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The book, "Ancestors and Descendants of Luke Rogers and Sarah Wright Brown." Compiled by Ethel Brigham Leatherbee, this book was privately printed in Boston in 1907. It is absolutely filled with genealogical and personal information about Luke & Sarah's ancestors and their descendants. The time frame covered is from about 1625 to the writing of the book in 1907. Luke Rogers was born on August 4, 1792, the second son of Abraham Foster Rogers and Patty Faulkner Rogers. He married Sarah Wright Brown on March 11, 1816. Sarah was the fourth child of Ephraim Brown and Sibel Wright Brown. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1907 printed book, it would be very expensive.


The book is not indexed, but it does contain a comprehensive pedigree chart for both Luke and Sarah - and the middle section of the book lists all of the people on the pedigree charts in alphabetical order. One section of the book lists genealogical data on Luke & Sarah's ancestors, a second section lists the data for their descendants (as of 1907). Unlike many digital (CD) genealogy books, I have taken great care to 'link' the names in the pedigree charts to the paragraphs in the book about the individual. This means that you can click on a name in the pedigree chart and go directly to the page where the individual is discussed. This makes it very easy to research these folks.

I will list here all individuals found in the book:

Abner Abbe, Albert Abbe, Almira Calista Abbe, Amanda Cordelia Abbe, Samantha Cornelia Abbe, Silas James Abbe, George Abbot (2 different individuals), Hannah Abbot, Jennie M. Baker, Martha Barr, Rebecca Bentley, Samuel Bentley, Albert Edward Bernet (2), Christian Bernet, John Christian Bernet , James Blood (2), Sarah Blood, Francis Bowman, Mary Bowman, Nathaniel Bowman, Edward Bragg, Mary Bragg, Adeliza Brigham, Edward Rowse Cavender, Edwin Hadley Brigham, Edwin Howard Brigham, Elijah Brigham, Elijah Sparhawk Brigham, Ethel Brigham, Percy Bringham, Ralph Peirce Brigham, Harriet Elizabeth Britton, Joel Britton, Boaz Browne, Abigail Brown, Almira Brown, Caroline Brown, Ephraim Brown (2), Harriet Amelia Brown, Irma Brown, James Brown, Mary Brown (3), Mather Church Brown, Ruth Brown, Sarah Wright Brown (2), Sibel Brown, Silas Brown, Thomas Brown (5), Doris Cavender, Edward Rowse Cavender, Harry Wales Cavender, James Smith Cavender, John Cavender, John Howard Cavender (3), John Smith Cavender, Lucile Cavender, Lucille Cavender, Rogers Greenleaf Cavender, Minnie J. Chase, Abigail Clarke, Juliette Clark, Joan Corbin, John Corbin, Catharine Lovell Cushing, Abigail Dane (see her story below), Francis Dane, John Dane, Emma Theodora Daniels, William Haven Daniels, Barnabas Davis (2), Elizabeth Davis, James Davis, Elsie May Dean, Frederick Brainard Dean, Elizabeth Tucker Dorr, Eleazer Dowse, Elizabeth Dowse, Lawrence Dowse, Daniel Edmands, Mary Edmands (2), Walter Edmands, Francis Eliot, Rachel Eliot, Catherine Eveleth, Francis Eveleth, John Eveleth, Joseph Eveleth, Sylvester Eveleth, Ralph Farnum, Benjamin Fay, Florence L. Fay, George E. Fay, Julius J. Fay, John Flint, Mary Flint, Thomas Flint (2), Abraham Foster (2), Elizabeth Foster, Jacob Forster, Reginald Forster, Rebecca Fowle, Charles Garland (2), James Smith Garland, Katherine Morrison Garland, Louise Garland, William Howard Garland, Henry Gates, Mary Amanda Gates, Abel Goodnow, Albert H. Graves, Avalon Graves, Etta Merrick Graves, Julius K. Graves (2), Luin Graves, Margery Graves, Marshall Graves, Rupert Winfred Graves, Sarah Graves, Sybil W. Graves, Francis Matthews Green, Katherine Laura Green, Effie H. Greenleaf, Eugene Le Baum Greenleaf, Mary T. Hanson, Sybil Minerva Hilliker, Sophia Hinckley, Silas Holland, Sarah Hooker, James Hosmer (2), Mary Hosmer, Sophia Houghton, Alice May Howard, John Day Howard (2), Kate Agnes Howard, Maria Louise Howard, William Henry Howard (2), John Hunt, Mary Hunt, Nehemiah Hunt, William Hunt, Roger Howard Hurd, Theodore Hurd, Theodore Chester Hurd, Theodore Clarence Hurd, William Hurd, William Minot Hurd, Sarah Huttig, Edmund Ingalls, Elizabeth Ingalls, Hannah Ingalls, Henry Ingalls, James Ingalls, Elizabeth Jones, John Jones, Samuel Jones (2), Albert Thompson Leatherbee, Andrew Faden Leatherbee, Abigail Lord, Robert Lord, Annie Villa Loud, Henry Lucas, Amelia Lyon, Frances Main, Phineas Matthews, Sarah Abigail Matthews, Charles McArthur, Edward Mcarthur, Helen McArthur, Warren McArthur, Jane Morrison, Mehitable Jane Nye, Edward Oakes, Mary Oakes, John Osgood, Mary Osgood, Martha Palmer, William Palmer, Abigail Parsons, Jeffrey Parsons, Ella Peaslee, Blanche Phillippi, Louis Phillippi, Jane Spring Pierce, Moses Pierce, Elizabeth Potter, Luke Potter, John Poulter, Rachel Poulter, Hannah Purchis, Oliver Purchis, Margery Rand, Robert Rand, Elizabeth Randall, William Randall, Addison Robinson, Addison B. Robinson, Albert Robinson, Doris H. Robinson, Jeremiah Robinson (2), Lucy Robinson, Martha Robinson, Mary B. Robinson, Olga A. Robinson, Susie Robinson, William Robinson, Abraham Rogers, Abraham Foster Rogers (2), Adeline Rogers, Ann Eliza Rogers, Anne Maria Rogers, Anne May Rogers, Caroline Abbe Rogers, Caroline Rebecca Rogers, Charles Edward Rogers, Charles Wright Rogers, Edith Sumner Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers (2), Ella Rogers, Harriet Maria Rogers, James Sumner Rogers (2), Jane Rogers, John Rogers (2), Joseph Rogers, Lucinda Rogers, Lucinda Wesson Rogers, Luke Rogers, Mabel Lena Rogers, Martha Rogers, Nathaniel Hill Wright Rogers, Samuel Rogers, Sarah Rogers (2), Sarah Jane Rogers, Thomas Luke Rogers, William Henry Rogers, Edward Rowse, Edward Cavender Rowse, Edward Smarden Rowse, Richard Rowse, Roger Cushing Rowse, Martin Saunders, Mary Saunders, Alice Sharpe, John Sherman (2), Martha Sherman, Chloe Sisson, Jane Smith, Mary Sprague, Ralph Sprague, Samuel Staples, Sarah Stone, Abraham Stow, Edmund Stow, Calvin Tabor, John Theodore Tabor, Florence Thompson, Mary Tooll, Hiram Tribble, Otis Tribble, William Trowbridge, Alice Turner, James D. Turner, Ashmun Vilas, Percival M. Vilas, William Howard Vilas, Sarah Vinson, William Vinson, Elizabeth Waite, Mary Waite, Samuel Waite, Mary Ward, Eli Warner, Betsey Wetherbee, Obadiah Wheeler, Ruth Wheeler, Sarah White West, Sarah White, John White, Edward Whitney, Nathaniel Whitney, Jane Wilkinson, Hannah Wilson, William Wilson, Edward Winship, Mary Winship, Abi Wright, Almira Brown Wright, Amos Wright (3), Celinda Wright, Edward Wright, Harriet Jane Wright, James Wright (3), Joseph Wright (2), Joseph Stevens Wright, Juliana Wright, Nabby Wright, Nathaniel Hill Wright, Sally Wright, Samuel Wright, Samuel Ballard Wright, Sarah Wright, Sibel Wright (2), and William Clark Wright.

The book itself has about 75 pages. There are photographs of Luke Rogers, Sarah Wright Brown, and all of their children but one. The Adobe Reader software allows you to page through the book just as if it were a printed copy.

Some of the folks in this genealogy are pretty interesting, For example Abigail (Dane) Faulkner was found guilty of witchcraft! Massachusetts State archives have the following records (transcribed into this book): "The jury find Abigail Faulkner wife of Francis Faulkner of Andover, Guilty of ye felony of witchcraft. Committed on ye body of Martha Sprague also on ye body of Sarah Phelps. Sentence of death passed on Abigail Faulkner."

There are lots of interesting facts & stories like this in this book!

Do not miss the chance to get this great historical, family, and genealogical reference! Please note: This is a scan of the original book converted to Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM.

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