History of Marion & Clinton Counties, Illinois - 1881

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The book, "History of Marion and Clinton Counties, Illinois 1686-1881, with Illustrations Descriptive of the Scenery and Biographical Sketches of some of the Prominent Men and Pioneers," by Brink, McDonough & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1881. It is a large, oversized, book profiling many of the citizens in these Illinois counties. It is filled with genealogical and personal information about various Marion & Clinton County residents. It has many illustrations of individuals, public buildings, farms, factories, homes, and scenery, and there are many biographical memoirs or sketches of individuals and families. The book has approximately 315 pages and has a fully linked Table of Contents. There are thousands of names and hundreds of surnames of residents in these counties. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1881 printed book, it would cost a couple of hundred dollars.


Here is a list of some of the individuals mentioned in the book. This list is of the main persons profiled in the biographical sketches:

J. B. Abbott, J. H. Adams, T. E. Allen, R. J. Andrews, C. E. Ball, George A. Beattie, John Boynton, S. L. Bryan, Zophar Case, S. S. Chance, D. Clabaugh, Daniel Collins, E. S. Condit, H. Dillman, C. O. Drayton, J. W. Dugger, J. D. Edwards, A. Eisenmayer, Adam Emig Jr., Peter Emig, J. W. Fletcher, S. A. Frazier, E. Freeman, Henry Freund, T. C. Fulks, T. Gaffner, B. J. Gerdos, Moritz Ginzel, M. D. Gordon, J. T. Gordon, J. H. Gray, Henry Hall, Joseph Hanke, A. Harpstrite, William Hill, S. A. Hogue, D. W. Holtslaw, H. W. Hubbard, B. Husmann, J. S. Jackson, A. H. Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Kaune Brothers, George Kenower, Darius Kingsbury, T. Klutho, John Koch, H. Lampe, Henry Lampen, Henry Lear, I. D. Lear, E. R. Lederman, B. F. Lemen, Frank Leonhard, Daniel Locey, F. J. Lohmann, R. Louden, J. J. McAlilly, J. W. Maddux, D. R. Marks, B. F. Marshall, J. S. Martin, J. P. Maxey, J. W. Merritt, L. G. Meyer, B. F. Middleton, R. D. Moore, R. W. Neil, Otto Netemeyer, O. B. Nichols, H. A. Niehoff, M. J. O'Harnett, J. W. Peterson, J. J. Prather, J. W. Primmer, T. B. Pyles, August Reineke, John Riemann, John Ruf, Henry Santel, N. Schneider, Schlafly Brothers, H. G. Schroeder, H. Schurmann, J. Schuster, Robert Shanklin, Elisha Sharpe, T. D. Shoupe, J. Schultz, L. D. Skilling, D. Somerville, J. J. Sutton, S. P. Tufts, G. Van Hoorebeke, Peter Wallrath, Amos Watts, Richard Watts, & T. B. Wilson.

This list is of the various illustrations of buildings, farms, residences, etc:

Mrs. L. D. Amos, F. J. Becker, James Benson, Conrad Bollinger, John Boynton, Eli Brubaker, John Burton, Centennial Mills, D. Clabaugh, Joseph Droll, Eagle Star Mills, A. Eisenmayer, J. G. Eisenmayer, F. Finger, T. Gaffner, B. J. Gerdes, M. Ginzel, J. H. Gray, Joseph Hanke, Hanover Star Mills, S. A. Hogue, H. W. Hubbard, Henry Hummel, Martin Jansen, Eli W. Jones, Henry Lampe, F. Leonhard, P. McFerren, J. W. Maddux, J. P. Maxey, R. W. Neil, B. M. Posey, J. J. Prather, H. G. Schroeder, John Schuster, J. F. Sutton, R. J. Truesdale, G. Van Hoorebeke, T. M. Weast, & George West.

This list is of those individuals who have portraits in the book:

J. Adams II, T. E. Allen, Silas Bryan, Zophar Case, J. W. Dugger, Mrs. M. J. Dugger, A. Eisenmayer, Adam Emig Jr., Peter Emig, Mrs. P. Emig, A. H. Johnson, B. F. Lehman, Mary P. Lehman, J. J. McAlilly, H. A. Niehoff, H. Shurmann, J. Schuster, & G. Van Hoorebeke.

There are many, many, more names mentioned in the various biographical profiles than are transcribed above.

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