History of the State of Delaware - 1899
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The book, "Biographical and Genealogical History of the State of Delaware, containing Biographical and Genealogical Sketches of Prominent and Representative Citizens and Many of the Early Settlers - Illustrated; Vol. II," by J. M. Runk & Co., Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, 1899. This book is a great reference for anyone from Delaware. It has many biographical sketches - please see some of the names below. Please remember that the names below are the persons that are a focus of a biographical sketch – there are thousands of other people mentioned in the sketches that are not listed below. There are many portraits of individuals profiled in the sketches. This is Volume 2 – we do not offer Vol. 1 yet. Volume 2 has approximately 770 pages and a fully linked index. The CD book is fully searchable; you can search the book using the Adobe Reader ‘search’ function. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1899 printed book, it would cost hundreds of dollars.


Here is a list of the primary names in the biographical sketches. There are thousands of names of relatives, friends, in-laws, children & spouses not listed here:

Powell Aaron, William Aaron, William Abbott, Eli Abbott, S. John Abbott, John Abbott, William W. Abbott, George Adams, Jacob Adams, John Adams, Joseph Adams, William Adams, William Allaband, Richbell Allaband, Charles Allaway, Henry Allaway, Jacob Allaway, Pancoast Allen, John Allmond, Beniah Anderson, Joseph Anderson, Samuel Anderson, John Appleton, David Argo, John Argo, Robert Arnell, John Arnell, & Henry Askew.

Edmund Bailey, John Bailey, William Baldwin, Joseph Bancroft, Jeremiah Banning, William Bannard, William Banning, William N. Bannard, Hiram Barber, Anna M. Barber, Benjamin Barker, John Bartles, Martin Barr, George M. Bastian, George Bastian, John Bateman, John W. Bateman, John H. Bateman, Daniel Bates, Martin Bates, Thomas Bayard, Albert Beckley, John Behen, George Bennett, Joshua Bennett, George Bennum, Henry Bennum, Henry O. Bennum, Nathaniel Benson, Levi Bertolette, Louis Bertrand, Marshall Bertrand, Curtis Beswick, Curtis B. Bestwick, Robert Bestwick, William Bestwick, John Betts, Stephen Betts, Abraham Bice, John Bickel, James Bird, Robert Bird, David Black, George Black, Robert Black, Charles Blair, Henry Blanchard, Justice Blanchard, Milo Blanchard, Thomas Blackstone, William Blackstone, Thomas Blankin, Alfred Blizzard, James Blizzard, Levin Blizzard, Stephen Blizzard, Charles Bonwill, W. M. Bonwill, W. G. a. Bonwill, William Bonwill, William Boyce, James Boyce, Edward Bradford, James Bradford, John Bradford, T. B. Bradford, William Bradford, John Bradley, Josiah Bradley, James Brayshaw, William Brayshaw, John Brear, John Brinkle, Thomas Brothers, William Brothers, Adolphus Brown, Emanuel Brown, John G. Brown, John R. Brown, Joseph Brown, Thomas A. Brown, Hugh Brown, Nicholas Browne, D. E. Buckingham, David Burbage, Peter Burbage, Henry Burke, William Burke, Alfred Burton, Frederick Burton, George Burton, Hiram Burton, John Burton, Joshua Burton, Lemuel Burton, Charles Bush, Christopher Bush, David Bush, George Bush, George W. Bush, Lewis Bush, Lewis P. Bush, Samuel Bush, & William Bush.

Edward Cahoon, Medford Cahoon, William Cahoon, Patrick Cahill, Henry Cain, John Caldwell, Henry Cannon, Henry P. Cannon, P. L. Cannon, Richard Cannon, Wilson Cannon, Absalom Carey, Lester Carlisle, Paris Carlisle, James Carpenter, Thomas Carpenter, Edward Carter, Charles Case, William Case, Harvey Castor, Samuel Catts, John W. Caulk, Leven Caulk, Henry Cazier, Jacob Cazier, George Chambers, Hans Chambers, Peter Chambers, Robert Chambers, Alfred Chandler, Arthur Chandler, M. M. Child, George Churchman, Henry Churchman, John Clampitt, Charles Clark, Edwin Clark, James Clark, George Clark, William Clark, Joshua Clayton, Ezekiel Clements, Thomas Clements, Benjamin Clendaniel, Jehu Clendaniel, Luke Clendaniel, Samuel Clendaniel, John Clifton, John Cloke, John Cochran, John Collins, Anthony Cohee, David Colpitts, John Colpitts, Robert Colpitts, Thomas Colpitts, George Condiff, Griffin Condiff, James Conner, Alvin Connor, Barrett Connor, Bartholomew Connor, Dennis Connor, James Connor, John Connor, Joseph Cooch, Thomas Cooch, William Cooch, Zebulon Cooch, Thomas Cook, Alexander Cooper, John Cooper, Peter Cooper, Thomas Cooper, Joseph Copes, Edward Coppage, Amos Corbin, John Cordrey, Spencer Cordrey, Barnabas Coulston, William Coulter, William Couper, Thomas Coursey, Charles Cowgill, Ezekial Cowgill, Jacob Cowgill, John Cowgill, James Craig, E. J. Crippen, Thomas Cubbage, William Cubbage, Thomas Culbreth, Charles Cullen, Elisha Cullen, Hezekiah Cullen, Charles Cullen, William Cullen, David Cummins, George Cummins, John Cummins, Alexander Cummins, & Albert Curry.

Eber Daisey, John Daisey, James Dale, John Dale, Richard Dale, V. F. Danner, Samuel Davies, Brinkley Davis, George Davis, S. B. Davis, Henry Davis, Mark Davis, Robert Davis, Thomas Davis, William Davis, Charles Day, Matthias Day, William Dean, Eunus Deputy, James Deputy, Jesse Deputy, Josiah Dickerson, Moulton Dickerson, Wilbur Dickerson, Philemon Dickinson, John Dickinson, Alexander Dill, John Dill, William Dill, Absalom Dodd, Peter Dodd, David Donovan, William Donovan, Henry Douglass, Hiram Douglass, John Downham, Enoch Downs, Henry Downs, John Downs, Morton Downs, Robert Downs, Jeremiah Duncan, Francis Dunn, Thomas Dunn, John DuHamel, Jacob Dutton, John Dunning, & J. C. Durborough.

William Edwards, John Ellegood, Joshua Ellegood, Robert Ellegood, William Ellegood, Benjamin Elliott, Frazier Elliott, John Elliott, William Elliott, Martin Ellis, John Emerson, James English, David Ennis, John Evans, Louis P. Evans, & Oliver Evans.

John Fairlamb, Jonas Fairlamb, Nicholas Fairlamb, Jacob Faulk, Charles Fehrenbach, John Fehrenbach, David Fennimore, E. C. Fennimore, Joshua Fennimore, Charles Ferris, John Ferris, Henry Fiddeman, Daniel Fisher, George Fisher, George Fisher, Robert Fisher, Charles Fleming, Ezekiel Fleming, Thomas Fleming, J. Ervin Fluke, D. J. Flynn, David Foster, Edward Flwler, Paynter Frame, Robert Frame, Ezekiel Frazier, Frederick Friedel, Jacob Friedel, John Friedel, Robert Friedel, George Fuller, & John Futcher.

Henry Geddes, George Gildersleeve, Samuel Godwin, George Gordon, James Graham, Philip Graham, Andrew Gray, George Gray, Jesse Green, James Green, John Green, Nathan Green, Daniel Green, Clifford Greenman, Jeremiah Greenman, Joseph Greenman, Irving Griffith, Joseph Griffith, Robert Griffith, William Griffith, Arthur Grimshaw, James Groves, Abner Griswold, Jesse Gruwell, John Gruwell, & Peter Gruwell.

William Haines, Isaac Haldeman, David Hall, Henry Hall, Zebulon Hallock, Archibald Hamilton, John Hamilton, Pleasanton Hamm, John Hammond, C. J. Harrington, Richard Harrington, Samuel Harrington, William Harrington, Burton Hart, Peter Hart, Zachariah Hart, Allan Harting, John Hartmann, Washington Hastings, George Hawkins, John Hawkins, Henry Hawthorne, Alexander Hayes, Manlove Hayes, David Hazzard, John Hazzard, Burton Hearn, M. W. Hearn, Edward Hearn, George Hearne, Thomas Hearne, Irenee Hendrickson, Peter Hendrickson, Samuel Hendrickson, Columbus Henry, James Henry, Abner Herrington, Edward Herrington, John Herrington, Harold Heverin, James Heverin, George Heyd, Jacob Heyd, John Heyd, Harbeson Hickman, John Hickman, William Hickman, Anthony Higgins, Robert Hill, Eli Hilles, Samuel Hilles, Stillman Hodgeman, W. F. Hoey, Francis Hoffecker, Henry Hoffecker, James Hoffecker, John Hoffecker, Joseph Hoffecker, William Hoffman, John Holland, John Hood, Frederick Hopkins, John Hopkins, Robert Hopkins, Woolsey Hopkins, Andrew Horsey, Outerbridge Horsey, David Houston, Robert Houston, Eben Hughes, James Hughes, John Hughes, Samuel Hughes, Alexander Huston, William Huston, Adam Hufnal, Samuel Hufnal, Newton Hubbard, Thomas Hubbard, Benjamin Hudson, James Hudson, Jonas Hudson, Theodore Hudson, Garrett Hynson, George Humphrey, Ezekiel Hunn, & William Hurdle.

Curtis Jacobs, Thomas Jacobs, William Jacobs, John Jacobs, William Jacobs, Daniel Jackson, Gilder Jackson, John Jakes, William Jarrell, Elihu Jefferson, Ephraim Jefferson, John Jefferson, Thomas Hefferson, James Jeffries, Jonathan Jenkins, Benjamin Jester, Isaac Jester, John Jester, Major Jester, Alexander Johnson, George Johnson, Thomas Johnson, John Johnson, Robert Johnson, Benjamin Jones, Clement Jones, George Jones, John Jones, Philip Jones, James Jones, Washington Jones, William Jones, Zachariah Jones, Dagworthy Joseph, Henry Joseph, Isaac Jump, & William Jump.

John Kane, George Kates, Jacob Kates, John Kates, Dyre Kearney, James Kelly, John Kelly, Columbus Kenney, Joseph Kenney, Richard Kinney, Samuel Kinney D. H. Kent, George Kersey, John Kersey, Thomas Kersey, Charles Kimmey, Jacob Kinder, Warren Kinder, Alfred King, Henry King, William King, D. Kirkpatrick, Leonard Kittinger, David Knowles, & William Knowles.

Joseph Lane, George Larimore, Henry Latimer, James Latimer, Henry Lattimer, Henry Laws, Isaac Laws, Saxe Laws, Charles Lawton, Tilghman Layton, Caleb Layton, Samuel Layton, Isaac Lea, John Lee, Alfred Lee, C. Marion Leith, Henry Leith, Henry Leonard, John Leonard, Allen Lesley, Alfred Leverage, Nathaniel Leverage, Beniah Lewis, Daniel Lewis, Edward Lewis, Homer Lewis, Jacob Lewis, Laban Lewis, Robert Lewis, William Lewis, Morris Liston, Henry Lockwood, Richard Lockwood, W. K. Lockwood, John Lofland, James Lofland, Mark Lofland, Peter Lofland, Armwell Long, James Longacre, Joathan Longfellow, Charles Lore, William Lott, Samuel Lovering, Henry Luce, Isiah Lukens, Andrew Lynch, Joshua Lynch, Henry Lyons, Joseph Lyons, Levan Lyons, & Rodney Lyons.

Benjamin Macintire, John Macintire, Andrew Maloney, John Maloney, William Maloney, Willard Maloney, Joshua Maris, Aaron Marshall, David Marshall, George Marshall, Henry Marshall, Thomas Marshall, E. L. Martin, Edward Martin, Hugh Martin, James Martin, Joseph Martin, Luther Martin, S. P. Martin, Woodburn Martin, Erasmus Marsh, Joseph Marsh, Daniel Mason, David Mason, Edward Mason, Isaac Mason, William Mason, George Massey, James Massey, Philip Massey, Wilbert Masten, Charles Maull, David Maull, Frank MAull, George Maull, David Maull, Frank Maull, George Maull, Harry Maull, James Maull, John Maull, William Maull, Joseph Marvil, Joshua Marvil, Mamie MArvil, Obed Marvil, Vandreth Marvil, William McCaulley, Alfred McCausland, John McCausland, James McCallmont, William McCaulley, John McColly, Joshua McColly, Robert McColly, Henry McComb, W. A. McCowan, William McCowan, James McDonough, Samuel McGonigal, William McIlvain, McIlroy McIlvaine, Thomas McIlvaine, Edward McInall, William McIntire, R. J. McKay, William McKee, Andrew McKee, John McKim, James McKim, Henry McLear, John McLear, Henry McMullen, C. H. McWhorter, Benjamin Melson, Samuel Melson, Samuel Meredith, Peter Meredith, Robert Meredith, Edward Messick, George Messick, Isaac Messick, John Messick, Miles Messick, Minas Messick, Jacob Mifflin, William Mifflin, John Milligan, John Mitchell, James Mitten, Henry Money, Philip Money, Albert Moore, Henry Moore, Jacob Moore, John Moore, Jacob Moore, James Moore, Thomas Moore, William Moore, Benjamin Morgan, Bradbury Morgan, Elijah Morgan, James Morgan, Nesley Morgan, Charles Morris, Derrick Morris, Elihu Morris, Jacob Morris, Thomas Morris, Andrew Morrison, William Morrison, James Morrow, James Moulton, & William Mustard.

John Neal, Joseph Neal, Benjamin Needles, John Needles, Parker Nichols, William Nichols, Isaac Nicholls, James Nicholson, John Nicholson, Gabriel Nickerson, John Nickerson, B. Nields, & Thomas Norman.

Isaac Obier, Jesse Obier, Perry Obier, John O'Byrne, William Orr, William Orr Jr., & Elmer Outten.

Charles Paradee, Edward Paradee, Stephen Paradee, Frank Paris, John Parker, John Patton, John Patterson, Edwin Paynter, Emma Paynter, John Paynter, Samuel Paynter, Samuel Paynter, Isaac Peck, Samuel Peck, Evans Pennington, John Pennington, Thomas Pennington, John Perkins, Thomas Perkins, William Perkins, William Perry, James Perry, John Perry, James Peterson, Spencer Phillips, William Phillips, Henry Pierce, James Pierce, John Pierce, Joseph Pierce, William Pierce, John Pilling, George Pleasanton, John Pleasanton, George Plunkett, Alanson Plumb, Orlando Plumb, Charles Polk, Cyrus Polk, Joseph Poor, William Poor, D. H. Porter, Robert Porter, James Postles, James Postles, Stephen Postles, Alfred Powell, Ebenezer Powell, Nathaniel Powell, George Poynter, Thomas Poynter, William Poynter, William Poynter, Nathan Pratt, John Pratt, Nathan Pratt, William Pratt, John Prettyman, Joshua Prettyman, Edward Price, John Price, Abraham Proud, Levi Proud, Thomas Proud, Howard Pusey, Israel Pusey, & Joseph Pusey.

Armwell Quillen, Jacob Quillen, Joseph Quillen, John Quillen, & Joseph Quillen.

Eugene Rash, James Rash, Joseph Rash, Moses Rash, P. H. Rawlins, Jacob Raymond, George Read, John Read, Thomas Records, Elias Reed, Samuel Reed, Daniel Reeder, John Reeder, Elijah Register, George Revelle, Thomas Revelle, Edward Reynolds, John Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Joseph Ricards, Kendal Rickards, Charles Ridgely, Henry Ridgely, Nicholas Ridgely, Joseph Ridgaway, James Ridgaway, William Ridgaway, Emory Riggin, Charles Richards, Jacob Richards, John Richards, Theodore Richards, William Richards, Allen Richards, Henry Richardson, Theodore Roach, Arthur Robbins, James Robbins, Joseph Robbins, Joseph Roberts, Samuel Roberts, Alfred Robinson, John Robinson, Peter Robinson, Thomas Robinson, Caleb Rodney, George Rodney, Samuel Roe, William Roe, Hezekiah Rogers, Zophar Rogers, Charles Rommell, William Rommell, John Rosa, Caleb Ross, James Ross, W. H. H. Ross, Gideon Rothwell, William Rothwell, Thomas Rothwell, David Rowland, James Rowland, James Rowland Jr., Samuel Rowland, Edward Russell, Emanuel Russell, George Russell, C. F. Rusty, John Rust, & William Ruth.

Andrew Sabedra, Charles Sackett, George Sackett, Solomon Sackett, Mary Salmons, Robert Salmons, Thomas Salmons, Francis Sanson, John Sanson, William Satterfield, Eli Saulsbury, Grove Saulsbury, John Saulsbury, William Saulsbury, John Schellenger, Thomas Schellenger, Levi Scott, Bayard Sharp, Eli Sharp, Job Sharp, John Sharp, William Sharp, James Shaw, Edward Shakespeare, James Shakespeare, William Shakespeare, William Shockley, Henry Showalter, Charles Short, John Short, Wilbur Short, Bauduy Simmons, David Simpler, Christian Singer, Caleb Sipple, Nathaniel Sipple, Uriah Sipple, William Sipple, Robert Skinner, John Slaughter, Timothy Slaughter, Alphonso Small, Artemas Smith, Richard E. Smith, George E. Smith, Henry L. Smith, Asbury Smith, John C. Smith, Joseph O. Smith, S. R. Smith, Martin E. Smith, Nathan Smith, Robert K. Smith, Samuel Smith, Thomas Smith, Thomas A. Smith, Thompson R. Smith, William Smith, Isaac Southard, Henry Spruance, Presley Spruance, W. C. Spruance, L. W. Springs, William Springs, Elijah Steward, George Steward, Ayers Stockley, Charles Stockley, John Stockley, John Staats, Isaac Staats, Morris Stevenson, John Steffy, William Steffy, Charles Stevens, Eugene Sterlith, Tyman Stidham, Charles Stockley, John Sudler, William Sudler, W. Y. Swiggett, Aaron Swiggett, Samuel Sylvester, & James Sykes.

Nathaniel Talbot, William Talbot, Jospeh Tantum, Charles Tatman, Purnell Tatman, Henry Tatnall, Joseph Tatnall, John Taylor, Charles Taylor, David Taylor, James Taylor, Nathaniel Taylor, Raymond Taylor, Stephen Taylor, Jacob Teal, Sylvester Teal, Charles Teas, George Teas, James Temple, James Thompson, Lewis Thompson, Obadiah Thompson, Jonathan Thompson, Joseph Thompson, James Tilton, Benjamin Titus, David Titus, Joseph Titus, A. T. A. Torbet, Charles Townsend, Richard Townsend, George Townsend, Samuel Townsend, Theodore Townsend, William Townsend, Charles Treat, David Truitt, Joshua Truitt, Samuel Truitt, Richard Tunis, William Tunis, Charles Tunnell, Wilbur Tunnell, David Turner, James Turner, & John Tygert.

J. S. Valentine, Moses Van Burkalow, James Vane, William Vane, William Vaules, Francis Vincent, John Vining, Curtis Vinyard, John Vinyard, & John Voshell.

Louis Wagner, John Wainwright, Thomas Waldren, John Wales, Leonard Wales, John Walker, Martin Walker, Eli Walls, J. Harvey Walls, Peter Walls, Samuel Walls, Simon Walls, William Walls, Benjamin Waoles, John Waples, Joseph Waples, John Warren, Thomas Warren, W. T. Warrington, Samuel Warrington, John Warwick, John Watmough, Frank Watson, William Watson, Columbus Watkins, Gassaway Watkins, James Way, John Way, Winfield Way, Dorman Webb, Francis Webb, John Webb, Sylvester Webb, Leonard Weeks, Sanford Weeks, William Weeks, W. A. West, John West, William Westbrook, John Wharton, Joshua Wharton, William Wheatly, Henry Whittock, Henry Wheatley, Thomas Wheatley, Alfred White, Benjamin White, Isaac White, James White, Paul White, Robert White, Samuel White, James Wilds, John Wilds, Henry Wilkinson, John Wilkinson, Gilbert Willey, John Willey, Joshua Willey, Benjamin Williams, James Williams, Jonathan Williams, Charles Williamson, Clinton Williamson, Nicholas Williamson, Jonathan Willis, Simon Willis, William Willis, Benjamin Wilson, David Wilson, Thomas Wilson, James Wilson, John Wilson, Peter Wilson, Reuben Wilson, Riley Wilson Robert Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Warrenton Wilson, William Wilson, Alfred Wiltbank, Cornelius Wiltbank, Frank Wiltbank, John Wiltbank, Martha Wiltbank, Hezekiah Wingate, James Winner, Daniel Wolfe, William Wolfe, Francis Wolfe, John Wolfe, Reece Wolfe, John Wood, Aaron Woodruff, George Woodruff, Alfred Wootten, Edward Wootten, Peter Wootten, John Wright, & William Wright.

Additionally, a section of the book lists the names of many of the residents of Wilmington and the following communities:

New Castle County: Ashland, Augustine, Bear Station, Beaver Valley, Bellevue, Blackbird, Carpenter, Carcroft, Centerville, Choate, Christiana, Claymont, Cooch's Bridge, Deakyneville, Delaney's, Delaware City, Edge Moore, Elsmere, Farnhurst, Faulkland, Fieldsboro, Forest, Glascow, Green Spring, Greenville, Grubb's, Guyencourt, Henry Clay, Hockessin, Kentmere, Kirkwood, Marshallton, Mermaid, Middletown, Montchanin, Mount Cuba, Mount Pleasant, Newark, New Castle, Odessa, Ogleton, Pleasant Hill, Porter's, Port Penn, Red Lion, Rockford, Rockland, St. George's, Stanton, State Road, Talleyville, Taylor's Bridge, Thompson, Townsend, Union, Wooddale, & Yorklyn.

Kent County: Adamsville, Andrewville, Camden, Brenford, Canterbury, Brownsville, Cheswold, Bowers, Clayton, Cowgill, Dover, Downs Chapel, Farmington, Felton, Frederica, Harrington, Hartly, Hazlettville, Hickman, Hollandville, Houston Station, Kenton, Lebanon, Leipsic, Little Creek, Magnolia, Masten, Milford, Pearson's Corner, Petersburg, Rising Sun, Sandtown, Slaughter, Smyrna, Thompsonville, Viola, Willow Grove, Woodside, & Wyoming.

Sussex County: Angola, Atlanta, Bacons, Bayard, Bayville, Blackwater, Bethel, Broad Creek, Bunting, Bridgeville, Cannon, Concord, Dagsboro, Delmar, Drawbridge, Ellendale, Frankford, Georgetown, Greenwood, Gumboro, Harbeson, Hollyville, Laurel, Lincoln, Lowe's Cross Roads, Middleford, Midway, Millsboro, Millville, Milton, Mission, Nassau, OAkel, Oak Grove, Ocean View, Ralph, Redden, Rehoboth, Robbins, Rodney, Roxana, Scotts, Seaford, Selbyville, Shortly, Stockley, Sycamore, Trinity, Waples, Whitesville, Williamsville, & Woodland.

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