Photographic History of the Civil War
in Ten Volumes - 1912

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The ten volume set of books titled, “The Photographic History of the Civil War; Thousands of Scenes Photographed 1861-1865, with Text by Many Special Authorities; Semi-Centennial Memorial,” Francis T. Miller (Editor), the Review of Reviews Co., New York, 1912. This is a huge set of books with thousands of photographs of the Civil War. There are large sections on the Infantry, Cavalry, Navy, Leaders, and Prisons & Hospitals of both the Union and the Confederacy. There are pictures of virtually every senior officer from both sides – and many, many pictures of enlisted troops. Many obscure pictures of the Naval forces of both sides, and other organizations not often seen. There are tabular data in the final sections dealing with individual units, armies, casualties, etc. The book set is fully indexed, but only the Table of Contents is linked in the acrobat PDF scan. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read these books on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find set of books. If you could find a copy of the 1912 printed books, they would be very expensive.


The ten volumes have approximately 3,468 pages of historical and genealogically valuable data about both sides in the Civil War. The Adobe PDF files take up approximately 800MB of room and need to be copied onto your hard drive for all the links to function correctly. Please note: This is a scan of the original documents converted to Adobe PDF format and written on two CD’s.

Some of the individuals with photographs in the CD set are listed below; individuals are of all ranks from Generals down to Privates from both sides. These are only the individuals in Volume 10. There are many, many others presented in Volumes 1 9:

James Connor, John W. Geary, John B. Magruder, Robert D. Lilley, P. G. T. Beauregard, Lewis Wallace, Henry A. Wise, Joseph L. Brent, Blaque Bey, Robert E. Lee, George Peabody, W. W. Corcoran, James Lyons, Edwin M. Stanton, Montgomery Blair, Gideon Welles, Salmon P. Chase, Hannibal Hamlin, William H. Seward, Caleb B. Smith, Edward Bates, James A. Seddon, Christopher G. Memminger, Stephen R. Mallory, George Davis, John H. Reagan, Alexander H. Stephens, Judah P. Benjamin, Andrew Johnson, Ulysses S. Grant, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Benjamin Harrison, William McKinley, George Haven Putnam, Harrison Gray Otis, Henry Watterson, Andrew Carnegie, Nathan B. Forrest, Thomas T. Eckert, Grenville M. Dodge, Stewart L. Woodford, William B. Hazen, James Grant Wilson, Carl Shurz, Lewis Wallace, George E. Waring, Francis W. Palfrey, E. Benjamin Andrews, Francis A. Walker, A. W. Greedy, George L. Kilmer, T. F. Rodenbough, J. E. Gilman, F. Y. Hedley, W. C. Church, T. S. C. Lowe, T. S. Peck, L. R. Stegman, Hilary A. Herbert, J. W. Mallet, John A. Wyeth, R. H. McKim, F. M. Colston, Allen C. Redwood, M. J. Wright, D. G. McIntosh, T. M. R. Talcott, S. A. Cunningham, Deering J. Roberts, Horace Porter, T. S. Bowers, John G. Barnard, Seth Williams, Adam Badeau, William Duff, J. D. Webster, John A. Rawlins, M. R. Patrick, Rufus Ingalls, E. S. Parker, G. W. C. Lee, Walter Taylor, William Tecumseh Sherman, O. O. Howard, J. A. Logan, Jeff C. Davis, W. Slocum, J. A. Mower, James D. Morgan, R. M. Johnson, John Newton, Alpheus S. Williams, Edward M. McCook, Wagner Swayne, Thomas H. Ruger, J. C. Veatch, Morgan L. Smith, J. D. Cox, M. D. Manson, Charles Cruft, J. A. J. Lightburn, W. L. Elliott, Nathan Kimball, Samuel Beatty, William B. Hazen, J. M. Corse, Joseph F. Knipe, Charles Candy, Thomas Jonathan Jackson, M. D. Leggett, William Harrow, John W. Fuller, Thomas W. Sweeny, George D. Wagner, William F. Barry, W> W. Belknap, John B. Turchin, William T. Ward, John W. Sprague, Joseph A. Cooper, M. F. Force, John H. King, Milo S. Hascall, David S. Stanley, H. M. Judah, Charles C. Walcutt, Edward R. S. Canby, Thomas J. Jackson, John Echols, J. D. Imboden, W. B. Taliaferro, Arnold Elzey, Isaac R. Trimble, Edward Johnson, George H. Steuart, James A. Walker, E. M. Law, Charles W. Field, A. R. Lawton, Roswell S. Ripley, R. E. Colston, Henry Heth, James J. Archer, B. D. Fry, F. T. Nichols, Hary T. Hays, Robert F. Hoke, William Smith, J. R. Jones, F. L. Thomas, A. H. Colquitt, R. L. Walker, S. McGowan, Alfred Iverson, E. A. O’Neal, Lafayette McLaws, Joseph Brevard Kershaw, James L. Kemper, Ambrose R. Wright, Solomon Meredith, Peter Stagg, Luther P. Bradley, Lewis A. Grant, William H. Penrose, William W. Belknap, August Willich, Emerson Opdycke, Joseph B. Carr, De Witt Clinton Baxter, James B. Steedman, William T. Wofford, Daniel S. Donelson, Robert H. Anderson, James H. Lane, William B. Bate, Roger Atkinson Pryor, Cadmus M. Wilcox, Winfield Scott Featherston, Henry L. Benning, Edward Aylesworth Perry, James B. McPherson, Joseph K. Mansfield, John Sedgwick, John F. Reynolds, Philip Kearny, Israel B. Richardson, Isaac I. Stevens, Amiel W. Whipple, Hiram G. Berry, Jesse L. Reno, Thomas Williams, Isaac P. Rodman, William H. L. Wallace, James E. Jackson, James S. Wadsworth, David A. Russell, James A. Mulligan, Thomas G. Stevenson, Thomas A. Smyth, Robert L. McCook, Nathaniel Lyon, Henry Bohlen, George C. Strong, S. K. Zook, Frederick Winthrop, Alexander Hays, Elon J. Farnsworth, Stephen H. Weed, Edward P. Chapin, Vincent Strong, Conrad F. Jackson, Pleasant A. Hackleman, Joshua W. Sill, George D. Bayard, William R. Terrill, George W. Taylor, William P. Sanders, William H. Lytle, James C. Rice, Charles G. Harker, Hiram Burnham, Samuel A. Rice, Daniel McCook, J. H. Kitching, Daniel D. Bidwell, Griffin A. Stedman, George D. Wells, Sylvester G. Hill, Arthur H. Dutton, Charles R. Lowell, Theodore Read, Albert Sidney Johnston, Leonidas Polk, Ambrose Powell Hill, William D. Pender, Stephen D. Ramseur, J. E. B. Stuart, W. H. T. Walker, Patrick R. Cleburne, Robert E. Rodes, Benjamin McCulloch, Barnard E. Bee, John Pegram, Felix K. Zollicoffer, Francis S. Bartwo, Robert Selden Garnett, William Y. Slack, Adley H. Gladden, Robert Hatton, Richard Griffith, George B. Anderson, Henry Little, L. O’B Branch, Turner Ashby, William E. Starke, James McIntosh, Charles S. Winder, Samuel Garland Jr., Maxcy Gregg, E. D. Tracy, Thomas R. R. Cobb, Lloyd Tilghman, Roger W. Hanson, E. F. Paxton, James E. Rains, Lewis A. Armistead, William Barksdale, Martin E. Green, Richard B. Garnett, W. R. Scurry, Paul J. Semmes, Carnot Posey, James Deshler, Benjamin H. Helm, John M. Jones, L. A. Stafford, J. J. Pettigrew, Thomas Green, Alfred Mouton, Preston Smith, Abner Perrin, W. E. Jones, George Doles, Robert H. Anderson, John H. Morgan, John R. Chambliss Jr., Junius Daniel, James B. Gordon, J. C. Saunders, Micah Jenkins, C. H. Stevens, Samuel Benton, Archibald Gracie Jr., John Adams, H. B. Granberry, James Dearing, John Dunovant, John Gregg, Stephen Elliott Jr., Oscar F. Strahl, Archibald C. Godwin, S. R. Gist, Vistor J. Girardey, Joseph J. Reynolds, William G. Le Duc, H. W. Perkins, Samuel W. Taylor, William H. Lawrence, Joseph Hooker, Daniel Butterfield, James D. Fessenden, Ambrose Everett Burnside, George Gordon Meade, George Henry Thomas, John Alexander Logan, Oliver Otis Howard, John McAllister Schoefield, Don Carlos Buell, John Pope, William Starke Rosecrans,Eugene A. Carr, Quincey Adams Gillmore, Frederick Steele, Benjamin Franklin Butler, Gordon Granger, James G. Blunt, David Hunter, George Crook, Jon C. Fremont, Nathaniel Prentiss Banks, Philip Henry Sheridan, Henry Warner Slocum, John A. McClernand, Irvin McDowell, A. A. Humphreys, John Newton, Darius N. Couch, Edwin Vose Sumner, Winfield Scott Hancock, Daniel E. Sickles, S. P. Heintzelman, W. H. French, T. J. Wood, Erasmus D. Keyes, Fitz John Porter, George Sykes, William Farrar Smith, Horatio G. Wright, William Buel Franklin, Gouverneur Kemble Warren, John A. Dix, J. J. Reynolds, Robert C. Schenck, John E. Wool, John G. Parke, Orlando B. Wilcox, J. M. Brannan, W. T. H. Brooks, David B. Birney, Ormsby M. Mitchel, Alfred H. Terry, Jeff C. Davis, C. C. Washburn, George W. Morgan, Alpheus S. Williams, P. J. Osterhaus, S. A. Hurlbut, J. A. Mower, J. G. Foster, John H. Martindale, William H. Emory, A. McD. McCook, Thomas L. Crittenden, C. C. Augur, G. L. Hartsuff, E. O. C. Ord, Godfrey Weitzel, John E. Phelps, Marcus La Rue, John B. Slough, Patrick E. Connor, James Shields, George S. Evans, George W. Bowie, Edward McGarry, James W. Denver, J. H. Carleton, Henry W. Birge, Orris S. Ferry, Joseph R. Hawley, Henry W. Wessells, Lorenzo Thomas, H. H. Lockwood, Robert O. Tyler, Daniel Tyler, John B. S. Todd, George W. Getty, Samuel Sprigg Carroll, Isham Nichols, Joseph Adalmon Maltby, E. N. Kirk, Alexander C. McClurg, Abner Clark Harding, Charles E. Hovey, John McArthur, P. S. Post, Julius White, James Grant Wilson, John W. Turner, August Mersy, Leonard F. Ross, Benjamin M. Prentiss, John Eugene Smith, Richard J. Oglesby, John C. Black, Michael K. Lawler, Hasbrouck Davis, Elias S. Dennis, Giles A. Smith, Robert Francis Catterson, Silas Colgrove, Thomas T. Crittenden, Robert Sanford Foster, Alvin P. Hovey, Thomas John Lucas, George F. McGinnis, James W. McMillan, John F. Miller, Charles Cruft, Jeremiah C. Sullivan, Robert A. Cameron, W. P. Benton, F. Knefler, Walter Q. Gresham, William Grose, John Edwards, Alexander Chambers, William T. Clark, Fitz-Henry Warren, Cyrus Bussey, James B. Weaver, James Madison Tuttle, James A. Williamson, Edward Hutch, Jacob G. Lauman, Marcellus M. Crocker, E. W. Rice, James G. Gilbert, George W. Deitzler, Thomas Ewing Jr., Thomas Moonlight, Speed S. Fry, Stephen G. Burbridge, John T. Croxton, Powell Clayton, Edward H. Hobson, Walter C. Whittaker, Theophilus T. Garrard, D. J. Keily, James M. Shackelford, William Nelson, Jeremiah T. Boyle, N. B. Buford, Jonathan P. Cilley, Selden Connor, Joshua L. Chamberlain, L. G. Estes, Cyrus Hamlin, James D. Fessenden, Francis Fessenden, George L. Beal, Albion P. Howe, Neal Dow, Joseph Dickinson, Charles S. Smith, George F. Shipley, Elias Spear, Frank Nickerson, Daniel White, Nathaniel J. Jackson, Cuvier Grover, James M. Deems, John R. Kenly, James Cooper, Stephen M. Weld, Oliver Edwards, Edward F. Jones, William F. Bartlett, Frederick W. Lander, Charles J. Paine, George H. Gordon, Charles P. Stone, Albert Ordway, N. A. Miles, Henry L. Eustis, John C. Palfrey, Charles Devens, George L. Andrews, Edward W. Hinks, J. M. Oliver, Henry Baxter, Joseph T. Copeland, William R. Shafter, Charles C. Doolittle, Byron R. Pierce, Henry A. Morrow, Ralph Ely, Joseph Conrad, Egbert B. Brown, John D. Stevenson, Isaac F. Shephard, Ganriel R. Paul, John McNeil, John Elisha Phelps, Clinton B. Fisk, Lewis B. Parsons, Alexander Asboth, Napoleon J. T. Dana, C. C. Andrews, William Sanborn, Stephen Miller, Willis A. Gorman, Gilman Marston, Simon G. Griffin, Joab N. Patterson, Joseph H. Potter, John L. Thompson, Joseph W. Revere, Gershom Mott, Ranald S. MacKenzie, Horatio P. VanCleve, George W. Mindil, Lewis C. Arnold, William Birney, Edward Burd Grubb, Christopher (Kit) Carson, John M. Thayer, Henry M. Judah, J. J. Bartlett, Gustavus A. De Russy, Charles K. Graham, N. Martin Curtis, Romeyn B. Ayres, Abram Duryee, John P. Hatch, Henry A. Barnum, William Dwight, Morgan H. Chrysler, Hiram Berdan, Schuyler Hamilton, Wladimir Krzyzanowski, Henry E. Davies, Joseph E. Hamblin, John Cochrane, Philip Regis De Trobriand, Thomas E. Egan, John J. Peck, Charles H. Tompkins, Edward E. Potter, William H. Morris, Elisha G. Marshall, Robert Nugent, John C. Robinson, James R. O’Beirne, Rush C. Hawkins, R. B. Potter, Nelson Taylor, John H. H. Ward, Daniel Ullmann, Adolph Von Steinwher, Emory Upton, Egbert L. Viele, Alexander Shaler, John H. Ketchum, George W. Von Schaack, Max Weber, Charles G. Halpine, Charles H. Morgan, Patrick H. Jones, Charles H. Van Wyck, Hiram C. Rogers, Guy V. Henry, Samuel H. Hurst, John W. Sprague, Charles F. Manderson, Eliakim P. Scammon, Americus V. Rice, Thomas C. H. Smith, Nathaniel C. McLean, E. B. Tyler, James S. Robinson, John G. Mitchell, George W. Morgan, James W. Forsyth, Ralph P. Buckland, Benjamin Potts, Charles G. Gilbert, Jacob Ammen, Thomas Smith, Emerson Opdycke, Henry Van Ness Boynton, Joseph Warren Keifer, John Beatty, Joel A. Dewey, Hugh Ewing, George P. Este, Catherinus P. Buckingham, Franklin Sawyer, Anson G. McCook, Henry M. Cist, Charles H. Grosvenor, Timothy Stanley, Anson Stager, Henry C. Corbin, William S. Smith, William B. Woods, Robert K. Scott, Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, Joseph Eggleston Johnston, John Bell Hood, Edmund Kirby Smith, Braxton Bragg, Samuel Cooper, Richard Stoddert Ewell, James Longstreet, Jubal Anderson Early, Daniel Harvey Hill, Wade Hampton, Richard Henry Anderson, John Brown Gordon, Leonidas Polk, William Joseph Hardee, Stephen Dill Lee, Alexander Peter Stewart, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Joseph Wheeler, Simon Bolivar Buckner, Richard Taylor, Theophilus Hunter Holmes, John Clifford Pemberton, Gustavus Woodson Smith, John Bankhead Magruder, William Wing Loring, Samuel Jones, Sterling Price, Benjamin Franklin Cheatham, Dabney Herndon Maury, Earl Van Dorn, John Cabel Breckinridge, James T. Holtzclaw, John H. Kelly, Cullen A. Battle, Jonas M. Withers, Edmund W. Pettus, James H. Clanton, Charles M. Shelly, Philip D. Roddy, Henry De Lamar Clayton, Young M. Moody, Isham W. Garrott, William F. Perry, William H. Forney, William W. Allen, John H. Forney, LeRoy P. Walker, Sterling A. M. Wood, James Cantey, Zachary C. Deas, Thomas Churchill, Thomas C. Hindman, John F. Fagan, Lucius E. Polk, Albert Pike, Albert Rust, James C. Tappan, William L. Cabell, John S. Roane, William N. R. Beall, Dandridge McRae, Alexander T. Hawthorne, Daniel H. Reynolds, Daniel C. Govan, Evander McNair, Thomas P. Dockery, Frank C. Armstrong, Jesse J. Finley, William G. M. Davis, Robert Bullock, William Miller, J. Patton Anderson, Martin L. Smith, Francis A. Shaup, William S. Walker, Theodore W. Brevard, Howell Cobb, G. T. Anderson, David E. Twiggs, Pierce M. B. Young, Goode Bryan, Hugh W. Mercer, David R. Jones, William M. Brown, Clement A. Evans, Robert Toombs, Philip Cook, William M. Gardner, John K. Jackson, Claudius C. Wilson, Isaac M. St. John, Bryan M. Thomas, G. Moxley Sorrell, Dudley M. Dubois, Marcellus A. Stovall, Lucius J. Gartrell, Henry C. Wayne, Alfred Cumming, James P. Simms, William R. Boggs, John S. Williams, Stand Watie, Thomas H. Taylor, William Preston, James M. Hawes, Humphrey Marshall, George B. Crosby, Abraham Buford, Adam R. Johnson, Hyland B. Lyon, Joseph H. Lewis, George B. Hodge, Paul O. Hebert, Louis Hebert, Thomas M. Scott, Franklin Gardner, James P. Major, Edward Higgins, Henry H. Sibley, Albert G. Blanchard, Zebulon York, Allan Thomas, Johnson K. Duncan, Randall L. Gibson, William R. Peck, Daniel W. Adams, At. John Lidell, Mansfield Lovell, William W. Mackall, John W. Frazer, Samuel J. Gholson, William F. Tucker, Benjamin G. Humphries, William E. Baldwin, Jacob H. Sharp, Claudius W. Sears, Robert Lowry, William F. Brantly, Douglas H. Cooper, Mark B. Lowrey, Edward Cary Walthall, Charles Clark, Samuel G. French, William L. Brandon, Nathaniel H. Harris, Peter B. Stark, Samuel W. Ferguson, George D. Johnston, Joseph R. Davis, Wirt Adams, John B. Clark, John G. Walker, Joseph O. Shelby, M. M. Parsons, Francis M. Cockrell, John B. Clark, John G. Walker, John S. Marmaduke, Daniel M. Frost, John S. Bowen, James G. Martin, Robert Ransom Jr., Richard C. Gatlin, Bryan Grimes, Alfred M. Seales, William P. Roberts, John D. Barry, William McRae, William R. Cox, R. Leventhorpe, Lawrence S. Baker, Thomas F. Toon, John R. Cooke, Rufus Barringer, Thomas L. Clingman, James H. Trapier, Benjamin Huger, William H. Wallace, Milledge L. Bonham, Thomas F. Drayton, James Chestnut, Johnson Hagood, Arthur M. Manigault, John Bratton, Thomas M. Logan, Nathan G. Evans, Martin W. Gary, James Connor, Ellison Capers, John D. Kennedy, John S. Preston, Galusha Pennypacker, Joshua T. Owens, James A. Beaver, Isaac J. Wistar, Joshua K. Sigfried, David H. Williams, John B. McIntosh, Frederick S. Stumbaugh, Thomas J. McKean, Montgomery C. Meiggs, Charles T. Campbell, Thomas R. Rowley, James Nagle, Alexander Schimmelpfennig, George A. McCall, Albert L. Lee, Joshua B. Howell, William A. Quarles, George G. Dibrell, Alfred E. Jackson, George Maney, Bushrod R. Johnson, John P. McCown, John C. Brown, William H. Jackson, Robert V. Richardson, Samuel R. Anderson, Benjamin J. Hill, James A. Smith, Robert C. Tyler, Thomas B. Smith, William Y. C. Humes, Lucius M. Walker, Alexander W. Campbell, Gideon J. Pillow, William H. Carroll, John C. Carter, John C. Vaughn, George W. Gordon, Alfred J. Vaughan, Henry B. Davidson, Tyree H. Bell, William McComb, Joseph B. Palmer, Samuel P. Spear, Roy Stone, William A. Nichols, Israel Vogdes, S. B. M. young, John R. Brooke, Pennock Huey, Henry J. Madill, Andrew Porter, Thomas Welsh, Charles F. Smith, Thomas L. Kane, Frank Wheaton, Richard Arnold, George S. Greene, John G. Hazard, William Hays, Samuel P. Carter, James A. Cooper, James G. Spears, Robert Johnson, William B. Campbell, Truman Seymour, Edwin H. Stroughton, Edward H. Ripley, Andrew J. Hamilton, George J. Stannard, James M. Warner, John W. Phelps, Edmund J. Davis, B. S. Roberts, George Wright, Stephen Thomas, Edward S. Bragg, Lysander Cutler, Lucius Fairchild, Frederick Salomon, Jeremiah M. Rusk, Charles S. Hamilton, John C. Starkweather, Halbert E. Paine, Rufus King, David H. Strother, Thomas M. Harris, Lawrence P. Graham, Hanry Capehart, John W. Davidson, Henry B. Carrington, James A. Hardie, Robert C. Buchanan, Richard H. Jackson, Walter P. Lane, William P. Hardeman, Lawrence S. Ross, Walter H. Stevens, Elkanah Greer, A. P. Bagby, John A. Wharton, James E. Harrison, William H. Young, John W. Whitfield, Joseph L. Hogg, Samuel Bell Maxcy, William Steele, Richard M. Gano, Matthew D. Ector, Richard Waterhouse, Thomas Harrison, Felix H. Robertson, John C. Moore, John R. Baylor, Henry E. McCulloch, Jerome B. Robertson, Louis T. Wigfall, Thomas N. Waul, D. B. Harris, Armstead L. Long, John B. Floyd, William L. Jackson, Albert G. Jenkins, Daniel Ruggles, Camille J. Polignac, Montgomery D. Corse, Richard I. T. Beale, Henry H. Walker, Joseph R. Anderson, Thomas Jordan, David A. Weisinger, Gabriel C. Wharton, Philip St. George Cocke, Patrick T. Moore, Edwin G. Lee, James B. Terrell, Robert H. Chilton, Seth M. Barton, George W. Randolph, William C. Wickham, Eppa Hunton, Richard L. Page, Carter L. Stevenson, Henry A. Wise, William Terry, James E. Slaughter, John McCausland, William H. Payne, & Alexander W. Reynolds.

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