Berkshire County, Massachusetts - 1885

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The book, "Gazetteer of Berkshire County, Massachusetts 1725 - 1885," by Hamilton Child, Syracuse, New York, 1885. It is a very large book dealing with the pioneers of, and circa 1885 residents of, Berkshire County, Massachusetts. It is filled with genealogical information about various Berkshire County, Massachusetts residents. It lists the members of the various Berkshire County military regiments from the Civil War. The book has approximately 890 pages, and a fully linked Table of Contents. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1885 printed book, it would cost a couple of hundred dollars.


Here are the names of many of the individuals listed in the Berkshire County book it is not every name. We estimate that this list comprises about 33% of all of the names in the book, and about 65% of the different surnames. There were just too many to transcribe all of them. There are thousands of names in the book and this list provides a large sample. In addition to the names, all businesses in Berkshire County in 1845 are listed and profiled (in some cases).

Lyman Abbe, Jacob Abbeger, Thomas Abbey, Amos Abbott, John Abbott, Ruth Abbott, Andrew Abel, Anna Abel, George Abrahams, Richard Abrahams, Philip Ackerman, William Ackerson, Mary Ackert, Mortimer Ackert, William Adam, Amy Adams, Charles Adams, Freeman Adams, George Adams, Madison Adams, Nathan Adams, Ruth Adams, Washington Adams, Scheffer Adolphus, Cornelius Adriance, Charles Adsit, Henry Agan, John Aherne, Frank Aicon, William Ainslie, Charles Albee, Anthony Alberg, Anton Albrecht, Lewis Albro, Daniel Alcombright, Henry Alden, Jacob Alder, Dallas Alderman, Edward Alderman, Milton Alderman, Asahel Aldrich, Daniel Aldrich, Fred Alexander, Levi Alexander, Franklin Alger, James Alger, Alpheus Allen, Hector Allen, Isaac Allen, Jonathan Allen, Lucinda Allen, Mary Allen, Sanford Allen, Theodore Allen, Walter Allison, Bernard Almont, Francis Almsted, Joseph Alwis, Ansel Amadon, Lewis Amadon, Anna Amasadon, Frank Amato, Frank Ambach, Paruscio Ambrogio, Mary Ambrose, Abner Ames, David Ames, Frederick Ames, Harry Amhyrst, George Amidon, Francis Amorat, Henrietta Amrett, Michael Amsborough, Courtland Anable, Erastus Andrews, George Andrews, William Andrews, Edward Andrus, James Angell, August Anlauf, David Anthony, Humphrey Anthony, Job Anthony, Susan Anthony, William Archer, Joseph Argendorf, Smith Ariail, Robert Armour, William Armstrong, Aaron Arnold, Cyrus Arnold, Henry Arnold, Nason Arnold, Theodore Arnold, Charles Ascha, James Ascha, John Ashley, Almira Ashton, Arthur Ashton, Harry Atherton, Harry Atwater, Hezekiah Atwood, Phineas Atwood, Gideon Aubin, Richard Auchmuty, John Augustus, William Ault, Clarence Austin, Nathaniel Austin, Robert Averell, Celestin Avery, Francis Avery, Miles Avery, Joseph Avy, Ellison Axtell, Thomas Axtell, William Axtell, Frank Ayers, Lovina Ayers, & Frederick Aymar.

Lafayette Babb, Amy Babbitt, Thomas Babbitt, Caleb Babcock, William Babcock, Martha Backus, Marvin Backus, Jacob Bacon, John Bacon, Clara Bagg, Alpheus Bailey, Joseph Baircell, Prentice Baird, Derrick Baker, Elihu Baker, Elisha Baker, Henry Baker, James Baker, Nicholas Baker, Samuel Baker, Sarah Baker, Mary Balcom, B. Frank Baldwin, Ebenezer Baldwin, Edward Baldwin, Ella Baldwin, Jehiel Baldwin, Levik Baldwin, Samuel Baldwin, Charles Ball, Ira Ball, Luther Ball, Harlan Ballard, Jackson Ballard, William Ballard, Charles Ballou, Elias Ballou, Willard Ballou, George Bamforth, Charles Bangs, Maria Banks, John Banning, Romuel Barbeau, Andrew Barber, Charles Barber, J. Morton Barber, Adolphus Barcelon, Henry Bard, James Barden, Lydia Bardin, Joseph Bargeron, Deborah Barker, James Barker, Thomas Barker, Henry Barlow, Owneen Barlow, Thomas Barnacoat, Abbey Barnes, Emily Barnes, Moses Barnes, Naaman Barnes, Andrew Barnfather, Edwin Barnum, Stephen Barnum, Napoleon Baron, Ebenezer Barrett, Eleazer Barrett, Nathan Barrett, Mary Barringer, David Barry, George Barry, John Barry, Adolf Barschdorf, Joseph Barth, James Bartin, William Bartlet, Dwight Bartlett, Independence Bartlett, Timothy Bartley, Joshua Barton, Wesley Barton, Nathan Barven, Voluntine Barven, Joseph Basinait, Almon Bassett, Caroline Bassett, Cornelius Bassett, Nathaniel Bassett, Polly Bassett, Oliver Bastianella, William Bastion, George Basto, Huldah Bates, William Bates, John Batot, William Battell, Lafayette Battelle, Henry Battershall, Albert Bauer, Fred Bauer, Daniel Baxter, Jesse Baxter, Thomas Bayaron, Anna Bazzell, Archibald Beach, Caleb Beach, Hezekiah Beach, Hosea Beach, Esther Beals, Samuel Beals, Betsey Beaman, John Bear, William Beard, Charles Beauchamp, Sylvester Beauchamp, Joseph Beauchemin, Paul Beaudin, Cyprien Beaupre, Nazaire Beaupre, George Beauregard, Charles Bebb, Fabius Beckwith, James Beckwith, Dillwyn Bedell, Richard Beebe, Chester Beecher, Charles Beers, Samuel Beers, Sarah Beers, Thomas Behan, Joseph Behron, Patrick Beirne, Charles Belair, Charles Belcher, Joseph Belcher, William Belcher, Phineas Belden, Sylvester Belding, Charles Bell, Chester Belron, Frank Benack, Henry Bence, Isaac Benedict, Elbert Benjamin, Peleg Benjamin, Joseph Bennett, William Bennett, Henry Benoit, James Benson, Samantha Bentley, Dorcas Benton, John Benton, Hermon Benzon, Aaron Berkerwitz, Charles Bernier, Dennis Beron, Celeste Berron, Louis Bertrand, Jacob Besanson, Ezra Best, Buell Bettes, Harry Beverly, Hosea Bevins, Oscar Bicknell, Sumner Bicknell, Thomas Biety, Charles Billings, Deptford Billings, Amos Bills, Electa Bills, David Bingham, Frank Binnum, James Birch, James Birchard, Samuel Birchard, Carrie Bird, Mary Bird, Henry Bishop, Maria Bishop, Nathaniel Bishop, Mary Bissell, Paul Bissette, Tulius Bittner, Otis Blackington, Joseph Blackmer, Joseph Blain, Daniel Blanchard, Flora Blanchard, Napoleon Blanchard, Frank Blatz, John Bline, Clinton Blinn, Chauncy Bliss, Clinton Bliss, George Bliss, Henry Bliss, John Bliss, Moses Bliss, Nellie Bliss, Weston Bliss, Julia Bliven, Lois Bliven, Edwin Blodgett, Eugene Blood, John Blood, Frank Blowe, Rutson Blunt, John Bly, Olive Bly, Sarah Bly, Hubert Blythe, Henry Boardman, Ruth Boardman, Frank Bocade, Jacob Bochman, Frank Boland, Michael Bolger, Patrick Bolger, Albert Bomgarten, Alexis Bonataux, Ruth Bond, Samuel Bonney, Silence Bonny, Emanuel Boocock, William Boos, Jacob Booth, Lucinda Booth, Philander Booth, Fred Bopra, Peter Bordaw, Joseph Bosquett, James Bossidy, Patrick Bossidy, George Bostwick, Lucy Bosworth, George Bottom, Isaac Bottomley, Martha Bottum, Hubert Boucher, Jean Bourassa, August Boure, William Bourish, Cyrus Bourne, Elsie Bourne, Manly Bourne, Joseph Bovais, James Bowe, Albert Bowen, Henry Bowen, Lovain Bowen, Joshua Bowerman, Prince Bowerman, James Bowker, Henry Bowman, Rosa Boyer, Charles Brace, Thomas Bracken, Jane Brackett, Paschal Brackett, Benjamin Bradbury, Beda Bradley, Stephen Bradley, Uri Bradley, John Bradshaw, Henri Braem, Lewis Brague, Edwin Brainard, Grove Branch, Orson Branch, Roswell Branch, Vine Branch, Christopher Brasie, Henry Brasie, John Bratchy, William Brattle, Edwin Brayman, Franklin Brazee, Terrence Brazel, Lucy Breed, Augustus Breeny, Harry Breiffet, Christopher Brennan, Cecile Brested, Austin Brett, Owen Brett, John Brewer, Jane Bridges, Emil Brielman, Aseph Briggs, Frank Briggs, George Briggs, Jefferson Briggs, Luthut Briggs, Grace Bristed, Lanor Brister, Jacob Brobendee, Clifford Brochu, Dennis Broderick, Michael Broderick, Charles Brodie, Matthias Broga, Orson Broga, John Bronson, Maria Brookins, Philip Brookins, Bateman Brooks, John Brophy, Patrick Brophy, Lewis Brothers, Ferry Brouker, Alpheus Brown, Amy Brown, Anson Brown, Belle Brown, Caleb Brown, Charles Brown, Daniel Brown, Darius Brown, Dolly Brown, Edwin Brown, Elisha Brown, Ezekiel Brown, Hazen Brown, Hiram Brown, Hoyt Brown, J. Proudfit Brown, James Brown, John Brown, Obadiah Brown, Rhoda Brown, Russell Brown, Sally Brown, Solomon Brown, Uriah Brown, Daniel Brownson, John Bruhn, William Brunson, Lyman Brusie, Mortimer Bryant, Bushrod Buck, Burt Buckbee, Walter Buckbee, John Buckland, Eli Buel, Buell Bull, Edwin Bull, Nehemiah Bull, Charles Bullard, Albertus Bump, Dan Bunce, Henry Bunnell, John Bunyon, Roland Burbank, Nancy Burchard, Richard Burget, Peter Burgett, Coonrad Burghardt, Hendrick Burghardt, John Burghardt, John Burk, Honora Burke, James Burke, John Burke, Julia Burke, Thomas Burke, William Burke, Benjamin Burlingame, Jane Burlingham, James Burnes, Julia Burnham, Susanna Burnham, James Burns, Patrick Burns, Thomas Burns, William Burns, Charles Burr, Dwight Burr, Moses Burr, Daniel Burt, John Burtch, Charles Burton, Exior Buryer, Lester Busby, Amy Bush, Gilbert Bush, John Bush, Orpha Bush, John Bushnell, Watson Bushnell, Caroline Butler, Jethro Butler, Milicent Butler, Silas Butler, Thankful Butler, Irene Butts, Sarah Butts, John Byers, & Henry Byington.

Margaret Cacy, Edward Cadagan, Morris Cadagan, John Cade, Chester Cady, Olive Cady, John Cagnen, John Cahil, Hannah Cain, Patrick Cain, James Calcey, Peter Caldwell, Eben Calkins, William Calkins, Maurice Callaghan, Timothy Callaghan, John Callahan, Julia Callahan, Patrick Callahan, James Callender, Betty Cameron, Daniel Camp, Frank Camp, Donald Campbell, J. Edgar Campbell, Willie Campbell, Harry Camwell, Hopkins Cande, Lucretia Cane, Harriet Canfield, John Canfield, Matthew Canfield, Samuel Canfield, Elias Capf, Franklin Card, Wilford Cardany, Joseph Cardinal, Alexander Carduff, Lawrence Carey, Orlando Carley, Dezzani Carlo, William Carney, Seneca Carpenter, Stephen Carpenter, Henry Carr, Hiram Carr, John Carr, Walter Carr, Patrick Carran, B. Seymour Carrington, James Carroll, John Carroll, Maurice Carroll, Edward Carson, Gains Carter, Nancy Carter, James Cartwright, Edwin Carver, Hoyt Cary, Levi Case, John Casey, Maria Casey, James Cashin, Ewan Cassaboom, Edward Cassidy, Eber Castle, John Castle, Samuel Casue, Whipple Caswell, Jr., Patrick Caughlin, Arthur Cavnaugh, Augustus Ceasar, Thomas Ceho, Samuel Cesar, Lizzie Chadbourn, Anna Chadwick, John Chadwick, Chauncey Chaffee, Prentice Chaffee, Sainai Chaffee, James Chalmers, John Chalmers, Albert Champlin, Addison Chapel, Daniel Chapman, Timothy Chapman, John Charbonneau, Samuel Charles, Philip Charon, Benjamin Chase, Edgar Chase, Lawrence Chase, Maria Chase, Martha Chase, Frank Chattilione, George Chaupire, John Chavanne, Manley Cheeney, Abel Cheeseman, Sidney Cheeseman, Sidney Cheeseman, John Cheesman, Joseph Chenail, Edwin Chesebro, O. Henry Chesebro, Emma Cheshire, Benjamin Chickering, Henry Chickering, Job Child, Temperance Child, Levi Childs, William Chinon, Chester Chipan, William Choquette, Badard Chrysologue, Elihu Church, Gideon Church, Noah Church, Richard Church, Sarah Church, Lois Churchill, Andrew Claair, John Claffey, Alfred Claflin, Dennis Clahasey, Margaret Clahasey, Michael Clancey, Edwin Clapp, Medel Clapper, Damon Clark, Dudley Clark, Edward Clark, Elmadorus Clark, Harriet Clark, Hiram Clark, Irvin Clark, James Clark, Jerred Clark, Mary Clark, Renben Clark, Robert Clark, Sylvanus Clark, Franklin Clarke, David Clay, William Clayton, Michael Cleary, James Clement, James Clements, William Clements, Alvah Cleveland, Mahaley Cleveland, William Clifford, John Clothier, George Clough, Isaac Clough, Loyd Cloyd, John Coady, Charles Coates, Ellen Coats, Betsey Cobb, George Cobb, James Cobb, Roger Cobban, John Cobleigh, Michael Cocoran, John Coe, Charles Coffin, Lydia Coffin, John Coffing, Edwin Coggswell, George Coggswell, Mary Coherty, John Colby, David Cole, Horace Cole, Israel Cole, Justin Cole, Leland Cole, Lewis Cole, Luther Cole, Mary Cole, Sylvia Cole, William Coleman, Jane Coles, Abram Collins, Clarkson Collins, Isaac Collins, Job Collins, Lemuel Collins, Margaret Collins, Rhoda Collins, Peter Colong, Elizabeth Colt, James Colt, Henry Colt, Jr., Samuel Colver, Patrick Colwell, Edward Combs, Joseph Como, Hiram Comstock, Hugh Comstock, Peregrine Comstock, Permelia Comstock, Thomas Comstock, Patrick Con Connon, Alfred Cone, Alonzo Cone, Asa Cone, Joseph Cone, William Conely, Dallas Congdon, John Conklin, James Conlin, Lawrence Conners, Daniel Connor, John Connor, Bridget Connors, Lawrence Connors, Michael Conroy, Frank Contois, Charles Controy, Amasa Converse, James Conway, Michael Conway, Owen Coogan, Annie Cook, Hasson Cook, John Cook, Lois Cook, Mary Cook, Moses Cook, Sela Cook, Aaron Cooke, Mary Cookingham, Bridget Cooley, Mary Cooley, Horace Coombs, Alonzo Coon, Jacob Coon, Henry Coones, James Cooper, Willard Cooper, John Corbet, Frank Corbin, Andrew Corcoran, John Cordon, Augustus Cordonier, Abel Corey, Humility Corey, Lawrence Corioly, Lydia Cork, William Corkhill, Chloe Cormea, Samuel Cornelius, Chester Cornwell, Joseph Corsiglia, Patrick Cosgrove, Catherine Costello, John Costello, William Costello, Michael Costican, David Costin, Hugh Costlo, Ruel Cota, Alva Cotton, M. A. Cottrell, Romeo Coty, Frederick Couch, Horace Couch, William Couch, James Coughlin, Henry Coult, Duffield Counter, Dennis Couture, Lorenzo Cowan, Theodore Cowhig, Stephen Coy, Edward Craig, John Crananan, Mary Crane, Nicholas Crane, Z. Marshall Crane, Zenas Crane, Michael Cratty, Warren Crawford, William Crawford, Timothy Creamer, Joseph Crines, Louisa Crippen, Maria Crippen, Betsey Crittenden, Levi Crittenden, Simeon Crofoot, Stephen Crofoot, Thomas Crofts, Timothy Cronan, George Cronk, Norman Cronk, Arthur Crosier, David Crosier, Watson Crosier, James Cross, Mary Cross, Jerry Crotta, William Crotty, Walter Crow, Michael Crowley, Jessie Crown, Arthur Cruikshank, Thomas Cruikshank, Edward Crumb, Bridget Crystal, Lizzie Cullen, Samuel Culver, Ann Culverhouse, Samuel Culverhouse, Owen Cummings, Eugene Curissey, James Curley, James Curran, Patrick Curran, Anna Curtain, Catherine Curtain, Daniel Curtin, Chloe Curtis, Elijah Curtis, Epaphras Curtis, Josiah Curtis, Peter Curtis, Warren Curtis, Frederick Curtiss, Giles Curtiss, Chauncy Cutting, & Fannie Cutting.

John Dadmun, Paul Daeh, Albert Dahart, John Dailey, Michael Daily, Charles Dalay, John Daley, John Dalrymple, Orson Dalrymple, Mary Dalton, William Dalton, Dennis Daly, Martha Dalzell, James Damms, Isaac Damon, John Danahee, Peter Dane, Erastus Danes, Armand Danis, Henry Dann, Edward Dano, Timothy Darb, William Darbee, Jonathan Darby, Robert Darby, David Darling, J. Wells Darrow, William Dartt, Eusea Dasella, David Davenport, Edmund Daverin, Robert Davies, Edward Davin, John Davin, Ai Davis, Alanson Davis, Almena Davis, Benjamin Davis, Diana Davis, Mary Davis, Milo Davis, Richard Davis, Franklin Davol, Henry Dawes, Job Dawley, Matthew Dawns, Edward Day, Elisha Day, Elizabeth Day, George Day, Guy Day, Henry Day, Homer Day, Ira Day, James Day, Luke Day, Moses Day, William Day, John De Bruer, Charles De Forest, Eilliam De Vall, D. J. Dean, Dallas Dean, George Dean, Mary Dean, Morton Dean, Stoel Dean, Zebedee Dean, Samuel Dearing, Allen Decker, Eli Decker, James Decker, James Dee, Edmund Deeland, Patrick Deeley, Frank Defoe, John Deforest, Lewis Degenkilpe, Frank DeGroff, Patrick Deigman, Edward Delafield, Frederick Deland, Patrick Deley, Frederick Dellert, Theodore Dellert, Alando Delphay, Philan Delphian, Joseph Demaris, Bartholomew DeMarsh, Frank Demary, Solomon Deming, William Denegan, Alonzo Dennett, James Denny, William Denslow, Paul Depue, Hector Derie, William Derigan, William Dermady, Fred Descelle, Humphrey Desmond, Lorenzo Desrochers, James Deusenbury, Thomas Devine, John Devoe, John Devon, Abner Dewey, Asahel Dewey, Daniel Dewey, Israel Dewey, Josephine Dewey, Samuel Dewey, John Dewire, Daniel DeWolf, Harriet Dewyer, Charles Deyoe, Mary Diamond, William Diamond, Daniel Dicey, Robert Dickie, Levi Dickinson, Martin Diehl, Ira Dill, Patrick Dillan, Nathan Dillingham, Michael Dillon, Maria Dilworth, John Dimon, Adelbert Dings, Martin Dings, Thelesphor Dionne, Henry Ditman, Henry Dittman, Eugene Dixon, John Dobson, Thomas Dodds, George Dodge, William Dodge, Patrick Dolan, Abigail Dole, George Dollar, Cordy Dolly, Michael Dolphin, Charles Don, John Donahue, Rebecca Donalson, Basille Doncette, John Donohue, Dennis Donovan, Charles Dooley, Peter Dooly, William Doran, Alexander Dorant, Samuel Dorgan, Alva Dorman, Levi Dorman, Charles Dorr, John Doten, George Doty, Sanford Doty, Solomon Doty, Asa Douglass, Samuel Dow, Artemas Dowd, Timothy Dowd, William Dowd, William Downey, James Downs, George Dox, James Doyle, Jennie Doyle, John Drake, Gideon Draper, Otto Drescher, Harvey Dresser, Mary Dresser, Elizabeth Drew, Simon Drew, Anthony Drinkwine, Mary Driscoll, William Drum, Nathan Drury, Maglorie Ducharme, Bernard Duclos, Constant Ducoty, John Dudley, James Duffey, Barney Duffy, James Duffy, Mack Duga, George Dumais, Lois Dunbar, James Dunham, Daniel Dunn, John Dunn, Susan Dunn, William Dupee, Mitchell Dupre, John Duprea, Nelson Dupuy, Frank Durant, Peter Durant, Frank Durkee, William Durphy, Lewis Duso, Ambrose Dutcher, Henry Dutcher, Elijah Dwight, Henry Dwight, Joseph Dwight, John Dwyer, Polly Dyer, Elijah Dyke, Beckus Dykeman, & David Dynes.

James Eadie, John Eagan, Thomas Eagan, Sarah Eager, Charles Eames, Elizabeth Eanes, Joseph Earnshaw, Elijah Easland, Frederick Easland, Hendrick Easland, James Eason, James Eastham, Esther Eaton, Prescott Eaton, Thomas Eaton, Edwin Eckerson, James Eddy, Charles Edgecomb, Curtis Edgerton, Spencer Edmunds, Edward Edwards, George Edwards, Samuel Edwards, Timothy Edwards, Wales Edwards, John Eells, William Efnor, Fanny Egbert, Azariah Egleston, William Egner, Martin Ehrler, Philip Eichelser, Benjamin Eitelman, Griffin Eldridge, Lyman Eldridge, Mattie Eldridge, Albert Elegsau, John Elendorf, Austin Elkey, George Elky, Eliza Ellicott, Charles Ellis, Waity Ellis, Wilson Ellis, Samuel Ellison, Charles Ellsworth, Ruth Ellsworth, Walter Elmer, George Elmore, Pamelia Elton, Reuben Ely, Alvin Emigh, Elizabeth Emigh, Abram Emlaw, Ichabod Emmons, Maria Emmons, David Emo, Eazer Emottor, William Empsall, Otto Endres, Moses England, Edward Enkelman, Edward Eno, George Eno, Thomas Enright, Jacob Ensign, Mary Ensign, Robert Erler, Bertha Escherich, James Esler, Charles Estabrook, Charles Estes, Israel Estes, Sewel Estes, Edward Esty, Charles Evans, John Evans, Orman Evans, Horatio Everett, Closson Everingham, William Everts, & William Exford.

George Fabricius, Edward Fagan, Clement Fahy, Winifred Fahy, Henry Fairbanks, Mary Fairfield, Nathaniel Fairfield, Elijah Fairweather, Thomas Fairweather, J. Mortimer Fake, Clarence Fales, James Fallon, John Fallon, Peter Fallon, Julius Faneuf, Henry Fargo, Reuben Fargo, Rufus Fargo, Thomas Fargo, Francis Farley, Peter Farley, Benjamin Farmer, William Farmer, John Farnam, Oran Farnam, Isannah Farnum, Jonathan Farnum, John Farrell, Ephraim Farrington, James Farrington, Michael Fassell, Alfred Fassett, Charles Faucett, Charles Faulkner, Irving Fay, Milton Fay, Eliza Fee, John Fee, Edwin Feeley, John Feil, Gilbert Felix, Oscar Fellows, Franklin Felton, Peter Fendro, Camille Feneuff, Theodore Fenn, Peter Ferguson, Henry Fern, George Ferry, Alfonso Fessenden, Ann Fessenden, Michael Fetter, Philipine Fidelman, Chad Field, Henry Field, Rhodanfus Field, John Fields, Ann Fife, Joseph Fifield, Ranslaer Filkins, David Filleo, Edmond Fillio, Martin Finaghty, John Fink, John Finkle, Michael Finn, Thomas Finn, Rose Finnerty, John Firth, Orlando Fish, George Fisher, Ann Fisk, Edmund Fisk, John Fisk, Nathan Fisk, Ephraim Fitch, Horace Fitch, Sanford Fitch, Joseph Fithorick, William Fitzgerald, John Fitzpatrick, Mary Fitzpatrick, Edward Fitzroy, Fred Flagg, Michael Flaherty, John Flansburgh, William Fleming, James Flemming, Maria Flemming, Patrick Flemming, James Fleury, Michael Flinn, Joseph Flint, Julia Flint, Levi Flint, Loren Flint, Luke Flood, Rufus Flood, William Fly, Barney Flynn, John Flynn, Patrick Flynn, Michael Fogerty, James Foley, John Foley, Philip Foley, William Foley, Martin Follon, George Folsom, Eben Foot, Harry Foot, Sanford Foot, Amos Foote, Asaph Foote, Charles Foote, Charles Foote, Delos Foote, Edward Foote, Joseph Foote, Solomon Foote, George Forbes, Henry Forbes, Clarence Ford, Jonathan Ford, W. Harry Ford, John Forest, Gustavus Formhals, Charles Forward, Charles Fosburgh, Edmund Foster, Henry Foster, Rachel Foster, Joseph Fournier, C. Thomas Fox, Fred Fox, Alonzo Francis, Fennlia Francis, Maryette Francis, Mortimer Francis, Ann Frary, Wallace Fraser, Fred Fredelt, Mary Fredericks, Athol Freed, Eli Freeman, Elizabeth Freeman, William Freeman, Joseph Frein, George French, Thomas Frend, George Frettenburgh, Patrick Friary, John Frilley, Charles Frink, Lucy Frink, Royal Frink, Amasa Frissell, Dwight Frissell, William Frissell, Albert Frost, Frances Frost, Lizzie Frost, Edward Fuller, Herbert Fuller, Jabez Fuller, Julius Fuller, Samuel Fuller, Spencer Fuller, Zadoc Fuller, George Funk, Peter Funk, Clementine Furness, George Furs, & William Fyfe.

William Gabriel, Katie Gafney, Theresa Gafney, Gessa Gage, John Gaghan, Nelson Gagnon, Isidore Galarneau, Thomas Galbraith, Alonzo Gale, Bennett Gale, Emily Gale, Frank Gallino, Callie Gallup, Clarence Gallup, Edward Gallup, Fannie Gallup, Lorenzo Galpin, Daniel Galvin, Dennis Galvin, Simon Galvin, William Galvin, Narcissa Gamanche, Christopher Gamble, Lorenzo Gamwell, William Gamwell, Caleb Gardner, Elizabeth Gardner, James Gardner, John Gardner, Rufus Garlick, James Garrity, James Garry, David Garvin, Walter Gassoway, William Gast, Patrick Gately, Abigail Gates, Judson Gates, Thomas Gatheny, Joseph Gautz, Clark Gavitt, Edmund Gay, Anson Gaylord, Grove Gaylord, Calvin Geer, Sally Geer, Norbert Geleneau, Frank George, Fred Germain, George Gerst, James Getty, Charles Gibbs, Ephraim Gibbs, John Gibbs, Oscar Gibbs, John Gibson, Origen Gibson, William Gibson, Augustus Giddings, Edward Giddings, Jesse Gifford, Warren Gifford, Alfred Gilbert, Joseph Gilbert, Sally Gilbert, Fred Gilbo, Joseph Gildrie, Martin Gill, Michael Gill, Darius Gillett, Fred Gillmor, Clinton Gilmore, Moses Gilroy, Edwin Gingell, Joseph Giraux, Robert Girling, Ephraim Gittau, Francis Gittau, Michael Givins, Ransom Gladding, Abijah Gleason, Martin Gleason, Rachel Gleason, Jenne Glenn, Michael Glenn, Christopher Glennon, Theodore Glentz, Rosa Glixman, Clifford Gloyd, Adolph Gluick, Louis Godner, Robert Goelet, Emmett Goewey, James Goewey, Newton Goewey, Lewis Goff, William Goggin, Moses Gokey, Thomas Gold, Thomas Gold, Dennis Golliker, Peter Gonyea, S. B. Goodale, Van Buren Goodell, William Goodell, John Goodenough, Henry Goodhind, Charles Goodrich, Daniel Goodrich, Ella Goodrich, Mary Goodrich, Solomon Goodrich, Joseph Goodrow, Sarah Goodspeed, Angeline Gooleh, Van Ness Gooleh, Anthony Goorn, William Gordan, Elmon Gordon, LeGrand Gorham, Dennis Gorman, James Gorman, Mary Gorman, Libbie Gorry, M. A. Gottrell, Charles Gould, Louisa Gould, Frank Goussett, Justine Goussett, Sebastian Goussett, Nathan Gove, James Gowdy, Joseph Gozar, John Grace, William Grace, John Grady, William Gragg, John Granger, Sylvester Granger, Edward Grant, Russell Grant, Jacob Grashaw, Bridget Grau, Paul Gravel, Joseph Graves, Edward Gray, Eleanor Gray, Patrick Gray, Luther Greatrax, Dyer Green, George Green, Jerry Green, William Green, Elijah Greene, George Greenleaf, Thomas Greeno, Norman Greenslet, Adaline Greenwood, Edward Greenwood, Major Gregory, Samuel Gregory, Sarah Gregory, John Grey, Samuel Gridley, William Grietzbach, John Griffin, John Griggs, Robert Grilley, Edward Grinnell, Samuel Grippen, Lyman Grismal, Andrew Griswold, Frank Griswold, Charles Groat, John Groat, William Grocer, Adell Groesbeck, Alexander Groesbeck, Charles Groesbeck, Franklin Groesbeck, Jane Groesbeck, Alexander Groves, Patrick Guarin, Joseph Guitano, Gideon Gunn, Lester Gunn, Samuel Gunn, & Shaw Guy.

William Hadsell, John Hafaron, George Haff, George Hagar, William Hagerman, Daniel Hagerty, John Haggerty, Ira Haight, Nathan Hakes, Milla Hale, Nelson Hale, Thomas Hale, Ambrose Hall, Anna Hall, Arthur Hall, Clarissa Hall, Clark Hall, Dwight Hall, Elisha Hall, Elnathan Hall, Jonathan Hall, Luke Hall, Thomas Hall, Edward Halpin, George Hamer, Matthew Hamilton, Sophronia Hamlin, John Hammond, Peter Hampston, George Hampton, Libbie Hancock, Herman Hand, Samuel Hand, Barney Handy, Olive Hann, Lawrence Hanrahan, John Haphey, John Hardaman, William Harder, John Hardiman, Thomas Hardiman, Fanny Hare, Adam Harkness, Hannah Harkness, James Harlan, Emeline Harmon, Ezra Harmon, Gaines Harmon, Julius Harmon, Mehitable Harmon, Nathaniel Harmon, Samuel Harmon, William Harmon, James Harney, Henry Harp, John Harper, John Harricut, Leo Harricutt, Amasa Harrington, Delman Harrington, Franklin Harrington, Franklin Harrington, Horace Harrington, Ira Harrington, Millard Harrington, Russell Harrington, Charles Harris, James Harris, Aaron Harrop, Robert Harrop, Charles Hart, John Hart, Mary Hart, Philip Hart, Theron Hart, Patrick Hartery, Robert Harvie, Volney Haskell, Elwin Haskins, Robert Haslam, William Hass, Elizabeth Hasson, James Hasson, William Hasty, Jeremiah Hatch, Orrin Hatch, Rhoda Hatch, Stephen Hatch, Mary Hathaway, Zacheus Hathaway, Baldice Haupt, George Haven, John Hawkins, Robert Hawkins, Gresham Hawks, Louisa Hawks, Erastus Hawley, Esther Hawley, Joseph Hawley, Osiah Hawley, Lawrence Haworth, Eli Hawver, Caroline Haxton, Joseph Hayden, Mary Hayden, Roger Hayes, Wilson Hayes, George Haytree, Albert Haywood, Jepthae Hazard, Jonathan Hazard, Penelope Hazard, Rodman Hazard, Joseph Hazen, Mary Heager, John Heap, Mary Heaphey, Lizzie Heaphy, Electa Heath, Robert Heath, William Heburn, Lebbeus Hedger, August Heebner, John Hefferan, Jeremiah Helms, Charles Hemenway, Robert Henderson, John Hennessey, Patrick Hennessy, Lorenzo Henry, James Henzy, William Herbert, Charles Herder, Huldah Herrick, Lewis Herzog, Charlotte Hewett, Mary Hewett, Stillman Hewett, John Hibbard, Christopher Hibbert, Christopher Hickey, Julia Hickey, Elias Hicks, George Hicock, Robert Higgins, Joseph Higley, Laverna Higley, Micah Higley, Anna Hill, Isaac Hill, Jane Hill, Sanford Hill, Alberton Hills, Asa Hills, George Himes, Charles Hinckley, Reuben Hinman, Jonathan Hinsdale, Gustav Hirschburg, Homer Hitchcock, Harry Hitt, Albert Hoag, James Hoben, Jemima Hocking, Simeon Hocumb, Henry Hodecker, Henry Hoderker, William Hoffman, Samuel Hoftaling, James Hogan, John Hogan, Samuel Hogel, Derrick Hogoboom, John Holahan, Czarina Holbrook, Laurette Holden, Elizabeth Holenbeck, Martin Holin, James Holland, Michael Holland, Cornelia Hollenbeck, John Hollenbeck, Michael Hollenbeck, Egbert Hollister, Emaline Holmes, Horace Holmes, James Holmes, Francis Holt, John Homan, Frank Honaker, Joseph Honiker, Edward Hood, William Hoofmyre, Ann Hooper, Elisha Hooper, Mary Hooper, Algernon Hoose, Amos Hoose, Clinton Hoose, Philip Hoose, Richard Hoose, Mary Hope, Charles Hopkins, Homer Hopkins, Mark Hopkins, Moses Hopkins, Martin Hopper, Thomas Hopper, Charles Horrocks, Mary Anne Horsfall, Ansel Horton, Arthur Horton, Harlin Horton, Thomas Horton, Elmer Hosley, Frank Hosmer, Charles Hotaling, Dennis Hotchkiss, Hiram Hotchkiss, Henry Houghtaling, George Houle, Julia Houston, Maria Houston, Martha Houston, John Howard, Myra Howard, George Howatt, Edward Howe, Gershom Howe, William Howes, John Howieson, Maggie Howison, Isaac Howk, Jane Howland, Truman Howland, George Hoxie, Andrew Hoxton, Martin Hoy, Charles Hubbard, Augustus Hubby, John Hudner, Emmons Huested, Adam Huethner, John Huffnagle, Elisha Huggins, John Huggins, Marvin Huggins, John Hughes, Michael Hughes, Merritt Hugins, Amos Hulbert, Henry Hulbert, Seymour Hulbert, Electa Hulet, Alice Hull, Edward Hull, George Hull, Oliver Hull, Oliver Hull, Schuyler Hulse, Dennis Humason, Clarence Hume, Hannah Hungerford, Alva Hunt, Edward Hunt, Wilbur Hunt, Elenora Hunter, Ebenezer Huntington, Marietta Huntley, AmeliaHurd, Henry Hurd, Edwin Hurlburt, Hosea Hurlbut, Hubbard Hurlbut, Michael Hurley, Michael Hussey, Ezra Hutchinson, Herbert Hutchinson, Caleb Hyde, Elijah Hyde, Judith Hyde, Silas Hyde, & Edward Hynes.

Albert Iles, John Illingsworth, Walter Illingworth, Samuel Illman, William Inert, Joseph Ineson, Earl Ingalls, George Ingalls, Samuel Ingalls, William Ingalls, Bathsheba Ingersoll, David Ingersoll, Deodote Ingersoll, Jane Ingersoll, Moses Ingersoll, Thomas Ingersoll, William Ingersoll, Henry Ingerson, George Ingham, William Ingham, Elihu Ingraham, Jonathan Ingraham, Wells Ingraham, George Ingram, Moses Ingram, Jonah Ireler, John Irons, Robert Irving, Edwin Irwin, Knut Isakson, Abner Isbell, James Isham, Abram Ives, David Ives, & Henry Ivison.

Benjamin Jacklin, Andrew Jackson, Giles Jackson, Jesse Jackson, Joshua Jackson, Tressy Jacob, Horace Jacobs, Julius Jacot, Hurlburt Jacques, William Jacques, Arthur Jaeschke, John Jagger, Benjamin James, William Jamison, Fred Jandrew, Joseph Jandro, Lewis Jandro, William Jandro, Frank Jaqua, Agnes Jaquins, Eveline Jarvis, David Jaynes, Lewis Jeffers, Ebenezer Jenkins, Alden Jenks, Anna Jenks, Calvin Jenks, Edmund Jenks, Elisha Jenks, Emma Jenks, Eunice Jenks, Jesse Jenks, Marshall Jenks, Ransom Jenks, Towner Jenks, Thomas Jenne, Benjamin Jennett, Henry Jennings, Edward Jerdan, Peter Jerome, George Jessup, Jacob Jilson, Lucy Jinks, William John, Napolean Johndrow, James Johns, Amasa Johnson, Egbert Johnson, Lydia Johnson, Martin Johnson, Peter Johnson, Burton Jolls, Alford Jones, Benjamin Jones, Hannah Jones, Hezekiah Jones, Israel Jones, Lorenzo Jones, Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones, Alonzo Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Harmidas Joron, Darius Joslin, Pamelia Joslin, Clara Joson, Lorenzo Joy, Sherbin Joy, John Joyce, Edwin Joyner, Henry Joyner, Mary Joyner, Philo Joyner, Bisaillon Jsau, Thomas Jubb, George Judd, Oliver Judd, George Judivine, & Otis Justin.

Hugh Kabe, Andrew Kain, Henry Kaiser, Mara Kaliher, Samuel Kallock, Michael Kane, Patrick Kane, Andrew Karner, Andrew Karner, Dimmis Karner, Jacob Karner, Nicholas Karner, Sabra Karner, Patrick Karragan, William Kasson, J. Frank Kealing, Henry Keating, Luke Keefe, Michael Keefe, Patrick Keefe, Patrick Keegan, James Keely, James Keenan, John Kehoe, William Keiser, Herbert Keith, Edward Kelley, James Kelley, Patrick Kelley, Abner Kellogg, Jared Kellogg, John Kellogg, Norman Kellogg, Philander Kellogg, Sarah Kellogg, Thalia Kellogg, Timothy Kellogg, Herbert Kells, Hattel Kelly, Maggie Kelly, Owen Kelly, Lippman Kelm, Anna Kelsey, Henry Kelsey, Mark Kelsey, Dorcas Kemp, Nathan Kemp, Zebina Kemp, Henry Kendall, Ernest Kenedy, Aaron Kennedy, Erwin Kennedy, Orrin Kennedy, Thomas Kennedy, Abel Kent, Gideon Kent, Henry Kent, Eugene Kenyon, Patrick Kerley, Peter Kern, John Kernahan, John Kernitzsehka, Francis Kernochan, George Kerr, Patrick Kerrigan, Charles Kessler, Matthew Ketchum, Elias Keyes, Lorrin Keyes, Mary Kibbe, David Kidney, James Kiggins, John Kilborn, Mark Kilborn, George Kilbourn, George Kilburn, James Kilduff, James Kiley, MargaretKiley, Patrick Kiley, Peter Kilian, Thomas Killeen, James Killfoil, Patrick Killfoile, Andrew Killilea, Charles Killmer, David Kilmer, Robert Kilmer, Homer Kimberley, Arial King, Caliph King, Corlis King, David King, Emery King, George King, Hopestill King, Jesse King, Jonas King, Stephen King, William King, Nathaniel Kingsley, Owen Kinna, Andrew Kinnarney, Elbert Kinney, Phineas Kinney, Charles Kinsala, Karow Kinsella, Emil Kipper, Morris Kirby, Walstein Kirchner, Samuel Kirk, William Kispir, Peter Kisselbrack, Hannah Kittredge, Luke Klahn, Frederick Klement, Frank Kline, Joseph Kline, Levi Kline, Milo Kline, Scott Kline, Henry Kloseman, Zalman Knapp, Lois Kneeland, William Knickerbocker, Andrew Knight, Frank Knight, Henry Knight, James Knight, Edward Knopf, Paul Knowlton, Alanson Knox, Thomas Knuckey, Adolph Koepka, Adolph Kolch, George Kolp, Konkapot, George Kopp, Frederick Korff, William Kranse, Daniel Kraus, George Krew, & George Kunhardt.

John La Barnes, Matthew La Rose, Moses Labeau, Gilbert Lablue, John LaCasse, Fred Lacey, Frank LaDam, Henry Ladd, James Ladd, Thomas Ladd, Gilbert LaFortune, Cyprien Lageer, Anna Laithe, Ellen Lake, Martin Lally, Cornelius Lamassenah, James Lamb, Seneca Lamb, Phineas Lamphire, Thomas Landers, Abigail Landon, Julius Landry, Belle Lane, Lawrence Lane, Edward Lanfair, Herman Lang, Egbert Langdon, Merrick Langdon, Ralph Langdon, Napoleon Langlois, Frank Langsdorff, Chester Langworthy, Delphuce Lanoue, Chester Lanphier, Andrew Lape, Charles Lapelt, Hannah Lapham, Joshua Lapham, Paul Laplant, Samuel Laprise, Euclide Laramee, Mary Large, Simon Larned, Francis Lasheen, Marks Lasher, Martin Lasme, Eugene Latermy, Ada Lathrop, Alice Lathrop, Moses Lavin, John Lavy, Richard Lawless, James Lawlor, Addison Lawrence, Harlen Lawrence, Josiah Lawrence, Solomon Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Ira Lawson, Charles Lawton, Israel Lawton, Joseph Lawton, Joshua Lawton, Charles Lay, Walter Le Warne, Cornelius Leahay, Thomas Leahey, Lyman Learned, Florence Leary, Isaac Leavenworth, Joseph Leavitt, Victor LeBlond, M. D. LeClair, Alfred Lee, Edwin Lee, Samuel Lee, William Lee, Chauncey Leet, Israel Lefebore, James Leffingwell, Rhoda Leffingwell, Columbus Legate, Simeon Legate, Camille Leherbette, Ertman Leidhold, John Leland, Willie Lely, Job Lenley, George Lent, Peter Leonard, Philo Leonard, Timothy Leonard, Julius LePlant, Renne Leriche, Jacob Leroy, George Lester, Martin Lesure, Rosetta Lesure, Joseph Letorneau, Joseph Leveiller, Abisher Lewis, Benjamin Lewis, George Lewis, Elizabeth L'Hommedieu, George L'Hommedieu, Mary L'Hommedieu, Sidney Lillie, Michael Lilly, Benjamin Lincoln, Lucinda Lincoln, Minnie Lincoln, Pardon Lincoln, Seneca Lincoln, William Lindsey, Ton Linn, Jeremiah Linnehan, Charles Linsky, John Linton, Jacob Lion, John Lippit, Charles Liptay, Eli Little, John Little, Woodbridge Little, Charles Livermore, Sarah Livermore, Ansel Lloyd, Edward Lloyd, William Lloyd, Augustus Locke, James Lockhead, Edward Loftus, David Logan, Willie Loins, Adam Long, John Longdyke, Thomas Longstaff, William Look, Isaac Loom, Aaron Loomis, Electa Loomis, Ensign Loomis, Ichabod Loomis, Josiah Loomis, Henry Loop, Peter Loranga, Daniel Lord, Joseph Lord, Prosper Lorette, Almon Loring, Horace Loring, Nelson Loring, Daniel Loud, Corlice Love, John Love, Julia Loveland, Lorenzo Loveland, John Lovely, John Lowal, Samuel Lowe, David Luby, Henry Lucas, Hannah Lucie, John Lucier, Amos Ludden, Robert Luddington, Henry Ludwig, Henry Luka, William Lycet, Hannah Lyman, Joseph Lyman, Nellie Lyman, Olive Lyman, John Lynch, & John Lyon.

George Mabbitt, Simon Mabee, George Mabry, George MacGregor, Duncan MacInnes, James Mack, Lyman Mack, Midwell Mack, John Macoun, Maria Maguire, Martin Mahan, Michael Mahanna, John Mahar, James Maher, Nicholas Mahony, Charles Maine, Joseph Major, John Malaly, Eli Mallery, Uriah Mallery, Van Ness Mallery, William Mallory, Morris Malumpy, Peter Mambert, Augustus Manason, Thomas Mandell, William Mandigo, Nicholas Mangin, Sarah Mann, Asahel Manning, Patrick Manogan, Emery Mansfield, Allen Mansir, M. H. Mansir, Oscar Mansir, Ira Manvel, Reuben Manvel, Linus Manville, Michael Manyon, Daniel Mapes, Orange Marcham, Frank Marcks, William Marhar, George Markham, Orange Markham, Joseph Marks, George Maron, Lillie Marr, Maria Marriner, Cyrus Marsh, Delia Marsh, George Marsh, Henry Marsh, Joel Marsh, Perez Marsh, Amy Martin, Charlotte Martin, Edward Martin, Hiram Martin, Mary Martin, Nora Martin, Robert Martin, Samuel Martin, John Marvin, Charles Mascraft, AdornoMason, Andrew Mason, Hezekiah Mason, Ira Mason, Manuel Mason, Maria Mason, Nathan Mason, Philip Mason, Patrick Masterson, Matthew Matches, Washburn Matoon, Joseph Matte, Agnes Mattis, Charles Mattoon, Myron Mattoon, Hudson Maxim, Hugh Maxwell, Robert May, Sylvester May, William May, George Maynard, Hattie Maynard, William McAdoo, Alexander McAlpine, Eliza McAnary, Julia McAuliffe, John McAvoy, Alexander McBride, John McCann, Mary McCann, Mary McCarthy, John McCarty, James McCaughen, Eliza McCloughan, John McClusky, W. J. McComb, Ann McCormick, Timothy McCoy, Peter McCraw, Stephen McCue, John McDaniels, Michael McDonald, Patrick McDonald, Martin McDonough, Michael McEndrew, Frank McGanvoirn, William McGarry, Mary McGinness, Thomas McGrain, Patrick McGue, Joseph McKay, Richard McKay, Dotia McKee, Dennis McKenna, John McKeon, John McKim, Ellen McLaughlin, John McLaughlin, Julia McLean, Henry McLeod, James McMahon, Susan McMahon, Mark McMann, Michael McMannes, Edward McMannus, James McMannus, John McNab, James McNamara, John McNeal, Michael McNerney, Michael McNerney, Patrick McNice, Michael McTigue, James McVey, Lucinda Meacham, Stephan Mead, Thomas Mechan, Joseph Mecum, Julius Mecum, William Medlyn, James Mee, Peter Meett, David Meikeljohn, Charles Melius, John Mellody, Allen Melville, Charity Merchant, Earl Merchant, Ashley Merkins, Joseph Merrick, John Merritt, Bert Merry, Oliver Merryfield, Caroline Messenger, Curtis Messenger, John Messenger, Nehemiah Messenger, William Messenger, Jeremie Messer, Edward Messier, Fred Metcalf, John Meytte, Fanny Michael, John Michelot, William Micue, Anson Middlebrook, Henry Mignerey, Azubah Millard, Buell Millard, Elizabeth Millard, Andrew Miller, Etta Miller, Eugene Miller, Henry Miller, James Miller, Nathaniel Miller, Phoebe Miller, George Millot, Arthur Mills, Silas Mills, William Milton, Elisha Mims, Sylvia Miner, Wilbur Miner, Timothy Minihen, Frank Minkey, Calvin Minkler, Charles Minor, Elias Minor, Herbert Mixer, James Mixer, Lachley Moakler, Patrick Moakly, James Mock, Lawrence Moffatt, Andrew Mohar, Alfred Mole, Lydia Molthrop, John Molumby, Joseph Monehiner, Mary Monro, Samuel Monta, George Montgomery, James Montgomery, Angeline Montville, Silas Moon, Michael Mooney, Henry Moore, Homer Moore, Patrick Moore, Sarah Moore, Denis Moran, William More, Harris Morey, William Morey, Sarah Morgan, Sarah Morgan, Titus Morgan, William Morgan, Alfred Morin, Esther Morley, Edward Morrisey, Eugene Morrison, Kate Morrison, John Morrow, John Morse, Roswell Morse, James Morton, Edward Morvell, William Moses, Joseph Motto, Micah Mudge, John Muggle, Thomas Mulcare, Bridget Mulin, John Mullany, John Mulligan, Eugene Mullin, William Munch, August Munn, Hannah Munn, John Munn, David Munson, Oren Munson, Allen Murdick, George Murdock, David Murphy, Ella Murphy, Michael Murphy, William Murphy, Con Murray, Peter Murtha, Matta Murto, Charles Musgrove, Peter Myatt, William Mycue, George Myers, & Michael Myone.

John Narey, Alonzo Nash, Daniel Nash, Emory Nash, James Nash, Patrick Nastor, August Naumann, Frank Nauroy, Joseph Nautell, Michael Navin, Patrick Navin, Garrett Neagle, Richard Neagle, William Neagle, Mary Nealon, Edmund Neary, Amy Neate, Mary Neate, John Needham, Baltasar Neff, John Neff, Elizabeth Neild, Christopher Nell, John Nelligan, Timothy Nelligan, Daniel Nelson, Wallace Nelson, Abigail Nerwin, Robert Nesbit, William Nesbitt, Judson Nettleton, William Nettleton, August Neuber, Frank Neubergher, Joseph Nevers, Edward Nevins, John New, Robert Newber, Lafayette Newcastle, Benjamin Newell, Henry Newell, Samuel Newell, Samuel Newkirk, August Newman, James Newman, Samuel Newman, Edward Newton, George Newton, Isaac Newton, Jason Newton, Jedediah Newton, Mary Newton, Rose Neylon, Elizabeth Nichols, Oscar Nichols, Sylvenus Nichols, Edwin Nickerson, Ezra Nickerson, Francis Nickerson, William Nicoli, John Niland, John Nimmons, Edward Nimons, William Nivison, Eugene Nixon, David Noble, Eli Noble, John Noble, Joseph Noble, Norman Noble, Robert Noble, Walter Noble, Jerry Nobles, Charles Noel, James Noonan, Thomas Noonan, Elizabeth Nooney, Jarvis Norcott, Lyman Norcross, Michael Normile, Jacob North, Phebe Northrop, Samuel Northrop, Mary Northrup, Leroy Northup, Stephen Northup, Orlow Northway, Egbert Norton, John Norton, Malachai Norton, Samuel Norton, Seth Norton, Thomas Norton, Frank Noteware, James Noteware, George Nottingham, John Noud, Enoch Nourse, Frank Nourse, Charles Nuchten, Mary Nugent, Alexander Nuss, Cornelius Nye, Harland Nye, Neil Nye, Samuel Nye, & W. Nelson Nye.

James Oakes, Andrew Oakley, Elviza Oakley, Hiram Oatman, Antoine Oba, Joseph Oba, Patrick O'Boile, Elias Obrey, Dennis O'Brian, William O'Brian, John O'Brien, Thomas O'Connell, Dennis O'Connor, Dennis O'Connor, John O'Dett, Phebe O'Donnell, Roger O'Garra, Morris O'Gorman, Catherine O'Grady, Patrick O'Hara, Patrick O'Hare, John O'Harn, Catherine O'Herron, Jerry O'Keefe, Michael O'Laughlin, Michael O'Laughlin, Almon Olds, Granville Olds, Jane Olds, Mary Olds, Ozias Olds, William Olds, Edward Oles, George Oles, William Oles, Felix Oliver, John Oliver, Ezekiel Olmsted, Hepsebath Olmsted, Thomas Oman, Alexander O'Mara, Timothy O'Neil, Fred Oppel, Harriett Orcutt, Albert Ormsbee, Annie Orne, James Orr, John Orr, William Orr, Edson Orton, Reuel Orton, Charles Osborn, Edward Osborn, Jonas Osborn, Daniel Osborne, Deacon Osborne, Jeremiah Osborne, Josiah Osborne, Olcott Osborne, Oscar Oschman, David Osterhout, Edwin Osteyee, Duane Ostrander, William Ostrander, Joseph Otis, Philip Otis, Sarah Otis, Shuabel Otis, James O'Toole, George Ott, Orlando Ottman, Napoleon Ouimette, Frank Owen, Hannah Owen, Henry Owen, Lucia Owen, & William Owen.

Nancy Paddleford, William Paddock, Calvin Page, Joseph Paine, Amos Palmer, Elias Palmer, Elias Palmer, Frances Palmer, James Palmer, Mary Palmer, Nehemiah Palmer, Arseno Pandel, Frank Para, Francis Paradis, Henry Pardy, Albert Parish, William Park, Experience Parker, Fulton Parker, Henry Parker, Ida Parker, Mary Parker, Rodney Parker, Rufus Parker, Polly Parks, William Parmele, Elisha Parmelee, William Parnell, Alfred Paro, John Parriot, Eli Parsons, Josiah Parsons, Julius Parsons, Sarah Partridge, Silas Partridge, Charles Parvos, Delia Patchin, James Patneau, Julia Patnode, Asher Patten, J. Patterson, William Pattison, Noah Patton, Darwin Pavey, Ann Payne, Benjamin Peabody, Charles Peach, Asa Peak, Ellen Pearl, John Pearl, Richard Pearl, Richard Pearl, Charles Pease, Edson Pease, Martin Pease, John Peaster, Augustus Peck, Emily Peck, Henry Peck, Jabez Peck, Darius Peckham, Stephen Peel, Sylvester Peeney, Lewis Peepone, Reuben Peet, Charles Pehle, James Pelan, Clara Peltier, Nelson Peltier, Armasella Pelton, Grafton Pelton, Timothy Pelton, James Pender, James Pendergas, David Pendleberry, Edmund Penniman, James Pepper, Blanche Perkins, Cynthia Perkins, Hervil Perkins, William Perkins, Fred Pernot, Ida Pero, James Pero, Oscar Pero, Lewis Perrault, Elizabeth Perrin, Asa Perry, Clare Perry, Isaac Perry, John Perry, Sally Perry, Elizabeth Persep, Edward Persip, Hannah Persip, Isaac Peters, John Peters, Walton Petit, Felix Petitcler, Isaac Pettis, Jaque Pettitory, Joseph Pey, Hattie Pfarr, Andrew Phair, Emma Phelps, Hezekiah Phelps, John Phelps, Josiah Phelps, Myron Phelps, Joseph Pheulpen, Liscom Philips, Anson Phillips, Harlan Phillips, Barnabas Phinney, Gad Phinney, John Picket, Noble Pickett, Abigail Pierce, Carlton Pierce, Christopher Pierce, Jacob Pierce, Rush Piere, Catherine Pierson, C. Niles Pike, Jarvis Pike, Nathan Pike, Lugger Pillon, Winford Pinney, Naploeon Pins, Thomas Piper, William Piper, Frank Pitcher, Henry Pitt, Charles Pixley, Desiah Pixley, Jay Pixley, Jonah Pixley, Joseph Pixley, Moses Pixley, John Place, Cyrus Plass, Frank Platt, Fred Platt, Maryette Platt, Willard Plaz, Oren Pleu, Peter Plow, Elisha Plumb, Abbie Plunkett, Charles Plunkett, William Plunkett, Adolph Pohl, Gideon Poissan, Job Poland, William Pollock, Asa Polly, Celian Polly, Henry Polmatier, Joseph Pomeroy, Lemuel Pomeroy, Seth Pomeroy, Theodore Pomeroy, Edward Pond, Jason Poole, Milton Porter, Peter Porter, Leonard Post, Thomas Post, Asahel Potter, Nellie Potter, Peleg Potter, John Powell, Lucy Powell, Miles Powell, Stephen Powell, Abigail Power, Charles Powers, Michael Powers, Patrick Powers, Will Powers, Frank Prairie, Alton Pratt, Annie Pratt, Jerome Pratt, Micah Pratt, Henry Prediger, Mahala Preo, George Preston, Harlan Prince, Russell Prindle, Horace Printiss, Lafayette Proper, Mary Proud, George Prout, Richard Prout, Ada Provo, Simon Provo, Henry Provost, Gilbert Pruyn, Robert Pruyn, Henry Puffer, Sophie Pulaski, Clarence Pulsifer, George Pultz, Mary Purcell, William Purches, Horace Purdy, Henry Putnam, Marcus Putnam, Susan Putnam, & William Putnam.

John Qua, Margaret Quackenbos, Cebra Quackenbush, John Quaid, John Quarters, Joseph Quevillon, Patrick Quigley, Frank Quimby, Samuel Quincey, John Quinlan, James Quinlin, Alfreck Quinn, Bridgett Quinn, Charles Quinn, Edward Quinn, Hugh Quinn, John Quinn, Michael Quinn, Patrick Quinn, Rowena Quinn, Thomas Quinn, Albert Quinton, William Quinton, James Quirk, & John Quirk.

George Raab, Major Raboin, Andrew Race, John Race, Nicholas Race, Rovilla Race, William Race, Felis Rackemann, Frederic Rackemann, Hannah Raedy, Alice Rafferty, Jacob Rafstinger, Eliza Ragan, Mike Ragan, Louis Raifstanger, Nellie Raitte, Clarissa Ramage, Theodore Ramsdell, Clark Rand, Clarence Randall, Horace Ranney, Maria Ranous, Herbert Ransehousen, Nathan Ransford, Addie Ranvill, Charles Rappe, Joseph Rasco, Paul Rattel, Anna Ray, James Ray, Walter Raybold, William Raycraft, Alice Raymond, Amos Raymond, Fred Raymond, Albert Read, Franklin Read, John Reagan, Patrick Reagan, John Reardon, Patrick Reardon, Edward Reasoner, Armede Rebeau, George Reeberg, Andrew Reed, Henry Reed, Marcus Reed, Carrie Reel, Frederick Reel, Charles Rees, Aaron Reese, Dusty Reeves, Charles Regan, Augustus Regnier, Washington Reid, John Remington, Onesime Reneaud, Hiram Renne, Eugene Reno, Fred Rensahouser, Eugene Renwee, Benjamin Reynolds, Samuel Reynolds, Henry Rheel, Edward Rhoades, Frank Rhobar, Adolph Rhum, Abner Rice, Amasa Rice, Charles Rice, Wilson Rice, George Rich, Lemuel Rich, Jonathan Richardson, Mary Richardson, Edwin Richmond, Lucinda Richmond, Lewis Richter, Frank Rickson, Charles Riddsford, George Rider, Rexford Rider, Hiram Ridout, James Rigney, Reesel Riickards, John Riley, Luke Riley, William Riley, Michael Ring, Helen Ringie, Timothy Riordon, Consider Ripley, Samuel Ripley, John Risch, William Rivenburgh, Edward Rivers, Mitchell Riviere, Hanora Roach, Morris Roach, Patrick Roach, Albert Robbins, Dwight Robbins, Mary Robbins, Timothy Rober, Oscar Roberts, George Robinson, James Robinson, David Roche, Frank Rock, George Rockwell, Julius Rockwell, Laura Rockwell, William Rodda, Peter Roehin, Elmira Rogers, James Rogers, Wilson Rogers, Harriet Rogg, Anthony Rohan, John Rohan, Frank X. Rolland, Julius Romary, Henry Roncoe, Samuel Rondo, Harvey Rood, James Rood, John Rood, Thomas Rooney, Calvin Root, Calvin Root, Dolly Root, Eli Root, Hewitt Root, Joshua Root, Oliver Root, Reuben Root, Irene Rorabacher, James Roraback, Charles Rose, George Rosenbary, Ernest Rosenbury, Charles Ross, Joseph Ross, Lavina Ross, Sarah Ross, David Rosseter, David Rossiter, Charles Rote, Curtis Roth, Rebecca Roth, Susan Roth, Peter Roughen, A. Marshall Rouse, Phebe Rouse, John Rowan, Myron Rowe, William Rowley, Amos Roy, Constant Roy, Flavia Roy, Peter Royal, Adonijah Royce, Josiah Royce, Nehemiah Royce, Evans Roys, John Roys, Lester Roys, William Roys, George Ruberg, Ebenezer Rudd, James Rudd, Henry Rudin, Philip Ruff, William Rugg, Henry Ruggles, Christian Rupff, Anna Rush, Mary Russell, Martin Ruter, Herman Rutz, Anastasia Ryan, Catherine Ryan, John Ryan, Mary Ryan, Patrick Ryan, Samuel Ryan, Timothy Ryan, & William Ryan.

Charles Saben, Augusta Sabin, Charles Sabin, Edward Sabin, Isaac Sackett, Thankful Sackett, Arthur Safford, Burton Sage, Jedediah Sage, Sebah Sage, Robert Salter, Patrick Sammon, Edward Sanders, Charles Sanderson, Charles Sanderson, Weller Sanderson, Frank Sandford, Philip Sands, Mary Sandys, Walter Sanford, Edward Sanger, Nazaire Sansousie, Earl Sardam, William Sarden, Joseph Saulnier, Mary Saunders, William Saur, Catherine Savage, Frank Savage, Robert Savery, James Saw, Edward Saxton, John Sayers, James Scanlon, William Scanlon, William Scarbeau, Otto Schafer, Morris Schaff, Theodore Schaffer, Mary Schaller, Emil Schemeisty, F. Augustus Schemerhorn, Harry Schenk, William Schermerhorn, Walter Schfield, Andrew Schink, Adam Schmachtenberger, Martin Schmachtenberger, Henry Schneider, Augustus Schnopp, Martin Schnopp, George Schnyer, Chastina Schofield, Joseph Schofield, Paul Scholtz, Nicholas Schomer, Victor Schuba, Joseph Schunder, Edward Schuster, Abram Schutt, John Schwab, John Schwartz, Jacob Scism, John Scotland, Eliza Scott, George Scott, John Scott, Robert Scott, Tabitha Scott, John Scovil, Smith Scribner, Oren Scriven, Evarts Scudder, James Scully, Peter Seals, Alzina Searl, Emily Sears, Luther Sears, Nancy Sears, Norman Sears, Joseph Secoy, Virginia Seddons, Charles Sedgwick, Edward Sedgwick, Frederick Sedgwick, Darius See, Albert Seeley, Isaac Seeley, Isaac Seeley, William Seeley, Nathaniel Seever, George Sellew, Ami Selvas, Alexander Senecal, Erastus Sergeant, Enos Seymour, Jerry Shaen, Catherine Shale, Charles Sharp, Maggie Sharp, Waldo Shattuck, James Shaughnessy, Sarah Shaver, Joshua Shaw, Julia Shaw, Lovina Shaw, Nahum Shaw, Nicholas Shay, Pliney Shaylor, Henry Shays, James Shea, Richard Shea, Luke Shead, Joseph Shearer, Jerome Shears, Henry Shedd, William Sheenan, Aaron Sheldon, Henry Sheldon, Joseph Sheldon, Murray Sheldon, Seth Sheldon, Amos Shepardson, Lovit Shepardson, Marshall Shepardson, George Sheppard, Carl Sherman, Horace Sherman, Job Sherman, Joel Sherman, Myron Sherman, Philo Sherman, John Shields, George Shipton, Edward Shook, William Shook, John Shores, Norman Shores, Truman Shores, Edwin Shorrock, Cyrus Short, Joseph Shove, Jeremiah Shufelt, George Shultis, William Shultis, Gustave Shultz, Bertha Shuman, Charles Shumway, Stephen Side, John Siggins, Robert Siggs, Caroline Sigrist, Abiatha Sikes, Hiram Sikes, John Silk, Andrew Simader, Adams Simes, Joseph Sirard, George Sisson, Harriet Sisson, Mamie Sitcer, Richard Skean, Thomas Skinner, Andrew Skmantz, George Slade, Louisa Slade, Martin Slasson, Edward Slattery, William Slattery, Edward Slocum, William Sloper, Addison Sly, Daniel Slye, Jeremey Slye, Abial Smith, Amos Smith, Cleever Smith, Cornelia Smith, David Smith, DeWitt Smith, Eben Smith, Ebenezer Smith, Electa Smith, Elizur Smith, Gideon Smith, Gilford Smith, Hannah Smith, Huldah Smith, Jacob Smith, James Smith, John Smith, Jonathan Smith, Leon Smith, Lofton Smith, Martha Smith, Oliver Smith, Philo Smith, Ranous Smith, Ransford Smith, Simon Smith, Terence Smith, Timothy Smith, Vankirk Smith, Victor Smith, George Snell, Abigail Snow, Allen Snow, Amaziah Snow, Asa Snow, Blanche Snow, Nathan Snow, Oliver Snow, Sarah Snow, Timothy Snow, Truman Snyder, Christian Solert, David Son, Gilbert Sona, Enoch Soule, Lafayette Soule, Anna South, Jerome Sowle, Mazaldas Sowle, Franklin Spaniol, John Spaniol, Emily Sparks, Charles Sparrow, Sylvester Spear, Sylvester Spelman, Emanuel Spiegel, George Spooner, Cornelius Spoor, Isaac Spoor, Nicholas Spoor, David Sprague, Dyer Sprague, Emily Sprague, Pamelia Sprague, James Spriggs, Amos Spring, Ciril Spring, Horace Spring, Julia Spring, Daniel Sprong, Charles Spurr, Andrew Squier, Jesse Squire, Jeremiah Squires, Joseph St. James, James St. John, William St. Lawrence, Charles St. Louis, Clifford St. Onge, John St. Onge, John St. Reteter, Joab Stafford, Mary Stafford, George Stanish, Robert Stanton, Stephen Staples, William Staples, William Starkweather, Lucy Starr, Randall Stebbins, Caroline Stedman, Tristian Stedman, William Steele, William Steger, Peter Steinway, Peter Stenerwald, Joseph Step, Cora Stetson, Isaac Stetson, William Stetson, Etta Stevens, George Stickles, Gustave Stignel, Jerome Stiles, Zebediah Stiles, Hopy Stillman, Frank Stiner, Mary Stinson, Annie Stockwell, Eleazer Stockwell, B. E. Stoddard, Candace Stoddard, Elisha Stoddard, Louis Stohman, George Stokes, William Stokes, Frank Stone, Nelson Stone, Nathaniel Stowell, Oscar Street, Edward Streeter, Martha Streeter, Theron Streeter, Harvey Strevell, Frank Strong, John Strong, King Strong, Simeon Strong, Falten Strunpf, John Struthers, Henry Stubbs, John Stumpf, Edwin Sturges, Thomas Sturges, Harry Sturtevant, James Sturtevant, Oscar Suenderhauf, Dennis Sullivan, John Sullivan, Catherine Sumner, Increase Sumner, John Sumner, Louis Supernow, John Supple, Charles Surner, Patsy Suthern, Ann Suttle, Lawrence Suydam, Samuel Suydam, Edward Swan, Jerry Swan, Enos Swartz, Charles Sweeney, Peter Sweeney, Henry Sweet, Norris Sweet, L. B. Swift, Thomas Sykes, & John Synan.

Eugene Tabourin, August Tackel, Arthur Taft, Henry Taft, Mary Taggart, Albert Taintor, Nicholas Talbot, Israel Talcott, George Talmadge, William Tanner, John Tardy, Asa Tatro, Eliza Tattersall, Thomas Tattlow, Eldad Taylor, Israel Taylor, Jesse Taylor, Joseph Taylor, Rufus Teeling, William Tefft, James Teighery, Eugene Temegue, Almond Temple, Alonzo Temple, John Ten Eyck, James Terrell, William Terrell, Albert Terryo, Isaac Tetro, Antoine Teuber, Amelia Thatcher, Ebenezer Thatcher, Sedate Thatcher, Serano Thatcher, Sumner Thatcher, Leonard Thayer, Rufus Thayer, Salem Thayer, Joseph Theiron, Alec Thibeaudeau, Dailey Thomas, John Thompson, Thomas Thompson, Electa Thorpe, Christopher Thrall, John Thur, Benjamin Ticknor, Daniel Ticknor, Ezra Ticknor, William Ticknor, David Tierney, George Tiet, Michael Tighe, Frank Tillotson, Samuel Tillotson, Edgar Tilton, John Tim, Henry Timm, Esther Tingue, Henry Tinker, William Tinker, Horace Tirrel, Elisha Tobey, Oladine Tobey, James Tobin, Marcus Toby, Cordelius Todd, Eliel Todd, Evelin Todd, Edward Tollman, Ruth Tolman, Isaac Toms, Benjamin Tonman, Jerry Toohey, James Toole, John Toole, William Toomy, Nathan Torry, Triphena Torry, Armin Tougas, Jules Toupence, Exiaviar Touponct, Joseph Tournier, Clarissa Tower, David Tower, Ephraim Tower, Hobart Tower, Justus Tower, Miles Tower, Sidney Tower, Stephen Tower, Thomas Tower, Hercy Town, Barbara Trabold, Elizabeth Tracy, Nathaniel Tracy, Henry Trahan, Harriet Train, Felix Trainer, Henry Transchke, Josiah Trask, Benjamin Tremain, Edwin Tremain, Nathaniel Tremain, Charles Treptow, Samuel Trescott, Alexander Trombley, Fred Tron, John Troy, Wilbur Truax, Ernest Trumpoldt, Thomas Truran, Ruth Trury, Moses Truskey, Albert Tryon, Bert Tryon, Julius Tshaatsh, Calvin Tubbs, John Tubs, George Tucker, Jeff Tucker, Joseph Tucker, William Tucker, Thomas Tuhee, Joel Tuller, John Tuller, Seneca Tuller, Moses Turcotte, Peregrine Turner, William Turner, Thomas Tusha, Ira Tuttle, Isaac Tuttle, John Tuttle, Michael Tuttle, William Tuttle, Calvin Twing, Charles Twing, Clinton Twining, Benjamin Tyler, Jacob Tymeson, Martin Tymeson, Samuel Tyrell, Aaron Tyrrel, Winfield Tyrrel, & Augustus Tyrrell.

William Ueser, John Uncles, Orlo Underwood, Warren Underwood, Wilbur Underwood, Cynthia Upham, Sally Upham, Foster Upshaw, Daniel Upton, Harmenia Upton, William Urban, & Lorenzo Utman.

John Vaber, George Vagle, George Valder, Henry Valentine, Louis Valentine, Hattie Vallancourt, Lewis Vallin, Peter Van Allen, Royal Van Alstyne, Garrett Van Bergan, Peter Van Bergen, Albert Van Bramer, Jacob Van Bramer, Richard Van Buskirk, Jacob Van De Bogart, Franklin Van Deusen, Isaac Van Deusen, James Van Deusen, Joel Van Deusen, John Van Deusen, Mary Van Deusen, Newton Van Deusen, John Van Guilder, Emily Van Lennep, Henry Van Rensselaer, Martin Van Sickler, Henry Van Tassel, William Van Tassell, Alexander Van Valkenberg, Catherine Van Valkenberg, Jehoiakim Van Valkenburgh, James Vanable, Ransom VanAlstyne, John VanBramer, Charles VanBuskirk, Richard Vandanburg, Willis Vandenburg, Leman VanDeusen, _____ Vangilder, Wallace Vanhorn, Josephine Vanslet, William VanSlyke, Oney Varno, David Vaughn, Richard Vaughn, Michael Veasey, Thomas Vellune, Joseph Verameau, Amable Verchot, Frank Viall, William Viall, Clifton Victory, Alfred Videtto, Charles Videtto, Charles Videtto, Ansel Viets, Like Viets, John Vigaent, Louis Viger, William Viles, Thomas Villeneuve, Thomas Vilneau, John Vincent, Martin Vincent, Porter Vincent, Dulcena Viner, Henry Vinette, Relief Vinton, Charles Viola, Frederick Viscardi, Peter Vlue, Louis Voger, Charles Vogle, John Vogler, Jean Volan, Adelia Volin, Amity Volin, Abram Volk, Jacob Voll, Mary Von B. Marbach, Henry Von Nida, _____ Vosburg, Jerdon Vosburgh, & John Vosler.

Julius Wach, W. C. Wackford, John Waddock, Ransom Wade, Henry Wadhams, Jabez Wadsworth, John Wadsworth, Jonathan Wadsworth, Harmon Wagenknecht, Silas Wagner, Frederick Waiss, Tilon Wakefield, Elizabeth Waldo, Conrad Waldschmidt, Caleb Walker, Elmer Walker, Esther Walker, Frank Walker, Maggie Walker, Warren Walker, William Walker, Ellen Wall, J. Ashdown Wall, Mary Wall, John Walpole, Philipine Walsh, Charles Wamp, Edmond Ward, Jabez Ward, Nahum Ward, Peter Ward, Zadoc Ward, Asel Warner, Benjamin Warner, Charles Warner, Bradford Warren, Caleb Warren, Isaac Warren, Ezekiel Warrick, Edwin Washburn, Jacob Washburn, Luther Washburn, Phoebe Washburn, Sophia Washburn, Alonzo Waterman, Andrew Waterman, John Waterman, Charles Waters, James Waters, Charles Watkins, Horatio Watkins, Lattimer Watkins, Marcus Watkins, George Watts, Anna Waver, Charles Way, Henry Weaver, Evander Webb, Henry Webb, William Webb, Herbert Webster, Benjamin Weed, Charles Weed, Jared Weed, William Weed, Michael Weekman, Phineas Weeks, James Welch, Richard Welch, Samuel Welch, Martin Welch, Jr., Harvey Wellington, Hiram Wellington, Milan Wellman, Charles Wells, James Wells, John Wells, M. Louise Wells, Orson Wells, Oscar Wells, John Welsh, Fred Welsly, Leander Welspeake, William Welton, George Werdon, William Werman, Charles West, Oliver West, William West, Alida Westfall, Isiah Weston, Lucius Weston, Herbert Wetherbee, James Wetherby, John Wetherell, Patrick Whalen, Roger Whalen, Ephraim Wheeler, Gideon Wheeler, Horatio Wheeler, Truman Wheeler, Zenas Wheeler, James Whelan, Alden Whipple, Almira Whipple, John Whipple, Samuel Whipple, Stephen Whipple, Leroy Whitaker, Henry Whitbeck, Lorenzo Whitcomb, Daniel White, Elizabeth White, Francis White, James White, Jason White, Joshua White, Polly White, Rodolphus White, Tryphenia White, Wellington White, William White, William Whitehouse, William Whiting, Benjamin Whitmarsh, George Whitmore, C. J. Whitney, Richard Whitney, Lorenzo Wich, August Wickle, Eugene Wickwire, James Wigmore, Hiram Wilbur, John Wilbur, Ami Wilcox, Franklin Wilcox, Frank Wilder, Warren Wilds, John Willard, Jonathan Willard, Mathilda Willard, Moses Willard, Phineas Willard, Betsey Williams, Cornelius Williams, Elijah Williams, Ephraim Williams, Eunice Williams, Isaac Williams, Margaret Williams, May Williams, Nathaniel Williams, Thomas Williams, William Williams, John Willmarth, Shubael Willmarth, Francis Wilmot, Ernest Wilms, Thomas Wilner, Andrew Wilson, Hattie Wilson, M. S. Wilson, Marian Wilson, Thomas Wilson, Eben Wiltham, Peter Wince, David Winchell, Elizabeth Winchell, Reuben Winchell, Warren Winchell, Wilbur Winegar, Alexander Wing, Braman Wing, Thomas Winn, George Winter, Fred Winters, Fred Wise, Henry Wiswall, Robert Withe,Ivory Witt, William Witt, Isaac Wittan, Renhold Wittig, Charles Wix, Samuel Wolcott, Thomas Wolcott, Walter Wolcott, Charles Wolf, Christian Wolf, Ellis Wolf, Harrett Wolf, Harriet Wolf, Henry Wolf, James Wolf, John Wolf, Louis Wolf, Polly Wolf, James Wolfe, William Wolfe, John Wolfinger, Chloe Wood, Edgar Wood, Ichabod Wood, Laura Wood, Leonard Wood, Nathan Wood, Orisa Wood, Samantha Wood, Titus Wood, Jahleel Woodbridge, Timothy Woodbridge, Peter Woodin, William Woodlock, Sarah Woodruff, Henry Woods, Louisa Woodward, Silas Woolson, Henry Worby, Frank Worden, William Worden, John Worthington, Elisha Worthy, Abel Wright, Elihu Wright, Eliphalet Wright, Hixon Wright, Lydia Wright, Theodocia Wright, John Wrinkle, Stephen Wrinkle, Henry Wuger, Carl Wurtzbach, Fritz Wurtzbach, Nathaniel Wylie, Alvin Wyman, & Charles Wyndham.

August Yackle, Cyrus Yale, Josiah Yale, Roland Yale, Alphonso Yarter, Eli Yarter, Joseph Yaskyeih, Herbert Yates, James Yeager, Isaac Yeaw, Henry Yesperson, Frances York, William York, Margaret Young, Nelson Young, Paul Young, Simeon Young, Sylvester Young, William Young, Samuel Younglove, Michael Youngs, & _____ Yulitz.

Elias Zaph, Charles Zink, William Zink, Benedict Zopf, & Michael Zoric.

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