History of Ashland County, Ohio - 1863

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The book, "A History of the Pioneer and Modern Times of Ashland County [Ohio] from the Earliest to the Present Date," by H. S. Knapp, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1863. It is a great book dealing with the pioneers and 1863 residents of Ashland County, Ohio. Filled with genealogical and personal information about various Ashland County residents, this book is an invaluable resource for genealogists. There are many biographical memoirs or sketches of individuals and families. It also has the muster lists for the Ohio Civil War Regiments filled from Ashland County, and for a County Militia formed in 1844. The book has approximately 550 pages. The book has no name index, but you can search the book using the Adobe Reader ‘search’ function for names. The book does have a good, fully linked, Table of Contents. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1845 printed book, it would be very expensive.


Here is a list of some of the individuals mentioned in the book:

Jeremiah Abbott, Jacob Aby, George Ackley, Uriah Ackley, John Adams, William Adams, Moses Adsit, James Ady, Moses Adzit, William Agner, Jacob Akright, Robert Alberson, Amos Albright, Edward Albright, Emanuel Albright, Henry Albright, John Albright, Samuel Aldridge, Herman Alleman, Ernest Aller, Alexander Allison, Ann Allison, Catherine Allison, Jane Allison, John Allison, Mary Allison, Holliday Ames, Jacob Amman, James M. Anderson, Robert B. Anderson, Jacob Anderson, James Anderson, Lafayette Anderson, Livingston Anderson, Watson Anderson, William Anderson, Henry Andress, Alanson Andrews, Lorin Andrews, Mary Andrews, William Andrews, John Ankeney, John Antibus, Johnny Appleseed, James Arbuthnot, Columbus Arehart, A. Armentrout, Daniel Armentrout, Thomas Armstrong, Jeremiah Arndt, Samuel Arnold, Alfred Arthur, William Arthur, Isaac Askew, Robert Ason, John Aten, William Aten, John Aton, James Atterholt, Adam Ault, Philip Ayers, James Aylesworth, & Helty Ayres.

Adam Bahn, Abel Bailey, Franklin Bailey, Henry Bailey, John Bailey, K. Bailey, Mary Ann Bailey, Nathaniel Bailey, Westley Bailey, Hiram Baker, John Baker, Samuel Baker, William Baker, William Ballentine, S. M. Barber, E. Manville Bard, Henry Barge, Newberry Barker, Elisha Barnes, Jacob Barnhart, Robert Barnhill, Jacob Barrack, Solomon Barrack, Stephen Barrack, Jacob Bartlett, George Basford, Elias Bates, John W. Batton, William Baty, Henry Baughman, Jacob Bauhl, Joseph R. Bault, Adam Baum, Alexander Bay, Daniel Beach, Simeon Beall, Ellis Beam, Elza Beam, James Beam, Aaron Beard, Jeremiah Beard, John Beard, J. L. Beardsley, Isaac Bechtel, Joseph Bechtel, Jacob Beck, William H. Beck, Isaac Becktel, John Beechley, Frank Beer, Henry M. Beer, James Beer, John J. Beer, Robert Beer, Thomas Beer, William N. Beer, George Begley, Lemuel P. Beisack, Eli Bell, John Bell, Samuel Bell, John Beminghoff, Jacob Bemingtoff, Devilla Bender, George Bender, John Bender, Martin Bender, Abram Bennage, Samuel Bennage, Abraham Bennet, Michael Bennet, Peter Bennet, John Bennett, John Benton, Peter Berk, William Berlin, Jacob Berry, Joel Berry, John Berry, Michael Betner, John Bevan, James Beveridge, George Beymer, Philip Biddinger, Harrison Biechler, Emanuel Bifler, Elisha Biggs, Albert Biggs, Henry Biggs, Joseph Biggs, R. C. Biggs, Cassandra Bird, John Bishop, J. G. Bittinger, Jacob Bittinger, John Bittinger, Daniel Black, Jacob S. Black, Jonathan Black, William B. Black, Josiah W. Blackburn, Harrison G. Blake, David Blann, Nathan Blew, Nelson Blew, Thomas Blinkard, Philemon Bliss, Nathan Blue, Henry Blust, Charles Boals, Charles Boetcher, Frederick Boetcher, Martin Boetcher, Charles Boffemeyer, Isaac Bogar, John Boker, Joseph Bolles, Charles Bollman, Samuel Bolter, William Bonar, John Bonebright, William Bonebright, Charles Bookmire, Jacob Booth, James Boots, William Boots, Israel Border, Q. M. Bosworth, George Botdorf, Lewis Bote, Peter Bote, Lemuel Boulter, Coonrod Bowers, J. S. Bowlby, Washington Bowlby, Hiram Bowman, J. W. Boyd, John Boyd, Stephen Boyd, Thomas Boyd, M. Boynton, Daniel Braden, David Braden, Hiram Braden, Solomon Braden, Thomas Braden, Henry Brady, Jacob Brady, David W. Brandt, Jacob Brandt, William Brandt, Harvey Brant, William Brant, Aaron Brawdy, Reeson Brawdy, Daniel Brewer, Albert Briggs, John Brindle, Joseph Brinehour, Thomas Brink, Henry Brinker, Jacob Brinkerhoff, G. W. Britton, Tate Brooks, William Brosser, John Brother, John Brothers, Alonzo Brown, Hezekiah Brown, James Brown, Joseph A. Brown, Daniel W. Brown, Henry Brown, John Brown, Leonard Brown, Samuel Brown, William Brown, John W. Brubaker, A. B. Bryan, Caleb Bryan, John P. Bryan, Ruth Bryan, Shadrach Bryan, Silas Bryan, David Bryte, John Bryte, John Buchan, William Buchan, George Buchanan, Isaac Buchanan, Mary Buchanan, Jacob Bucher, David Buck, Henry Buck, Aaron Buckley, John Buckley, Jeremiah Buckmaster, James Budd, John Budd, Caleb Budd, Samuel Budd, William Budd, D. R. Buffenmire, Henry C. Buffenmire, Henry Buffenmyer, Elijah Buhland, George W. Bull, T. J. Bull, Thomas J. Bull, Charles Bundy, Benjamin Bunn, Hyatt Bunn, A. W. Bunyon, John Burd, George Burd, Sparks Burd, Edmund Burgan, James Burgan, Adam Burge, Henry L. Burge, John Burge, David Burns, Denny Burns, Hugh Burns, James Burns, John Burns, Samuel Burns, William Burns, A. M. Burton, Henry Burton, William Burwell, George H. Busby, Jacob Bush, Thomas Bush, William Bush, T. C. Bushnell, Collins Bushnell, Homer Bushnell, Huldah Bushnell, Jotham Bushnell, Olive Bushnell, Rosella Bushnell, Sedelia Bushnell, Sterling G. Bushnell, Thomas Bushnell, William Bushnell, Hugh Butcher, George Butler, Stephen Butler, Uriah Butler, William Butterfield, Hamilton Buttorf, James Buver, Henry Buzzard, Jacob Buzzard, John Buzzard, Samuel Buzzard, William Buzzard, Joseph Byerly, Andrew H. Byers, Crawford Byers, & Frederick Byers.

J. Cahn, George Cake, G. H. Cake, Milton Cake, Thomas Cake, Thomas C. Cake, John Cale, Thomas Calhoun, Thomas W. Calhoun, Cyrus Campbell, Harrison Campbell, Jacob Campbell, Arthur Campbell, Charles Campbell, Daniel Campbell, George Campbell, James Campbell, John Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Mary Ann Campbell, Milton Campbell, Orville Campbell, Robert M. Campbell, Matthias Campf, James Cantwell, William Cantwell, Robert Capels, Robert Capler, Jacob Capp, G. W. Carey, Anthony Carnagy, William Carnagy, Jasper Carnes, Stephen Carney, Abram T. Carney, Gates P. Carney, George B. Carney, Scott Carney, Robert Carpenter, William E. Carr, David Carr, Isaac Carrh, David Carter, Anna Carter, Daniel Carter, Elizabeth Carter, George Carter, James Carter, John Carter, Leander Carter, Richard Carter, William Carter, David K. Cartter, Aldrich Carver, John Casey, John Cassel, George Cassell, Conrad Castor, Noah Castor, Thomas Castor, Tobias Castor, Agnus Cellar, Martha Cellar, Mary Cellar, Robert Celler, Samuel Chacy, James Chaffer, James Chamberlain, Wilson Chamberlain, Albert Chambers, William Chambers, John Chambers, Sarah Chambers, Alice Chandler, Eleanor Chandler, Henrietta Chandler, Hiram Chandler, John Chandler, Joseph Chandler, Rebecca Chandler, Robert Chandler, Shadrach Chandler, Thomas Chandler, Ransom A. Chapel, Anson Chapman, Jonathan Chapman, Lot Chapman, Caleb Chappel, Elijah Charles, Milton Charles, William Charlton, Reuben H. Chase, Westley Chesroun, Joseph Chilcoat, Mordecai Chilcote, Daniel Christfield, Samuel Christine, Levi Christy, R. H. Chubb, David Ciphers, Jacob Ciphers, James Ciphers, William Ciphers, John Clapper, Henry P. Clark, Bela B. Clark, Charles Clark, Edward D. Clark, Washington Clark, J. M. Classon, Josiah M. Clawson, John Clay, Abraham Clayburg, Peter Clemonds, Peter Clemons, David Cline, Elizabeth Cline, Thomas Clodfelter, John Close, Roderic M. Close, Joseph Clotfelter, Byron Clugston, John Clugston, Matthew Clugston, Nathaniel Cobb, John Coben, N. M. C. B. Coe, Isabel Coe, John Coe, F. T. Coffin, Thaddeus Coffin, Benjamin Cole, George Cole, John Cole, David Coleman, John Collyer, Alexander Colmerry, William W. Colmery, Jeremiah Conine, James Conly, James Cooille, Andrew N. Cook, John Cook, Julia Cook, Pelham Cook, Seth B. Cook, Sylvanius Cook, Thomas C. Cook, Uriah Cook, Jacob Coon, Sarah Coonrod, Benjamin L. Cooper, Anna Copus, Henry Copus, James Copus, Nancy Copus, Nelson Copus, Sarah Copus, Wesley Copus, John F. Cordell, Daniel Cormack, John Cornelison, Jesse Cornelius, Joseph Cosner, H. W. Cotton, Abigail Coulter, Jane E. Coulter, Jonathan Coulter, Rachel Coulter, Silas Coulter, Adam Cover, George Cover, James Coville, Jacob P. Cowan, Robert Cowan, Rois Cowan, Joseph Cowhick, Samuel Cowles, James E. Cox, Jonathan Cox, Levi Cox, John M. Crabbs, Finley Craig, James Craig, Gibson Craig, Porter Craig, William Craig, Oscar Crall, Israel Crall, Jacob Crall, Joel Crampton, David R. Crance, David R. Crantz, Andrew Crawford, George Crawford, James Crawford, Josiah Crawford, Robert Crawford, William Crepps, Daniel B. Cressinger, Isaac W. Cressinger, Jacob R. Cressinger, Rice S. Crill, Abner Crist, Dow Crist, Gilbert Crist, Benjamin Critchet, William Critchfield, William Croaty, John Croft, Solomon Crone, James Crone, Thomas Crone, Benjamin Croninger, Leonard Croninger, Adam Crorsen, Aaron Crosby, Charles Crosier, Robert Cross, David Crouse, Jacob Crouse, Chauncey Crow, Joseph Crow, Lewis Crow, M. F. Crowner, David Crowner, George W. Crozier, Stephen Crozier, Alexander Cubbison, John Culbertson, Robert Culbertson, Thomas Culbertson, Jonathan Culler, Michael Culler, Samuel Culler, James Cunningham, John Cunningham, Thomas Cunningham, Alvah Cupps, Samuel Cupps, John Cuppy, Albert L. Curtis, Charles L. Curtis, Horace W. Curtis, Loomis Curtis, Rollin A. Curtis, Job Cusey, John Custard, & Elias Cyle.

Charles Dally, Mary Dally, Nathan Dally, VincentDally, Morris V. Dalton, William Dalton, Asa Daniels, Franklin Daniels, William Daniels, John B. Darrow, J. A. Darrow, John W. Darrow, George Davidson, James Davidson, Robert Davidson, John Davidson, William Davidson, Jr., Bascom H. Davis, David Davis, Emory Davis, Jesse Davis, Joseph Davis, Lena Davis, Robinson S. Davis, Stephen Davis, William Davis, John Davoult, Joseph Dawson, Robert Dawson, William Day, Moses Dayhuff, Marcus de Moss, Christian Deardoff, Peter Deardorf, Michael Debolt, John W. Deckhart, John Deem, Abram Dehaven, Nathan Dehaven, Charles Deidrich, James W. Delano, Charles R. Deming, John Dencer, Catharine Derscham, M. M. Desenberg, John B. Deshong, Milton Deshong, Joseph Deter, J. P. Devor, C. S. Deyarman, Horace Dibeler, James Dickason, Sanders Diefendorf, Albert Diescen, Christian Dill, Henry Dillier, Henry Dills, Henry Dimit, A. A. Dinsmore, James Dinsmore, David Divinny, John B. Dobeny, Marion Dodge, Marvin Dodge, James Doll, John Doll, Nicholas M. Donaldson, Isaac Doney, Thomas Donley, William E. Doolittle, Dennis Door, C. H. Dorland, Cornelius Dorland, Garrett Dorland, James Dorland, Abraham Doty, Daniel Doty, David Doty, James Doty, John Doty, Joseph Doty, Lot Doty, John Dougherty, George Doup, William Dow, Martin Dowd, Eliphalet Downer, George Downer, John Downer, Daniel Drach, Alpheus Draggo, Chester Drake, James Drake, John Driskel, Pearson Driskel, Benjamin Drodge, Le Grand Drown, Uriah Drumb, David Drumheller, M. Drumheller, Henry H. Dudley, B. D. Dudley, James Duff, George H. Dulin, Eliza Duncan, John Duncan, Alexander Dunlap, Eliza T. Dunlap, John Dunlap, William Dunlap, L. Dunnavan, James Durfee, James Durfy, & Zachariah Durham.

Amelia Eagle, Jasper Eagle, Thomas Eagle, William Eagle, E. Earl, George Easminger, John Eberhart, Albert Eberly, Samuel N. Ecker, Abraham Ecker, David Ecker, George Eckley, Nathaniel L. Eddy, Eloyd Eddy, Nathan Eddy, Adam Eichelbarger, Mary Eichelbarger, Godfrey Eichelberger, Andrew Eighinger, David Eighinger, Frederick Eighinger, George Eighinger, Andrew Ekey, John Elder, Ambrose S. Eldred, Sidney Eldred, John Eldridge, Peter Eley, Daniel Ellenbarger, John Ellenbarger, Hugh Elliott, John Elliott, Mary A. Elliott, Moses Elliott, Patrick Elliott, Sarah Elliott, Amos M. Ely, Jacob Ely, R. D. Emerson, W. A. G. Emerson, Frederick Emery, Zachariah Emery, Abram Emminger, Adam Emmons, Benjamin Emmons, Andrew Christiana Emrick, Drusilla Emrick, George Emrick, Jacob Emrick, John Emrick, Mary Emrick, Rebecca Emrick, Adolph Engle, Wilson Enos, Amos Erving, Samuel Erving, Daniel Eshelman, Elmer Evans, Oliver Evans, Charles Evans, John Ewalt, William Ewalt, Abner Ewing, Andrew Ewing, Henry Ewing, John Ewing, Samuel Ewing, Titus Ewing, & J. J. Excell.

William Fahr, Andrew Fairchild, Mead Fanchear, Samuel Farner, Levi Farnsworth, John Farver, William Fasig, Erastus Fast, Abram Fast, Christian Fast, Eli Fast, Eli R. Fast, Isaac Fast, Jacob Fast, James H. Fast, Joseph Fast, Luther Fast, Martin Fast, Mary Fast, W. N. Fast, Wilson Fast, H. P. Fenn, Harvey H. Fenn, Eleanor Ferguson, Margaret Ferguson, William Ferguson, Joseph Ferrell, Merida Figley, Daniel Fike, Josiah Fike, Thomas File, John Finger, James Finley, Eli Finley, Hannah Finley, Luther Finley, Matthias Finley, Robert Finney, Leander Firestone, Isaac B. Fisher, Daniel Fisher, George Fisher, J. N. Fisher, James Fisher, Martin Fisher, Sylvester Fisher, Timothy Fisher, William Fisher, Daniel Fisher, Jr., Franklin Fisk, Bat Fitzgerald, George U. Flack, Hugh Fleack, Michael Fleeharty, Patrick Fleharty, Henry Fluke, Lewis Fluke, Philip Fluke, Samuel Fluke, Robert Folger, J. Ross Folwell, Joseph Folwell, Ross Folwell, Thomas Folwell, Franklin Ford, Porter M. Ford, Belinda Ford, Elias Ford, Elijah Ford, Elizabeth Ford, John Ford, Rebecca Ford, Susannah Ford, Thomas Ford, Henry Forney, Jacob Foulkes, David Fox, Frederick Fox, William Fox, Henry France, John France, R. Frankhouser, David Franks, A. Franks, Jr., Peter Frantz, Jane Freeborn, John Freeborn, Mary Freeborn, Richard Freeborn, William Freeborn, Samuel Freeman, William Freeman, Frank J. Freer, Conrad Fridline, David Fridline, Ludwig Fridline, John Friot, Charles Fritzinger, Elias Frownfelter, Samuel C. Fry, John W. Fry, Jacob Fulger, J. B. Fulkerson, George Full, Lewis Fullington, John Fulmer, Harman Fulton, John S. Fulton, & John F. Furnee.

Samuel Galbraith, Edward Gallagher, Barnabas Gallaher, J. M. Galleher, Thomas Galloway, William Galloway, Henry Gamble, Walter Gants, J. F. Gardner, Martin Gardner, Samuel Garrett, David Garver, Dexter Gaster, William Gaster, Alfred Gates, E. N. Gates, Isaac Gates, Eliza T. Gault, John Gault, Samuel Gault, Sarah Gault, Jacob Geackley, C. K. Geddes, George W. Geddes, Uriah Gee, George Geer, John Geissinger, David George, Isaac George, Theodore Gharst, Jacob Gharst, William Gharst, William Gibson, J. B. Gibson, Jonas Gierhart, Wilson Giffin, Jane Gilchrist, William Gilchrist, Christian Gilger, Archibald Gillis, James Gillis, Joseph Gipe, Solomon Givler, James Gladden, John Glass, Samuel Glass, Elizabeth Glenn, James B. Glenn, William Glenn, John Glenn, John Glenn, Jr., Philip Glessner, Curtis Goddard, Abner Goff, Nicholas Goldsmith, Vincent Goldsmith, Daniel Goon, Albert Gordon, George Gordon, Andrew Gordon, John G. Gorham, William H. H. Gorham, John Goss, Elisha Goudy, George Goudy, Joseph Goudy, Moses Goudy, William Goudy, Silas Gould, John Graft, Francis Graham, Samuel Graham, Jonathan Grant, Lewis R. Gray, John Gray, William L. Gray, Abraham Green, Elizabeth Green, George Green, Jacob Green, John Green, Julia Green, Mariah Green, Noah Green, Sarah Ann Green, Solomon Green, Thomas Green, William Green, Michael Greenland, Thomas Greenland, John Greenlee, Van B. Greenwood, James Gregg, Richard Gregg, Robert Gregg, Samuel Gregg, Alphonzo G. Gregory, Daniel Gregory, Edgar Gregory, Theodore W. Gregory, James Gribben, Mary Gribben, Richard A. Gribben, William Gribben, Thomas Gribbon, David Griffin, Jacob Griffith, Jonathan Griffith, Thomas Griffith, George Grim, F. M. Grimes, Emanuel Grindle, E. W. Grindle, George W. Grindle, Harvey Grindle, Henry Grindle, John Grindle, Christian Groff, Elias Groff, John Grosh, Daniel Grosscup, Davis Grubaugh, Isaac Grubaugh, Jacob H. Grubb, Mary Grubb, George Gunther, John J. Gurley, Leonard Gurley, C. Guthrie, John Guthrie, Richard Guthrie, Samuel Guthrie, William Guthrie, Azariah Gwin, James Gwin, & Joseph Gwin.

Levi Haffer, Alfred Hall, Silas Hall, Albert Hall, Lansing Hall, William Hall, Samuel Hamer, Alpheus Hamilton, David Hamilton, Hanson Hamilton, John Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, William Hamilton, James Hammett, James Haney, John Haney, Mary Haney, Thomas Haney, John Hanks, William Hanna, John Hannan, William Hannan, Henry Hannawalt, Amos Harbaugh, John Harbaugh, Solomon Harbaugh, Conrad Hare, Richard Hargrave, Daniel Harlan, James Harlan, Samuel Harlan, Henry Harman, Daniel Harman, John Harman, Samuel Harman, Elizabeth Harper, Henry Harper, John Harper, Mary Harper, Matthew Harper, Nancy Harper, Sarah Harper, Sophia Harper, Thomas Harper, William Harper, Henry Harpster, Alonzo Harrington, Oscar Harrington, David Harst, John C. Hart, David Hart, Elijah Hart, John Hartman, Levi Hartman, William Harvey, Isaac Harvuot, Joseph Harvuot, Julia A. Harvuot, Mary Harvuot, Rachel Harvuot, Rebecca Harvuot, Joseph Harvuot, Jr., Nathaniel Haskell, Harrison Hason, Isaac Hatch, Charles Hay, Jonas Hay, William Hay, Nathan Hayes, Austin Hayes, Franklin Hayes, George Hayes, Lester Hayes, Linus Hayes, Jesse Haynes, John Hazard, Solomon Hazel, John Hazlett, Theodore Hazzard, James Heanst, James Hearst, Peter Heckart, Samuel Heckman, William Heffelfinger, Christopher Hefler, John Heichel, Michael Heichel, John Heifner, Edmund Heiser, Robert Helliker, Catherine Hellman, David Hellman, Jacob Hellman, John Hellman, Mary Hellman, John Hendricks, Nelson S. Hendryx, John Henney, C. N. Henshey, Christian Henshler, John Herbrand, Samuel Herman, John Herr, John Herryman, John Hersh, C. M. Hershey, Reuben N. Hershey, L. B. Hertman, C. C. Hess, Henry Hettinger, William Hettinger, Frederick Heyd, Edward Hibbard, Catharine Hiffner, Jacob Hiffner, Charles J. Higgins, Edward Higner, Thomas Hilborn, Amos Hilborn, Henry Hildebrand, Jacob Hildebrand, W. Hildebrand, John Hilderbrand, S. P. Hildreth, Ahira Hill, Calvin Hill, Harvey Hill, Henry Hill, John N. Hill, Josiah L. Hill, Reuben Hill, Samuel Hill, Aaron Hilliard, Isaac Hilteleand, Alexander D. Hindman, Frederick Hine, John Hineman, Albert Hines, George Hines, Jacob Hines, Jesse Hines, Martin Hinkle, Abner Hissen, Frederick Hits, Isaac Hoagland, William Hodge, David Hoff, Abraham Holmes, Samuel Holsinger, Jacob Holzman, H. G. Hood, Rachael Hooker, Edward Hooly, Alexander Hoosler, Christopher Hootman, John J. Hootman, Josiah Hoover, William Hoover, S. S. Hopkins, Henry Horn, Andrew Horne, John Horner, John Hosler, John Hossler, Charles B. Houck, Edmund Hough, Henry Hough, Isaac Hough, John Hough, Mary Hough, William Hough, John House, David Houser, George Houser, Solomon Houser, Robert Houston, Andrew Howenstine, Andrew Hownstine, Charles Hoy, Joseph Hoy, John Hubler, Jacob Hublitz, Jacob Huff, James Huff, Abraham Huffman, Abram Huffman, Benjamin Huffman, Daniel Huffman, James A. Huffman, John Huffman, Mary Ann Huffman, Perrin C. Huffman, Samuel Huffman, Sarah Jane Huffman, Susan Huffman, William Huffman, Zachariah Huffman, William Hughes, Christian C. Huler, D. K. Hull, James Hull, John Hull, L. Humphrey, Andrew Humphrey, John Humphrey, William Humphrey, George Hunnybarger, David Hunter, Isaac Hunter, James Hunter, John Hunter, Thomas Hunter, William Hunter, David Hurst, James Huston, James Hutchison, & John Hyman.

Phillip Ignatius, Jacob Ihrig, John Ihrig, Robert Imhoff, John Imhoff, Jr., Edmund Ingmand, Luke Ingmand, Mary Ingmand, Joseph Ingmund, Adam Innes, Adam Innes, Jr., John Irvin, William Irvin, James Irwin, Jared Irwin, Robert Irwin, & William Irwin.

Matilda W. Jackman, Richard Jackman, Andrew Jackson, Oliver Jackson, James Jackson, Jane Jackson, John Jackson, F. S. Jacobs, Thomas Jacobs, John Jacobs, John Jacoby, John H. James, James Jarvis, John Jarvis, Tom Jelloway, Celestus Jennings, Jacob O. Jennings, Obadiah Jennings, Jim Jerk, Bateese Jerome, John Baptiste Jerome, Charles Jesson, Jesse Jesson, Robert Jesson, Adolphus Johnson, Alonzo P. Johnson, Cyrus W. Johnson, Harrison Johnson, Harvey H. Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson, Mary C. Johnson, Samuel Johnson, Washington Johnson, William M. A. Johnson, John Johnsonbaugh, Cyrus W. Johnston, Peter B. Johnston, James Johnston, Robert Johnston, Thomas Johnston, William Johnston, Amassa Jones, John D. Jones, Joseph Jones, Moses Jones, Riley Jones, Sarah Jones, Albert Jordan, Calvin Jordan, Clark Jordan, George Jordan, & Isaac Judd.

Daniel Kagey, John H. Kahl, Peter Kane, Eliza A. Karnahan, Robert Karnahan, William Karnahan, John Karns, Jacob Kart, Adrian Kauffman, John Kauffman, Emanuel Kaufman, Rudolph Kaufman, William Kay, John Keen, John Keen, Jr., Christian Keener, Jacob Keller, Patrick Kelley, Charles Kellogg, George Kellogg, Belding Kellogg, Bolivar W. Kellogg, Burr Kellogg, Hiram Kellogg, Sage Kellogg, Sylvanus Kellogg, George Kelsey, John Kelsey, Archibald Kennedy, R. V. Kennedy, Thomas J. Kenny, William Kent, Adam Keny, Lyle Kerr, William Kerster, Samuel Kerstetter, Sovy Kidwell, John Kidwell, George Kilburn, A. C. Kile, Hiram Kilgore, E. C. Killbourn, Alexander Kimmont, Isaiah Kinder, John E. King, Rufus M. King, William King, George Kinkaid, Jacob Kinnaman, Aaron Kinney, Peter Kinney, Daniel Kiplinger, Levi Kiplinger, Reuben Kiplinger, John Kirkwood, Samuel J. Kirkwood, Theodore Kiser, Jacob Kissel, Philip Kissel, Moses Kitchen, John Kizer, Joseph Kizer, Adolph Klemm, David Klimpton, Conrad Kline, Porter Kline, Jacob Klingaman, Andrew Klinger, John Klinger, A. A. Knauss, Charles Knauss, Charles Knoth, Acil Knowlton, George W. Knowlton, Henry Kohder, Franklin Koons, Washington Koons, Michael Koontz, Jacob Kosht, Philip Kosht, Jacob Kover, John Krabill, John Kraemer, John J. R. Kreamer, Henry Krebs, Joshua B. Krebs, Frederick W. Krishner, John Kuhn, John A. Kunlee, James Kuykendall, & Samuel Kyle.

Pollis Lacy, James Lafferty, John Laflor, Elijah Lake, Joseph Lake, Lewis Lanbaugh, Harvey Landis, James H. Landis, Abraham Landis, John Landis, Chaney Lane, Lemuel Lane, Myron Lane, Nathan Lane, John L. Lang, William Lang, William Langen, _____ Lanterman, Joseph Larwill, William Larwill, Jr., Charity A. Lash, Elizabeth Lash, Jacob Lash, Peter Lash, Susannah Lash, William Lash, Zaccheus Lash, James Latimer, John Latschaw, Joseph Latta, Moses Latta, John Lattimore, John Latty, James Laughton, Matthew Laughton, George Launtz, John Lauterbaugh, Samuel Lawson, William Laylin, William Leary, David Lee, George Lee, Josiah Lee, Mary Lee, Oliver Lee, Robert Lee, William Lee, Arthur Leech, E. C. Leech, R. N. Leech, William Leech, William Leete, Joseph Leibert, Reuben Leidigh, Samuel Leidigh, Jeremiah Leinard, Levi Leinard, Solomon Leinard, Christopher Leiter, John Leiter, James Lemon, John Lemon, Robert Lemon, William Lemon, William Leopold, G. G. Leopold, John Lepper, George Likes, William Lipsitt, John Lisar, Daniel Little, Carp Lloyd, Hiram Lockhart, Joseph Lockhart, William Lockhart, Alfred Long, Henry Long, Frederick Long, J. C. Longshore, P. Loughridge, Adam Lover, Benjamin T. Lowe, Walter Lowrey, William Lowrey, William J. Lowrie, Francis Lowry, Lazarus Lowry, Eber Lucas, Joseph Lucas, Andrew Luckey, Mansfield Ludlow, Maxfield Ludlow, John Ludwig, George Lundy, Marion Lur, Hulburt Luther, Joel Luther, Abraham Lutz, Jacob Lutz, Jacob Lybarger, John Lynch, Elizabeth Lyon, Henry Lyon, Lucius Lyon, William Lyon, & Isaac Lyons.

John Mack, George Mackie, William Macklin, Jonathan Maffett, E. Lewis Maize, Levi H. Maize, Henry Maize, Peter Mang, Philip Mang, Samuel Mang, William Mann, Adam Manner, John Mapes, J. P. Mariette, Lewis Marka, Abner O. Markham, Paeter Markle, Lewis Markle, Aaron Markley, Horatio Markley, Jonathan Markley, Joseph Markley, Ephraim Marks, George Marks, Aretus Marsh, Aretas Marsh, Cromwell Marsh, Samuel Marsh, Almarine Marshal, Abner Marshall, Ellis Marshall, George Marshall, James Marshall, Joseph Marshall, Benjamin Martien, Phillip Martin, Reuben Martin, Benjamin Martin, C. G. Martin, Harry Martin, Johnson S. Martin, William Martin, Andrew Mason, Anna Mason, John Mason, Margaret Mason, Martin Mason, Mary Mason, William H. Mason, Alexander Masters, George Masters, Nicholas Masters, Jesse Matthews, Billy Mature, Henry Maurer, John Maurer, Samuel Maxheimer, William Maxheimer, Andrew Maxwell, D. Maxwell, Joseph Maxwell, William Maxwell, Rolla D. May, Charles Mayfield, Robert McBeth, William McBride, Allen McCall, John McCarns, Henry McCart, William B. McCarty, H. W. McCarty, Joseph McCarty, Jacob McCauley, Samuel W. McClain, Andrew McClain, Jacob McClain, Henry McClary, Daniel McClure, George McClure, James McClure, Charles McClusky, J. A. McClusky, A. McCombs, Samuel McConahey, Cyrus McConnell, George McConnell, James McConnell, James McCool, Nicholas McCool, William McCorkle, Joseph McCormack, John McCormick, John McCoy, George McCrea, John McCrea, Albert McCready, David McCready, James McCready, Hiram McCreary, William McCreary, Wilson McCreary, William McCrory, William McCummins, Albert McCurdy, Joseph McCutchen, Edward McFadden, John McFall, D. L. McFarland, John McGill, Archibald McGrew, Hugh McGuire, John McGuire, William McHarry, Eli McHenry, Isaac McHose, Lot McInmary, _____ McInnerney, John McKahan, James McKee, William McKeeken, Jr., Hugh B. McKibben, William C. McKibben, Joseph McKibbin, Mary McKibbin, Samuel E. McKinley, John McKinley, Alexander McKinney, George McKnabb, James McKnight, Jacob McLain, Jackson McLaughlin, M. McLaughlin, Elizabeth McMahan, Thomas McMahan, H. T. McMeeken, Hance McMeeken, William McMeeken, William McMillan, Thomas McMurray, James McMurray, John McMurray, Margaret McMurray, Mary McMurray, Robert McMurray, William McMurray, George McNabb, John McNaull, William McNaull, William McNeil, Findlay McNulty, James McNulty, David McQuillen, William McQuillen, Samuel McReynolds, John McWilliams, Lucius Mead, Luther H. Mead, John Meason, Harriet Medowell, Henry Medowell, James Medowell, John Medowell, William Medowell, Robert Meeks, Charles Melchim, Hugh Meloy, A. W. Melsheimer, Isaac Menor, John Menor, George Menter, Abel Mentzer, Abner Mercer, George W. Mercer, Levi Mercer, Madison Mercer, George Merkling, Charles Merling, Allen Metcalf, Harman Metcalf, Samuel Metcalf, Vatchel Metcalf, George Michelson, Philip Mickle, A. J. Mickle, Randolph Middaugh, John Milheim, John Milhime, George Miller, Samuel Miller, David Miller, Henry Miller, J. A. F. Miller, Jacob Miller, John K. Miller, Joseph H. Miller, Lewis Miller, Mary N. Miller, John W. Millington, Alonzo Mingus, Adam Mish, Frank Mish, Heremiah Mish, William Mish, James Mitchell, George Mitchelson, David Moats, Henry Mock, Noah Mock, Austin Moherman, David Mondorff, John Montgomery, William Montgomery, Joseph D. Moody, Samuel Moody, Ezekiel Moones, William Moones, Edward Moore, Hugh Moore, Jacob Moore, William Moore, Alexander Morehead, Robert Morfert, Michael Morkle, David Morphey, Elmer T. Morris, James Morrison, William Mory, Charles Motter, John Motter, William Motter, Willson Motter, Samuel Mour, William Mudge, Andrew Mumper, Thomas Munhollen, William Murphey, Manley Murphy, Hugh Murray, Joseph Musgrave, John Musgrove, John Musser, Franklin Myers, Benjamin Myers, Cephas Myers, Charlotte Myers, Eliza Myers, Henry Myers, Jacob Myers, John Myers, Julia Ann Myers, Michael Myers, Minerva Myers, Peter Myers, William Myers, & Christopher Mykrantz.

Aquilla Naylor, Edmund Naylor, John Naylor, Robert Naylor, John Neal, Samuel Neal, James Neely, John Neff, Joseph Neff, Michael Neff, Alexander Nelson, B. F. Nelson, Henry Nembeth, John Neptune, Christian Newcomer, Jacob Newcomer, Robert Newell, Joseph Newkirk, A. S. Newman, Andrew Newman, Dillman Newman, James Newman, Thomas Newman, William Newman, Ebenezer Nightingale, Gideon Nightingale, Henry Nipps, J. P. Nixon, John Nixon, G. P. Nixon, David Noggle, William Noggle, Patrick Nolan, Amos Norris, William North, William Northway, Z. L. Numbers, & Leonard Nurkholder.

Michael O'Brien, Nathan G. Odell, Moses Odle, Charles Ogden, Jacob Ohl, Edward S. Oldham, Hamilton Oldroyd, Henry C. Oldroyd, Johnson Oldroyd, S. Olin, Allen Oliver, Daniel Oliver, John Oliver, Lewis Oliver, Paul Oliver, Daniel Onstott, David Onstott, John Onstott, Thomas Onstott, Elijah Oram, Joshua Oram, Thomas Osborn, William Osborn, G. Osterlin, David Oswald, John W. Oswald, Andrew H. Oswalt, Franklin Otto, Edward Otto, John Otto, Henry Oveis, John Owens, Levi Owens, & Jacob Oxenrider.

James Page, Eli Palmer, Ephraim Palmer, George Palmer, Jason Palmer, John Palmer, Jonathan Palmer, Joseph Palmer, John Palmour, Joseph Parish, Jerome A. Park, Leroy Park, Tyler D. Park, Elisha D. Parker, William Parker, Elizabeth Parks, Asahel Parmely, Fanny Parmely, John Parmely, Lois Parmely, Sylvanus Parmely, George W. Parr, Henry Parr, Andrew Parr, Trew Pattee, Benton Patterson, Robert Patterson, Z. T. Paullins, A. H. Paxton, James Peacock, Cyrenus A. Peck, Gilbert Pell, Michael Pere, Herbert Persons, Ransom Persons, John Peters, Sarah Peterson, Clodius Peto, _____ Pettinger, Mariah Petty, Darius Phillips, Solomon Phillips, Christian Pinkstock, Charles Pinney, John Pittinger, Peter Pittinger, Thomas Pittinger, Aaron Plank, Cyrus Plank, David Plank, John Plank, Edgar Plummer, P. H. Plummer, James Poag, Washington Poag, Daniel Pocock, Elijah Pocock, John Pollock, Milton Pollock, Robert Pollock, George Pomeroy, Thornton Pool, Jacob Poorman, Alexander Porter, Charles Porter, M. H. Porter, Sarah Porter, William Porter, Hezekiah Potter, Azariah Potter, Bradley Potter, Elijah Potter, H. H. Potter, James Potter, Jerome Potter, Jesse Potter, Silas Potter, William Potter, David Potts, Chandler Power, William A. Power, Benjamin Presler, Jacob Pressler, William Price, Alvin Priest, Clarissa Priest, Daniel Priest, Eliza Priest, Isaac Priest, James Priest, James Louden Priest, John Priest, Jonas Priest, Olive Priest, Sarah Priest, William Priest, De Witt Prince, David Prior, John Prosser, A. B. Proudfit, David Proudfit, Esther Proudfit, James Proudfit, Jane Proudfit, John Proudfit, Mary Proudfit, Nancy Proudfit, Sarah Proudfit, Temperance Proudfit, Andrew Proudfit, Jr., John Provines, A. W. Purdy, Cornelia Purdy, Gennett Purdy, Gilbert Purdy, Henry Purdy, James Purdy, Peter Purdy, & Sarah Purdy.

Benjamin Quick.

Wesley Radach, William Ralston, Milton Randall, John W. Rathburn, John Raver, Daniel Rawhouser, David Ray, Philip Reading, John Rebout, Francis Redding, John Redding, Peter Redding, Alexander Reed, Asa S. Reed, Charles Reed, George Reed, Morgan Reed, George Reele, Morgan Reese, Adam Reichard, Michael Reichard, E. C. Reichenbaugh, Frederick Relevee, Joseph Remley, S. Renark, John Reno, George Repp, William Resh, Milton Reynolds, John P. Reznor, John Rhamey, David Rhodes, Henry Rhodes, Daniel Riblet, Manuel Riblet, Lincoln S. Rice, Reuben Rice, Calvin C. Rice, Ebenezer Rice, Elizabeth Rice, Rosella Rice, Thomas Rice, Leander H. Rich, John Richards, Alexander Richards, Reuben Richards, Alexander Richardson, David Richardson, Alexander Richey, Joseph Richey, Solomon Richmire, John Richoard, George Rickel, Jacob Rickel, Matthias Rickel, Michael Rickel, Samuel Rickel, Sophia Rickel, Christopher Rickett, Matthias Rickle, Porter Rickle, Aaron Riddle, Abigail Riddle, George W. Riddle, Michael Riddle, Moses Riddle, William Patterson Riddle, B. F. Ridgley, Heber Ridgley, Westel Ridgley, Jacob Rife, John Rigdon, George Riggs, George Rikeard, Abraham Risser, Joseph Risser, William R. Rittenhouse, Abraham Ritter, Martin Ritter, S. Ritz, Jacob Roats, Valentine Robb, Silas Robbins, John Roberts, G. Robertson, Alva E. Robinson, Henry Robinson, John Robinson, Sherman Robinson, Wilber Robinson, William Robinson, Alva E. Robison, William Rode, Henry Rode, John Rode, John Rodenhefer, Henry M. Rogers, P. F. Rohrbacher, Benjamin Roller, John Rollins, John Romine, Perry Romine, William Romine, Joseph Roop, Lewis Root, R. R. Rose, Benjamin Ross, Thomas Ross, Lewis Rotes, William H. Rouch, Samuel Rouch, Michael Row, Jacob Rowland, James Rowland, John M. Rowland, Samuel Rowland, Simon Rowland, Enos Rowley, Christian Royer, Peter Royer, Shadrach Ruark, William B. Rudd, William Ruffcorn, Frederick Rush, Jacob Rush, E. S. Russell, Darius Rust, Morrill Rust, Peter Rutan, H. D. Ruth, George W. Ryall, Mary Ann Ryland, & William Ryland.

Harvey Sackett, George Saddler, John Saddler, John Sadler, Calvin Sage, Daniel W. Sage, Harlow Sage, George Saltzmen, D. S. Sampsel, Joseph Sampsel, J. B. F. Sampsel, Joseph Sanborn, Charles Sanders, Lorin Saner, Henry Saner, Joseph Sapp, George Saylor, John Saylor, Louis Schloss, John Scholes, David Schroll, Frederick Schuch, Gates Scoby, Wayne Scoby, William G. Scott, A. J. Scott, Horace Scott, J. H. Scott, James Scott, John Scott, Joseph Scott, Robert Scott, Winfield Scott, Zenophon C. Scott, John Scott, Jr., Samuel Scruhey, John D. Scutchall, John Scutschall, Ebenezer Seaman, Henry S. See, Thomas Sefton, William E. Sefton, Walter B. Selby, Luke Selby, Thomas Selby, Robert Sellers, Jerome Semans, Frederick Seymour, Philip Seymour, John H. Shaffer, Martin Shaffer, Alonzo Shambaugh, Henry Shambaugh, Shannon Shambaugh, William Shambaugh, Benton Shane, John Sharick, Peter Sharp, J. N. Shaver, Abraham F. Shaw, Eleaner Shaw, Hane Shaw, William Shaw, Alfred M. Sheets, Elizabeth Sheets, Joseph Sheets, Solomon Sheets, William Sheets, William Sheller, John Sheneberger, Joseph Sheneberger, Michael Sheneberger, Solomon Sheneberger, John Sheridan, Jacob Sheriff, Neverson Sherman, Henry Sherradden, Paul Sherraden, William Shick, John A. Shidler, James S. Shinabarger, John Shinabarger, James Shinnebarger, John Shinnebarger, George Ship, George D. Shipley, Daniel Shissler, John Shissler, Josiah Shoaltz, Isaac Shockey, Andrew Shoemaker, John D. Shoemaker, Jacob Shopbell, James Short, John Shower, George W. Shriver, John Shriver, Milton Shriver, Philip Shrock, John Shugroe, John A. Shukers, George Shultz, Ananias Shultz, Josiah Shultz, Philip Shutt, Levi Shutte, Benjamin Siebert, Reuben Sigler, Jacob Sigler, Jerret Sigler, Marion Sigler, Michael Sigler, Samuel Signs, William Silence, Henry B. Simmons, Otha Simmons, William Simms, Milton Simonton, John L. Sims, Jeremiah Singer, William Singer, George Six, John D. Skilling, William Skilling, Alexander Skinner, Alfred Skinner, Willets Skinner, William Sloan, J. W. Sloan, James Sloan, John Sloan, Oliver Sloan, Samuel Sloan, Thomas Sloan, Elias Slocum, Elizabeth Slocum, Ephraim Slocum, John Slocum, Lyman Slocum, Mary Slocum, Sarah Slocum, Wealthy Slocum, Jared N. Slonecker, Abel Smalley, Daniel Smalley, John Smalley, Michael Smeltzer, Addison Smiley, Richard Smiley, George Smilie, Jane Smilie, John Smilie, Nancy Smilie, Robert Smilie, William Smilie, Charles Smith, Edward P. Smith, H. G. Smith, Nelson Smith, Adam Smith, Artemus Smith, Chandler Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Fuller Smith, George Smith, Isariah Smith, J. W. Smith, Jabez Smith, James Smith, James B. Smith, Jedediah Smith, Jeremiah Smith, John Smith, Lucretia Smith, Lydia Smith, Orlow Smith, Peter Smith, Riley Smith, Russell Smith, Stephen Smith, Therrygood Smith, Thomas Smith, Valentine Smith, William Smith, William L. Smith, Harvey Smurr, John Smurr, Thomas Smurr, Joseph Smutz, William Smyth, John Sneer, David Snively, Casper Snook, A. A. Snowbarger, Jacob Snowbarger, George Snyder, Henry Snyder, Henry Sohurair, Warren Soles, Levi Somers, Henry Sonedecker, John Sowers, Harrison Spafford, Thomas J. Spayd, William Speeling, Daniel Speelman, Tobias Speicher, Joseph Spencer, William S. Spencer, Henry Spiece, Cyrus Spink, Isaiah Spitler, Andrew Sponsler, Frederick Sprang, Augustus W. Springer, Daniel Springer, Elizabeth Springer, John Springer, Margaret Springer, Mary Springer, Michael Springer, Nancy Springer, Peter Springer, Sarah Springer, Susan Springer, William Springer, Adam Sprinkell, Michael Sprinkle, Amos Sprinkle, Thomas Sprott, Thomas Sprott, Jr., Jacob Stacker, Isaac Stadden, Jacob Staman, H. A. Stamen, William Stamets, George Stametz, A. J. Stamez, E. L. Starkweather, William N. Starr, Matthew Starr, Henry Starrett, Henry Stauffer, Adam Staump, Kada Stearns, Alonzo Stearns,Andrew Stechler, Samuel Stecker, Abraham Stehman, Adam Steiber, Charles Steingraver, Joseph Steinhauser, Joseph Steinheiser, Edward Stentz, George Stevens, Jonas Stevens, Thomas C. Stevens, Andrew Stevenson, Frederick Stewart, George H. Stewart, James Stewart, Mary E. Stewart, Henry Stichler, Jacob Stichler, Daniel Stick, Andrew Stickler, Henry Stickler, Ernest Stiler, Frederick Stillson, William Stober, Abiather Stockman, Remember Stockwell, Joseph Stofer, Mark Stonaker, Harrison Stone, Christian Stoner, Jacob Stoner, Philip Q. Stoner, William Stoner, George Stott, Jacob Stoufer, Joseph Stoufer, Daniel Stouffer, George Stough, William Stout, George Stover, David Stratton, William Stratton, Amos Strickland, Joseph Strickland, Mahlon Strickland, William S. Strickland, Eliza T. Stringer, Benjamin Strock, H. Strong, Abel Strong, James Strong, Joel Stroud, Philip Strouse, J. D. Stubbs, Joseph Studley, Isaac Stull, John Stull, William Stull, Bradford Sturtevant, Martha E. Sturtevant, William B. Sturtevant, Michael Sugars, John Sulcer, Daniel Summers, Henry Summers, Phineas Summerton, Henry Swaisgood, William Swaisgood, Catherine Swarts, Daniel Swarts, David Swarts, Elizabeth Swarts, Henry Swarts, Jacob Swarts, John Swarts, Mary Swarts, Joseph Swartz, James C. Swassick, Henry Swearingen, N. G. Swearingen, Emanuel Swedenborg, Minor Swineford, William H. Swineford, Abram C. Swineford, Anthony Swineford, Curtis Swineford, Elizabeth Swineford, George Swineford, Jacob Swineford, John Swineford, Oscar Swineford, Peter Swineford, Samuel Swineford, Susan Swineford, James Swinford, John B. Switzer, Samuel Switzer, Lawrence Swope, & John Symon.

John R. Talentire, Bazel Tannehill, Charles Tannehill, Melzer Tannehill, Nancy Tannehill, Sarah Tannehill, Hiram Tanner, Stephen Tanner, John Tanyer, Simon Tapper, Michael Tarinkill, John Tawney, Thomas Tawney, Augustus A. Taylor, George Taylor, J. H. Taylor, John Taylor, Lewis Taylor, Wishey Taylor, John Taynor, James Teel, James Templeton, Philip Thoma, Herman Thomas, Josiah Thomas, William Thomas, Robert M. Thompson, Samuel Thorley, William Thorn, George Thump, Samuel Thurber, Hiram Thurston, Albert Tilton, James Tilton, John Tilton, Samuel Tilton, Samuel Tinney, Jacob Toby, Lott Todd, Benjamin F. Toha, Enoch Tompkins, George H. Topping, G. H. Toppings, Jonathan Torrence, Norton S. Townsend, C. A. Towslee, Charles D. Towslee, George Towslee, John M. Tracey, Paul Trange, Jacob Treace, Michael S. Treace, Solomon Trippier, Henry Tumbleson, Henry Turl, George Tuttle, William Tuttle, & William Twirrell.

Peter Uhlman, Adam Ullman, Benjamin F. Upton, T. Upton, David Urie, Elizabeth Urie, George Urie, James Urie, John Urie, Samuel Urie, Solomon Urie, Susan Urie, Thomas Urie, Lewis Utz, & Samuel Utz.

Clement L. Valley, John Van Horn, Isaac Van Inman, Newton Van Inman, Samuel Van Inman, Isaac van Meter, John Van Nest, C. S. Vanarnam, John Vanarsdall, S. Z. Vance, Dennis Vanderhoff, John Vanglider, Elvin Vanglider, William Vanglider, Enoch Vanimmon, Jesse Vanosdall, George Vanostrand, Mary Vanostrand, Peter Vanostrand, Jonathan Vanscoyae, Stephen Vanscoyae, Clarinda Vantilburg, Daniel Vantilburg, Henry Vantilburg, Alfred Vanzile, Azariah Vanzile, John Vaughn, William Vaughn, John Vaun, Samuel Vaun, John Vavalman, C. C. Vermilliyae, William J. Vermillyae, Christian Vesper, & Ury Voglesang.

Thomas Waggoner, John Waggoner, Casper Wagner, Munson B. Walcott, Alanson Walker, George W. Walker, James Walker, John Walker, George Walkley, Reuben Wall, James Wallace, John Wallace, Robert P. Wallace, E. W. Wallack, O. S. Wals, Jacob Walter, John Walter, John Walters, Marion Ward, C. C. Warner, Christian Warner, Ebenezer Warner, John Warren, James Warret, Warren Wasson, John Watkins, Isaac Watson, Jacob W. Weaver, Jonathan Weaver, William Webb, Asa Webster, Asahel Webster, Daniel Weddle, David Weiber, Alexander Weight, J. W. Weikerd, Henry H. Weirick, Mahlon Weirick, Thomas G. Weirick, Samuel Weirick, Ephraim Welch, James W. Wells, Joseph Wells, Ephraim Welsh, John Welty, Samuel Welty, B. Wenrick, Eli Wertenberger, George Wertenberger, Isaac Wertenberger, Daniel Wertman, G. W. Wertman, Henry West, Salmon Weston, A. J. Wetherbee, J. S. Wetherbee, Justus Wetherbee, L. M. B. Wetherbee, David Weygandt, Alfred Wheeler, David Wherry, Patrick Whily, Abraham Whissemore, Ephraim Whissemore, Daniel Whissler, William Whitcomb, Grafton White, Thomas B. White, Abel D. White, Henry White, James White, John White, Joshua White, Samuel White, William C. White, Thomas G. Whitelock, David Whiting, John Whitney, Lawrence Whitzel, William Wible, Alvan Wick, William C. Wick, J. R. Wick, J. R. Wicke, Charles G. Wickham, William Wicoff, Samuel Wierman, Charles Wilcox, E. M. Wilcox, John B. Wiles, Charles Wiley, Isaac Willenmore, David Williams, George Williams, Charles Willis, R. L. Wilson, Samuel Wilson, Clinton Wilson, George Wilson, James Wilson, John Wilson, William Wilson, Jonas Wiltrout, Elizabeth Winbigler, Francis Winbigler, John Winbigler, Mary Ann Winbigler, Richard Winbigler, Charles Wingates, A. Winter, Abner Winters, Elliott Winters, Johnston Winters, Nicholas Wireman, Frederick Wise, John Wise, Simon Wittenmire, Samuel Wittington, Buel Wolcott, William Wolf, George Wolf, Isaac Wolf, John Wolf, Joseph Wolf, Martin Wolf, Stephen Wolf, Warren Wolf, Warring Wolf, Jackson Wolverton, John Woodburn, John Woodhull, Matthew Woods, William Woods, Joseph Workman, Henry Worst, Samuel Worst, Henry Worts, William P. Wright, Joseph Wright, Nathan Wyatt, & John Wycoff.

Enoch Yallens, George Yanders, George Yanders, Jr., Thomas Yarnell, Zedekiah Yeagley, Franklin Yeckly, Abraham Yerrick, Isaac Yerrick, Charles Yetter, Elmore Yocum, Franklin Yoha, Peter Yost, B. Young, Jacob Young, Philip Youngblood, Samuel Youngblood, & C. Younker.

Zedekiah Zeagley, Frederick Zeamore, Philip Zeamore, Anthony Zeers, L. Zeitzinger, John Zigler, John Zimmerman, William Zimmerman, Henry Zody, Peter Zollinger, & R. M. Zuver.

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