; Lemuel Peake; James Pearson; Margaret Pelton; Adna Perkins; Isaac Perkins; Joanna Perkins; Kate G. Perkins; Sally Perkins; Walker Perkins; Lydia A. Perry; Joseph H. Peters; Abner Phelps; Anna Phelps; Nellie H. Phelps; Samuel Phelps; Thede Phelps; Timothy B. Phelps; Maria D. Pierce; Sarah A. Pierce; George Pierson; J. C. Piper; W. G. Piper; William B. Piper; Lydia Polk; Benjamin Porter; Calvin Porter; Eleazer Porter; Elijah Porter; Esther Porter; Francis Porter; Isaac Newton Porter; Joseph Porter; Luther Porter; Oliver Kingsbury Porter; Rhoda Porter; Thomas Porter; William Porter; Aaron Post; Dinah Post; Mary Post; Peter Post; Winthrop F. Post; Daniel R. Prescott; George W. Prescott; Isaac Preston; Peter Purkins; Abram Pushee; Albert J. Pushee; Alfred W. Pushee; David Pushee; David C. Pushee; David P. Pushee; Jesse C. Pushee; Lucy Pushee; Mariam S. Pushee; Mary Pushee; Miriam Pushee; Sidney A. Pushee; Sylvester Pushee; David P. Pushee, Jr.; Esther Packard, Harris Page, Martin V. Page, Samuel B. Page, Elizabeth Paige, Moody Paige, Bessie F. Palmer, Harold H. Palmer, Dr. Haven Palmer, Lewis Palmer, Samuel H. Palmer, William H. 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Southard; Anson Southard; Benjamin Southard; Chestina Southard; David Southard; Elizabeth S. Southard; Emily Southard; Harriet Southard; Lydia Southard; Marshall Southard; Martha Southard; Mary E. Southard; Nathaniel Southard; Zibeon Southard; Nathaniel Southard, Jr.; Martha P. Southworth; Nathaniel Southworth; Elizabeth Spaulding; Robert Spear; Esther Spencer; Albert Stark; Alfred D. Stark; Alonzo Stark; Irenus Stark; Isaac D. Stark; Isaac G. Stark; Mary Stark; Moses Stark; Nathan Stark; Phineas Stark; William Stark; Lydia Stearns; Azel Steele; Daniel Steele; David Steele; David Carlos Steele; Edna Steele; Ruth Steele; David Steele, Jr.; Zenas Stetson; Fanny Stevens; John Stewart; Dr. Stiles; Sylvester Stockwell; Augustus Storrs; Dan Storrs; Homer H. Storrs; Lucy Storrs; Royal Storrs; Amanda Strong; Elizabeth Strong; Jesse Strong; Phebe Strong; John Stump; Lemuel Sturtevant; Franklin Swan; Abbie Sanborn, Benjamin F. Sanborn, Caroline A. Sanborn, Fred M. 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Stephens, James Stevens, Warren E. Stewart, Joseph C. Storey, Ezra Straw, Lyman E. Straw, Ann Sullivan, Ann S. Sullivan, Eugene Sullivan, John C. Sullivan, Joseph A. D. Sullivan, Nellie F. Sullivan, William Sullivan, Sylvester Sweet, Rufus R. Swett, Sarah Taylor, William Temple, William E. Tenney, Mary A. Tewksbury, Sally Tewksbury, Solon W. Thibbadeau, Imogene (Field) Thomas, Luther B. Thomas, Samuel Thompson, Charles A. Tobey, Moses G. Tucker, John S. Tufts, Nahum W. Tufts, Charles E. Tupper, William H. Tupper, Asa Taintor; D. F. Tallman; David Tallman; Hannah Tallman; Jared Tallman; Sarah Tallman; Thomas Tallman; William Tallman; Allan Tenney; Erdix Tenney; William Thomas; David Thompson; John Thompson; Nellie Thompson; Joshua Thornton; Asa Thurston; Charles Thurston; Nellie Thurston; Betsey Tinkham; Clarinda Tinkham; Cyrus Tinkham; Ebenezer Tinkham; Ruel Tinkham; John Tohmpson; Charles Townsend; Benjamin Trussell; Sarah Tucker; David Turner; Philip Turner; Humphrey Turner; Jacob Turner; David Turner, Jr.; Jacob Turner, Jr.; Eli S. Tyler; Sarah Tyler; James Underwood, Fred A. Upham, John Vinton, Olive E. Vance; Deborah Waite; John Waite; Nathaniel Waite; Reuben Waite; Solomon Waite; Nathaniel Waite, Jr.; Miranda H. Walker; Mehitable Ward; Alexander Warden; Arad J. Warren; Asa Warren; D. A. Warren; Ezra Warren; Frank G. Warren; Joshua Warren; Leander D. Warren; Lewis W. Warren; Martha A. Warren; Allen G. Washburn; Benjamin T. Washburn; Caroline A. Washburn; Clarissa Washburn; John Washburn; Libeus Washburn; Louisa M. Washburn; Lucy L. Washburn; Mary E. Washburn; Salmon Washburn; William Washburn; John Washburn, Jr.; Libeus Washburn, Jr.; A. C. Waterman; Patty Waterman; Sarah M. Webb; James P. Webster; J. N. Wells; J. P. Westgate; Betsey Whipple; Joel Whipple; Electa White; David Whitman; Nathan Wight; Lydia B. Williams; Nancy Williams; Ira S. Wilmot; N. J. Wilmot; James M. Wilson; Daniel W. Winslow; Moses Wood; Rosamond Wood; J. M. Woodward; Miriam Wright; Lydia B. Walker, Artemus Ward, Arthur Ward, Catharine W. Ward, Enoch Ward, Enoch Ward Jr., Esther C. Ward, Rev. Jonathan Ward, Judith C. Ward, Martha C. Ward, Mary Ann Ward, Nathan Ward, Rev. Nathan Ward, Philema C. Ward, Thomas C. Ward, Zilpha Ward, Joseph Warner, Ovando B. Watson, Meshech Weare, David A. Webber, Abel Webster, Amos Webster, Angeline P. Webster, Betsey Webster, David Webster, Elisha A. Webster, Jeremiah M. Webster, John H. Webster, Louisa Augusta Webster, Lydia Webster, Stephen Webster, William Webster, Willie Webster, Anna M. Weeks, Benjamin Weeks, Clara J. Weeks, Edwin S. Weeks, Emerette L. Weeks, Frances H. Weeks, Fred P. Weeks, Lelia G. Weeks, Martha F. Weeks, Nathan H. Weeks, Scott N. Weeks, David W. Welch, Harry W. Welch, Henry W. Welch, William Welch, William H. Welch, Frank E. Wells, Fred A. Wells, Henry Wells, Hiram S. Wells, Phebe Wells, Winthrop Welles, David W. Welsh, William H. Welsh, Stephen K. Wescott, Daniel B. Wheeler, Harriet Wheeler, William O. Wheeler, Joseph L. Whipple, Henry A. White, Richard White, John W. Whiteman, Winthrop Welles Jr., Benning Wentworth, Ephraim Weston, Elvira Wheat, Joshua R. Wheat, Sarah A. Wheat, Daniel B. Wheeler, Daniel C. Wheeler, Leonora A. Wheeler, Mary Wheeler, William N. Wheeler, Anna P. Whitney, Emma J. Whitney, Kimball Whitney, Otis Whitney, Sarah Whitney, Sarah T. Whitney, Albert C. Wittemore, Henry H. Wittemore, Joseph F. Wiggin, Charles H. Wilkinson, Warren W. Wilkinson, Elkins Willey, Frances Williams, George Williams, John Willoby, John Willoughby, John Willoby Jr., John Willoughby Jr., Mary R. Willey, Esther Willy, Lucy M. Wood, Philander Wood, Frank P. Woodard, Sherman H. Woodbury, Mary Woodlock, Charles Wright, David Wright, Horace F. Wyatt, George Yeaton, Joseph Yeaton, Catherine York, Effie E. York, Manson R. York, Orissa A. York, Stephen York, William York, Martha F. Young, G. S. Young & Otis Young Jr.

Also included is the list of officers and non-commissioned officers from Grafton County that served in the Civil War. Each entry has a short biographical note, usually about the regiment in which the individual served. Some of the persons in this section follow:

William W. Ballard; Frank S. Bean; John Bedel; J. LeRoy Bell; Mose P. Bemis; Henry W. Blair; Ira T. Bronson; Charles M. Brown; Daniel C. Buswell; Thomas J. Carleton; Omar W. Cate; Daniel P. Cheney; William Cobleigh; George H. Coleman; Daniel K. Cross; Lorenzo Day; Joseph W. Dewey; Orlando W. Dimick; Samuel H. Dow; Frederick M. Edgell; Clark Edwards; Daniel Eldredge; Evarts Farr; George Farr; Joseph P. Fellows; George W. Ferguson; Frank P. Flynn; Henry French; Henry P. Gage; Augustine Gaskill; Sebatian Getchell; Samuel G. Goodwin; Lucian N. Gordon; Chauncy H. Green; Asel B. Griggs; Charles A. Hale; Frederick P. Hardy; Henry M. Hicks; Jerome B. House; George K. Hughes; Enoch F. Jackman; Lyman Jackman; Hiram K. Ladd; Charles S. Liscomb; Ludo B. Little; Alfred Marland; John Mooney; George W. Morrison; Ezra B. Parker; George E. Pingree; Charles L. Porter; H. Baxter Quimby; Edward K. Russ; James W. Saunders; Marshall Saunders; Nathaniel Shackford; Charles S. Sheldon; Edward L. Shepard; Andrew J. Sherman; Elias F. Smith; James O. Smith; William Smith; John H. Thompson; John L. Thompson; Timothy Tilton; George A. Wainwright; Eben Weed; Benjamin F. Wells; James L. Wheeler; George S. Whitney; William Williams; & Will C. Wood.

The Gazetteer has about 1,025 pages. Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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