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The book, "Matthew's American Armoury and Blue Book," by John Matthews, printed by the Gorham Co., New York & London, 1907. Do you have Blue Sap (blood) in your family tree? This book provides significant genealogical data about a large number of American 'blue bloods' as of 1907. What is useful is that the data usually traces lineage back to the immigrant ancestor, thus helping a great many people today. There are many, many surnames and many allied families mentioned. Please note: This is not a paper book, it is a scan of the original paper book into the digital Adobe PDF format, written on a CD-ROM. You read this book on your computer using the free Adobe Reader software. It is a digital version of a hard to find book. If you could find a copy of the 1907 printed book, it would be very expensive.



This CD book is fully linked for ease of use, and is fully searchable in the Adobe Reader. There are two sections in the book. The first section has a comprehensive entry listing a lot of information about the individual’s ancestry, his family, and biographical information about the person (clubs, organizations, residences, etc). The second ‘Addendum’ provides fewer data about the individuals listed, but usually gives the year the person moved to America and where they settled. Both sections provide a black & white drawing of the Arms associated with the individual’s family and their description in heraldic terms (please see the images below for examples).

The book has approximately 318 pages plus the index. Remember, it is a direct scan of the original book converted into Adobe PDF format and written on a CD-ROM. It is not a paper book. You read it using the free Adobe Reader software and it can be searched using the ‘Search’ function of the reader.

The following individuals are listed in the first section with their ancestors, spouse’s ancestry (in some cases), and children’s names, etc. Each individual’s Coat of Arms is illustrated:

Park Agnew, Addis Albro, Owen Franklin Aldis, Willey Henry Almey, Azel Ames, Charles Walter Amory, Eliphalet Nott Anable, Henry M. Atkinson, Caroline Atlee, James William Atwill, Eugene K. Austin, Frank Montgomery Avery, Clarence Walworth Backus, William Osborn Baker, Thomas Willing Balch, Le Roy Wilbur Baldwin, Orville Dwight Baldwin, Townsend Burnet Baldwin, Sackett Moore Barclay, Llewellyn Barry, James H. Sherman Bartholomew, Edward Rittenhouse Barton, George Jonathan Bascom, Margaretta Beckwith, Henry Wyckoff Belknap, Johnson McClure Bellows, Julia Kean Benjamin, Daniel Collins Bennett, Horace Cromwell Bevan, Frank Hagar Bigelow, Melville Madison Bigelow, Joseph Augustus Blake, William Phipps Blake, Joseph N. Blanchard, James Orville Bloss, Benjamin Blossom, Albert Barnes Boardman, Robert Edwin Bonner, Robert Elmer Booraem, Howard Strafford Bowie, Augustus Maunsell Bradhurst, Cyrus Sherwood Bradley, Thomas John Brereton, Harry Langdon Brewster, Henry Colvin Brewster, Samuel Dwight Brewster, Wadsworth J. Brewster, William Darke Briscoe, Hattie Foster Brockett, George Smith Brooke, James Gordon Carter Brooks, George Cochran Broome, Edward Marsh Brown, William Sohier Bryant, Thomas Hamilton Burch, Thomas Brownell Burnham, Stephen Smith Burt, and Charles Sperry Byington.

Virginia Cabell, Charles Evert Cadwalader, John Caldwell Calhoun, Charles Baltimore Calvert, Elizabeth W. Campbell, Eva Carleton, James Edward Carpenter, John Price Carritt, William Sterett Carroll, Charles Shirley Carter, Oscar Charles Sumner Carter, Walter Greenough Chase, Alexander C. Chenoweth, Daniel Brewer Childs, Edward Cholmeley-Jones, Charles Henry Christmas, William Few Chrystie, William Chumasero, William Hunter Churchill, Winston Churchill, Charles William Clinton, Isaac Hallowell Clothier, Charles Jones Colcock, Edward Oliver Coles, Henry Rutgers Remsen Coles, Bowles Colgate, William Colgate, Clarence Lyman Collins, Robert Buckland Cone, Henry Francis Cook, Jay Cooke Jr., Henry Dodge Cooper, Porter Farquharson Cope, William Henry Corbusier, Caroline Corlies, Henry Wick Corning, Edward Everett Cornwall, Frank Carvill Cosby, Jacob Dolson Cox, James Harford Cranwell, William Murray Crombie, Arthur Dudley Cross, Nellie May Currier, William Eleroy Curtis, and Harry Cooke Cushing Jr.

John Evans D’oyley, Marchioness D’oyley, Horace Holley Dall, Charles Dana, Frank Battle Dancy, William Bates Davenport, Sylvanus Miller Davidson, William Gilbert Davies, Charles H. Davis, Joseph Davis, Walter I. Dawkins, Adolphe De Bary, Marguerite De Carron, Hugues Jules De La Vergne, Cressida Peruzzi De Medici, John Watts De Peyster, Edwin Allis De Wolf, Alfred Pierre Delcambre, Rodney Strong Dennis, John H. Prentiss Dodge, Walter Phelps Dodge, William Earl Dodge, Ben Holladay Dorcy, Paul Aaron Langevin Doty, Francis Edward Doughty, Curtis Noble Douglas, Edgar Swartwout Dudley, Richard Thomas Walker Duke, William Nichols Dunnell, & Louis Dyer.

Henry Montague Earle, Charles Henry Eddy, Richard Hathaway Edmonds, Cressida Eldredge, Edward Henry Eldridge, Stephen Benton Elkins, Eugene Ellicott, Daniel Giraud Elliot, Samuel Franklin Emmons, Henry Evans, & James Evans.

Hiram Francis Fairbanks, Robert Noyes Fairbanks, Morris Patterson Ferris, William Luther Findley, Julia Kean Fish, Louis Samuel Fiske, Stephen Fiske, Desmond Fitzgerald, Charles Ranlett Flint, Charles Harold Floyd, John Crocker Foote, William Foulke, Thomas Powell Fowler, Albert Philip Francine, Persifor Frazer, Alden Freeman, George Wentworth Freeman, and Amos Tuck French.

William Bowen Gallaher, Albert Eugene Gallatin, Helen Augustus Garrard, William Alexander Gaston, Edwin Van Deusen Gazzam, Walter Geer, Josias Jenkins George, Charles Pierrepont Henry Gilbert, James Harris Gilbert, Stephen Weart Giles, Daniel Coit Gilman, Garrard Glenn, Helen Augustus Glenn, John Murray Glidden, Charles Albert Gould, Alfred Hoyt Granger, Nora Claire Grant, William Herrick Griffith, Clement Action Griscom, George Griswold, & Samuel Eberly Gross.

George Eli Hall, Harry Alvan Hall, Frederic Robert Halsey, Ezekiel Braddin Hamilton, Emma Maleen Hardy, Henry Gilbert Hart, Frank Walsh Haskell, Harry E. Hayes, Calvin Wheeler Hendrick, Elizabeth W. Hendrick, William Hamilton Henry, William Bancroft Hill, Francis Hillhouse, Barton Cooke Hirst, Charles Frederick Holder, Ellis Hollingsworth, Edwin Bradford Holmes, Carolyn Norris Horwitz, George Howard, Herbert Marshall Howe, Reuben Wing Howes Jr., Daniel Webster Howland, Frederic Wolters Huidekoper, William Henry Thompson Huie, Robert Deniston Hume, Charles Russell Hurd, Edmund Abdy Hurry, Frank Stanley Hyatt, & James Nevins Hyde.

Bernard J. D. Irwin, Dudley M. Irwin, Ralph Isham, and Chauncey Ives.

James Hathaway Jackson, Edmund Fellows Jenkins, Albert Gould Jennings, Morris Ketchum Jesup, Edward Johnson, E. Clarence Jones, Richmond Leigh Jones, Walter R. T. Jones, Orrin Reynolds Judd, & William Pierson Judson.

Andrew Carr Kemper, William Beals Kendall, Edward Collings Knight, Percival Kuhne, and Robert Sharp Kunkel.

Mary Wellington Lane, Bryan Lathrop, Edwin Julius Learned, William Law Learned, Elia Ledyard, Francis Howard Leggett, Clarence Ettienne Leonard, William A. Leonard, Eugene Levering, Clifford Lewis, Silas Weir Lewis, John Douglas Lindsay, George Brown Linnard, Walter Lippincott, Hanford Nichols Lockwood, Delmar Rial Lowell, Banyer Ludlow, and Henry Darius Lyman.

Alexander William Mackenzie, George Norbury Mackenzie, Benjamin Drake Magruder, William Reid Manierre, May Mansfield, Charles Victor Mapes, Henry Daniel Marsh, George Castor Martin, Robert Coates Martin, James Rundlet May, Alexander Kelly McClure, Clayton McElroy, George Hammond McLean, Hunter McKeand Meriwether, John Vaughan Merrick, Frederick James H. Merrill, Louis Mesier, Andrew H. Mickel-Saltonstall, Josiah Byram Millet, Charles Abbott Miner, Jesse Minot, R. Burnham Moffat, Eva Moore, James Lancaster Morgan, John Pierpont Morgan, Robert Clark Morris, Waldo Grant Morse, Henry Samuel Morton, Frank Moseley, Jeanette Le Brun Mott, & Robert Gayosa Mott.

Richard Renshaw Neill, Charles Lyman Newhall, De Lancey Nicoll, Isaac Norris, Hattie Foster Nourse, and James Atkins Noyes.

John Charles O’donnell, Charles Augustus Oliver, Andrew Joseph Onderdonk, & Edward Osgood Otis.

Almeric Hugh Paget, Emma Vaughn Paine, Neilson Taylor Parker, Albert Ross Parsons, Jeanette Le Brun Parsons, Edward Lasell Partridge, George Peck, William Emerson Peck, Frederick Aycrigg Pell, Howland Pell, William Richmond Peters, John Jay Phelps, Henry Byron Phillips, Henry Evelyn Pierrepont, Margaretta Pierrepont, Barker Place, Henry Blackman Plumb, Gilbert Motier Plympton, George Eltweed Pomeroy, Edwin Watson Pond, Mary Wellington Poor, Alexander Sylvanus Porter, William Wagener Porter, Robert Johnston Hare Powel, Ralph Earl Prime, & John Von Schaick L. Pruyn.

Mary Perkins Quincy.

Pandia Constantine Ralli, Charles A. Read, Harmon Pumpelly Read, Marguerite Read, William Crosby Renwick, Philip Rhinelander, T. J. Oakley Rhinelander, John Foster Rhodes, Nora Claire Rice, Jeremiah Richards, Adelbert Gillett Richmond, Charles Greene Rockwood, Florence Victorie Rodrigue, James Slocum Rogers, Talbot Mercer Rogers, Theodore Roosevelt, Nellie May Ross, Henry James Rowland, Charles Herman Ruggles, Henry Stoddard Ruggles, Virginia Ruggles, John Rulon-Miller, and Mary Elizabeth Ryan.

Henry Woodward Sackett, William MacKintire Salter, Dudley Winthrop Saltonstall, James Thomas Sands, Seymour Santvoord, Elia Sargent, Eugene Schieffelin, George Richard Schieffelin, Samuel J. Bayard Schindel, Henry Townsend Scudder, Frederick Chandler Seabury, Louis L. Seaman, Edwin Jaquett Sellers, Robert Van Vorst Sewell, Wynn Reeves Sewell, George Franklin Seymour, Newton Melman Shaffer, Charles W. Shields, Edward Shippen, Rufus George Shirley, Henry Francis Shoemaker, Robert Wilson Shufeldt, Henry Whipple Skinner, Emma Maleen Slade, J. Elizabeth Slocum, James Clinch Smith, Robert Hobart Smith, Thomas Guilford Smith, Rodman Paul Snelling, William Davies Sohier, Charles Edward Souther, Horatio Nelson Spencer, Selden Palmer Spencer, Ceilan Milo Spitzer, James Gordon Stanley, May Stansbury, Charles E. Stevens, Jennie S. Stilwell, Henry Stockbridge, Richard Stockton, Francis Russell Stoddard, Joseph Stone, Stanley Stoner, Joseph Grafton Story, Thomas Hubbard Stryker, Arthur Thomas Sullivan, Edward Arthur Sumner, George Watson Sumner, Frederick Edward Suse, & Joseph Ford Sutton.

Mary Kingsbury Talcott, Jennie S. Tallant, Washington Irving Taylor, William Holbrook Thayer, Douglas Hamilton Thomas, Isaac Rand Thomas, Ronald Thomas, Emma Vaughn Thompson, Frederick Diodati Thompson, Henry Burling Thompson, Norman Frederick Thompson, Charles Bernard Tiernan, Fitzgerald Tisdall, Florence Victorie Tisdell, Henry Alfred Todd, Hamilton Bullock Tompkins, Edward Trenchard, Samuel Breck Parkman Trowbridge, Henry Hertel Truman, and Edward Royall Tyler.

Irving Goodwin Vann, Isaac Parker Veasey, & Duncan Veazy.

Horatio Loomis Wait, Andrew Henshaw Ward Jr. Reginald Henshaw Ward, John De Witt Warner, Charles Elliot Warren, Joseph Edwin Washington, William Lanier Washington, William Seward Webb, Henry Frank Weed, John Weed, Edward Wells, William Boerum Wetmore, Everett Pepperrell Wheeler, Joseph Wheeler, William Efner Wheelock, Charles William Whipple, Garland Nelson Whistler, Drake Whitney, Ogden Dungan Wilkinson, Hugh De Laussat Willoughby, Harold Wilson, Isaac Jones Wistar, Rodman Wister, Roger Wolcott, & William Woodward.

The following individuals are listed in the 'Addendum' section with fewer data than the first section but also with the family Arms illustrated:

Henry Adams, John Aikman, Robert Akerly, John Alden, Isaac Allerton, Roger Alling, Joseph Alsopp, Richard Ambler, Jonathan Amory, John Andrews, John Andrus, Samuel Appleton, Charles Apthorp, Richard Ashhurst, Humphrey Atherton, and Richard Austin.

John Bagley, Christopher Bainbridge, Edward Baldwin, Edward Bangs, James Banks, James Barclay, Joel Barlow, Stephen Barnes, Richard Bartlett, Robert Bartlett, John Barton, Thomas Batt, William Batt, Peter Bayard, Ninian Beall, Wilhelmus Beekman, Andrew Belcher, Richard Bellingham, John Benham, John Benjamin, Francis Bernard, Thomas Betts, Thomas Bibby, William Biddle, James Birnie, William Blake, Jan Jansen Bleecker, Edward (Edmund) Bliven, William Boerum, Joseph Bolles, Richard Bonython, Jacob Boston, Arthur Bostwick, James Boutelle, Richard Bowen, Nicholas Bowes, John Boyd, William Bradford, Simon Bradstreet, Sydney Breese, Giles Brent, William Brenton, Francis Brett, Daniel Brewer, John Brice, Walter Briggs, Henry Bright, Edward Bromfield, Henry Brooks, John Broughton, John Browne, Nathaniel Browne, Obadiah Bruen, Frederick Brune, Peter Bulkley, George William Burleigh, John Burrage, William Burrowes, Lewis Burwell, John Bush, Francis Bushnell, George Bussey, & Thomas Butler.

William Cabell, Duncan Campbell, Zaccheus Candee, Thomas Canfield, Bernard Capen, Samuel Carey, Edward Carleton, Timothy Carpenter, William Carpenter, William Carr, Charles Carroll, Thomas Chaffee, R. Chamberlain, Richard Chancellor, Jon Chandler, William Chandler, Robert Chapman, Aquala Chase, William Chase, Charles Chauncey, Samuel Checkley, Leonard Chester, John Chew, Lionel Chute, William Claiborne, John Clark, George Clarke, Matthew Clarkson, Robert Clay, Moses Cleveland, Charles Clinton, Dr. Coakley, John Cochran, Thomas Cochran, Tristram Coffin, Samuel Coley, Edward Collins, Christopher Comstock, Edward Cook, George Cooke, Thomas Cradock, Jasper Crane, Robert Crossman, Johan Richtas Crowninshield, Andrew Cunningham, George Curwen, Thomas Cuthbert, and John Cutler.

Aaron Daggett, John Davie, Robert Day, Louis Philippe De Luze, Frederick De Zeng, John Delafield, Philippe De La Noye Delano, William Denison, Edward Devotion, George Diffield, Edward Digges, William Diodati, Samuel Disbrow, Edward Dodd, Thomas Dongan, Edward Dorr, John Drake, James Draper, Louis Du Bois, Anthony Duane, William Duer, Philip Dumaresque, William Dummer, Larry Dunmore, and John Dwight.

William Eager, Thomas Eames, Daniel Eardeley, Joseph Eckley, Samuel Eelles, Thomas Egerton, Bagot Egleston, John Eliot, James B. Elliman, Richard Elwood, Joshua Ely, Thomas Emerson, John Emery, Thomas Emmet, Lott Evans, & George Eyre.

Bryan Fairfax, John Fairfield, Alexander Falls, Robert Adolph Farmer, Henry Farwell, Thomas Waring Fauntleroy, Edward Fawconer, John Fearn, Arthur Fenner, George Fenwick, James Ferguson, Robert Field, Thomas Fitch, Peter De La Fontaine, Daniel Forbes Forbush, John Forsyth, James Foster, Benjamin Franklin, John Frazer, John Fry, & Thomas Fuller.

Lion Gardiner, John Gay, William Gayer, John Gedney, William Gerrish, John Gibson, Joseph Gilpin, William Goodrich, Charles Gookin, Gordon, Ferdinando Gorge, Edward Gove, John Greene, William Greenlees, Miles Greenwood, Henry Gregory, and John Guild.

Robert Hale, William Hambleton, William Hamersley, John Hamilton, William Hanbury, John Hand, Robert Hare, Nathaniel Harrison, John Harwood, Abraham Hasbrouck, Thomas Hastings, Edmund Hawes, George Hawkes, Joseph Hawley, John Haynes, Thomas Hazard, Joshua Henshaw, William Herndon, Henry Herrick, Charles H. Higginson, William Hill, Samuel Hinckley, Thomas Hinton, Luke Hitchcock, William Hoadley, John Hoare, William Hodge, Martinus Hoffman, Justinian Holden, William Hollins, Edward Holyoke, Stephen Hopkins, Jonathan Horwitz, Richard Hough, Ralph Houghton, Abraham Howard, Thomas Howard, Edward Howell, Hubbard, Richard Hubbell, George Hull, Hunlock, David Hunter, Simon Huntington, John Hutchins, and Richard Hutchinson.

George Jaffrey, William Jancock, William Janes, Peter Jaudon, William Jeffrey, David Jeffries, Henry Jocelyn, Richard Johns, John Johnson, John Johnson, Robert Johnson, & Henry Jossilyn.

Robert Kane, Adam Kasson, Nathaniel Kay, Robert Keayne, Thomas Kelley, Thomas Kendall, Richard Kimball, Rufus King, Hendrick Hendricksen Kip, Joachim Von Ketel Kittelle, & Thomas Knowlton.

Jean Pierre La Serre, George Lane, Garrit Frederick Lansing, Richard Latting, Henry Lawrence, Thomas Lawton, John Ledyard, Richard Lee, Richard Leeds, William Leete, Francis Lindly, Thomas Little, William Livingston, Thomas Lord, Charles Lowndes, Roger Ludlow, & Philip Ludwell.

John M’Calla, Daniel MacDuffie, David Maitland, Edward Mann, William Manning, Daniel Markham, Jean Paul Mascaren, Richard Mather, John Maye, Andrew McClary, Robert McClelland, Benjamin McCullough, McGuire, Henry Messinger, Michael Metcalf, Cesar Michael de Milhau, David Milne, Thomas Milner, Joseph Moffett, William Montgomery, Anthony Morris, Richard Morris, George Morton, Samuel Moseley, & Thomas Mumford.

Thomas Nelson, Thomas Newton, George Nicholas, Christopher Nicholson, Robert Nicholson, William Nicholson, and George Norton.

John O’Neill, Samuel Oakley, David Offley, James Olmstead, John Osgood, John Otis, Isaac Overton, and Thomas Owsley.

John Page, Moses Paine, William Paine, Thomas Palmer, Walter Palmer, Edward Palmes, William Parker, John Parmele, Joseph Parsons, William Parsons, William Payne, Francis Peabody, Robert Pease, Herbert Pelham, D. Ebenezer Pemberton, Samuel Penhallow, Bartholomew Penrose, John Perkins, Jacques Perot, William Perrine, Robert Peter, David Phippen, John Piatt, William Pinchon, Andrew Pitcher, Mary Pitt, Peter Pitt, William Pole, Charles Pollock, Edward Poole, John Poore, George Popham, William Pratt, Abraham Preble, James Preston, David Provoost, Jean Pumpelly, John Putnam, William Pynchon, and John Pyne.

William Randolph, Rankin, John Rhoads, Thomas Rich, Johann Frederich (Reichert) Richards, Thomas Richardson, Henry Ridgeley, Richard Ridgway, John Robbins, George Robinson, Rowland Robinson, James Rogers, James Rollins, John Rosse, Jacob Royster, & Caleb Russell.

Thomas Sanders, William Sargent, William Satterlee, Thomas Savage, Jan Martense Schenck, Roelof Schenck, Philip Piterse Van Schuyler, William Screven, Richard Sears, Nicholas Shapleigh, Daniel Shed, Isaac Sheldon, Daniel Sherd, John Sherman, Clement Short, Samuel Skelton, Francis Slaughter, William Slaughter, Anthony Slocum, George Smith, Alexander Spotswood, Myles Standish, Isaac Stearns, Rowland Stebbing, George Steele, David Sterling, Robert Stetson, Benjamin Stevens, John Stevens, Richard Stockton, James Stokes, William Stone, Samuel Storrs, John Stowe, John Strong, John Stumpf, Edward Sturgis, Heyndrycke Reycke Van (Suytdam) Suydam, Tomys Swartwout, Nathaniel Sylvester, & Samuel Symonds.

Philip Taber, Charles Taintor, Thomas Talmage, Thomas Teackle, Robert Temple, Dirck Wesselse Ten Broeck, Anthony Thacher, Tomas Thacher, Clement Theobald, John Thomas, John Thompson, John Thorndike, William Ticknor, Nathaniel Tilden, Richard Tilghman, Thomas Timpson, Christopher Todd, William Towne, Thomas Townsend, Thomas Tracy, Robert Tuck, John Tuttle, and Edward Tyng.

John Underhill & John Usher. Oloff Stevenson Van Cortlandt, Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, Cornelius Barentse Van Wyck, William Vassall, Daniel Vernon, Abraham (Von Der Sahle) Von Sahler, & Robert Vose.

Christopher Wadsworth, Richard Waldron, Thomas Walmsley, Thomas Walter, William Walton, William Walworth, Arthur Warren, John Washburn, Thomas Weaver, John Webster, Robert Weir, Joseph Weld, Thomas Welles, Ebenezer Wells, Civert Jansen Wendel, William Wentworth, Robert West, Lubbert Lubbertsen Van Westervelt, Thomas Wharton, Moses Wheeler, John Wheelwright, John Whistler, John White, Arthur Whiteley, Francis Whiting, Thomas Whiton, Samuel Wilbur, Samuel Wilgus, John Wilkins, Simon Willard, Thomas Willet, Otho Holland Williams, Robert Williams, George Willis, John Wilson, Robert Wilson, William Wilson, Charles Wolverton, Andrew Woodbury, Thomas Woodford, Charles Woodward, Nicholas Worthington, Samuel Wright, William Wright, and James Wyatt.

Bridget Young, Robert Young, & William Young.

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